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5 of the Best Headphones for Kids – A (2018) Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Top Rated Headphones for Kids this 2018

I believe you are looking for the best headphones for kids? Did you know that a recent report postulates that by the year 2060, over half of the population in the United States will for all intents and purposes be deaf?

It is true. It sounds far-fetched when you first think about it but the reason behind making such a claim makes a lot more sense than many are willing to admit.

The truth is that way too many people listen to music and other forms of media with far too much volume.

In addition, they choose noise-cancelling headphones that block out all the sound around them, but also enclose the volume of what they are listening to into their ear canals, making it louder and increasing the force against the eardrums.

At this rate, the hearing may be a thing of the past for far too many people.

Are you now ready to start reading? Here are the 5 of the best headphones for your kids this 2018!

Comparison Table

5 of The Best Headphones for Kids (November 2018)

are you in search for a reliable headphone for your child? Perhaps for children under 12,11,10,9? We have done the legwork for you! And bringing you the top products that is safe and affordable that you and your children can enjoy!

Image Product Recommendation Highlights Price Check

1. Kids Headphones -Noot


BEST CHOICE Ensure perfect fit and lightweight design for long lasting comfort. Perfect for music, movies, games and educational time. CHECK PRICE

2. Connect+ Premium Lilgadgets


MOST REVIEWED The Connect+ is foldable and durably constructed out of a high quality polycarbonate and covered with comfortable SoftTouch Fabric CHECK PRICE

3. Kids Headphones


BEST IN PRICE Provide your kids the ultimate shared listening experience – without risk to their hearing or comfort! CHECK PRICE

4. Nenos Children Headphones


FOLDABLE Nenos headphones connects another headphone just plug directly into the Nenos to share audio CHECK PRICE

5. iClever BoostCare


BEST IN QUALITY BoostCare is iClever’s headphone series designed specially for children. Featuring circuitry that limits the maximum output volume to the FCC recommended 85dB, this is these over the ear headphones that is gentle on the inner ear and can’t be tampered with. CHECK PRICE

10 Facts to Consider Before Buying The Best Headphones for Kids

Children have indeed become avid headphone users these days. From playing games on their tablets to watching online videos and listening to music, users seem to be getting younger and younger.

The importance of finding the right headphones for kids is at an all-time high right now. With that in mind, here are ten facts to consider before getting your children their own headsets.

Asian little boy practicing to play acoustic guitar

1. Is It Safe for Kids to Use Headphones and Earbuds?

This is a common question for parents who are contemplating about whether to buy their children headphones or earbuds. A lot of articles nowadays are talking about the potential harm that headphone usage can bring to kids, which is why it is understandable that parents are becoming wary.

While it is safe for kids to use headphones in general, making it “safe” for them falls onto the shoulders of the parents. They are responsible for their children’s wellbeing, and that includes providing them gadgets or devices that will not impair them in the long run.

In this modern era, almost every electronic device that children use requires them to wear headphones. That includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even portable DVD or Blu-ray players.

Whether they are at home, in school, or when traveling with family, it seems like allowing them to wear a pair of headphones has become a necessity. While hearing loss is indeed a potential long-term problem for kids using earbuds, there is still a way for parents to make it as safe as possible for these little ones.

In an article in Kidspot, the Boston Children’s Hospital is said to have determined headphone use safe for children if the volume is kept within 60 percent of the maximum level. Also, the listening duration should not go beyond one hour in between long rests, the article said.

In a nutshell, headphones and earbuds are safe for kids as long as their parents have enough awareness of how these products are used appropriately. The parents must be willing to implement what they know about headphone safety of their children.

Parents are still responsible for how their children are going to use electronic devices. The children are still under their care. The more responsible the parents are, the safer the kids are.

2. How Headphones Could Potentially Harm Your Kids

One way that headphones or earbuds could harm your children is by causing gradual hearing loss. The terrible thing about this is that it is mostly irreversible. This is why it is a serious issue if you are a parent.

Some people think that you can only lose your hearing through prolonged exposure to the blaring speakers of rock concerts or if you are in the vicinity of a massive blast. In reality, mundane daily activities, like using headphones, can also be a culprit.

Reviewed Cited the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control as saying that continuous exposure to reasonably loud sounds, such as headphones turned up to max volume, can cause permanent damage to a child’s hearing in the long run.

It was also said in the article that according to their research, even the most straightforward headphones and earbuds could potentially harm the user if the user significantly goes beyond the recommended loudness. The risk of heading problems would be there in only a matter of minutes.

While there is not yet an official scientific measurement of how loud is too loud before this occurs, the condition should still be a significant concern. This is especially true for parents of young children.

Funny kids singing and listening to music on headphones.

3. How to Protect Your Kids From Hearing Loss Caused by Headphones

Now you know that headphones are safe for children to use, but they can also be harmful if left unregulated. Finding the right balance and moderation would then be the best course of action.

