Buyer’s Guide: Headphones With Microphone

Finding The Best Headphones With Microphone And What It Takes To Be In The Top 10

headphones with microphoneNowadays, the headphones that a person uses are far more sophisticated than one would have even seen just a few years ago. This is especially true in the case of the microphones that have been added to headsets.

It used to be not long ago that when a headset had a microphone on it that the headphones were often quite bulky looking. An arm attachment came in front of your face so you could talk into and then you put the earpieces over your ears to hear what was being said.

Then there were those headphones that the microphone hung down on a small cord. This could be effective but did not always provide the best quality sound, making it difficult for the person you were engaged in conversation with to be able to hear you.

It was also likely that the sound quality of the headphones were not particularly great. While there were some outstanding headsets, many that contained microphones were not very good three or four years ago. However, that is no longer the case.


Today, there are headphones with a built in microphone that that are absolutely fantastic. Not only is the sound quality in the headphones spectacular but you can also get some of the best noise cancelling headphones with microphone included that do a great job of capturing you and only you. noise cancelling headphones with microphoneThere is no additional noise from the surroundings you are in, or the amount that the microphone captures is greatly limited.

Headphones have also become a great deal more sophisticated than ever before. Many come as part of a Bluetooth headset, giving you a great microphone without having to deal with the issues related to cords and them getting tangled or breaking off. Now you can get headphones with microphone built in that will give you incredible sound, convenience, and make talking to others a total snap.

Today’s usage of a Headphone

Today’s usage of a Headphone/Headset with microphone for your laptop, computer or smartphones like iPhones

headphones with built in microphoneOne of the most beneficial aspects of these headphones is that they are universal to a wide array of devices. It used to be that your headset was only compatible with your phone or provided limited compatibility with other devices. This is no longer the case. Now you can get headphones with microphone that will work perfectly with whatever device you have.

It does not matter whether you are looking for headset with microphone for your laptop or for headphones with microphone for iPhone, you can get a set that will work perfectly both with no issues at all. In fact, there are many Bluetooth models that work simultaneously with both, meaning that you can be connected to both of these devices at the same time and have the full functionality of either one.

If you were listening to music on your computer and you received a phone call on your iPhone the music and would shut off from your computer, or at least be paused, while you answered your phone. This gives you the great benefit of basically having to sets of headphones in one. That is just an incredible savings if you get down to it.

The best part of this is that these headphones with microphone for computer that also integrate with your phone are built so that they are not the bulky headsets that so many used to be accustomed to. You get an outstanding quality headphone that is quite unobtrusive upon your appearance and doesn’t have a microphone sitting in front of your face. It’s easy to see why this technology is making these the ideal headsets.

Why buy a noise cancelling headphones with microphone?

Most of the standard headphones with microphone that you would buy do a great job at picking up the sound of your voice and sending it to the person youdeep bass stereo headphones with microphone are speaking to. Sadly, they also are great at picking up virtually any other noise around them. This can mean that a lot of the background noise will also be picked up by your microphone and sent to the person you are speaking with. This can make it very difficult for them to be able to understand you.

This is one of the primary reasons why noise canceling headphones with microphone make for the ideal choice for you. These microphones are specially programmed so that they pick up the sound of your voice well, but the integrated programming is able to filter out noises and background sounds that are around you so that just your voice is what comes through.

You will absolutely love this technology in your headphones because it will ensure that people you are talking to only hear the sound of your voice. So much of the other noises that may be around you will be eliminated, making it so that you are clearly heard by your friend, family member, coworker, or other person you are talking to.

Benefits of having a Deep Bass Stereo Headphones with Microphone

deep bass stereo headphones with microphone1Before discussing some of the better brands of headphones with microphones that are on the market, there is one other characteristic about these headsets that you should know about. This is the deep bass stereo headphones with microphone that you will find in many products out there.

These type of headphones are exceptional for a couple of reasons. First of all, there are those out there who thoroughly enjoy the deep bass sound in the music that they listen to. This feature adds that sound in your headset, helping you to more thoroughly enjoy the music you are listening to.

They also assist you in being able to hear people that may not have a particularly deep or strong voice. Sometimes it is difficult to hear those who speak softly or who have a higher pitched voice. Having this deep base technology included in your headset makes it so that you are more easily able to hear the person without having to strain to do so.

What Is the Best Headphones with Microphone to Buy

While you can find these products in many different locations, the truth is that many headphones with microphone Amazon provides. We will be referencing many of these, but you can also find them at a lot of the stores or in other online locations. Here are the 10 best to get.

