Fix Guide: How to fix your headphones

Feb 13, 2020

How to fix your headphones this 2017For many, if they were about to break their headphones or to have some kind of shortage then, they would consider it no big deal at all. While no one likes to be without their headphones, spending $15 or $20 on a pair of headphones is no big deal for most people. Heck, it’s what they spend on a few cups of coffee at their local café each week, so spending it on new headphones that will last them a few months or more seems like no big deal at all.

However, not everyone goes the thriftier route with their headphones. Some spend a significant amount of money, in the hundreds of dollars, to get the best quality headphones that they can get. While several of these models come with extended warranties, not all of them do, and not all of them cover every kind of break or damage that can occur. What this means is that if your headset is broken, you may simply be out of luck.

That’s not an easy pill to swallow for many people, and understandably so. If you spent $300 on your headphones you don’t just toss them aside; you fix them!

The problem is that many places you go to may charge you $200 or more to fix your headphones. This as an expense that you may not need to pay if you did a little homework on your own first. If your headphones are broken, here are some things you know how to fix your headphones.


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3 Simple Ways to Fix Your Headphones

Fixing headphones by your self is not that easy since it needs some technical knowledge and experience. Along so we also know that letting it be fixed from the manufacturer store is also expensive it will range from 100$ to 200$ which is not ideal when you just bought your new headset. That is why we have listed some informative guide on helping you to solve your issue with your busted headphone. If you find that anything is not what you expected do let us know by the comments below!




Step 1: Assess the Problem

The first place to begin is by figuring out exactly what is going on with the headphones themselves. There is no sense on trying to figure out how to fix broken headphones if you don’t exactly know what’s going on. You don’t need to start tearing apart the earpieces if the problem is that the cord is damaged in some way or another.

  • The most common problem that you will find with your headphones is that there is a problem where the cable connects into your jack or where the cable connects into the earpiece itself. The cables suffering some kind of damage is also a significantly common problem.
  • The way to assess this is by jiggling the cable a little bit while you are listening to music or some other kind of audio. If you find that the signal is coming in and out as you move the cable that this is most likely a problem. You often can see spots where the cable has become dislodged or loosened, or where electrical wiring is showing. Do a thorough examination on this before making any other decision.
  • If there is a problem with one of the speakers in your headphone, this usually presents itself by sound coming through one earpiece but not through the other. In this case you may have a bad speaker in the earpiece or there may be an issue with the cable connection within that earpiece itself.
  • If you are getting no sound at all, and you have thoroughly checked the cable to make sure that there is no issue with it, then we may be looking at a much more serious problem which we will address later.

Step 2: If its a cable problem

if you find that it is a problem with the cable itself, this can often be repaired by simply applying electrical tape securely fastened around the cable itself. If it is where it connects into the jack, then make sure that the tape not only grips all around the cable area, but also onto the jack itself. The entire area should be securely covered and taped so that there is minimal to no chance of it dislodging again. The same is true if you have a problem where the cable connection to the earpiece.

  • If the problem is related to there being a cut in the wire, electrical tape can do the job for you as well. Simply wrap a piece of electrical tape around the cord where the wire is showing at least 1 inch above and below the affected area. This will ensure that the signal does not get lost as it is transferring from your device to your earbuds.
  • If the problem is a connection inside the earpiece where the cable has become loose than electrical tape is not the solution at all. What you need to do is to know how to fix headphones wire. The reason you can’t use electrical tape is because the earpiece area may not offer enough space for you to be able to do so. You may have to get a soldering iron and use a piece of solder to reconnect the earpiece to the cable so that it is securely fastened again. As a good security measure, you should also attach electrical tape to the cable and onto the earpiece to make sure that it does not become dislodged again.

Step 3: If it is Something More Serious

If you have checked the cabling and found that that is not the issue, then the problem is most often associated with the earpieces itself. This occurs because the speaker has become broken or there is just a complete short out of the speaker.

  • This is a lot trickier of a job to fix. The problem with it is that you need to find a speaker replacement. This may require you going out on the web and searching for a company that offers speakers or earbud attachments that can replace your current one.
  • Once you have received the replacement, you will need to attach it using your soldering iron. By connecting the cable to the new speaker through the use of a piece of solder, you can make the kind of connection that will make sure that your headphones work good as new.
  • If you are trying to make sure that you keep your headphones and don’t have to spend money on a new one, then these are the steps you need to follow to fix your headphones yourself. With a little work on your own, and a little bit of ingenuity, you can make sure that your headphones are in complete operation again. It’s really that simple for you to do.



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