Here are some tips on how to protect your kids from too much headphone use:

  • Make the most out of “parental controls” on your young ones’ devices. Most of the mobile devices available in the market right now come with parental controls, or a way parents could place restrictions on them.
  • Utilize this feature to the fullest to ensure that the volume remains within 60 percent of the maximum amount whether they use headphones or not. Some apps also have this feature. Just go to its “settings” and adjust accordingly.
  • Download an app to limit your device’s volume. There are available apps right now that can restrict the internal volume of the invention where the app is installed. Try searching for keywords such as “volume regulator” or “volume regulator for children,” and you may end up getting several options.
  • Adjust your browser settings to have a limited volume. Children frequently love to watch videos on their devices using a web browser. Some browsers can be adjusted to reach only a certain volume level. Again, 60 percent of the max is recommended.
  • Choose over-ear types when buying headphones for kids. Over-ear headsets don’t directly go on your children’s ears. Among the many forms of headphones, they are farthest away from their eardrums. The advantages of using this type of headset will be discussed in more detail later in this article.
  • Place passwords on your devices and keep them a secret from your kids. Sometimes, children will soon find out how to disable the volume limiter app or put back the setting to maximum volume.

To avoid this, apply passwords on all of your electronic devices and do not let your children know about them. This way, you can always check beforehand if the setting was tampered or manipulated.

Young girl enjoying the music

4. Common Types of Headphones and Their Functions

There are four common types of headphones according to their ear placement. They are the following:

Bone conduction headphones – These types of headphones are placed in front of the ear, against the cheekbones.

They utilize the bones of your face, cheeks, and jaw to make sound waves travel from the headphone to your hearing organ.

This is quite safe for children to use because of its ability to make sounds bypass the outer and middle ear (where the eardrum is located) to go directly to your inner ear.

One drawback to this kind of earpiece is that the sound quality produced would not be as high as the other types.

There is also a significant loss in quality since the music has to travel through your bone before you can hear it.

Also, bone conduction headphones need their own power source, which would come across as bulky for some users. However, there are also wireless versions available wherein the power source is separated from the primary device.

In-ear headphones – This is the smallest type and, as the name implies, is placed in the ear canals. This is the most common type of earpiece that comes with your favorite mobile phones or devices.

Since in-ear headphones are small, and they have a simple design, they can easily be stored and prepared. People most often use them while traveling or commuting.

Again, because of their size, these earpieces are quite comfortable to use for longer durations. However, that level of comfort may let a user get carried away and forget to regulate his usage time, which could lead to potential hearing problems in the future.

On-ear headphones – These headphones are placed directly on the ear and are more significant than in-ear headphones. They are sometimes called supra-aural earpieces. They typically come with a headband to secure them in place over your head.

On-ear headphones are usually open-type. This means that the noise around you can still pass through it, allowing you to hear and always be aware of your surroundings. This is beneficial when you are in a public place where a lot of people congregate, and you need to be alert.

The disadvantage to using these earpieces is that they are not as portable as in-ears. Also, because too much noise can penetrate through, you will tend to turn the volume up higher than the recommended setting to hear what you are listening to.

Over-ear headphones – Also called circumaural headphones, the over-ear types are big and bulky as compared to the others. This is because they encapsulate the whole ear of the user. Like the on-ears, they also come with a headband, although the actual ear cups are much more significant.

These are closed-type headphones that isolate the sound from the outside noise. This is beneficial regarding safety and comfort because you are able to keep its volume level limited to the recommended 60 percent of the max.

However, the drawback of over-ear headphones is that they are not portable and can be cumbersome to use while traveling. They are more appropriate for home or office use only.

5. Things to Consider When Buying Headphones for Kids

Are you ready to buy headphones for your kids? Here are some things to look for before purchasing.

Toughness – The first thing to consider when buying headphones for children is their durability. Kids tend to damage things more rapidly than grown people, so durable headphones are a must.

Look for something that is made out of metal or high-end plastics instead of the regular cheap plastics. Check the build quality. It is better to choose a product that is slightly more expensive than opting for the most reasonable, most unsafe and most easily broken product.

8 bit illustration of romantic love heartAlso, don’t forget to look for products with warranties and backup ear cups just in case. However, warranties may only take effect if your child did not physically break the item.

Comfort – This is an important consideration when buying headphones for children as kids get frustrated quickly when they are distressed. Kids tend to break their stuff when they are frustrated, and so they should be as comfortable as possible with their headsets.

Some children like to use their headphones while running around and playing with their friends. In this case, a wireless type of earpiece should be ideal. Others want to listen while taking a bath so a waterproof one would be better.

The fit should also be perfect because kids tend to move a lot. This is a little tricky because young children have smaller heads than adults. If the earpieces are always falling, then they might soon break them.

Sound level – The right volume level is vital because it helps keep your children comfortable while they use their headsets. An earpiece that is too loud may lead to hearing loss if it goes unnoticed for a long time. Meanwhile, something that is too soft may only irritate the child.

Your best option should be to get one that has a volume limiter. Child-friendly headphones (headphones specially made for kids) have this feature.

