JVC HA-SZ2000 Review – A (2019) Must Read

Comfort, quality material of making, clear sound and light-weight to use are the basic features that I used to look in my headphones. With the new trends in technology, like many of the headphone users, I started looking for devices that update their products with the demand in technology.

JVC is a company that has done this with their headphones in the physical and technical specifications. The JVC HA-SZ2000 is an example of a flagship product that highlights the improvement of listening to high bass sounds. Can you imagine playing a song with heavy bass in a crowded neighbourhood, or a battle game for hours with speakers on?

A headphone for enjoying bass

The new age headphone users have priority on some sounds over the others. Sometimes, to hear a song in high bass, you might have to increase the headphone volume to risky levels. In most cases, high volumes spoil the quality of the sound and you would hear just the pumps and drums.

How JVC HA-SZ2000 catch my attention?




Soothing music and power-packed music have their own degrees of entertainment. I am an ardent lover of songs with good bass and treble, irrespective of any mood. Just for the sake of bass, I was not happy to go away with the clear variations and detailing of the music. Hence, when I saw the JVC HA-SZ2000 model with specialty over its high definition audio with higher bass quality, I decided to make a trial. Not just hearing music, the attribute might also please the ones glued to action video games with the thunderous war sounds.

Product Review

If the headphone is specially designed to give you the experience of high bass without compromising on the audio quality and health, it is worth using. You can even test the bass it can support. The warranty, service, compatibility, affordability, etc are critical features that you should not overlook. The brand of the making company is the best answer to this. JVC HA-SZ2000 is released by JVC Company that has consistently marked a high place in the headphone market. Hence, we can expect a standard making in the product.

The JVC HA-SZ1000 model comes in the same high-bass, ‘real-sound’ system as SZ2000. If the former has the oxygen-free copper cables for deep transmission, the latter has the cables silver-coated for preventing transmission loss and better sound quality at all frequency ranges. One of its prime competitor in the market, Sony MDR-XB950BT is one of the best-selling budgetary headphones with high bass. It offers the extra features of single-touch Bluetooth, foldable ear cups and lower weight of 280g in comparison to the 485g of JVC HA-SZ2000. However, the refinement in sound quality, build and other specifications could be a mix. The product of JVC HA-SZ2000 comes with a casing, and you can always use the earpads for other headphones, in case you need a variety in between.

Real sound

To start with, I would suggest that this is a headphone that gives you a highly satisfactory bass quality for any type of audio. It has the added benefit of providing a real-world sound feeling or ‘real sound’. One of the best features that I notice in particular is the placement of the two drivers that give you the sound definition I mentioned. One driver is for bass and the other for a treble with quite sufficient radiating gap, but works smoothly together to give deep fine quality sound.

Noise Isolation

Being closed-over ear type, noise isolation is another feature to enjoy the deep real-world sound. You can easily wear it over and enjoy the hours-long moments in peace without the disturbing noises of traffic or conversing neighbours.

Deep, rich sound

It is designed with Kelton technology in the Stream-Woofer Double Bass that is said to enhance the deep sound with isolation. The resolution, highs and mids are controlled by a diaphragm made of 55 mm carbon nanotube, and 30 mm driver unit. This keeps all the frequency ranges quite separately entertaining.

Sturdy Make

The earpads are made of ‘Protein Leather’ lining that is claimed to support long-time usage, and it is quite hard to withstand rough usage. Brass cylinders are provided to inhibit vibrations at high basses, thereby keeping the real-world sense and audio quality unaffected at higher basses.

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In short, JVC HA-SZ2000 lives up to the main claim of the ‘bass-master’ and could be an ideal partner to enjoy movies with high-definition real sound, with its driver technology. The switch between lows, mids, and highs are comparatively smoother by keeping the audio clarity intact. If the sturdy make and weight might make you uncomfortable while using for long hours, it will do its function durably for a long time.

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