BUYING: Best Headphones with Microphone

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 20Bose has always been known for high quality stereo equipment, and this headphone set is no exception. These headphones are ideally made for the Samsung galaxy and provide a very high quality noise canceling reduction system that removes out sounds and other distractions that can dampen your conversation. An active equalizer is provided with the headset, and there are other technologies that you will find that make this an easy headset to use and an enjoyable one as well.



Plantronics CS530

Plantronics CS530This headset comes with an earpiece that attaches over your ear, and an extended microphone arm that ensures that you are easily heard. While a bit bulky looking for some tastes, the truth is that this is a very light weight headset, with a long-lasting battery that ensures that you can use the headset for up to six hours before needing to recharge. The microphone comes with an extended boom that improves the quality of what you are saying while also featuring an outstanding noise canceling technology that blocks out much of the background noise around you.



Bluedio V (Victory) Pro Patented PPS12

Bluedio V (Victory) Pro Patented PPS12The Bluedio V is very much like what most people would think of when they ponder the idea of headphones. This is a standard looking headset that also comes with a microphone feature attached within the headset cord. While a lot bulkier than many of the headsets you can purchase these days, you can be sure that you are going to get outstanding sound quality while other noises around you are blocked out. The acoustics are absolutely fantastic.



Ncredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by RadioShack Black

Ncredible1 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones by RadioShack BlackThis is another headset that is much like the previous one in terms of design. Many love this headset because of its Bluetooth technology that allows you to be up to 30 feet away from your device while still getting an outstanding signal. Noise reducing technology is included as well and it is one of the most comfortable sets to wear. It has great compatibility with tablets, laptops, MP3 players, and virtually all different kinds of smart phones regardless of operating system.



Philips Fidelio L2 Audio Headphones

Philips Fidelio L2 Audio HeadphonesAnother one of the larger sized headphones, this comes with an outstanding microphone that is placed on the cord much closer to your mouth then you would find in some other models. What really makes this headset stand out is the memory foam cushioning embedded in the speaker earpieces. This provides an incredibly comfortable feel. With incredible acoustic precision, great noise isolation, and advanced noise reduction technology, Philips has really developed a model that consumers love.



SOL REPUBLIC 1211-PAS Collegiate Series 

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-PAS Collegiate SeriesThis is a smaller design than the previous three talked about, but still comes with a very comfortable set of earpieces and a three button remote that makes it easy to perform tasks without having to do much work on your part. These buttons allow you to adjust the volume, skip songs, and also answer or hang up on calls easily. You are also able to make cord or headband adjustments with ease.




Sony MDRXB950BT L Extra BassSony is another one of those brands that always produces high quality sound equipment and this is a great one. This Bluetooth headphone set, comes with an extra-base feature that boosts the emphasis of the base, but also includes a passive mode that returns back to an animal sound quality. There’s a built-in microphone that provides for hands-free use of your phone, and the one touch technology makes it easy to perform tasks on the headset. The padding is made to be extremely comfortable around the ear, and you will love the quality of sound that you receive from these headphones.



MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity AudiophileIf you are looking for a much smaller set of headphones, this is an incredible set of in-ear headphones that give you great sound with an outstanding microphone as well. The memory phone technology ensures that the phone comfortably fits into your ear and remains comfortable during the lifespan of the earpieces. You get incredible clarity and resolution of sound, one which many describe as having a concert in your head type of experience. The advanced design of this headphone allows for a few different options of how you would like to wear it within your ear.



1MORE MK802 Bluetooth Wireless

1MORE MK802 Bluetooth WirelessThis is a rather cleverly designed headset, that includes Bluetooth technology and provides some of the best quality sound on the market. There is a powerful base feature within it, providing two different levels of boosted base technology. This is adjusted on the ear cup, and the beryllium driver makes for one of the best quality sounds you will hear, regardless of whether you are talking about the highs, the midrange, or the base. The design also is a sturdy one that makes for optimal comfort around your head.


TOP 10

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus HeadphonesWhat makes this what makes this headset such a popular one with many consumers is the sound slider that allows you to alter the quality and pitch of the sound on the headset itself. There is a detachable cable that includes the microphone and remote, and it can be used on virtually all smart phones, as well as tablets and even some other audio devices. The air cut pieces are incredibly comfortable to wear, and you will love that you can actually change the colors yourself by replacing earpieces or the band.




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