TOP 100 Plus Headphone – Experts Reviewed

Jul 26, 2020

Top 100 Plus Headphone Brands In The World

Having a set of headphones is one of the most important accessories that you will ever purchase. It seems that you cannot really use your computer or your cell phone without having a quality set of headphones and so it is essential that you find a pair that truly fits your needs.

Headphones that were created even 10 years ago were primarily designed to provide a quality sound experience for the user. Now, however, it seems that it is essential that a pair of headphones will come with a quality microphone attached to it as well as a remote that allows you to answer calls, change the volume, move the track of a song you are listening to, and stop a song from playing.

Clearly the device has advanced significantly since its initial creation decades ago. People not only need an outstanding sound quality so that they can enjoy their music or watch movies, but also want to ensure that the quality of the sound of the person that they are talking to as well as the sound that is transferred to their microphone is the best possible quality available to them at a price that they can afford.

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What to Look for in Your Headphones

Because of the way that devices are created today there are many different features or elements about a set of headphones that you need to pay attention to. These are primarily dedicated to The Remote Headphonewhat interests you personally in terms of sound and sound quality, but also you need to keep in mind that your headphones are more than a device that you use to listen to sound. They allow you to communicate and to control your device in some ways. Here are some key elements to pay attention to.

The Remote – the remote is the device that is attached to the cord or main headset piece itself. This allows you to control many different operations depending upon the set that you are purchasing. Included in some remotes are an ability to answer calls and hang up, click play or end a song, advance to the next track, change the sound volume, or turn the power off. Some headsets are for you only a limited amount of control, usually only changing the volume and answering calls. This is just one preference for you to pay attention to when making your purchase.

Bluetooth – as technology has greatly increased, Bluetooth technology has really become the dominant force in terms of how headphones are made today. This allows a person to connect into any device that they are using without having to use a cord to do so. Most tablets, smart phones, and laptops allow you to use your Bluetooth device to be able to connect directly into the device to be able to listen to music or watch movies on.

Many of the newer Bluetooth headphones even give you the ability to be connected to two devices at the same time, allowing you to be able to listen to music on your laptop while working, but then being able to answer a phone call as it comes in to your device. This gives the user the advantage of having to separate headphones in one.

Bluetooth headphones come with remote controls on them and many of the more advanced options. This allows you to control answering a call, increasing the volume, and moving back or forth on a track. By the way that they are constructed you get the advantages of the corded headphones well benefiting from using Bluetooth technology.

Of course, what makes these kinds of headphones so popular is that they do not need to have a cord to connect into your device. This allows you to have greater freedom of movement, with many Bluetooth headphones giving you the ability to be up to 30 m away from your device and still remain connected.

Sound Quality – there may be many features that you are looking for in terms of buying your headphones, but the reality is that you want to set that provides you with outstanding sound quality. It does not matter what kind of headphones you are talking about; if the quality of the sound that is provided comes across as distorted or doesn’t meet the standards that you are looking for then you are simply not going to use those headphones.

Headphone sound quality has a few different featured elements about it which include…

Headphone Sound Quality

Bass – some people are much more interested in having a very deep and rich bass sound to the music that they listen to. This is especially true for those who like artists who create songs specifically with a deep bass quality. While some headphones are excellent in providing you with the right kind of sound that you are looking for, some become quite distorted when deeper bass tones are included in a song or when the volume is increased. Some simply can’t handle the amount of bass tone at all.

Mid-ranges – you also are most likely looking for a very natural sound that comes forth from the headphones. This means that you want to get the proper levels in the mid-ranges so that you will get a very natural sound that comes forth.

If the sound quality is correct in terms of the way that the headphones produce it, you should almost feel like you are standing directly in the middle of her performance by the group that you are listening to. This is what really separates one set of headphones from another.

Microphone Quality – of course, with today’s headphones the sound quality is not just in what you are hearing. You want to be able to transfer a good signal through your phone or other device and onto those who you are speaking with. Sadly, some microphones provide a terrible quality in terms of the way that the voice is reproduced. This may make the person sound like they are far away or like there voice has a very tingy sound to it. Neither of those will make for a very good quality for a person who is having to listen to you on the other end of the conversation.

Cost – beyond the sound quality, one of the most important considerations is cost. No one may like to mention this part of the equation, but the truth is that certain brands of headphones can cost significantly more than others. While it has to do with quality there also is a certain aspect that has to do with the name attached to that brand. This can mean that the cost of the headphones can be significantly more than what you would spend for a comparable set by another company, just because the name dictates that.

Comfortable HeadphonesOn Ear, Over Ear, In Ear – one other feature that needs to be focused on is how the headphones are worn by you. In the common earbud style, the earphones are worn inside the ear canal, ensuring that a lot of the background noise around you is erased. These can be the headphones that give you an outstanding quality of sound, but they can also be quite uncomfortable in your ear.

The over the ear headphones come in two styles, one that completely covers your entire ear while the other that just sits over the main portion of your ear canal. Depending on the style of headphones that you are talking about here, you can also have a greatly reduced noise reduction level as well. In fact, some of these headphones are even created to allow you to determine the amount of background noise that you can hear. This allows you to either block out all things going on around you or enables you to hear the surrounding noise if you need to pay closer attention.

The over the ear type usually connects around your ear lobe with the speaker piece sitting directly over your ear canal. These are convenient in terms of them staying attached in your ear, but don’t provide you with a means to block out the sounds around you.

Comfort – the last feature to discuss is the comfort level that you receive from the headphones. It does not matter what style you are talking about, each of these comes with their own level of comfort depending on how they are designed. You want to spend a little time, if you can, trying these on to see which one gives you the most comfortable feel. Consider that you are likely to be wearing these headphones for hours at a time, and that can lead to soreness and even small abrasions if these do not fit over your ears properly.

A Note of Caution – one important note to make before continuing on is that there is a lot of concern that many doctors and researchers have in terms of the amount of usage in the volume level that consumers employ when using their headphones. While these are a very convenient way to listen to music, some listen to that music entirely too loud which is causing a larger number of people to lose their acute sense of hearing way too early in life. In addition, many researchers point out that prolonged use of headphones, regardless of the volume level that is employed can be a serious issue as well. Most doctors recommend using your headphones for no more than two hours a day. This is not two continuous hours. This is two total hours of headphone use a day. Sadly, the vast majority of people use their headphones three and four times that amount of time each day.

Top 100 Plus

Brands of Headphones

You may not know this or even thought this to be true, but there are literally hundreds of different brands out there that provide you with options for headphones. That makes it quite difficult to be able to figure out what is the best option for yourself.

While each of these brands has several different models that come with them, many times it is easy to tell if the model you are buying is going to be of good quality by the company that is manufacturing them. If you are looking for headphones of the best brand, here are the best 100 companies out there.

The Best Brands of Headphones


Bose HeadphonesBose is one of the companies in terms of headphone in stereo quality. They have been in business for over 50 years and provide the vast number of users with an outstanding set of headphones or speakers, no matter which choice you are making. Clearly, they are one of the leaders and a company that has long been recognized as a true producer of outstanding sound quality devices.

Over the last couple of decades, Bose has set the standard in terms of noise canceling headphones, and their sets have found themselves used in some of the most important areas on the planet, including as aviation an astronaut headsets.

  • outstanding quality sound.
  • Noise canceling headphones available.
  • Reputation for outstanding performance.

  • name has led to an increased cost to purchase.

2. Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica Headphonesthis brand of headphone is the number one choice of many people. Their headphones are used by DJs, sound techs, and other professionals who need to ensure that the quality of sound that they are receiving through their headphones is perfect and natural sounding. This brand has become a leader in providing that kind of sound quality.

What you can be sure of is that no matter what model of headphones you receive from this brand, the quality of sound is going to be top-notch in every case.

  • outstanding sound quality.
  • Trusted by professionals the world over.

  • still a relatively unknown brand to some in America.

3. V-Moda

V-Moda Headphonesthis company is based in Hollywood, California and they live up to the reputation of being from this area by providing an outstanding quality set of headphones that is both functional and stylish. They have joined forces with Apple since 2007, and now produce a line that is ideal for any person needing an outstanding set of headphones.

Since first joining the market, the quality of sound of these headphones has greatly enhanced and has quickly allowed the company to become one of the leaders in headphone production in terms of sound quality and ease of use. Plus, they look amazing.

  • sharp look and sharp design.
  • Great with Apple devices

  • not as widely accepted within Android or Windows devices.

4. Audeze

Audeze Headphonessome would consider this to be the very best brand in terms of headphones on the market today. It is not only in the fact that they provide exceptional options in terms of the sound quality you receive, but also the additional features of the headphones, such as a mic or remote, really help to make this brand stand out above the others.

The sound quality that is provided with these headphones is truly amazing. Whether you are a person who prefers a very powerful and heavy bass, or someone who prefers a more natural mix of sound quality, this is a fantastic brand that you will truly love.

  • fantastic quality sound which is ideal for any consumer.
  • Variety of headphones to fit your needs.

  • many options they have can be quite expensive.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic Headphonesthis was one of the first companies to join the market in creating electronic headphone devices. Their quality of devices in terms of sound range to rather pedantic all the way to being extreme high quality. This is dependent upon the amount of money that a person is willing to spend.

Regardless, you can depend on Panasonic to provide you with outstanding headphones that usually come at a price that is quite affordable to the average person. In addition, there headphones are designed to give you a high level of comfort in any pair that you get.

  • comfortable to wear with great sound quality.
  • Trusted brand for over a half-century.

  • some levels of quality in their headphones far exceeds the others.

6. Pioneer

Pioneer HeadphonesPioneer is another brand with a long-established reputation, dating back to 1938. This gives them nearly 80 years of experience in producing quality sound producing devices. This company first began as the maker of sensational speakers, but now has become a trusted manufacturer for headsets that DJs world over use.

Because of their long history, you can be sure that the quality of sound that you will receive from their devices is one that you can truly trust. They have earned that reputation.

  • trusted producer of sound equipment for over 80 years.
  • Commonly used by DJs as their headsets.

  • no more as a speaker company that a producer of headphones.

7. Grado

Grado Headphonesthis company was founded in New York in 1954, and now has over six decades of producing some of the most impressive and outstanding quality headphones that are on the market today. These headphones are designed with great attention to detail, meaning that you can be sure that any model you buy is going to be a worthy one.

Grado even provides a series of specialty and limited addition headphones that are designed to be as functional as they are dynamic. Truly a great producer of headphones.

  • • established as one of the leaders in headphone production.
  • • Great models of headphones for any occasion.

  • • seem to appeal to more high-end kinds of customers.

8. AKG

AKG Headphonethis is a company that has dedicated themselves to producing outstanding wireless headphones, as well as top-of-the-line the microphones that are included in their headsets. While first going into production in 1947, they have quickly risen to become one of the top brands that you can depend on.

Consumers like that the quality of sound that is produced through the headphones is outstanding and that they get great signals from their devices to the headphones via a wireless connection. It truly is an exceptional brand.

  • nine wireless headphones.
  • Outstanding microphone quality.

  • limited array of models for consumers to purchase.

9. Ultrasone

Ultrasone Headphone Brandthis is a fairly new brand in terms of joining the market, but in just two decades they have established themselves as one of the most dependable headphones for music lovers everywhere. Even many professionals that require outstanding quality in terms of the sound that is produced through the headset find that Ultrasone is one that they can depend upon.

There are several models of headphones available from this company, including DJ, Breaux, in ear, and hi-fi options. You should be aware that the price can be quite more, but the quality is better than most.

  • outstanding quality sound.
  • Durable pair of headphones that last.

  • price leaves many consumers unable to purchase their headphones.

10. Beats

Beats Headphones Brandyou might be surprised to see the name Beats appears so far down this list, but the truth of the matter is that they are an exceptional brand but just not the best. The creation of Dr. Dre set the music industry on its ear, and quickly became the standard by which many determine what was the best quality headphones. Celebrities all over the world came to wear them, and the brand took off, eventually being purchased by Apple.

However, there are design flaws with the headphones, primarily with its durability, and these headphones come at a big price. They do provide an outstanding sound but they are in no way the best headphones that a person can buy.

  • quality sound experience.
  • Sleek and impressive design.

  • price far exceeds value.
  • Durability has long been a question mark for consumers.

11. Sony

Sony Headphone BrandsSony is another company that has established themselves as one of best in terms of electronic equipment. The company, which established itself following World War II, has become a giant in the electronics industry, and this has included creating some spectacular models of headphones that are absolutely ideal for use with whatever device you have.

The reason that this company has maintained such a long-standing reputation for brilliance is the fact that their models of product, no matter what type of product you are talking about, are always top-of-the-line. This is true of the headphones that they make, which not only provide outstanding sound quality but are also extremely durable as well. A great investment for those who want a fantastic experience in sound.

  • trusted company that produces outstanding products.
  • Headphones are made to be durable and give you exceptional quality sound.

  • Sony is not known for their headphones

12. Koss

Koss headphone brandsheadphones have become the primary product that Koss creates, and they have developed some exceptional models over the years. The company began in 1958 and has made headphones their focus, meaning that they make this signature product an ideal investment for consumers to make.

Over the years, Koss headphones have appeared under many different names, including that of RadioShack, but the brilliance behind the headphones used by millions across the globe has come from the innovations at Koss itself. They make exceptional headphones that are durable and look sharp.

  • excellent headphones in terms of durability and sound quality.
  • Headphones come with great quality at a reasonable price.

  • rebranding of name has made the reputation of this company less valuable because it is not as well-known.

13. Monster Inc.

Monster had been almost 3 decades before this company really began to garner the attention of consumers. It was in 2008 that Beats collaborated with Monster to produce many of the different headphone models that are used by Apple today. This is helped to skyrocket the company into becoming one of the most widely used brands of headphones.

The quality of the headsets are outstanding and they come with a sensational design which is quite attractive. In addition, they are extremely comfortable to wear which is one of the aspects that consumers really like.

  • outstanding quality headphones which are perfect for Apple.
  • Very comfortable and outstanding design.

  • many consumers find the price exorbitant.

14. Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamicmany would consider this to be one of the very best brands of headphones that you can find on the market. With an outstanding sound quality that is perfect for those who enjoy top quality sound. This is a company that develops speakers and headphones that music lovers and DJs truly love.

This company is nearly 100 years old and has remained one of the leaders in sound quality production. You will find few brands that produce outstanding quality sound with his greater feel as Beyerdynamic does.

  • outstanding quality sound from a long-established company.
  • Comfortable feel and great design.

  • no real outstanding negatives against this brand.

15. SoundMAGIC

SoundMAGIC headphone logowhile this brand produces a large number of types of headphones, it is their in-ear style that really has them standing out. There are a large number of models that come in the style, and the design and sound quality is excellent regardless of which option you decide upon.

