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Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: Foldable Comfort

My husband and I share the same deep interest in music. Being married for 18 years, we both have the fervent appreciation for sentimental love songs.

Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphonesHe and I enjoy downloading songs that date back from the time we were teenagers in the 1980s. As iPhone users, playlists of romantic music abound in our devices.

The playlist that he has on his iPhone is also the same playlists that I have on my phone. One of our many favorites is Peabo Bryson’s “If Ever You’re in My Arms Again.” This song takes us back to the 1980s when we were both still young college students.

We also love “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You” by George Benson, “Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine Jackson, “The Past” by Ray Parker, Jr., “Time Will Reveal” by Debarge, and Sergio Mendez’s “Never Gonna Let You Go.”

These songs are categorized in the freestyle genre. They are perfectly romantic and dreamy which my husband and I truly appreciate at heart.

These popular songs from over three decades ago make us reminisce the years that have gone by. They enable us to walk back memory lane, traversing the magic moments when he was still courting me, and we were young people getting to know each other.

Life was still innocent and more tranquil then. We would clasp each other’s hands and think about our future together. And we certainly had a future together because we fell in love with each other’s details – the positive and the negative.

With our love for sentimental music, we are also definitely interested in using sound equipment like headphones. Through the years, we have used so many headphone brands actually such as high-end ones by Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, and Beats by Dr. Dre.

We have also tried using Mpow, TaoTronics, and plenty of other well-known and preferred headphone brands.

The most recent headphones that we own is the Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones. My husband purchased it online in 2016.

Klipsch Reference reviewHe realized that the Bose SoundTrue headphones that we have been using since 2013 needed to be replaced already. Moreover, with our curious and adventurous streaks, we always desire to try something new.

As consumers with rational behaviors, we are mindful that choices abound. Hence, we do not just depend on one brand of headphones.

We like trying other brands. Since we share the same equipment, we both discussed what we wanted for headphones. For my husband and I, comfort is a top consideration.

We would prefer a pair of headphones that feels soft and cozy to use. After all, we love to spend the rest of our time in our living room when we are not both at work, doing errands, or exploring the outdoors.

Another top consideration that we have is the quality of sound. Definitely, we want audio clarity every time we listen to romantic love songs. It is best if the bass is delivered well, too.  

For instance, we also downloaded live performances of the famous crooner, Rod Stewart, and I can say the Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones did not disappoint.

By research about these headphones, I discovered that the company, Klipsch Audio Technologies, has been serving audio enthusiasts with their manufacturing of best-in-class products since 1946. It was established in Hope, Arkansas.

So, this means the headphones manufacturer has been in operations for over 70 years already. With this factual tidbit, I think they can be trusted since they have been around for quite a long time.

As an American loudspeaker maker, Klipsch is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It is recorded as one of the first-ever loudspeaker makers here in the United States.

Since its establishment, it has impressed home theater fans, music enthusiasts, and audiophiles. Sounds impressive? Let me tell you more about the qualities of these headphones based on me and my husband’s experiences.

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Headphone Design, Color, Comfort, and Peripherals

ALL-DAY COMFORTWhen we received our package containing the headphones, my first impression of it was it looked very simple. These over-ear Bluetooth headphones are actually available in two colors: white and black.

My husband chose the black version, and I did not object. I thought black was a pretty sleek hue for this sound peripheral.

Weighing at about 0.6 pounds, it is indeed lightweight. It was not dragging to lift and to put it over my head. The foldable style of these headphones makes them handy.

The headband is also comfortable and contains decent stops.  This makes the headphones precisely easy to adjust its ear-to-ear fit.

The easy-to-use Klipsch over-ear headphones also feature removable and soft earcups. With deep memory foam cushions, these facets of the sound equipment have additional big ear opening and fit over-ear.

The earcups are not too wide and are deep. Any ear contour and dimension such as smaller and mid-sized ears can use these headphones.

Larger ears, on the other hand, might have to bend inside the earcups. Regarding accessories, the Klipsch over-ear headphones have an integrated microphone with Clear Voice Capture (cVc) technology.

Travelers and on-the-go music enthusiasts can absolutely take advantage of these headphones which they can bring wherever they go.

Through the attractive and sturdy hard-shell zip pouch, the headphones can be folded at hinges over the earcups, making them fit inside this carrying case with a faux leather finish.

Sound, Bass, and Intelligibility Features

These premium headphones, overall, gives me a comfortable listening experience every time I use them. My days could be both physically and mentally exhausting; thus, playing the titles in the “Symphonic Rock” album of the London Symphony Orchestra surely tranquilizes me.

This 1994 album is actually composed of the orchestral version of the music by The Beatles. Hence, with the Klipsch over-ear headphones, it helps READY FOR THE ROADme de-stress while I am listening to the legendary songs like “Penny Lane,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Michelle,” and “Eleanor Rigby.”

Across my whole head, I feel the application of enhanced sound engineering. I could listen to this music for several hours.

With extraordinary, patented, 40-millimeter Klipsch Balanced Dynamic (KBD) Driver technology serving the sound on every earcup, the sounds of the flute, the cello, the violins, the guitar, and the piano are well delivered in a clear and balanced manner.

