How To Play Ragnarok Online – Original Soundtrack Versus Your Favorite Music

Whether you are into Fortnite or the classic Ragnarok game, how can you be better at gaming? When playing games, do you do it better with the sound on or off? If you want something in your ears, do you do better with the original sound or some music? Every gamer will have a different opinion, but research will indicate a particular point of view.


The experience

The experience is everything – if the game is not fun, you are less likely to play it. With no sound at all, you take out 25% of more of the whole experience. It is just a boring daft game. With the original sound on, listening to the chilling music and weapon fire will provide a better experience. Override the original sound with your favorite music and you will be in the perfect mood – great music to push you from behind, as well as something in the background for positivity.


The final score

Now, you probably think about it – is it worth ditching the original sound? It is pretty clear that you need some background noise for a better experience, but which one is better? Some games provide audio feedback, which is quite valuable. You get feedback for making the right games, as well as clues or warnings. You can hear enemies approaching from the left or the right.

When it comes to the Ragnarok game, it makes no difference if you play the classic version or you are on a private server like Immortal Ragnarok Online. There will be no such clues. Everything is visual. Sure, the audio complements the video, but it will not provide any helpful feedback. At this point, it is up to your preferences. Your final score will not be affected, whether you listen to the original audio or your favorite music.


More than just a high score

While some players may overlook this aspect, there is a lot more to a game than just the final score. A high score is not necessarily what makes the difference. Sure, it is great to show off, but this is pretty much it. Once you reach it, the game becomes boring. To most players, it should be about the overall experience – the possibility to be immersed into a completely different world. Original sound effects or your favorite music are some of the aspects that can take you there.

It makes no difference what kind of music you like or play. It might as well be background music from your roommate. As long as it helps you enjoy the game, go for it.

As a short final conclusion, the high scores and final results will bring in a good hype, but you need to keep yourself challenged. What truly matters is the high and low vibration you go through as you explore the game.

An original atmospheric track will push you into another world. But it is the rhythmic track that you love that will work as an engine to drive yourself through the game.



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