The best part about these headphones is that they come with an excellent sound to them and at a price that generally is significantly cheaper than what you would find with comparable headphones from another brand. It is often commented that those who aren’t thrilled with them at first find that they quickly grow on them, and that the headphones are absolutely ideal for creating a great sound experience for the user.

  • affordable price comes with good quality.
  • One of the best in-ear headphone brands that you will find.

  • other styles of headphones don’t seem to hold up the reputation.

16. Symphonized

Symphonizedwith a name like Symphonized it would seem that you would expect the sound quality to be something special, and this is exactly what you get. However, it is not only about the impressive sound that you receive but also about the different kind of look that you receive in these headphones.

This brand creates their headphones with wooden designs, which are a main part of how they advertise their product. The use of wood makes the sound quality incredibly impressive, and will make those who are using these headphones feel like they are getting the most natural sound available. While a fairly new company, the reviews have been extremely positive related to this brand and they offer earbuds and Bluetooth options, all of which are made from wood.

  • incredible sound quality that exceeds most other brands.
  • Sharp design that makes them incredibly attractive.

  • the use of wood makes these a little less durable than other brands.

17. Shure

Shurethis is a brand that was originally designed for music professionals, which should tell you about the quality of sound you will receive. It’s exceptional, and with nine decades of experience under their belt you can be sure that the quality that you are receiving is exceptional and that you are getting your money’s worth.

Over the generations, they have remained one of the top brands in terms of sound quality and microphone quality. A little less than a decade ago they offered their first around the ear style headphones, and this line of product has expanded greatly since then. It’s a great brand for any person who wants an outstanding sound experience when listening to music or watching videos.

  • outstanding sound experience that is second to none.
  • Used by professional musicians for generations.

  • can be about spendy for some

18. Creative

Creativefor many shopping for a quality set of headphones, Creative is one of those brands that immediately comes to mind. They have long been the provider of exceptional speakers, music players, and other kinds of computer accessories, and their headphones are also an exceptional addition for any person looking for a set that provides power and quality of sound.

In addition, they make headphones that are quite stylish, and the Bluetooth technology that they provide ensures that you can enjoy your music experience without having to worry about being tangled in a cord. There headphones are ideal for those who are gamers as well as those who simply want to listen to music or watch a movie or video.

  • great quality sound from company with valued reputation.
  • Stylish look and many styles available.

  • name frequently overshadowed by other brands.

19. House of Marley

House of Marleynamed after the legendary Bob Marley, this brand of headphones has become hugely popular because of the name behind it and the quality of sound that you will receive. The products are exceptional, and you will be impressed by the fact that the price is significantly cheaper than what you would expect for the quality of sound that you are receiving.

Whether you are a Bob Marley fan or not, you will find the sound is exactly what you are looking for. The mid-ranges come across exceptionally well and you get a very powerful base sound no matter which model you get. Truly a headphone maker that knows how to please its customers.

  • incredible sound quality with powerful base quality.
  • A name that speaks of brilliance in quality.

  • no real glaring negatives.

20. MEE Audio

MEE-Audiothis is one of the newer kids on the block, but they have crafted some incredibly well designed wireless headphones that provide high Fidelity sound that is perfect for a person of any age. This is a headphone company dedicated to meeting the needs of those who love the quality sound and their headphones, and their various product, especially the Matrix, Rumble, Touch, and Runaway series are really exceptionally designed headphones.

Not only will you find a great sound within these headphones provided by this company, but the look and feel are ideal for a person of any age. These are not overly designed to look sharp for a younger generation, and also don’t have a subdued look that would turn a teen off.

  • a great look no matter your age.
  • Providing an exceptional sound experience with fashion a key ingredient.

  • the higher end models can be a bit pricey in terms of cost.

21. Skullcandy

SkullcandySkullcandy has quickly become the headphone designer for those who are looking for a hip and stylish set of headphones. Whether you are an artist, athlete, or just a person who wants a really hip looking set of headphones, this is the company that is ready to deliver on the look and feel that you desire.

What really separates Skullcandy from many of the other companies you will come across is the fact that they specifically designed their headphones for those who are involved in the outdoor action sports. This is why they are frequently worn by skateboarders and snowboarders, two groups that the brand has specifically reached out to in their attempt to create the ideal set of headphones.

  • a great look that is hip and now.
  • Perfectly designed for those who are athletes or like a headphone that gives an athletic look to it.

  • design makes this a fairly limited appeal in terms of who would like to wear them.

22. HiFiMan

HiFiManthis is an interesting brand in comparison to many of the other ones because it is simply run by one person. Despite that, these are excellent headphones that provide a fantastic level quality of sound, especially in terms of the level and quality of bass that is provided.

It is true that their headphones are priced at a value that many may not be able to afford, but they are still significantly cheaper than that which you would find with other brands of comparable quality. In fact, recent studies have found that their prices are 60% cheaper than that of other brands of comparable price. That really has made them stand out.

  • exceptional quality sound that rivals any brand.
  • Deep and rich bass sound.

  • this is not the headphone for the average consumer in terms of price.

23. Sennheiser

SennheiserFor years, when you thought of this brand, the first thought that came to mind was that these are headphones for the masses. Because of the price and the quality of headphones, many began to see this brand as one that didn’t offer high quality headphones. That is no longer the case.

What really makes Sennheiser stand out is the fact that you can get a quality set of headphones no matter what price you can afford. These headphones are used by musical artists and celebrity DJs across the world, and many have found them to be the ideal headphones to get for themselves in terms of quality, comfort, and design. Even the lower end models are still outstanding.

  • outstanding headphones at an affordable price.
  • Good quality sound and durable design.

  • past reputation hurting current reputation.

24. Grado

Gradothis is a very popular brand among many who want an outstanding quality sound experience. From those who simply want to listen to music or watch videos all the way up to top DJs and studio professionals, this brand of headphones has set themselves apart by providing an outstanding audio experience.

Not only is the sound quality exceptional, but you will find that the design is made to be durable and stylish and appearance. Best of all, they offer a variety of headphones that come at a price that fits within the budget of the vast majority of consumers.

  • outstanding quality of sound.
  • Affordable price for the vast Geordie of people.

  • no real negative to speak of.

25. Sol Republic

Sol Republicthis company has only been designing headphones since 2010, but they have already established themselves as a brand that knows how to make quality equipment and product. The founders of this company have a history with both Beats and Monster, so they knew exactly how to design headphones that provided an exceptional quality sound as well as a stylish look.

Not only do these headphones sound amazing, but they have made their product one that is extremely comfortable to wear. These are designed with the comfort of the user in mind, and also provide a sleek look that is very clever and hip. You will truly feel on the cutting edge wearing these headphones.

  • great look that will make you the focus of attention.
  • Quality sound that you can depend upon.

  • a newer brand that really has not gained the traction they deserve.

26. Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkinsthis is a headphone brand that has been around for 50 years and for the longest time they created product that were geared towards home and car systems, but over the last few decades they have dedicated themselves to creating headphones and speakers that really are top-of-the-line. In fact, many of the iPod devices you will buy contain Bowers & Wilkins speakers inside them. They have become that well-known.

These speakers provide you with a lightweight option that is superior to many of the other brands that you will find out there. They are comfortable to wear while also providing you with an exceptional sound experience. Few others can come close to the kind of quality they provide.

  • excellent sound quality and a proven track record.
  • Fantastic feel and look to them.