Hence, I do not have any complaints as my headphones guarantee my peaceful and comfortable feel.

Overall, the Klipsch over-ear headphones’ Balanced Dynamic driver technology by the manufacturing company optimizes sound and diminishes the intermodulation distortion (IMD) of the driver. The balanced driver operates akin to a piston.  It improves the resolution.

Thanks also to the lead wires from the diaphragm of the headphones which are removed. I feel like I’m at a live musical concert through the enhanced dynamics and precision in my audio experiences.

For example, when I listened to Frank Sinatra and Charles Aznavour’s duet entitled, “You Make Me Feel So Young,” the lyrics sang by the artists are articulate in every direction.

The sounds are lucid that I could sing along Liza Minnelli’s “I’ve Got the World on a String.” The accurate sound signature with rich lows and vivid highs make me appreciate Barbra Streisand’s “I’ve Got a Crush on You” and her duet partner, Ol’ Blue Eyes, even more, too.

Battery Requirements, Life Span, and Other Features

To be able to use the Klipsch over-ear headphones, I need to use one Lithium-ion Polymer battery. This is a kind of rechargeable battery. It is One of Paul W. Klipschoperated by lithium-ion technology.

Using my wireless Klipsch over-ear headphones can last me for up to 20 hours with its polymer-electrolyte-powered battery.  

However, whenever I find myself enjoying the final album of Michael Jackson which is a compilation of all his number one songs, I lose track of my headphones’ battery life.

This is especially true as I relish his 1987 duet with and Siedah Garret in the song “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.”

It is a good thing that the Klipsch over-ear headphones come with a 2.5-millimeter pass-through cable. This linguini-style, the flat wire can be removed.  

Moreover, it does not get tangled easily. It benefits me as I can carry on with my listening sessions even if the Lithium-ion Polymer battery is already running out.

Bluetooth Connectivity, Wireless, and Wired Features

The Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones include Bluetooth connectivity. Streaming audio files with this feature is guaranteed of On Ear Headphoneshigh-definition quality featuring Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX streaming technology.

Thus, I feel like I am in a live band performance of the celebrated artist, Rod Stewart. It seems as though he is actually singing “I’m in the Mood for Love” to me.

I can enjoy his songs from his 2003 album, “The Great American Songbook Part 2” as I move around my house, do my laundry, or cook squash soup and stew because my headphones are wireless. They are also compatible with Android gadgets.

The Bluetooth hands-free controls are found on the right earcup of the Klipsch over-ear headphones. These usually control the power and the playing and pausing of music.

I can navigate the tracks I am listening to and playback anytime. Furthermore, turning the volume up or down and the charging port are all found on these controls.

What is fascinating is that I receive short prompts spoken to me by my Klipsch over-ear headphones. For instance, I am informed when my battery is already running low.

In addition, when I am connected, when I achieve the maximum volume, and when my sound equipment is turned on, short messages will be delivered to me. Quite high-tech, isn’t it?

Costing Ranges of Headphones and Merchant Distributors

There is, of course, the issue of customer warranty. The validity of manufacturer warranty applies only if I buy my Klipsch selects the best headphones for collegeKlipsch over-ear headphones from an authorized reseller of Klipsch sound products.

Some words of advice though before deciding to purchase these headphones: If you love R&B and hip-hop music like those by Chris Brown, Usher, and Nicki Minaj, perhaps the Klipsch over-ear headphones are not for you.

It is because, in terms of bass response, these headphones are not recommended for those who love this musical feature. The bass is not as powerful unlike with other heavily boosted headphones.

Thus, if you use the Klipsch over-ear headphones to listen to the duet of The Carters – that is, Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z – perhaps, you might not get the genuine bass results you desired.

As for the sporty and health buff audio aficionados, I just want to warn you that these over-ear headphones are not sweat-resistant.

Doing tough workouts at the gym may make you inevitably sweaty. And if you are a music buff aside from being a health buff, you may decide to purchase these types of headphones.

KlipschDo keep in mind that if you use the Klipsch over-ear headphones at the gym and your uncontrollable perspiration wets this equipment, you need to be prepared to encounter adverse results.

In addition, the ear foams of the headphones are not washable.  Since they are not fabric, it is not advisable to wash them using the washing machine, or even through hand-washing.

A soft cleaning cloth or rag would be applicable to keep them clean. Plastic cracks can also be encountered after several months. Hence, to prevent these inconveniences, do not place the over-ear headphones in hot environments.

As for the nearly high price of the Klipsch over-ear headphones, I do not recommend this sound equipment for the money-savvy consumers.

They offer the same qualities as the clarity of sound, comfort, and effortlessness to use. Therefore, if getting good value for your money is your top consideration when shopping for headphones, you might as well buy around for more affordable ones which are below the price range.

As for my overall experience, I think my and my husband’s decision of sampling the Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones is not a bad selection at all.

So, if you are an adventurous customer who is interested in trying other headphone brands, you might as well give the Klipsch over-ear headphones a try.

Sometimes it all depends on the customer or the user if he will get the best experience from a particular sound equipment product.



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