The maximum volume generated by these earpieces should be safely under the recommended threshold. This way, while your kid would be able to adjust the loudness, they would not be ready to go beyond what is considered safe.

Check the item’s product description before purchasing. Ideally, the decibel limit should be about 85 decibels.

Sound quality – The quality of sound also contributes to the kids’ comfort level. Although it may not be as big of a deal for these little ones as they usually don’t think of such things yet.

However, if you can afford to buy the headphones with the best sound quality possible, then do so. It would go a long way in keeping your child relaxed and happy.

Compatibility – Make sure that the headphones you purchase are compatible with the mobile device your child is using. Kids should be able to use the earpieces in as simple a way as possible to avoid any accidents.

You should get headphones that do not need a separate adapter to function. Do not forget to bring your child’s tablet or smartphone during the actual purchase of the headset.

girl listening music in headphones

6. What Are the Best Headphones for Kids?

Children are entirely different from adults in the way that they use stuff and would be even more so when it comes to headphones. As discussed in some of the items above, the headphones should be durable, wireless, volume limiting, noise cancelling, and snugly fitted.

Kids are likely to pull, bend, and strain headphone cables and headbands. It is their nature to do so, which makes wireless earpieces a better option for them. Going wireless allows them the freedom of movement while listening to their favorite music at the same time.

Over-ear headphones are better because of their passive noise cancellation properties. Getting them the right size of headband and ear cups is also essential.

7. Do You Need Child-Friendly Headphones While Traveling?

Of course. Child-friendly headphones are especially crucial when traveling to keep children preoccupied. Kids tend to get impatient during long trips, and a suitable set of headphones would help them get through it.

Noise-cancelling headsets are ideal for kids during travel because they block out the irritating outside noise that comes from the vehicle you are riding. It also prevents them from disturbing their travel-mates as they enjoy their own music, movies, games, and other entertainment from their tablets.

8. Advantages of Volume Limiting or Volume Control Headphones

Having the ability to limit or control the volume of your kids’ headphones brings peace of mind. Giving your kids this kind of headset is an indication that you are actively protecting them from hearing damage.

As a parent, you could set the maximum volume produced by the earpiece to a safe level. A password allows you to re-set it again, and it is essential that you keep it to yourself.

Volume-limiting earpieces ensure that your children can enjoy full headphone usage without suffering from hearing deterioration. Of course, you still have to limit the number of hours they use them each day, besides the duration per sitting.

Buying them their own set of volume-limiting headphones also prevents them from borrowing from their friends, as their friends’ headsets might not be set to your desired volume level.

9. Benefits of Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Hyperactive Kids

Noise-canceling headphones are beneficial for hyperactive kids because they help the kids relax and cope with behavioral issues related to hearing.

In a study by the Hong Kong Journal of Occupational Therapy, the researchers there concluded that noise-canceling earpieces do help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) cope with their hyperactivity behavioral problems involving auditory stimuli.

Little boy with headset in classroom

Headphones lessen auditory stimuli from these kids’ surroundings. This reduces their stress and anxiety levels and allows them to improve focus.

Although it was still a pilot study, and researchers admitted to some of its limitations, the ability of noise-cancelling headphones to reduce hyperactivity in kids was aptly demonstrated.

10. Tips on How to Find the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

You have learned how to protect your kids from potential hearing problems due to improper headphone use.

You have also identified the different types of headphones according to function and what kind is best for your kids. Some of the things to consider when purchasing headphones were also explained above.

You are now fully ready to buy your kids their first set of headphones. But before that, here are some final tips to make sure that you get only the best for your loved ones.

  • Examine your kids’ daily routine. If they tend to use headphones during the commute to school, then wireless earbuds are the way to go. But if they only use them at home during specific hours, then over-ear headsets are the best option.
  • Try to buy the lightest possible headphones without sacrificing function. Children are active by nature. They tend to move around while wearing them, and bulky headsets would be a burden.
  • Don’t forget to look for a volume limiter and noise cancellation features. These are essential in keeping your kids as comfortable as possible.

That’s it! These are the 10 facts that you need to consider before buying headphones for kids. We hope you have learned a lot and would apply all of them soon.


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A Must Know before buying your kids a headphone ( For 2018 Guide)

The Concern for Children Is Real

Headphones Concern for kidsWhile this may not seem that big of a deal for adults who are making a choice that will have a limited effect on the quality of their lives, children are an entirely different story. Because kids are still developing even into their late teens, the volume of the music and other media that they are listening to is a huge deal.

For most kids, they are able to hear levels of sound that an adult can only dream of being able to hear any longer. In fact, a large number of kids have their phones set to a ringtone that adults that simply cannot hear at all.

They are able to do this because those under 21 have a lot more sensitive sense of hearing than the average person who is as old as 25. It is not only because they are still in development that they are able to hear these sounds, but also because they have not been subject to as much loud noise that can damage a person’s ability to heart. That is until now.