  • higher end choices can be quite expensive.

27. Fostex

FostexFostex provides a great set of headphones that are ideal for any level of music listener. In fact, many professionals use their models in their studios, because the sound quality is quite exceptional.

What you will like as well is the design of these headphones. The way that they are created is to ensure that you can easily adapt the frame and earpieces to accommodate the size and shape of your head so that wearing them is not uncomfortable in any way. Add to it the fact that the sound quality is truly an exceptional experience and this is a worthwhile investment for yourself.

  • outstanding quality headset that comes at an affordable price.
  • The comfort level of these headphones makes them stand out.

  • price is quite expensive for the average consumer.

28. Behringer

Behringerwhat separates Behringer from many of the product brands that you will see in this list is that they seem to be the goose that laid the golden egg. No matter what style of product they are creating, you can be sure that they are going to make one that is among the top in any list you were discussing.

Seeing their name so far down this list may seem to contradict that, but for a company that is only been in the headphone design business for a short time, they are quickly skyrocketing up the list to become a brand that you can truly count on. There headphones are frequently used by those in the music industry, and provide a wireless system that is fantastic for connecting to your device.

  • a company that knows how to deliver quality products no matter what they are.
  • Fantastic sound quality that’s ideal for any music lover.

  • Headphone quality has not caught up with the success they have in other product lines.

29.B & O

B & Othis company in Denmark provides a great line of headphones that began with direct use for televisions. However, over the decades they have increased their product line to specifically build headphones that are perfect for your laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

With an incredibly classy design and with colors that fit any style of person, you will find a great set of these headphones with the in-ear or on-ear options as well as the over the ear choices. This makes it so that there is a great set of headphones to fit your particular needs while also giving you a stylish look that is comfortable and appealing.

  • great design that appeal to any kind of consumer.
  • Very comfortable set of headphones.

  • quality of sound is good but not up to the measure of some other brands.

30. LG

LGwhile being around since 1947, this is a company that has been known more for the household appliances that they produce than their headphones. However, they are quickly building up a reputation for creating outstanding audio equipment including beautifully designed headphones.

While the sound quality is significantly more than adequate, it is the sleek style and classy appearance that make many consumers turn toward making LG their headphone provider. Their top brands are the Tone Infinim, Tone Active, and Tone Platinum, each of which gives you an ideal experience in sound regardless of what kind of device you are using, and all come with Bluetooth technology included.

  • brand with experience in developing quality electronic product.
  • Great design and look with Bluetooth technology included.

  • sound quality needs to improve some.

31. Westone

Westonelocated in Colorado, this is a company dedicated to providing quality music experiences, and they tout themselves as “The In-Ear Experts.” This tells you that the in-ear headphones that are provided are top-of-the-line, and are designed to give you a sensational music experience. To give you an idea of the incredible quality of their sound, both the military and those who have issues with being able to hear use the headphones made by this organization.

No matter what kind of audio or video you are listening to our watching, you will find that you receive outstanding sound that is perfect for the kind of experience you want. They are comfortable to wear and of established themselves as one of the best brands available.

  • outstanding quality that is recognized by experts throughout the world.
  • Arguably the best in-ear headphones you will find.

  • other types of headphones don’t meet up to the same standards.

32. Apple

Applesince purchasing the Beats brand of headphones, Apple’s own headphones have taken a backseat, but that is truly not worthy of how exceptional these headphones can be. They may not be a top 10 in terms of quality, but the vast majority of these provide excellent sound and are ideal for your iPad or iPhone.

You will find that the remote on these headsets helps you to control sound level, move along the track, or start or stop a song, as well as answer phone calls and hang up. You also get a comfortable feel and they are ideal for use when you are exercising or simply sitting around listening to music.

  • perfect for iPhone or iPad.
  • Outstanding sound quality.

  • functionality is limited with other devices.

33. PSB

PSBthis company has long specialized in the development of loudspeakers, and recently they have turned toward making quality headphones as well. Because of the kind of sound experts that were already working within the organization, they have been able to produce outstanding headphones that you will find truly make them a leader in this industry.

Whether you are looking for the over-ear or in-ear style, there are exceptional options out there that are both comfortable and provide a great sound experience. For example, the M4U series has quickly established itself as a lightweight and durable set of headphones that gives you a quality sound output that is enjoyable to use.

  • developers of very comfortable headphones that provide excellent quality sound.
  • Provide various styles to meet the needs of the consumer.

  • these experts in loudspeakers still have a few tweaks to make before making them an elite headphone producer.

34. Ferrari

Ferrariwhen you think of the name Ferrari what comes to mind is incredibly engineered cars, but the longtime automaker has gotten into the audio business and now makes a sensational line of headphones. Now you cannot only get a great set of headphones, but also be able to buy a fantastic set that has the Ferrari logo attached to it.

These headphones provide a very powerful sound, one that you would expect from a manufacturer that produces powerful vehicles. Depending upon the style you are selecting, you can get a pair for a few hundred dollars and experience the fantastic engineering that goes into these premium headphones.

  • incredible sound quality that is to be expected with a name like Ferrari.
  • Sharp look and design

  • even the lower end models are pretty expensive.

35. GranVela

GranVelausually the Chinese brands of headphones find themselves on the outside looking in, this is a company that is becoming one of the can’t miss innovators in terms of headphone development. Started in 2013 with just 15 employees, they have quickly risen to a revenue of over 300 million in just a few years time.

There headphones feature a very impressive design, with a sound quality that surpasses many of the competitors. You will really like the stylish look that these headphones provide, and they are quite comfortable to wear.

  • a great-looking set of headphones with a stylish design.
  • Outstanding quality in terms of sound.

  • still trying to overcome the stereotypes about Chinese quality headphones.

36. Technics

Technics LogoTechnics has long been known as a producer of outstanding audio equipment, and their headphones are no exception. They have a great array of product lines that appeal to any consumer, especially within a price range that they can afford.

Because of the excellent innovations that they have created in terms of audio equipment, these headphones provide exceptional quality sound as well. They are comfortable to wear and have a stylish design to them that make them the ideal choice for the vast majority of consumers that need a great set of headphones at a price they can afford.

  • fantastic line of headphones for every kind of consumer.
  • Excellent sound quality.

  • durability is a question mark with some of their models.

37. JBL

JBL headphone logowhat has pushed JBL further down this list is the fact that they are a company that designs their headphones so that the sound that is created through the headset is actually modified significantly. They tend to add a lot of bass to their sound, which can sound quite unnatural to the average user.

However, for those who are looking for a great bass sound experience, that this is the headphone brand you clearly want. For the consumers, this product they speak highly of the sound is produced.

  • excellent addition of bass sound to the headphones.
  • Comfortable feel and sharp design.

  • the modified sound quality is not for everyone.

38. JLab

JLab Logothis is a brand that doesn’t have the same reputation that many of the other options you have looked at have. However, this does not mean that they should not be included in this list. They provide excellent models, especially style.

The issue that many have is that they have sought to narrow their market specifically toward those who need headphones while at the gym. This means that the sound quality is incredible, plus they generally provide great remotes and Bluetooth technology making it easier to employ the headphones at the gym. However, the mic quality is not as good.

  • sensational sound quality and very comfortable to wear.
  • Perfectly built for those with an active lifestyle.

  • lacking some of the amenities you would find with other brands of headphones.

