Review: HIFIMAN HE1000

HIFIMAN HE1000 Review



Thanks to the HIFIMAN HE1000, the most demanding users can have headphones that offer the ultimate quality paired with even better sound quality. HIFIMAN has always been one of those manufacturers that tries to go one step further than all other manufacturers, therefore they always have one model that is simply the best.

The HIFIMAN HE1000 is the most advanced model ever made and due to a specific reason. The company needed 7 years of research to implement all the technologies and design capabilities into this model. The end result is one of the most interesting headphones ever seen on the market!


World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness is extremely low in mass, yielding faster response and lower distortion

$2,999.00 & FREE Shipping
A closer look: Features and design

We will begin the HIFIMAN HE1000 test with simple explanations about some features. The main one is the first diaphragm headphones with nano-thickness! In simple words, this means that the HIFIMAN HE1000 has an asymmetrical circuit, different than other headphones. The thing that HIFIMAN developed a brand new website, just to better explain this feature says a lot. Note: These are the first headphones with this feature, ever made!

A window protection system is an advanced feature as well. It is an innovative way to protect the inner components, without compromising the design nor the features. The system in question is also known as an advanced shadow system.

The frequency range is between 8Hz and 65 KHz and the sensitivity is close to 90 dB. At the same time, this also means that using the headphones is simple and won’t require anything special.

In the package, you get 3 sets of cables, maximizing the efficiency and the practicality of the headphones.

The HIFIMAN HE1000 features the latest design feature. They are made from aluminum and leather, so they look much better than most equivalent headphones you can find today. Grills are special as well and they make the entire headphones more original with the industrial design.

A weight is an important factor to consider when you are looking for high-end headphones. The HIFIMAN HE1000 weighs 480 grams. They are not the lightest model out there, but in general, they are comfortable. Wearing them the entire day is possible.



World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness is extremely low in mass, yielding faster response and lower distortion

$2,999.00 & FREE Shipping
Sound impressions of the HIFIMAN HE1000

There is no point in saying that the sound quality of the HIFIMAN HE1000 is at the impressive level. The music reproduction can be only compared with purely professional and the most expensive headphones.

We were especially impressed with the live music. It sounds fantastic and real. All levels and frequencies are perfect. There are no losses nor the issues with the sound quality, no matter for what type of music you listen to.

If you know that the design and the technology that has been used are developed to eliminate the vibrations and the reflections, which means that the distortion will be eliminated, the HIFIMAN HE1000 price isn’t expensive as it sounds.

The HIFIMAN HE1000 Amazon impressions also suggest that all users like the sound quality. We tested it with different sound sources, including the games and movies. All of that was perfect.

Because this is the professional; headphones, we tested it with a live music. The sound quality is simply outstanding, but only if you use a correct amplifier.

No matter when and for what application you want to use these headphones, make sure you have a lot of power at your disposal. They require an impressive and a very high amp in order to provide all the benefits we have just mentioned.

What we liked:

  • The design was the first thing we noticed. Aluminum components look amazing.
  • The power of the HIFIMAN HE1000 is outstanding.
  • The sound quality is professional.
  • Window shade system.
  • The first diaphragm in nano-thickness.
  • Comfortable
  • Come with 3 sets of cables.
  • Large and massive earpads.
  • Industrial grills.

Possible drawbacks:

  • They require a huge amount of power to work properly.
  • A bit heavier (you must get used to them).



World’s First Diaphragm in Nanometer Thickness is extremely low in mass, yielding faster response and lower distortion

$2,999.00 & FREE Shipping
Are these headphones for me?

The bottom line of the HIFIMAN HE1000 is that if you are a professional musician, or you are looking for the best headphones on the market, and you want to pay for it, this is the number one model. The sound quality is the best, the design is the most original and modern and they are comfortable. No matter of what type of music you will use them, these headphones will meet your expectations.

Now you know that they are perfect for sound impressions, but these headphones are a great choice if you want some of the most original and different product.



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