How to Put Plantronics Voyager Legend in Pairing Mode

Learning how to put Plantronics Voyager Legend in pairing mode is a piece of cake, especially for users who have used other Bluetooth headphone products. Pairing this device will be easy.

However, if you are not a techie person and it is your first time to use this headphone, you really need a guide that can teach you how to do it. So, here’s how.


Why Some People Prefer Bluetooth Headphone?

There are different types of headphones, but not one is not better than the other.

It is just that every type of headphone caters to different users. Some listeners prefer the in-ear headphones, whereas some want the on-ear ones.

On the other hand, a handful of users prefer using over-the-ear headphones. With all these types of headphones, there are further subtypes which include wired and wireless.

You might think that it is evident that most people prefer the wireless ones because of its convenience. However, that is not the case all the time. Some people like the wired headphones because of the following reasons:

  • They are cheaper compared to their wireless counterparts.
  • Some users settle on using wired headphones because they do not need the wireless ones.
  • You do not have to undergo the complication of setting up the headphone.

Due to obvious reasons, some people do not like the wired headphones because of the cord. Some people prefer mobility and portability that is why they want the wireless ones.

If there are wired headphone users, there are also some people who prefer using the wireless ones because of the apparent reason — it allows users to move around without a cord dangling around the neck freely.

Moreover, there are different kinds of wireless headphones in the market.

Bluetooth headphones are the most popular ones, and it is easy to pair them with every device that you have. It is because almost everything nowadays supports Bluetooth. You also do not need a separate transmitter to make this headphone work.

However, if you are an audiophile, you might find that the compressed audio of a Bluetooth’s older version is unforgivable because it produces low-quality sound. Also, if you use it mainly for watching videos, you might even notice that there is a delay with the production of the sound.

However, the Bluetooth technology is becoming better, and manufacturers have created ways to solve all these issues.

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How to Pair Your Bluetooth Headset?Plantronics Voyager Legend is one example of the popular Bluetooth Headsets nowadays. I am going to use it as a model on how to pair your Bluetooth Headset to any of your devices.

The first thing that you must know is the different parts of your Bluetooth Headset. The Plantronics Voyager Legend and some Bluetooth Headset have these parts: the LED indicator light, voice button, call button, and power switch.

  • Pairing for the First Time

Turn your headset on by sliding the power switch. Your headset’s LED indicator light should turn blue or red. If you see that your headset’s LED turns to any of the said colors, it means that your headphone is in the pairing mode.

If you do not see these lights, try turning off your headset and turn it on again. If you still do not see these colors, it might mean that your headphone has already been paired with another device. I will talk about it later on at the latter part of this guide.

After seeing the red or blue light from your headphone’s LED indicator light, you may turn on the Bluetooth from your device.

For the iPhone, you can go to settings, General, and Bluetooth. Choose On.

For the Android, go to your phone’s settings; choose Wireless & Networks, then Bluetooth: One, and Scan for devices. Take note that the settings may vary depending on the phone.

Your phone should detect your headset by seeing it as “PLT_Legend.” If your device asks for a code, type “0000.

You will know that the pairing is successful if the LED has stopped flashing blue or red light. You also have to hear a confirmation from the headset.

  • Different Device Pairing or Re-Pairing on the Same Phone

Re-pairing or pairing your headphone to the same or other devices is as easy as the first one. Start by turning on your headset by sliding the power switch.

This time, you will use the voice command. You may press the voice button and say, “Pair mode” or press the call button and hold it for a few seconds while waiting for the confirmation saying, “Pairing.”

This time, your headphone LED indicator light should flash a blue or red color. It means that it is already in the pairing mode and ready to pair with a new or the same device.

Once you see this flash of light on the LED, you may turn on your phone’s Bluetooth feature.

After turning on, you should see the name of the device, “PLT_Legend” on the phone and select it. Enter “0000” if the new paired device asks you for a code.

Just like how you paired your headphone for the first time, the LED light will stop flashing the blue or red light after the successful pairing. Also, you should hear the confirmation on your headphone.



Some people prefer the use of Bluetooth headphone because of the convenience it offers. These people love the feeling of being able to move around with any cord dangling around their neck. They also do not have to worry about their headphone cords being tangled.

Moreover, the Bluetooth headphone is much preferred by most users nowadays. Unlike the Infrared and Radio Frequency headphones, Bluetooth headphone is pretty independent. You can use it to pair with any device that supports Bluetooth on its own.

With Infrared and Radio Frequency headphones, you will need a transmitter to pair or use the headphone successfully.

Although Bluetooth headphones are not perfect because of its downsides, people still love them because of the availability of Bluetooth in most devices. Depending on the product, you can even roam around your room without the cord for up to 30 feet from your audio source.

However, one of the downsides of using this type of headphone is the hassle of setting it up. You have to pair it successfully to a device that supports it to make use of this headphone. One of the common ways to do it is by knowing how to put Plantronics Voyager Legend in pairing.




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