39. CAD Audio

CAD Audiothis brand provides a series of over the ear headphones that come at an affordable price for most consumers. The design of these headphones is made to be durable, ensuring that they do not easily break. You will also find that there are several different designs in the way that the frame is made to fit the needs of the individual user.

The quality of sound is quite good, and this is why many professionals in the music industry choose the CAD Audio as the choice of their headphones. You get good quality sound, with an enriched and natural feel to it.

  • Good quality sound that is ideal for any music listener or professional.
  • Several different designs ensure you get a headphone that fits your comfort level.

  • durability has been a question mark from many consumers.

40. Brainwavz

Brainwavz headphone logothis is one of those companies that is fairly brand-new to the headphone industry. They are trying to get their niche established, but they have already produced a quality headphone that you should start paying attention to. They are the creators of both headphones and earbuds, giving you options that suit your needs.

The sound quality is outstanding, and you will find that the comfort level in wearing them is comparable to most competitors in this area. They give you a good look and a great feel while getting a great sound.

  • sound quality is excellent and at an affordable price.
  • Great look and great comfort.

  • limited number of options being in the industry such a short period of time.

41. ThinkSound

ThinkSoundthis is a very smartly designed set of headphones that not only is made partially with the wood, but has a very comfortable feel to them whether you are talking about the on-ear or in the ear option. It is the wood design that makes the stand out most. Wood helps to increase the acoustic effects of the sound that is provided which makes this a fantastic option if the sound quality is something that is extremely important to you.

In addition, you will also find that there are several different options in terms of style that are available to you, and that the earphones feel quite comfortable in your ear regardless of whether which option you choose. Remotes come with corded headphones and microphone quality of sound is good.

  • great quality sound.
  • Outstanding look in design and durability.

  • quite costly in comparison to other kinds of headphones.

42. American Audio

American Audiothis is a brand of headphones that primarily produces the over the ear style. They come in several different designs, and the design of these headphones is one of the things that makes them stand out. They are very clever and colorful, giving a person, feeling of individuality depending upon the style that they select.

In addition, you will find that these have a good quality sound to them as well. There are many studio professionals and musicians who find that this is the brand that gives them the ideal set of headphones that they need for their job or gig while getting it at a very affordable price. Very natural sound for sure.

  • great sound at a price you won’t believe.
  • Stylish design to fit many different types of consumers.

  • a line that simply hasn’t built up a big reputation yet.

43. Aluratek

Aluratekthis brand offers both over the ear and earbud options to you, all using Bluetooth technology to connect to your device. Even their earbud option contains the Bluetooth technology, and is easy to control your device using the remote that is attached to the cord. The headphone designs of the over the ear options come in an array of different shapes which fit the comfort level and style that best suits your needs.

This brand also offers a set of headphones specifically designed for children which gives parents the ability to control the amount of volume that the headphones provide. This protects little years from being damaged from the volume being excessive.

  • controls to aid parents.
  • Great sound and comfort level for users.

  • still looking to build reputation.

44. Plantronics

PlantronicsPlantronics is a company that is in an awkward position, because they are trying to appeal to a mass audience of people, while also providing a high-end version of headphones. As a result, they really haven’t found their niche with a fan base yet. Simply put, they are trying to be all things to all people and not reaching the kind of success rate they were hoping for.

However, that does not mean that they are not providing an outstanding experience for users. Those who purchase products from this brand are finding that the headphones that you make create an exceptional sound quality experience while also giving you a comfortable feel at a price that can be affordable depending upon the option you select.

  • a wide variety of headphones to appeal to virtually any consumer.
  • Good sound quality with a comfortable feel.

  • Betty of the high end versions of their headphones the sound quality is exceptional, but some of the lower end options need some work.

45. Yamaha

YamahaYamaha has long been a company that is created exceptional electronics equipment. Now, their venture into the headphone industry has been another great success as they provide exceptional headphones that come at an affordable price to you.

No matter what style of headphone you choose, there are great options that are available to you that will truly provide the kind of sound quality experience that you are looking for. The biggest challenge for the company is struggling to determine whether they are a higher end producer of headphones or one that appeals more to the mass audience.

  • there’s a set of headphones for any kind of consumer.
  • Durability is one thing that really makes this stand out.

  • the sound quality really need some improvement, especially in the lower end models.

46. NAD Electronics

NAD ElectronicsNAD provides some different shaped style on-ear headphones that you will find will be quite comfortable. With the earpieces that are rectangular shaped, they actually fit very comfortably over your ears and provide the right kind of sound for listeners, whether you are just a music lover or a music professional.

While there are some in-ear headphone options, it is there on-ear selections that really make this company stand out. The sound quality is quite exceptional and you will truly find this is a great option for you.

  • very comfortable feel.
  • Excellent sound quality.

  • durability has been a question mark.

47. Onkyo

Onkyothis is an organization that has big aspirations within the headphone industry, but is not quite reach those yet. There on ear headphones are quite exceptional, and for those who are looking for a sound quality that emphasizes the bass then this is the perfect brand for you.

Some may complain about the deep bass sound, the overall sound quality of their models of headphones are quite exceptional. The prices are reasonable for the quality that you will be paying for their headphones, and the comfort level and design make them an appealing option.

  • reasonable price for the quality provided.
  • Excellent bass sound for those who prefer a more powerful bass.

  • good quality headphones but haven’t made much innovation in the last five years.

48. Klipsch

Klipschthis is a brand with a solid reputation, that provides a very deep and powerful bass sound as part of their signal. What separates this brand of headphones from others is that many that provide an emphasized bass sound come across with a distorted quality sound, but not with the Klipsch option. Their bass sounds exceptional and gives you a very natural quality to it.

The great thing about this particular brand of headphones is that the other sound qualities come across well. That mid-ranges still sound well, and you will enjoy your music experience regardless of what style you listen to.

  • Superior race quality sound.
  • Very comfortable feel.

  • the bass is clearly overemphasized for some.

49. JVC

JVCJVC is a brand that many are quite familiar with. They have long provided exceptional headphones, both in the earbud and over-ear options. While they provide a wide variety of styles, it is their athletic line geared towards those who prefer exercise or working out at the gym that really has become their bread and butter.

They provide exceptional headphones that come with a good quality sound, but also work well within your budget. The headphones are durable, meaning they can handle the sweat and strain of working out at the gym daily, and usually come with exceptional remotes that make control of your device easy to handle.

  • durable headphones that come at an affordable price.
  • Good quality units that are a great value.

  • not the top-notch sound you might find with competitor brands of comparable value.

50. Philips

PhilipsPhilips is one of those names that consumers are familiar with because they are brands of electronic equipment have been around for over 125 years. The creators of such things as light bulbs, Philips has clearly established themselves as one of the leading innovators of electronic equipment.

Their delving into the headphone creation has come which makes the level of success. While they make a series of great headphones that have appealed to DJs and audiophiles, the fact is that the average consumer has found that their headphones have not measured up to their expertise in other areas. However, this does not mean that they do not provide quality alternatives.

  • reputation as experienced electronics company helps to sell this brand.
  • Many model options are appealing to DJs and music lovers alike.

  • the sound quality need some improvement for them to become a next level organization.

51. Meze

MezeMeze is a company that provides several different styles of headphones, including over the ear and earbuds. They have a very stylish design, which is flexible and comfortable to wear. They truly have come up with an innovative design that creates both the classic look and adds a certain level of style that matches the New Age look for users.

The sound quality is quite exceptional, and you will find that this is especially true within the earbuds. They make a very rich and natural sounding set of headphones where the sound comes across quite well to the user.

