Review: HIFIMAN HM802S



There are a lot of different portable music players on the market, but just one is the best. It is the HIFIMAN HM802S and the reasons why it is our priority are simple. This is small, compact, but yet powerful and advanced music player that offers a high quality of the sound. It also looks like no other product of this type and it has a lot of additional features to offer.

This model has the latest firmware update, which we will highly recommend. A combination of the power, sound quality, and the design features come at a price, so we must say that this music player is for music junkies. During the HIFIMAN HM802S test, we enjoyed the music it provided.

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A closer look: Features and the design

This time, we will start with the smallest, but yet the most interesting feature. The power on/off time is 3 seconds. We all know how annoying it is to wait for a device to turn on, so this is the number one thing we liked. There is no point in saying that it is the shortest on/off time, among portable music players on the market today.

A potentiometer, commonly known as the thumbwheel has been improved, compared to the previous model. Now, it is more comfortable to use and it is more precise. The HIFIMAN HM802S price is perfectly adjusted if you can realize how great using this feature is.

The situation is less than 0.003%, which is also the best result in the class. Simply said, you won’t be able to notice the distortion, no matter what type of music you are listening to. This is one reason more why the HIFIMAN HM802S is a common choice of music addicts.

The design is well-known and it has been tuned up. Now, this player is made from CNC material. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should know that it is extremely light, but durable material. An HIFIMAN HM802S Amazon offer is one of a kind, especially because of the CNC material. It also makes this music player look different and more interesting than any other product of this kind.

We also must mention the design in general. It is one of a kind and it is a bit special. If you are looking for a music player that looks like no other product, once again, the HIFIMAN HM802S is perfect for you.


Something about the music quality

The strength is in the HIFIMAN HM802S Performance features. The manufacturer claims that it has the best sound quality you can possibly find right now, and we actually agree. The music is real, alive and all music types and all genres are supported (all feature a high-quality). This is another reason why you should take this model into consideration.

One thing that isn’t well-known is that this music player has the WM8740 DAC chip. This makes it more professional than you may imagine and makes the music it plays sounds much better. It is actually difficult to explain with words how different the sound quality actually is. On the other side, it is simple to say that the main reason why is the mentioned chip.

We also were impressed with the smooth and relaxing sound that is produced by this music player. It is a real pleasure to listen to gentle music. Note: This model has amplifier cards that can be replaced that also affect the sound quality.

What we liked:

  • The design is original, modern and different than all other music players tight now.
  • Sound quality is probably 10% better than any other music player has to offer.
  • Less than 0.003% of distortion.
  • Amplifier cards can be replaced.
  • Compatible with an HM901 S dock.
  • Thumbwheel
  • Great display.
  • The new version of firmware.
  • It takes 3 seconds to power on/off

Possible drawbacks:

  • The design may be an issue.
  • It is heavy.

Is this the best portable music player for me?

Only if you are looking for the best and the most sound-quality focused music player, you should think about the HIFIMAN HM802S. This is a powerful model that comes with the latest features and a lot of power. The sound it produces is the best you can get right now.

A high level of practicality is another addition. The HIFIMAN HM802S has been developed to be used in a matter of seconds. That’s why you get quick power on/off and a thumbwheel, which is exceptional, by the way, and a large display.

$749.00 & FREE Shipping



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