JVC announces a new batch of Cheap Bluetooth headphones

JVC announces a new batch of cheap Bluetooth headphones


JVC’s collection of wireless headphones has recently been in the news. These are to hit the market in 2017. In the Marshmallow collection of earphones, the 5 new models announced have been- HA-FX39BT, the HA-EC30BT, the HA-ET50BT, the HA-S90BT, and the HA-S190BT.



The assortment of earphones in JVC’s Marshmallow collection:

The Marshmallow collection introduced by JVC is a versatile one. It has a wider range of earphones and on-the-ear headphones. With prices ranging from as low as $49.95 to $149.95, there is something for everyone, in every budget category.

Priced in the below $50 segment, the first one in the Marshmallow collection was HA-FX39BT. This one comes in a neckband design. This was the first model that was announced as a wireless design in the Marshmallow series.

For those who are looking for sports earphones, the company introduced the HA-EC30BT and the HA-ET50BT. The HA-ET50BT comes as an in-ear design. If you are looking for a more convenient ear clip design, you can go for the HA-EC30BT. Both the earphones, staying true to their purpose of being used while you are active, come with water resistant builds. You can safelystore the earphones with the water resistant clips that come in the box. The HA-EC30BT is priced lower than the HA-ET50BT. The former would cost you $59.95 while the latter would cost $79.95.

On-ear models:

Covering every form-factor there is, JVC also has announced a good collection of on-ear earphones. The company’s economical offering in the one-ear headphones is the HA-S190BT. This one comes at an impressive price of $49.95. You can pick from any of the 5 brilliant colors that this model would come in.



The trendsetter:

There have been a handful of other models announced by the company in the Marshmallow series. But the flagship model has been announced as the HA-S90BT.There are several new features said to be added in these earphones. Even under the hood, some finer details have been enhanced.

The noteworthy feature of this model has been the noise canceling efficiency that the company promises. And for those customers who are looking for an impressive battery life in wireless earphones, this one makes a great choice. It comes with a new and improved battery that performs a lot better than its predecessors. If you have the noise cancellation feature turned on, you could use the earphones for 20 hours of music playback. If you wish to extend the battery performance by 4 hours, you could turn the noise cancellation mode off. And the best part is that these earphones could also be used simply as a pair of wired earphones. So, with the Bluetooth module turned off, with the noise cancellation feature toggled off, you can easily use the earphones for 40 hours. You would have to charge these earphones even if you are using them as wired.


The JVC HA-EC30BT Sports Inner Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Remote & Mic have been specifically developed for serious athletes. They offer cord-free convenience, and the ear clip design means that these headphones won’t fall out while you are running. Additional features: 32.8 ft. (10m) range; includes 3 earpiece sizes; water resistant design (IPX5); full function microphone / remote; 8 hours of operation on a single charge; magnetic clasp; supports AE Run & Music training app.


This is all the information that has been given by JVC about this soon to be popular series of earphones. Though we still don’t have a clearer picture of their technical specifications, we are pretty impressed with the pricing of the models.



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