  • excellent quality sound provided.
  • Stylish look and design.

  • there headphones tend to be a little bit more on the pricey side.

52. Sentry Industries, Inc.

Sentry Industries, Inc logothis brand provides headphones and a few different styles, allowing you to have options for both the over the ear and earbud type of headphones. Each have their headphone options comes with a mic as well as a remote that allows you to control the volume, play and hang up functions.

In terms of sound quality, these headphones are specifically designed to give you a very deep and powerful bass quality to the sound you are hearing. This is perfect for those who love a great deal of bass in their music. These are also a very comfortable and durable set of headphones to wear.

  • deep bass sound that many will love.
  • Affordable price.

  • the deep bass can give an unnatural overall sound.

53. Harman Kardon

Harman Kardonthis is a brand of headphones that comes across with a very unique style and design in terms of the way that they are created. For example, their over the ear pieces are truly on in the fact that is a rectangular shape that is provided. However, this is an amazing sound quality that still comes out that you will find quite tantalizing as a music listener.

The sound quality of the headphones is very good regardless of what style you are talking about. There are Bluetooth options that come with the brand, and many of the corded choices have an outstanding remote that comes with them.

  • unique shape and design actually provide a very pleasurable listening experience.
  • Affordable price for the great quality that you are receiving.

  • the shape and design of some other headphones take a little getting used to.

54. Denon

DenonDenon has long been known for their phonograph tables that they create, but their headphones are truly an outstanding product as well. This is why many DJs have turned to using the two pieces of equipment to get the sound quality that they are looking for.

While offering different styles of headphone, it is there over the ear option that really stands out most. These come with a very durable frame to them in the earpieces are quite comfortable to wear even for an extended period of time.

  • exceptional quality sound that is perfect for any type of consumer.
  • Comfortable feel.

  • many versions of their headphones can be quite expensive.

55. Stax Ltd

Stax LtdStax is another company providing some rather odd designs in terms of the way that their headphones look. If you take a look at the SR-Lambda as an example, you will find that this also has a rectangular shape, but the padding inside the headphones is truly comfortable and ensures that the ear comfortably fits within the ear piece itself. It is a unique design which is truly an experience you will enjoy.

This is where this brand stands out. They try revolutionary kinds of ideas to make the experience of listening to music or even talking on the phone much better than you would find with competitor brands.

  • great quality headphones that come with exceptional sound.
  • Very comfortable and unique feel to their headphones.

  • very expensive in terms of overall cost, as many of their options start.

56. Focal

FocalFocal has developed great speakers, and now their headphones that they provide are really choices you will find worthwhile. This is especially true for the in-ear options that they have available, which provide a great feel and sound quality that provides hours of enjoyment and comfort without discomfort.

There over the ear headphones also come with a very comfortable set of earpieces and the option of noise cancellation as well. The Bluetooth technology really adds to the appeal of these headphones, and they have a great design to them.

  • great quality sound and feel.
  • The in-ear headphones are some of the best quality you will find on the market today.

  • the price is a bit on the expensive side, marketing many consumers out.

57. Ultimate Ears

Ultimate EarsUltimate Ears provides an exceptional round of headphones that really gives you a good quality sound, especially in their in-ear options. What is especially appealing about these options, is the fact that they are noise isolating, so that you can enjoy the sound coming in through your headphones without having to worry about the outside world creeping in on your enjoyment.

While there are a couple of other options in terms of style available, it is the in-ear or earbud options that are the dominant line for this brand. If that is the kind of headphones you are looking for, then you will enjoy the sound experience and comfort level.

  • great quality sound experience.
  • Very comfortable and quite affordable in terms of cost.

  • primarily available in the in-ear option.

58. Imation

ImationImation first got on the market by creating portable storage options for computer users, but now they have become a company that has established itself as one that is trusted in the headphone industry. Not only do they offer outstanding earbuds which are comfortable to wear and provide a great sound, but there over the ear option comes with Bluetooth technology and a very snug and comfortable fit.

There are not a huge amount of options available from Imation so far, which is a disappointment, but the product that they have produced to this point leave many insiders to believe that greater things are about to come from this company.

  • sharp design and comfortable feel.
  • Good sound quality.

  • limited options available to you.

59. Bluedio

Bluediothis is a company where the vast majority of their best quality headphones that they provide are in the on-ear option. While not all options are made this way, several are designed to allow the earpieces to swivel so that storing them and preventing them from being damaged is a snap. This extends the longevity of these headphones and adds to their overall durability.

They are a very sharp and comfortable designed to them, and the sound is outstanding. You will also like that several of these are built to be ideal with both the iPhone and the Samsung options of smart phones, and a few models add additional bass quality sound to make your music stand out if this is an option you prefer.

  • very durable headphones that are meant to last.
  • Good sound quality in a comfortable set of headphones.

  • the desire to create headphones to appeal to everyone has left sound quality needing some improvement.

60. Clarity

Clarity headphone logowith a name like Clarity you expect a very clear sound quality that comes from the headphones, and that is what you get with this option, despite the fact of it being relatively inexpensive. There are in ear as well as over the ear options, but the design is not made to be particularly comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time.

Two of the higher end options that are available, the TL100 and E-7, are a bit more expensive, but come with exceptional sound quality, and both allow you to charge them using your car charger. Both come with Bluetooth technology, and connect to virtually any kind of device.

  • quality sound that is crystal clear.
  • Affordable price in comparison to comparable options by competitors.

  • limited number of options available.
  • Design is not particularly spectacular.

61. M-Audio

M-Audiothis brand comes with some exceptional on-ear headphones that are quite comfortable to wear and very durable. With Bluetooth technology that is included you can have a great music experience that allows you to have the freedom of flexibility with an outstanding quality sound production.

The biggest selling factor for their brand of headphones is the comfort level. The cup sizes are a little smaller on the earpieces than what you might find in some options, but they fit very comfortably over your ears, and that comfort level remains for hours.

  • outstanding level of comfort while wearing the headphones.
  • Bluetooth technology makes these the perfect headphones for virtually any device.

  • limited supply of products available from this line.


AIAIAIthis brand offers you a diversified array of options in terms of the kind of headphones that you may want. In the on-ear versions they are specifically made to give you a very comfortable feeling by offering a frame that allows for an easy movement of the headphones to accommodate your head size and shape. This allows you hours of being able to listen to music or talk on the phone without having to worry about discomfort.

In addition, the sound of these headphones is quite extraordinary. You not only get a very comfortable feel but a very rich in natural sound that comes from their headphone models. Best yet, there are versions that will fit the budget of most people.

  • outstanding sound quality in a very comfortable headphone set.
  • Affordable price.

  • not the most stylish looking design.

63. Edifier

Edifierthis brand gives you several different styles of headphones to accommodate your individual needs. While most come with a cord, there are a few Bluetooth options, and each corded version comes with a remote attached to it. This allows you to control your phone conversations and your music while using your device.

The options they offer give you control over the noise around you, allowing you to isolate the sound in the background. You also get exceptional sound quality at a price that is far cheaper than what you would find in most other competitors. While the sound is not the absolute best you will find, the price makes it well worth it.

  • affordable prices.
  • Large array of styles to use.

  • not the very best quality sound.

64. Altec Lansing

Altec Lansing logowhile this brand offers several different styles of headphones, it is there in-ear option that really is their bread and butter. These are all corded options, with most coming with a remote on the cord to allow you to control your phone conversations and music. There are noise isolating options in these headphones and they are very comfortable over your ears or in them depending on the style you choose.