Because of the perpetuation of loud sounds around us, including cars, planes, jackhammers, and the like, as well as a youngster listening to music as loud as possible at concerts and in their headphones, they are starting to feel the effects of this loud noise in the way that their hearing is being damaged on a daily basis. It is no wonder that many audiologists say that if George Washington was instantly transported to this age he would be deaf within weeks!

A Must for any Headphones to be bought for your children:

  • Compact and Foldable
  • Lightweight, Colorful Design
  • Not Too Loud
  • Volume Limiter Switch
  • Durable Construction
  • Tangle-Free 3 Foot Cord

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What to Look for in a Headphone that Is Friendly for your Children?

What to look for in kids headphones this 2018

While you would like to do all you can to protect your children from the world out there, the fact remains that there are things that they are going to be subjected to that you can do absolutely nothing about. They are going to face peer pressure, they are going to meet people that intend to do them harm, and they are going to be exposed to drugs and alcohol. It is all about teaching them to make choices that will reduce the chances of harm coming to them and give them a real chance for success. This is true of their hearing as well.

If you want to protect your children’s hearing, then it starts with teaching them about the dangers of listening to sounds or movies too loud. Yes, the concert may have been super cool at 100 decibels and they may love the surround sound at the local movie theater, but they need to understand that these things can cause so much damage to their hearing.

If you want to really drive home the point, allow them to go to one of these events and then ask them how well they can hear afterward. The truth is that their ears will sound muffled for at least a few hours afterward, if not for days following the event. That should be a clue to them that they need to be more careful about safeguarding their future.

You also need to talk to them about playing music or other media at a safe volume in their headphones. They may not like that, but the truth is that they can enjoy the quality and sound just as much as a lower decibel level. They really can!

While you can only do so much to stop them from endangering their hearing and their future, you can do some things to make sure that they have the best chance of success. That starts with getting the best headphones for kids that are safe for your son or daughter.

Safety Can Be Attained

best headphones for kidsThere are many “experts” who will tell you that there is no such thing as the best, but that is not true. If you think about it, pilots wear headphones almost continuously while they are in the air, and they have some of the acutest hearing on the planet.

It is necessary for them to have perfect hearing so that they can hear directions clearly, and so they cannot afford to have their hearing damaged even slightly. Yet, they wear headphones all the time. This should tell you that your children can be safe by wearing and using them.

The key is to be careful on how they are used. The reason that children face some serious issues with their hearing is not just about the volume that they are listening to their media at but is also about the duration of time that they are wearing their headphones. This is as equally important as the volume.

What many researchers have found is that children (and adults for that matter) should wear headphones for no more than two hours a day. This does not mean to wear them for two hours, then take them off for an or two, and put them right back on. This means that the maximum amount of time in any day should be no more than a total amount of two hours of headphone usage, no matter what the volume level is set at.

If your children are limiting the volume output from their device that is smart, but that does not increase the amount of time that they should be the best wireless headphones for kids. What experts in the field of hearing and child development have found is that those children who still listen to the headphones at low volume yet wear them for three or four hours a day still sustain hearing damage in the years where they can least afford to have this kind of damage.

With all these warnings, you are probably beginning to think that your children should not wear headphones at all, and that is not the case. Like eating chocolate, exercising, or watching television, virtually all things are acceptable as long as they are done in moderation. This is true of your children wearing headphones as well.

Volume Level

Children Headphones Volume LevelAccording to the World Health Organization, 85dB is considered to be the maximum volume that your children should have their device playing at. The Center for Disease Control puts that number at 70, which means that you should likely be shooting for 70 as well. 85 dB does not have an effect on adults, and that is why the WHO places it at this number, but the CDC points out that children have a lower threshold where damage starts to occur. This is why the volume limiting should be set a lower level for your children to protect their hearing in the long term.

You should be aware of one thing that will likely get your children to turn up the volume limiting. 70 dB is not usually a loud enough volume limiting to drown out the ambient noise that is around them. This can be done at 85 dB and is a primary reason why children want to turn the volume up, so that they can tune everyone and everything else out. That may make them happier, but it will not protect their hearing.

Some think that the solution is to use earbuds, but these are actually more dangerous to your children’s hearing than simply turning up the volume limiting. Because the buds are closer to your child’s ear it has the potential to cause a great deal more damage. This is why volume limiting and amount of usage are the keys.

Headphone Switch

Child-Proof Switch

To give parents that added to protection so that they can ensure that their children are not listening to sounds to loud, many manufacturers are coming out with a child-proof switch that is programmed into the headphones. This allows parents to set a maximum volume level that their child can put the volume at. No matter how they try to switch it to something higher they will have no success.

The best part of this is that it is not something that is set on the side of the headphones. This is a mechanism that is set through the connection by the parents using software technology. A password is set so that only the parents can access it and they can set the volume the maximum level they wish for their child.

While we like to trust our kids, most parents clearly understand that if given the chance, that their child will press his or her limits. This is why the child-proof switch becomes a great way to protect your child from listening to sounds too loud.

