5 Easy Tips on How to Increase Headphone Volume

Headphone VolumesIf you are a music lover or a musician, low headphone volume can be inconvenient and annoying. You might have been putting the blame on your PC or the mobile phone that you are currently using. However, the low headphone volume might be caused by other factors, and you just have not found an appropriate solution for it yet.

Fortunately, there are several ways to turn up the volume on your headphones and enjoy your audio better. This might solve your problem about getting not enough sound whenever you plug in your headphones on your device to listen to music or watch a movie or your favorite TV show.

Here are some tips on how to increase headphone volume that might be a solution to the problem you are facing:

  1. Check Audio Settings

You might not have thought of this before, but going into your audio settings and tapping a slider or different controls that can help increase the audio on your device. If you are using a mobile phone, you can tap on Settings and look for the Sound and Vibration section.

Tapping on this will bring up several options, including the Volume option. After tapping the Volume option, several sliders will appear, allowing you to control the volume of your phone’s audio.

For Android users, you might also want to check out the Sound Quality and Effects under the Sound and Vibration Section. Choose this option to bring up the Android equalizer which is equipped with several sliders which can be used to improve your phone’s audio quality.

If you are using a PC, you can click the Windows button which will direct you to the Start screen. On the search bar, type Audio. After typing Audio, you will see a list of results. Choose the Manage Audio Devices option which will then show you Playback devices. Select the device that you are currently using, and then click the Properties button. Doing so will open a window where you will need to click the Enhancement button to see the Loudness Equalization option. Tick this option, click the Apply button and then OK.

Take note that this might vary depending on the device that you are using. If you do not have any idea where you can find the audio settings on your device, you might consider searching in the Internet. Doing so can give you the proper guidelines on how to increase headphone volume on your device.

Check Audio Settings

  1. Replace Your Old Music App

You might also want to consider downloading a new music app that will give you more audio control. Apps that are equipped with audio tweaks, presets, and bass boost might be the appropriate app for your device.

You can choose any music app that you think suits your device. If you are using a, Android mobile phone, you can download some apps available on the Google Play Store. Check out the iTunes Store if you have an iPhone. However, if you are using a PC, you can search the Internet for different music apps that are compatible with your device.

Old Music App

  1. Download an EQ

Most phones do not have comprehensive audio controls. Though some include a basic EQ, this only works within the default music app on your device. It does not provide control over audio that is played using another music app.

Take note that an app would not be able to work miracles when the hardware itself is not working properly. However, you can make several adjustments to significantly improve your device’s sound quality. You might consider hitting up the Google Play Store or iTunes Store and downloading an EQ that is compatible and appropriate to your mobile phone.

If you are using a PC, you might want to search for the appropriate app for your current version of Windows. Reading reviews of different EQ apps might help you as well. You can also find information on how to increase headphone volume on the Internet.

Music player equalizer

  1. Download a Headphone Volume Booster App

If the mentioned tips above still did not work on your device, you might consider downloading an app that could boost your headphone’s volume. There are plenty of headphone volume booster apps in the Google Play Store that could help you. Most of them work pretty well and can increase the overall volume of your device by as much as 40 percent.

You can actually check out the apps on the Google Play Store right now to find out if there are apps that would work on your device. Just be warned that the volume increase on your phone’s audio might damage your device’s speaker in the long term. So you might want to change your method and use these volume booster apps moderately.

Volume Booster App

  1. Choose the Best Headphones

Getting the best headphones might be the simplest solution to your problem on how to increase headphone volume. However, it can also cost more than getting some average headphones on the market. Buying an in-ear or over-ear headphone that is high-quality might be costly, but if you purchase the product that best suits your needs and has the features you are looking for, it will all be worth it.

There are plenty of headphones to choose from. Most of them are equipped with noise-cancelling features. This will easily cancel out noise that is coming from outside the headphones and assure a streamlined audio experience for each music lover. However, you can still find shops or online stores that can give you superb headphones for a reasonable price.

To save time, effort, and money in trying to know how to increase headphone volume, you might want to analyze first what are the factors that are causing the problem. Do consider trying to search online for information about your device to know if it is safe to install apps on it. By searching on the Internet, you might also find apps that are compatible with the device you own.

Keep in mind that the quality of the music itself can actually affect the volume. Low-quality music or low-quality audio downloads tend to sound softer than high-quality ones.

You must also take note that these headphone booster ideas mentioned above might work for other people and not work for others. However, you might want to test every single one of them and who knows, you might find one that will actually work for you.

Best Headphones



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