If you are a person who is active, you will find that these are perfect to wear while you are running or at the gym. They are very comfortable and provide a good sound quality at an affordable price.

  • very affordable for the quality provided.
  • Comfortable feel that is ideal during exercise.

  • sound quality is average in comparison to others.

65. Bell’O

Bell’OBell’O makes a series of different headphones which provide an exceptional and powerful amount of bass to them. It is a quality of the base that really made them stand out, and for those who like enhanced bass sound in their headphones then this is a great option for you.

You will also like the fact that the headphones are designed to take a bit of wear and tear without raking down, and there are in-ear and on-ear options to fit your needs. Plus, most of the options will fit easily within your budget.

  • Powerful bass sound provided.
  • Durable design that is comfortable to wear.

  • overall quality of sound leaves something to be desired.

66. Aquapac

Aquapacthis brand only offers earbud style headphones. While the company has developed other products, is the earbuds that have really become their signature style of headphones that you can purchase.

What makes them a quality brand to look at, is that they are completely waterproof. This means that you have no issue if you run them through the washing machine or you can actually wear them in a swimming pool or bathtub without any concern whatsoever.

  • waterproof protection means your headphones are quite durable.
  • Comfortable feel.

  • sound quality is adequate but not great.

67. Califone

Califonethe Califone brand offers you not only some outstanding options for adults, but many of them are specifically designed for kids. In fact, they have such headphones as a panda design, a tiger design, and a bear. This allows people of all ages to find the right option that fits them.

In addition, you get a very quality sound produced by the headphones, as well as a remote attached to the cord of each of their headphone sets that is corded. There are also options that fit the needs of music professionals in the comfort of their headphones is something you will truly find makes them stand out.

  • comfortable headphones that are made to appeal to people of all ages.
  • Affordable price.

  • durability is a question mark.

68. Labtec

LabtecLabtec is a company that has been in business for decades, and has established themselves as the creator of outstanding electronic equipment. Their brand of headphones has truly lived up to the standards of the company, providing affordable options that work for the vast majority of people, as well as higher end options that can be used by professionals.

Depending upon your choice, you will find that there are Bluetooth options as well as remotes that are attached to a cord or to the ear piece itself. The sound quality is above average in comparison to most in the level of comfort is good.

  • affordable price to fit any budget.
  • Large array of products available within the headphone line.

  • many of their lower end options are not particularly durable.

69. Jensen

JensenJensen is a new company to the headphone industry, but is catching on with many consumers out there. Their problem to this point has been their desire to be a one-size-fits-all organization, which has left them not really finding the right niche for themselves.

However, you will find that they do develop headphones that are of good quality that make your listening experience one you will enjoy. The sound quality is rich and the price is quite affordable.

  • quality sound at an affordable price.
  • Good array of options available.

  • still has work to do in terms of design and durability.

70. Urbanears

UrbanearsUrbanears makes a line of headphones that is intended to be stylish and comfortable to wear. In fact, they build headphones that are ideal for people of all ages, and there is likely a design that would fit your particular style.

The earphones are very comfortable to wear, plus they provide a quality sound experience for users. In addition, the price that you would pay for these headphones is a bit less expensive than what you would pay for comparable quality from other brands.

  • great style and comfort in design.
  • Affordable price.

  • sound quality is adequate.

71. XtremeMac

XtremeMacthis is a company that had been developing accessories directly related to devices and products that help to enhance the listening experience. This included such things as splitters and phone cases, but now they have branched out to produce a series of earbud earphones.

These actually have a fairly sharp designed to them, which fits comfortably in your ear and allows you to tighten the cord so that it stays snugly against your chin while you are running or exercising. The sound quality is above average and you will find that you can limit greatly the amount of noise from the outside. This is a good quality headphone, but it is a bit on the pricey side.

  • great design which is ideal for use during exercising.
  • Sound quality is quite good.

  • price may keep some from even considering purchasing it.

72. Logitech

LogitechLogitech has long been known as a computer company that makes mice and computer speakers, but the headphones that they make are also something to talk about. These come in a variety of models that are not only ideal for gamers, but are perfect for use with any device, including your smart phone or tablet.

The sound quality is comparable to the price you are willing to pay, and you will find that even in the lower end models of headphone that the quality is still quite good. Add to it the fact that the microphones provide an exceptional sound experience as well and this is a great brand to take a look at.

  • several options to appeal to the needs and budget of the consumer.
  • Incredible microphones.

  • not the best quality sounds you will find on the market.

73. Zalman

Zalmanhere you will find a set of outstanding headphones that are really for those who are gamers. In fact, their Gaming Stereo Headset is one that has quickly become a very popular option for game players.

While they do offer other styles of headphones that do work well with a variety of devices, is the gaming industry that they are most appealing to. However, the quality of sound that you will receive from headphones such as the ZM-RS6F prove this to be a formidable option in comparison to other brands that cost more money.

  • build quality gaming headphones.
  • Sound quality is adequate for other devices.

  • limited options for those looking for smart phone or tablet headphones.

74. Chester Creek Technology

Chester Creek Technologythis brand creates just a few sets of headphones, each of which comes with a microphone attached directly to the left your piece on the headphones. Chester Creek is a new product to the market, but has quickly established themselves as a company providing quality headphones for those who need a set that is most important for speaking on such programs as Skype or who are looking to hold conversations with quality sound.

These are not really built simply for a person to listen to music or watch video on, but they were quite well for that and provide an excellent sound experience. You will love the deep rich bass quality sound and the sound quality is quite natural.

  • excellent quality sound in earpieces and microphone.
  • Affordable price.

  • limited options available to you.

75. Audio Bone

Audio BoneAudio Bone has created a great niche for themselves by developing headphones where the frame goes behind your head to hold headphones in place. This is a very clever design that many companies have tried before but few have had as much success in developing one that users seem to really like.

These headphones may look like they would really not hold in place, but the truth is that they provide an exceptional listening experience while staying comfortably and firmly in your ears to ensure that you can continue to listen to music or talk on the phone. The major disadvantages are that most do not come with a fully functional remote, but do come with complete Bluetooth technology.

  • great design that keeps headphones in place and comfortably seated.
  • Outstanding sound provided.

  • it takes a little getting used to for many.

76. Belkin

BelkinBelkin has become a company that has quickly established themselves as a reliable organization in the electronics world. Not only do they produce outstanding routers for Wi-Fi networks, but also come with quality headphones that meet the needs of users.

Most of their options are built for people who are interested in gaming, but you will find that there are great options for those who would like to simply listen to music or watch a video. The sound quality is good in the comfort level is above average in comparison to many of the other competitors.

  • great options for your gaming experience.
  • Quality sound and comfortable design.

  • not really designed for those who simply want to listen to music.

77. AmbiCom

AmbiComAmbiCom is well known for their portable storage devices, but they have a few earbud style headphones that are pretty good. They are built for those who are leading a more active lifestyle, making them more geared towards runners or people who were working out at the gym.

They provide a great deal of comfort when worn, and they provide an adequate sound quality.

  • comfortable fit.
  • Ideal for those who are active.

  • sound is adequate.

78. Sonova

SonovaSonova is a brand offering headphones primarily to gamers. They are fairly new to the industry, but have developed a series of headsets that many find work perfectly when playing computer games. With adequate sound and a quality microphone, game players can enjoy hours of time on their headset while playing games being able to communicate with the people on their team.

