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Hifiman HE-350 Review: A Massdrop X Headphones that Works Well

HIFIMAN HE 350 review

The 2018 Hifiman HE-350 Review

HIFIMAN HE 350 is an improvement over the previous model, HE 300 or reading our Shure se425 review this will let you understand further on a lot of components have been replaced and improved, therefore we can say that the HE 350 is a brand new model. It is more powerful, offers a better sound quality and it even looks better than the previous model.

There is no point in saying that the older version has been extremely popular and the number one choice of many. The new model, this HIFIMAN Headphone will probably continue the tradition. After all, this is an entry-level model with impressive performances.

A closer look: Design and features
The most important and the main thing to know is that the Massdrop X – HE 350 features completely new dynamic drivers with a not that much different from Westone UM Pro 10 vs. Shure SE215 as they are completely different than the previous model had, so you get a better sound, less distortion, and more precise details. This has a huge impact on the general sound quality.

HIFIMAN HE 350 cable

A plug and connectors have been improved as well. Thanks to them, HE 350 HIFIMAN is much simpler to use and to connect. At the same time, they are easier to use and connect, obviously. Now, these headphones have the latest connector, seen on more expensive models.

The frame has been made to look like the one on more expensive models. It is gloss black and it is comfortable, which is important if you are planning to wear these headphones more than just a few hours per day.

Grills are black as well, and they look impressive. They have large spaces between them, so they allow you to see the mechanism inside and the components, which definitely makes the entire headphones better. We will add that they are glossy black as well.

Yokes are made from plastic, but the quality of these components in on a much higher level than the previous model had. This means that they look more expensive and they offer a better quality.

The HE 350 comes with 4 grooves per ear-pad. Replacing them is simple and takes literally one second. Note: Wearing these headphones while you wear sunglasses is possible and comfortable.

The sound quality
We tested them for more than 120 hours, and there weren’t distortion nor changes in the sound quality, therefore we are happy to announce that this model is suitable for more demanding users!

Lower and mid frequencies are more than satisfactory, but the bass isn’t as high as more expensive models can provide. Nevertheless, the sound will satisfy you, unless you want theextreme high amount of bass.

We tested the hifiman headphones(HE350) with several different games and the sound was more than just good. No matter which genre of games you like, these headphones will meet your expectations. An interesting addition is that they are easy to adjust and they make you feel like you are in a game, which is definitely a big deal. No other headphones from this price range can achieve that.

hifiman headphones

The open back design feature is perfect if you want to ‘’share’’ music with your colleagues. It can help you annoy them as well. The price is treated as low, as we already said, but this addition is priceless and makes the entire headphones more desirable.

What we liked:

  • The design is modern and latest.
  • A lot of improvements compared to the previous model.
  • Sound quality.
  • Open back.
  • Made from high-quality plastics.
  • Earpads come with 4 grooves.
  • No distortion.
  • Can handle long usages without losing the sound quality.
  • Loud

Possible drawbacks:

  • The bass isn’t at the highest level.
  • Treble is too ‘’bright’’.

Are these headphones for me?
This Hifiman HE-350 Review will let you know about why maybe this is an entry-level model, but it is well-made and it offers a much better sound quality than equivalent headphones have.

They look nice and they are capable of withstanding extremely long usages. Simply said, if you are a fan of music and you are looking for affordable headphones that offer high features, this is the model for you with. With the latest trend today we have also recommended the best Skullcandy earbuds for a higher quality in overall since this brand has been building headphones since 2008 they have put their reputation very well.

Thanks to the design that makes them comfortable, even when you wear glasses, they are suitable for the gamer and for all individuals who want a decent sound quality for the entire day.



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