Fact: How Headphones Work?

How Do Your Headphones Work

You plug in your headphones into your device or connect your Bluetooth device to your tablet or phone, turn on your music app, hit your favorite song, and sit back and enjoy. It’s something that millions of Americans do every single day without ever considering how that sound got from their device and into their ears.

Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to you at all, but there are many people out there who would like to understand exactly how it is that they get the sound produced and are able to hear it the way that they do. It is a set of principles that they would like to understand for a wide variety of reasons. This makes many wonder how do headphones work?

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how do headphones work

How Sound is Reproduced?

To understand how your headset work, a little lesson on sound reproduction is necessary. First sound to be reproduced through your headphones, the music or other audio transmission is converted into electrical signals that are sent from your device through the cable or the air, in case of a Bluetooth connection, and are then converted to soundwaves within your headphones.

The headphones himself contain tiny speakers in them, which are in the earbuds or earpieces of the headphones. When the signal reaches the coil that is inside the speaker, this causes a magnetic field to be generated, which then oscillates the speaker in a set of frequencies that range from 20 to 20,000 times per second. This is measured in 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This is how sound waves are created.

That sounds pretty simple, and it is for the most part. However, there is a great deal more that goes into creating the sound. To grasp this, you need to understand that the kinds of headphones that you have can do a lot in determining how the sound and its quality are reproduced.

How Sound is Reproduced

Headphones Impacts the Sound

You may think that all headphones would operate in the same way, especially considering that what is being talked about here is nothing more than a transfer of an electrical signal into sound-waves. The process itself may be similar between the different kinds of headphones that you can purchase, but if you are wondering how earphone work, you need to grasp that there is a difference between earbuds and over the ear kinds of headphones.

Over the Ear Headphones

Those who are using over the ear headphones need to know that there are two different kinds of categories that these headphones fall into: open back and closed back. In the open back headphones some on be at noise is allowed to enter into the ears from the outside. This is for those who want quality sound but also who aren’t interested in and isolating sound. This allows for on be at noise from the outside to be heard and responded to.

The opposite of this is the closed back, which shuts out all on be at noise. This not only keeps noise from the outside from getting in, but it also prevents others around you from hearing the sounds that are produced from your headphones. These kinds of headphones tend to have a deeper and more prominent bass sound, but the overall quality of the sound is usually not produced as well as the open back. This makes it so that the sound quality is not as natural sounding.

Over the Ear Headphones


Earbuds operate in a different way. These are really miniaturized loudspeakers that are pushed into the canal of your ear. Because of the design of the earbuds, the way in which the speakers are designed is slightly different than in the over the ear headphones. This occurs, primarily, because on be at noise from the outside is eliminated for the most part. This means that a more natural sound to the headphones is produced.

It also means that the potential for damage to the eardrum is also increased because of the way that waves are produced. The speaker inside the earbud as well as the protective earpiece tip on the outside are designed to create less of a shockwave so that the eardrum does not get the same kind of force that it would from an over the ear style of headphones.

You should also be aware that because of speaker design and because the earbuds are a smaller size then over the ear headphones, that the reproduction of the bass sound is often significantly poorer then what you would find with the other kinds of headphones. For those who like a rich, deep bass sound earbuds may not be the best option for you.

Earbuds 2017


Noise Cancelling Headphones

One other kinds of headphones that needs to be discussed is the noise canceling headphones. There are actually two different kinds of headphones that fall into this category: passive and active. The passive style of noise reduction simply blocks out ambient noise around you. You have no control over the sound being blocked out.

This is not the case with the active noise reduction headphones. These contain a small microphone in them that detects on be at noise around and uses noise canceling electronic technology to block out the sound around the headphones itself. This ensures that only the music or other audio file that you are listening to is the only thing that you are able to hear. These kinds of headphones require a battery source, and are quite commonly found in Bluetooth technology.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

You need a choice!

Making the Right Choice

When deciding which kind of headphones work best for you, it is really a matter of the quality of sound that you are looking at. If you are a person who likes a much richer bass quality in the music that they are listening to, then you understand that the open backed option is really the best for you. If you are looking for something that blocks out sound around you then the earbuds or noise canceling headphones are clearly the best choice. It is really up to you to decide what you are looking for.

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