Important Features to Consider

We have addressed volume limiting and that is clearly the No. 1 priority as a parent that you want to consider, but there are other factors that you will want to look into before deciding on a pair of headphones. Realistically, if your child does not like wearing them, they are not going to do so and your money will go to waste. In addition, if they break easily and are hard to replace then you are not going to want to buy them. You want something that is a worthwhile investment for you and your child so here are some things to consider.

Recommended AgeRecommended Age – not every pair of headphones that you will find is made for every aged child. The reasons for that are quite simple. It starts with the size of the headphones themselves. Some will be larger in the earpiece size, which may mean that they are too big for your child’s ears. Conversely, they could be built for smaller children and so they don’t fit properly over your child’s ears. This can be uncomfortable and distort the sound some. You want to make sure that the headphones are made for a child that is your age.

You also have the fact that the frame can be too big or too small as well. If the frame is built for a smaller child it can be very uncomfortable for your bigger child to wear, which can cause them physical pain. The best kids headphones that is too big may keep falling off of your child’s head, and they will simply not use them. That will mean you wasted your money, which no parent likes to do.

The recommended age of the headphones may also be different because older children want a higher quality headset. They want the sound to be of a higher quality without any of the distortions that can come with a cheaper headset. Some may also contain a microphone which you may want for your child if he or she has a phone. These can all play a part in what is determined to be the appropriate age level for a child using the headphones.

Comfort and Fit

Kids ComfortWe have talked about this a bit in the recommended age, but even if the best kids headphones are recommended for someone that is your child’s age, that does not necessarily mean that it will fit perfectly for them to wear. Parents all understand that they go out to buy a pair of pants or a pair of shoes that is recommended for a child that is their age, return home and find that it does not fit at all. Things may say that they are perfect for your child, but that does not mean that this is the truth.

If it is possible, you should try to have your child try on the headphones before deciding to make your purchase. Many of you are online shoppers who like to turn to the internet to make your purchases and will think that this is not an option for you, but the fact is that it still can be. If you have found some headphones on the internet that you think would be perfect for your child then take them to a store and see if you can find the headphones. Many electronics stores will have the headphones out for you to try and you can ensure that they will be a good fit for your child.

If you are looking for noise cancelling headphones for youngster then checking the fit and comfort is extremely important. A headphone set that is too big will not block out any noise, which is the same for one that is too small. You want to make sure that the headphones are a good fit so that your child will want to wear them and that they provide the desired noise cancelling effects.

Durability and Warranty – parents are most worried about this, but the truth is that your child will be as well. As a parent you want to make sure that you buy something that can take the rough and tumble world of your child. The truth is that the younger that your child is that more likely they are to break whatever you get for them. They just don’t take care of their stuff when they are seven or eight years old. Even 10 and 11-year-olds can be a challenge when it comes for the care of your stuff.

If you are investing in a set of headset you want to make sure that it can handle being thrown down, cords dragging, and stuff being spilled onto them. This is the reality when you are buying something like this.

As part of checking durability, it pays to look into the warranty as well. Should they break, you want to make sure that you can replace them. A good warranty tells you one thing as a consumer – that the company stands behind their product. While no organization is going to give you a 100 percent warranty, some will give you so against normal wear and tear. Look into this to see what they have to offer.

Sound Quality for ChildrenDurability is also important to the child, although it will not be something that they will consider to be a key element when making the decision to buy the headphones. Why it is important is because should they break they will be fussing and crying for hours if not days because they don’t have their headphones. You sure don’t want that and they won’t either. This is why it pays to make sure that the headphones can roll with your child.

Sound Quality – the older that your child gets the better the sound quality of the headphones that they will want. An artist may sound great no matter if there is tinginess or a low amount of bass when your child is seven, but when they are 12 or 13 they want a set of headphones that provide outstanding quality sound. This means that you need to pay attention to the quality as well.

To figure this out you should use the same principle that you did when you were looking to determine comfort and fit. Find a few you like online, and then go to the store to see what the quality is like. These will likely be left out for you to try and you can see exactly how they sound. The more information you have, the better your choice will be.

The Search is over! We compiled the Perfect Suitable Headphones for your Children!
The Product Review

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A Complete Product Review List of the 10 Best Headphones For Your Kids!

Now that you have some information on what to look for in terms of key issues related to finding the best wireless headphones for kids, it is important to have an idea of what is considered some outstanding quality headphones.

1. Puro Sound Labs (BT2200 Studio Grade Children’s Bluetooth Headphones) –

Puro Sound Wireless Headphones 2017

these headphones are a bit more expensive, but that is with good reason considering that they are one of the best headphones for kids.

If your children are incredibly active and like to dance around or play rock star while they listen to music, then you know that a cord can be quite cumbersome, and this is why these Bluetooth headphones may be the perfect option for you. This also removes parents’ concerns that a cord will get wrapped around your child’s neck.

These headphones are for kids five and older, primarily because they do not look kiddy at all. Even if your child is 12 or 13, they would likely find the style to be ideal for them. The volume is set to max out at 85 dB, but it also provides a great block to keep background noise out. Your kid will love that they can tune everything out and enjoy their music, although you may not like that they will have an excuse for why they did not hear you.

