Review: HIFIMAN HM 901s

HIFIMAN HM 901s Review


Manufacturers usually don’t improve older versions of the music players. It is far cheaper to develop a completely new device, therefore all of them are constantly replacing the players and other music-related products. However, HIFIMAN is slightly different. This manufacturer appreciates their music players and they improve them. One of the latest and interesting models is the HIFIMAN HM 901s.

The new version looks familiar, and it is based on the 901 DAP model, but now, it is significantly redesigned and brings a lot of improvements, which will be mentioned below. On the HIFIMAN HM 901s test,we liked all of them and we felt like this is a completely new product.


HM901s brings balanced, high quality reproduction of live music to the joy of your ear.

$1,399.99 & FREE Shipping
A closer look: Features and design

A high number of the improvements include the two DAP chips. Together, they have a positive effect on the sound quality, which is the main feature of this music player. It is far better than most other models have to offer and it is the main difference.


Now, it comes with a 24-bit decoding support. It is reserved for professional and advanced music players, so you can realize how great this one is. Thanks to this advantage, the HIFIMAN HM 901s is far more suitable for individuals who prefer more music fan-focused units.

We also liked the feature that affects on the outputs. With the HIFIMAN HM 901s you get a high-end output, no matter are you using it for single or dual applications. Keep in mind that it is probably more important than you realize, therefore this feature should be taken into account, especially if you are planning to use it for different devices!

Some of the well-known features include the potentiometer that has been slightly redesigned. In essence, you get the same simplicity and precision, but using it is much simpler now. The 3 second power on/off is supported, obviously, and it is something we liked the most. Yes, it is simple and practical.

The design has been kept, which is another good thing. We actually liked how the HIFIMAN HM 901s looks and we liked the fact it is different than most other music players on the market! Keep in mind that the design looks massive and it has been developed to make using the device simpler and easier.

The TAICHI II is the latest interface. It looks modern and futuristic, but at the same time, it is very easy to use and it makes all operations quicker.


HM901s brings balanced, high quality reproduction of live music to the joy of your ear.

$1,399.99 & FREE Shipping
Sound quality

The HIFIMAN HM 901s price isn’t exactly low, but keep in mind that the sound quality is at a high level. After all, you get an advanced and modern portable music player, designed by professionals for people who like listening to all genres of music every single day. Even the most demanding people will say that the sound is impressive.

The clarity is the main thing here. It applies to all music files, no matter the frequency nor the rate they have. Also, no matter what kind of files they are, you will get more than just decent sound quality and more than just the real feel of the sound.

In some music files, you can notice the metallic effect. It can be a drawback and a positive side, depending on how you define it. We actually liked this addition, but keep in mind that it is available only in some music files.

The HIFIMAN HM 901s Performance will meet your expectations, even when you stress it with the high-frequency music files. Thanks for the chips we mentioned and the circuits inside the unit, the HIFIMAN HM 901s will handle them perfectly. On the test, we used an acoustic guitar music file and the sound quality was simply perfect.

The sharpness of the sound is another thing we will have to mention. You will notice it while you are shifting the frequencies and the music files. It is identical to the predecessor, which is also something most people like, including us.

What we liked:

  • The advanced and simple TAICHI II interface.
  • Dual chips for better sound.
  • Design
  • Simplicity

Possible drawbacks:

  • Looks the same as the previous model.
  • Slightly expensive.



HM901s brings balanced, high quality reproduction of live music to the joy of your ear.

$1,399.99 & FREE Shipping
Is this a portable music player for me?
The HIFIMAN HM 901s Amazon price isn’t very low, but remember that you are getting a professional and advanced portable music player with all the features you are going to need. The HIFIMAN HM 901s may be one of the last music players of this kind, therefore it is something you should have, at all cost.



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