How to Make Music Play on Snapchat With Headphones

Jul 26, 2020

One of the biggest struggles of using the Snapchat app is learning how to make music play on Snapchat with headphones. It is easy to post wonderful videos and photos on this app, but no direct tutorial will guide you on playing music that you would like to share with other people.


How Most People Play Music on Snapchat?

Music to your SnapchatsYoung people nowadays are getting less interested at looking back at old memories of acquaintances, friends, and loved ones, which is a common feature of Facebook.

However, when it comes to Snapchat, one of the reasons why most millennials are crazy with it is because of its main unique feature. What one posts in a day, stay within that day.

The app allows the user to post various types of media, mainly videos, and photos with enhanced features.

However, not a lot of users are aware that they can play music on Snapchat, too. Some people who know the trick use this feature as background music of their videos.

Adding background music on your video is a great way to level up your snaps that you can share to your followers.

The standard way to add music to your snaps is to play any music from your phone’s library while recording the video on Snapchat. After recording the video, you can turn off the music playing on your phone and review your video before sharing it with your friends.

As you may have noticed, adding music on Snapchat requires manual effort. The app uses your phone’s speaker to capture the music being played, so that you can use it as background music for your videos.   

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If you think that you do not have the right music stored in your library that can complement the scene on the video, you can still capture it with the right music that you want. All you have to do is find your desired music on music streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora.

In some music streaming apps, you are allowed to choose which section of the song that you would like to play. You can make use of this feature to select which part of the song you would want to be recorded.  

Just like how you record your video with the background music installed on your device, you can do the same here. You can just play your desired music on your chosen music app, and start recording the video. Snapchat will simultaneously capture the video and the music.

You may also record a video with background music being simultaneously played not even from the phone itself but from other devices like a PC or another smartphone. Simply play them on loudspeaker.

The downside of using this trick is the possibility that you may not be able to capture the sound of your voice. It means that you have to check the settings of your phone first before recording a video. To capture the music along with the sound of your voice, you have to make sure that the volume of the music is not overpowering the tone of your voice.

However, it would be a bit embarrassing to do this in the open.

The loud sound coming from your phone might distract or annoy other people. Also, don’t you think that it is awkward to do this trick in public where people around you might be staring at you for playing your music loudly just for the sake of making your music play on Snapchat?

Thankfully, you may also do your recording with the help of your headphones.

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How to Play Music on Snapchat With the Help of Headphones?

How to Play Music on Snapchat With the Help of HeadphonesIn the first section, the Snapchat app makes use of the phone’s speaker to capture the music from your phone or an external source. In this section, Snapchat will make use of the headphone’s microphone to record music.

Therefore, you will need a high-quality headphone that is capable of producing sounds with good-quality. This headphone should also have a high-quality microphone that will let you record the audio clearly.

You also have to make sure that this headphone has more than one earpiece. Other headphones have only one earpiece. Although you can still record music from a one earpiece headphone, the ones that have a pair is better.  

On how to make music play on Snapchat with headphones, the first thing that you have to do is, obviously, plug your headphones to your device where you will record your snap.

Plug one of the earpieces in your ear. Place the other one on top of the microphone. Start playing your desired music just like how you play it as being described in the first section. Record the video from the app, and you will have the video with music in the background.

You can also do it with a one-earpiece headphone, but it will not let you hear the music being played. It is because you will have to place that earpiece on top of the microphone.

The downside of this trick is that it limits the recording of your voice. Also, you must find high-quality earphones to acquire that good sound-quality music you want to be heard in the background of your snap videos.



Sadly, Snapchat does not have a direct feature of enabling their users to play or store music in an instant. Even Snapchat admits to this music integration problem. What they can only let you do is record the music manually.

You have to manually record your favorite music using the speaker of your phone or the microphone of your headphone, along with the Snapchat video recording feature to input audio.

On the bright side, it is not a difficult thing to do. You can play your music directly from your phone and start recording on Snapchat. You can also make use of headphones to play your music while recording a video discreetly.  

Even though Snapchat lacks the feature to let you store or play music instantly, I cannot disagree that millions of people love this app. No other apps or social media can beat the unique feature of Snapchat of deleting the users’ post after 24 hours of posting.

Moreover, knowing how to make music play on Snapchat with headphones lets you become more creative with your snaps. You can use them as a video background, and to make your snap look even better – even if it does end up disappearing after 24 hours.




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