The ear cushions are quite comfortable and this is made of a durable aluminum frame. The durability and the wireless technology make this a bit more expensive, selling at about $100.

Verdict Reviews:

Excellent Sound, build quality and Bluetooth. I originally bought the LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium which were decent for my 5 year old, but for $20 more these headphones are leaps and bounds better in all aspects except the additional $20 price tag. If you can afford the extra $$$ with not question buy these for your child. The volume protection is built into the headphones with no messing with the audio app to get it to to set. I have a pair of high end head phone for my self and these compare pretty well with sound quality. I am even considering the Adult pair for my self and my wife in the future as I like the way these fit and sound so much. So again without hesitation go ahead and buy these for your child or even yourself. They are excellent headphones for the price.


2. JVC Kids Pink & Purple Headphones (HA-KD6 headphones)

HA-KD6 headphones for kidsone of the leaders in terms of sound technology and these headphones are great for little ears that you are looking to protect. It starts with the fact that these are built with a comfortable feel. The padding is a soft, comfortable feel and the frame is built to be flexible so as not to cause your child discomfort.

The design is also made to restrict the amount of noise leakage that occurs. This keeps the sound in and helps to keep the sound out.

The purple and pink color is designed for girls, but there is a boys design as well. These are made for four and up and the frame even allows for expansion so that it would fit adults. The cord is 0.8 meters long which makes it perfect for any device, including PC, tablets, phones, and music players. Your child will even be able to plug this into their television.

One thing that many like about these headphones is that they come with the capability to customize them. There are stickers with letters and pictures on them so you can add them to the headphones so that it fits your child’s personal look.

Verdict Reviews:

Can’t complain too much for $20, but I do wish they had padding at the top as they are a bit uncomfortable with the hard plastic against the head. This may not bother a teenager as much as it bothered me. Also, they seem to get quite loud. Loud enough to hurt my ears. So not sure if they are totally safe for kids in that way, but I’d rather they be too loud than so quiet my son can’t hear them. Finally, sound quality is better than I expected for 20 dollar kids headphones. Not as good as the 60 dollar jvc headphones we have for the adults to use, but I didn’t expect them to be. Quite passable and the very soft foam actually blocks out a lot of outside noise which makes these pretty useful in cars or when someone is playing a video in the same room while you listen to music on the PC. They look nice and bright and my son likes them. Only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars for these is the lack of padding at the top. Otherwise great value!


3. Sony Kids Headphones(Sony MDR-222KD)

Sony MDR-222KD for childrenwhen it comes to quality. These headphones are a great example. Built for children that are eight and older, These are a lightweight set of headphones that are made to fit smaller heads and smaller ears. They are not for son or daughters that are reaching 12 or older, but are perfect for that 8 to 12 year old range.

The sound quality is outstanding, and these are headphones that are truly worthy of the Sony name. The cups are small in size and do not go around your ears. They are simply placed over your child’s head.

They come in black and pink, to give your child the option that they want most. These are the perfect headphones for parents that are looking to protect their child’s little ears (providing a volume resistant audio cable to keep volume no more than 85 dB), while also coming with an outstanding sound quality. Priced at less than $15 they simply cannot be beaten.

Verdict Reviews:

1. I got these for my Kindergartener. I only buy Sony or Sennheiser headphones – Their frequency response is far above everyone else in the consumer headphone market. These are a great pair of cans for the little one.

2. Great headphones for my 8 and 13-year-old girls! The best thing is the sound even on maximum volume (which I never allow for them), is not ear shattering, made for little ears. Super comfortable on Dad too!


4. The Griffin KaZoo MyPhones

Griffin KaZoo MyPhones for childrenthere is a lot to like about these headphones, which starts with the fact that there are many different great animal designs which will make it so that your child will want to wear these. There is not only penguins, but frogs, SpongeBob, and monkeys included. Many parents were worried that older kids would find them to be far too kid-like, but the truth is that children as old as 10 and 11 love them.

They have a built in volume control that ensures that the volume can only reach a certain level to protect your child’s hearing, maxing out at 85 dB. They fit the ears of children that are 3-plus years old, and are over the ears style with cups that are soft and comfortable to wear. The maximum age recommended for a child to use them is 12, primarily because the frame was not intended for children much older.

This comes with a 1.2 meter cord that is a little longer than what you would find in many headphone sets for kids this age. They provide quality sound no matter the age of your child, and parents will love the fact that they cost about $15 to buy. They are a durable design so you will find that these are well worth your investment.

Verdict Reviews:

Quality buy for price. Our son loves them. Very soft on his ears, volume control works very well. Experienced lifespan approximately 6mths to a year with an active toddler vigorously taking them everywhere….I mean everywhere.


5. Califone Kids Headphones (Califone 2810-PA)

Califone 2810-PA Discount

these are another set of headphones that come with a clever design to them, including such things as tigers and pandas on the earpieces. These are the kinds of things that your kids will love when they are wearing them.

