How Much Sound Leaks From A Open Back Headphones There is?

Who on Earth hates music?

If some animals enjoy random sounds they hear, then I think 99% of humans from across the globe admire music more and pertaining to music, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s only about the modern music we always hear from our devices.

As most people are now aware of improving technology, you must be wondering; “How about native people who don’t have access to technology? How do they listen to and enjoy music? How much sound leaks from open back headphones?”

If you’re talking about the native people in tribes who prefer preserving their culture, they make their music by using native instruments, and that’s why they all enjoy listening to it more. It’s like hearing live music every day; authentic and somehow deep.

Moving over, people across the globe have their ways of enjoying music. As people from native tribes enjoy their ways of listening to it while creating it, some people can’t get enough of music through their devices.

People used to listen to radios alone, way back, and that’s how they hear all sorts of music. From a heavy radio to a light and portable one, that’s when the Walkman was introduced. Then, as technology progressed, various devices made explicitly for music were introduced in the market. Despite the progressive technology, everyone certainly still uses something up until now.

Most people wouldn’t really want to bother others as they listen, so earphones or headphones were used. Although with earphones, I can share music with anyone.

I remember using very simple headphones back in computer shops. These were just mainly being used for listening, but nowadays, the market introduced different kinds of headphones which are sorted as open-back headphones and close-back headphone types.

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Knowing What an Open-Back Headphone is and How It Works

Trendy womanIt’s a great idea to share music with the people around you if you’re feeling the vibe to share it means you’re in a good mood and you want others to have a good feeling too.

When I feel good in the morning, I pump up the volumes on my speaker and spread the good cheer inside the house. Although, sometimes whenever I feel something other than bliss, I tend to keep the music to myself, and this is where earphones and headphones are the most useful.

As time passes by, people often use headphones to listen to music on their devices. Some are still using earphones because they feel more comfortable with it.

Nothing feels greater than listening to my playlist with my headphones on. I admire using headphones more than earphones because it gives a great musical feel like I’m really inside a concert ground with the music surrounding me. I’d say music lovers would definitely prefer to use it to enjoy their music alone, especially the open-back type.

The open-back headphone, one of the types of headphones introduced in the market is recognized because of the exceptional listening experience it provides to its listeners. It creates a more immersive sound.  

Unlike close-back that segregates me from the real world, I can enjoy my listening time as I use the open-back type because it balances the sounds I hear around me. It is known for its open design that’s just right for my ear cups, leaking the ambient noise well.

Whenever I use my open-back headphone, I can say that my ears are not stressed by too much music. As it doesn’t isolate the music I hear, it gives my ears enough space to breathe and let it grasp other sounds to keep everything natural. It’s like there’s a balance between the music I hear and the sounds around me.

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Good Points Why You Need to Consider Open-Back Headphones

Do you think the advantage of using open-back headphones ends there? What if I told you there are other advantages aside from the excellent listening balance it gives to listeners? Redhead girl with headphone in the park.Perhaps, these good points can convince you in switching your current earphones to this type of headphone.

As what I have mentioned in previous paragraphs, open-back headphones give listeners a great balance between the music they hear and the outside noises from the environment. Open-back headphones make music sound natural.

Another good thing about it is that people can’t make fun you because the music is not isolated at all. I can still hear people around me even if I am wearing my headphones.

Comfort is one of the good points you get from open-back headphones, not only because of the material used, but rather it also varies on the size of the earbuds and stiffness of the headband.

The open-back headphone is an open fit as it doesn’t have a tight headband and oversized earbuds. It provides great comfort as its design can disperse heat better, allowing both of my ears to breathe amidst the continuous music.

Plus, talking about comfort further, the breathability advantage of the open-back headphone gives listeners a more enjoyable feeling despite wearing it for long periods. Its open-fit structure prevents my ears from sweating too much; hence, I can definitely enjoy my listening time because of this.

Moreover, it saves me from embarrassment whenever someone wants to listen to what I’m listening because I don’t have to worry about sweaty earbuds.

Having something that’s lightweight is indeed convenient, and this is the major reason why some listeners prefer to use earphones more than headphones. If you wish to switch to headphones, you can indeed switch to the open-back headphone because it’s lightweight as compared to other headphones you often see from stores.

Plus, the performance is never compromised. I could’ve used earphones if I wanted convenience, but since I want both comfort and performance, I prefer using the open-back headphone.

Lastly, closed-back headphones are usually designed with larger earbuds than open-back types because these are built to isolate sounds from the device. A headphone with too big earbuds is too awkward to wear, especially in public places, no matter how much you want to use it.

The open-back, on the other hand, is just fine by size and performance; hence, it can give me more convenience, especially when I am in a public place.

Weighing the Leaked Sound from Open-Back Headphones

Young attractive woman listing to musicWhen someone’s listening to music, and you somehow can hear what he or she is listening to without even getting near, one reason is that person prefers to listen to it in a deafening volume, and another reason is that of the sound leakage from that person’s earphones or headphone.

For some reason, my sound leakage actually depends on my mood. I intentionally do it sometimes whenever I want to get people’s attention, getting them to notice what I’m listening to or expressing an uninterested response which is less disrespectful than saying words.

On the other hand, my headphone unintentionally leaks the sound every time I raise the volume whenever I feel carried away with what I’m listening to.

Thankfully, I definitely do not get any sound leakage if I am using a closed-back headphone. No matter how loud I turn the volume up, even at its maximum, others will hear nothing from my headphone, not a single hum. Sometimes, even I end up not hearing anything from the outside; thus, leaving me unaware of what is happening.

If you’re looking for a headphone that’s built for sound leakage, then go and look for an open-back headphone instead. If you still feel like sharing a bit of sound from what you’re listening to, I highly suggest that you choose this type.

Most people say that leaky headphones cause disturbance to the people around you and that an isolated area is required if you have to use such equipment. Well, I say it only becomes disturbing when you are inside a religious establishment, a classroom or a library – places where you have to be discreet.

Nevertheless, I’d say that open-back headphones are beneficial because of the immersive sound it provides, despite the sound leakage.  

Now, this leads to the question: how much sound leaks from open back headphones?

When it comes to sound leakage, there’s no doubt that the open-back headphone is hailed as the winner. As it allows the sound to bounce-off in your surroundings, it definitely leaks a lot.

Most would say it causes distraction because of its high leakage level yet despite of this, it does provide a speaker-in-a-room feel and it’s something that regular headphones doesn’t have.

I have already used a closed-back headphone, and I can say that too much isolation kills my listening experience; the tightness of the headband leaves an uncomfortable feeling, and the zero-sound leakage suffocates my ears.

I prefer to use the best open-back headphones because it gives me overall comfort, the headband is not too tight, and the earbuds are not over-sized.

Moreover, I prefer to use it because it doesn’t isolate me from the world; it gives me a balance of good music and background noises from whatever is surrounding me. This keeps me still in touch with what’s happening while I have my headphone plugged-in. I’d take the open-back headphone at any time of the day.



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