There is a permanently attached cord with a remote on it, that is reinforced with a strain relief connection. This makes sure that the cord or jack will not be damaged by accidental pull out, something that many parents are accustomed to. Accidents happen and this headset is meant to minimize any possibility of the cord or jack being broken.

These headphones are compatible with all devices and have comfortable earpieces that are meant to resist breakage. Made out of a durable plastic, they can handle the stress that an youngster put them under, and the cute designs make them something that your child will want to wear.

These are priced at under $15, making them a great bargain that your kid will enjoy wearing daily. You get the safety standards you want to protect your daughter or son in hearing while also giving your child a durable and comfortable product to wear.

Verdict Reviews:

Toddler tested and parent approved! We bought these for our son when he was almost 2 for an international plane trip. He really likes them and has not destroyed them. They seem to be good quality and my husband has even used them when he can’t find his own headphones. They adjust so that both my boys (big and small) can wear them.

Edited 4-7-16: We now have a one year old and she loves to play with these when she finds them. Our 3.5 year old uses them when we take the DVD player on trips or when he wants to play the keyboard. My husband actually uses them the most though. He never replaced his earbuds and uses these at night when he wants to watch a movie in bed, but I want to sleep. They work well for both of us–I can’t hear his shows and he can hear just fine. These have really held up well for the abuse they have received.


6. jBuddies Folding Kids Headphones(JBUDDIES FOLDING HEADPHONES)

JLab Audio JBuddies Amazonwhile your children may be quite careful with the toys and devices that they have, the more you can protect them from causing the damage the better off you will be as a parent. That is why so many love the jBuddies folding headphones. The ability to fold them closed makes it easier to protect them from being damaged when they are in your child’s backpack or pocket, which will save you from having to worry about getting another pair.

These kid sized headphones come with the protections to your child’s hearing, not allowing them a volume over 85 dB. This limiter has been tested and approved to ensure that your child is being protected from volumes that can cause damage to their hearing.

These headphones provide great quality for watching movies or television, or for listening to music or videos. They provide the kind of sound that the older kids will like, but have the comfort and look that kids of any age will enjoy. Priced at about $25, they are perfect for any kind over six, and are made to be used up until the late teens.

Verdict Reviews:

I was looking for some headphones for my little one and these fit very well. She’s an average size 6/7 year old and these are the right fit for her head. She took them to school to use for computer classes and they’ve been working out very well for her. They even come with different pictures to put on the sides of the headphones so she can design them the way she wants. That was clever and appreciated as a mom of an independent artsy kid. I also liked that they arrived with a bag to keep them in when they’re not in use. Hopefully she’ll take good care of them!


7. Skullcandy Kids Headphones(Skullcandy Uproar)

Skullcandy Uproar for KidsSkullcandy has quickly become one of the more popular brands within the headphone industry, and this is a grand brand that your kids will love. You can get this in eight different colors, including camouflage, and it has a great design that is comfortable to wear for any kid over six. The cushions are not only soft but lightweight as well, and the frame is solid but not rigid.

The remote contains a track control as well as a microphone, and volume control. The sound quality is outstanding. The earpieces cover your child’s ears, but not entirely. This makes it so that sound is not overly contained within the earpiece, but you will be amazed at how it controls the amount of ambient noise that is able to get in.

These headphones are priced at about $35 and any parent will love getting these because they are for kids of any age. Even adults will find that they are comfortable to wear and can adjust so that they comfortably fit on their head. They are very lightweight, so they are easy to keep on your head or around your neck and they are one of the more durable headsets that also controls the amount of sound that gets in.

Verdict Reviews:

I got hese Skullcady Bluetooth headphones for use at the gym, and after more than a month of nearly daily use, I have to say they are even better than I’d hoped . Despite my best efforts I have never found satisfactory in-ear headsets, wired or wireless, that will stay in my ears while exercising. On top of the fall-out problem the tiny ear bud controls are too hard to use and the battery life of the Bluetooth versions is often lacking. I was worried that on-ear headphones might fall off while exercising but the Skullcady stays put. The controls are big, easy to understand and to see or feel for when on my head. The Bluetooth instantly synched with my iPhone 6 and is quick to link up when I turn it on. The battery seems to last forever between charges. So far I’ve had to charge it once using it 5-6 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. The sound is fine for the mostly classical music, with some rock or blues that I listen to. I’m not looking for a concert hall experience at the gym. The headphones do manage to keep out the annoying gym-supplied music without blocking my ability to hear when someone speaks to me. There are so many choices when looking for Bluetooth earbuds or headphones and so many reviews (a lot of which look to be spam) that finding the best option is a real chore. For just $30 the Skullcady was a low risk choice, and I’m glad a took a chance on them.


8. Kids Headphones Mickey Mouse(Mickey Over-the-Ear Headphones)

Mickey Over-the-Ear Headphonesif you have kids then you know that they love Mickey Mouse. Knowing this, then what better choice than to get headphones that have the image of the loveable cartoon character on them?

These headphones have a great look to them, and they are designed well to provide a comfortable fit. The ear cups are soft and keep noise out, so that you can have a great music experience that is not disturbed by the noise that is going on around you.

The Mickey Mouse set has a remote on the cord that makes it so that you can control the volume, the track, and even answer calls. The cord is about .75 meters long, so it is the perfect length for use with your tablet, computer, smartphone, or other device.

While geared toward younger kids with the Mickey design on it, the truth is that any person would find these to be a comfortable set of headphones to wear. They have a durable frame that is padded so it will not bother you to have it on your head. The cups are cushioned well so that they are comfortable over your ears, and the overall design makes for one of the better experiences your child will have. The headband can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

These headphones do not have a built-in setting the keeps the volume under 85 dB, but the volume does not exceed 95 dB, so the trade off in terms of style is negligible, and you may find that your kids will be willing to use these for a longer duration of time. The cost is about $30.

Verdict Reviews:

they fit my 3yo son’s head perfectly (the leap pad ear phones were too big). they don’t get all 5 stars because of the jack — it’s a bulky mickey mouse head, which just begs to be played/fussed with. for earphones that fit toddlers, I just figured they would avoid making the jack something fun to play with.


9. Kids Gear Wired Headphones(Kidz Gear Wired Headphones)

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for kidsif you are looking for a more grown-up look to the headphones that you buy for your kids then these may be the ones that you truly want to buy. This is a very modern looking design that comes in many colors, including pink, blue, and purple, making it so that you get the look that you truly want.

The main frame of this headset is a hard plastic with a lot of elasticity to it, meaning that it will easily adjust around your head, no matter what shape your head has. It also adjusts to fit any age, and can be used from ages eight and above. In fact, this is such a sharp design that many adults would find that it would be the ideal headset for them to use.

The earpieces are part of what makes this so incredible. They have a foam cushion that will feel comfortable over your ears. They greatly reduce ambient noise and have a great deal of give to them. This means that the headphones will swivel and move as you are moving around, but will not lose contact with the ear area. This ensures that you can be comfortable wearing them, but they will move around your head as you move around. Many have found that they could even wear these headphones while sleeping and they remained in place and allowed them to have a comfortable night’s sleep. This is not recommended, however.

Verdict Reviews:

After researching headsets for my 5.5 yr old, I bought this set and the Griffin myphones. I thought we could compare them, and if we liked both, one set could be for my 17 month old, too. After two weeks, my 5 yr old and I both prefer this set. It has a wider adjustment range, (fits the toddler AND fits me, an avg.-headed woman, but doesn’t fit larger-headed husband) The sound quality is excellent, the plastic seems durable and flexible, and should withstand moderately rough use.

The options for two ways of controlling volume is particularly nice, b/c my son mostly listens to audio books, but also listens to music sometimes. The flexibility is great, b/c other headsets “volume limiters” just lower the overall volume, thus causing the spoken word or quieter songs, soft music (esp. lullaby style music) to not get loud enough to hear.

Before purchasing this headset, I called Kidz Gear on the phone to ask specifically about the decibel restriction issue above. I was promptly answered by a friendly, polite man with plenty of good information and the willingness to explain it all. Customer service seemed excellent, should I need help in the future.

I am a research-nut and not very easy to please. Despite these qualities, I would buy this again and would recommend it to others.


10. LilGadgets Connect+(Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones)

Connect + For Kids

Sharing is something that you want your teenager to believe is right for them to do and these headphones make it so that your child can have a great and safe listening experience while also being able to share whatever he or she is listening to wit their friends.

This is a one-piece frame that slides to allow you to alter the size to fit your head. However, the frame looks like it is one piece, giving it a great look. The earpieces are foam cushioned with extra padding to make it one of the more comfortable headsets that your child will wear. You will also find that the design coupled with the cushions keep the earpieces in place securely without causing your child discomfort.

There is a 52 inch nylon audio cable that is detachable, which will give your child a lot of freedom to move around while connected to their tablet, phone, PC, or other device. The cord comes with a remote the controls the track and volume.

The sound quality is quite good, with a very natural array coming from the earpieces, maybe one of the better quality sounds you will hear in headphones that are designed for children. The volume is controlled not to exceed 93 dB, and the speakers give one of the best quality sounds you will find.

These are made for younger between 2 to 8 years old. Most who are in the upper end of that range may find that they are unable to wear them. Price at around $20, they are the perfect starter headphones for your child, and extremely durable.

Verdict Reviews:

We bought these twice – once for my seven year old daughter to use at school and another set for her to use with her iPad at home. Unfortunately the second set had the jack break off into the iPad. I was disappointed of course and contacted the company and was amazed at the record time in which Lil Gadgets reached out to me to resolve the issue. We were sent two new cords and have had no trouble since. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable on a child’s head. They come with a nifty carrying bag (she uses it at school) and fold nicely. Thank you for a great product and for incredible customer service.

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