It is a comfortable feel, but don’t expect outstanding quality sound.

  • perfect for game players.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

  • Provides adequate sound and headset and microphone.

79. SMS Audio

SMS Audio logothis brand comes in some very bright colors that a lot of people in their teens, 20s, and 30s would find to be the ideal look for them. Whether you like earbuds or over the ear style headphones, there are great choices for you here at a price that is quite affordable.

These are a very stylish set of headphones, with many being designed by rap stars and hip-hop artists. This should tell you that the quality of sound is quite exceptional as well, with an enhanced bass quality added to it. The durability of the frame is a question in the comfort level isn’t necessarily ideal, but these are still a good purchase especially at the price they are sold that.

  • stylish design.
  • Affordable price with good quality sound.

  • limited consumer base.

80. Bern

BernBern produces primarily over the ear headphones, with a few options available in their line. These are headphones that are designed to give you great flexibility in terms of the size and shape of the head of the person who was wearing them. You can easily slide the earpiece up the metal bars attached to the frame to make sure the ear cup’s fit exactly as you would like without shifting.

There is also a protective case that these headphones come with and they swivel to the sides to protect them from being broken easily. While not an expensive set of headphones to purchase, many music professionals find the quality of sound is ideal for them to use as a DJ or in the studio.

  • good quality sound at an affordable price.
  • Built to protect and ensure for longevity.

  • limited number of options available to you.

81. Olympus Corporation

Olympus CorporationOlympus has long been a company most associated with cameras, that they too have jumped into the headphone industry. There are a limited number of products that are available from this company, but they have some good ones. Most of their best products are in-ear options that are comfortable to wear and provide a good quality sound for music lovers.

They have not really set a good standard to this point in terms of the products they have produced, but that does not mean their products are not valuable. They come at an affordable price, and many should look at the way that their camera products have developed over the years. They have built a reputation for themselves so don’t bet against their headphones becoming an elite choice one day.

  • good quality sound that an affordable price.
  • The in-ear options are comfortable to wear.

  • limited options available and product line needs to improve.

82. Memorex

MemorexMemorex is a brand that is most associated with audio cassettes, but they have made a name for themselves in the headphone industry as well now. They have developed a few different in-ear options that are very comfortable to wear and provide a good sound for listeners.

The remotes on their headphones give you control of your phone and the music you are listening to, and the microphone is of a good quality as well. These are perfect for those who are living in active lifestyle.

  • quality sound available at an affordable price.
  • A respected company name looking to jump into this market.

  • a limited number of options available to you.

83. Dynex

DynexDynex has long been a company dedicated to providing sound accessories, but now they are developing some quality headphones that would be ideal for many users out there. They provide both in-ear earbud options as well as over the ear options.

The design of these is intended to be comfortable as well as providing a good quality sound experience. These are corded headphones which come with a remote attached to them to allow you to answer calls it to stop or start tracks, as well as control the audio.

  • affordable price and quality sound experience.
  • Comfortable to wear.

  • durability of design.

84. Archos

Archosthe headphones by this brand are specifically designed for kids. With bright colors and smaller sized frames, kids who are much older than 15 or 16 are going to find that these are a little difficult to use.

Because of the age bracket that they are appealing to, the sound quality is ideal for listening to music, watching movies, or watching videos. They fit comfortably on the head, and give parents control over maximum volume that your child can listen to music at, thus protecting their hearing.

  • protective mechanism to ensure a child’s hearing is not damaged.
  • Great for kids.

  • no option available for adults.

85. Coby

CobyCoby is a line that has been around for decades and has provided consumers with a large array of options in terms of headphones. They come at an affordable price, and include both earbud style and over the ear style of headphones.

What many particularly like about this brand is that the over the ear options frequently come with a foldable stereo headphone design, which ensures that the headphones are protected from being broken and are easy to store in your backpack or purse. The quality of sound is not exceptional what is good, and these corded headphones come with a remote and a microphone.

  • foldable frame protects the headphones from being damaged.
  • Excellent array of options available to consumers at an affordable price.

  • quality of sound is limited.

86. ZyXEL

ZyXELthis is a brand that has long been associated with Wi-Fi related technology, but has joined into the headphone industry, primarily for those who are using their headphones with their computer. This means that the headphones are ideal if you are wanting to talk on a program like Skype, or if you are a person who’s active in the gaming community.

The microphone is a quality sound producing option with these headphones, and you will find that the sound quality that you receive is perfect for conversations or for gameplaying. Not necessarily great for listening to music, however.

  • perfect for computer use.
  • Quality microphone sound quality.

  • not great for applications outside of your computer.

87. ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gamingthis is a company that is specifically designing their headphones for gameplaying. While other competitors in this industry make headphones that expand beyond the gameplaying option, this is one that has set their niche in this particular field.

What you will find is that they provide an exceptional gaming sound experience, with a quality microphone for use during your gaming. You can control the sound quality through your computer or through the headsets themselves, and some come with the Bluetooth option.

  • excellent headset for gaming.
  • Allow you additional controls and Bluetooth technology.

  • no functionality beyond gameplaying.

88. Backbeat

Backbeatthis brand has created a very clever way of using the behind the back of the head design to build headphones that are ideal for many consumers. What makes these headphones really stand out is the thin frame that is comfortable to wear while still being able to keep the headphones in place.

Using an over the ear design along with the frame, these earpieces stay in place quite comfortably and snugly. The sound quality is quite good, in fact, and you will enjoy the fact that these are ideal for those who are living in active life that requires them to be on the go. All of their headphones connect using Bluetooth technology.

  • clever design that works well with active lifestyles.
  • Quality sound and Bluetooth technology.

  • takes a little getting used to wearing them.

89. KYE Systems Corporation

KYE Systems Corporationthis is a company that first started out by developing fantastic speakers for computers, and has moved on to create amazing headphones as well. Where they have truly shined is in the creation of earbuds that are not only comfortable to wear but provide a quality output listening to music.

Because they are fairly new to this product line, there are only a few options available to you, but those ones are adequate for your needs at a price that you can afford.

  • quality headphones at an affordable price.
  • Fit very comfortably in your ears.

  • very limited number of options available.

90. Kicker

KickerKicker is a new brand on the market that is quickly gaining traction with a lot of users. They have created a premium kind of headphone line that not only comes with over the ear options but with in-ear options as well. There are several different designs for their over the ear option, each of which provide a different level of comfort while also giving you a good quality sound experience.

Bluetooth technology is available in some of their headphones, and microphones and remotes are available in the vast majority of them as well. Their sports earbuds are fantastic in terms of noise isolation and also providing a comfort level that is perfect while you are working out.

  • comfortable feel with good sound quality.
  • Great array of designs and styles that come at an affordable price.

  • becoming a more well-known product but still a ways to go.

91. Anthro Corporation

Anthro Corporationthis is a company that is fairly new to the headphone market, and the vast majority of what they produce are geared towards computer game players. Here you will find some good options for those who are interested in playing games on a daily basis, especially because they come at a very affordable price.

The sound quality is ideal for those who are playing games and are interested in natural music production. They also are quite comfortable and offer an exceptional mic while playing games.

  • great for game players.
  • Excellent sound quality in the microphone.

  • limited options outside of gameplaying.

92. AVB

AVBAVB offers a few different styles of over the ear headphones that are good quality but not exceptional in comparison to some of the other brands that you would find. One set of headphones that really stands out for them is there American Anko which is a retractable earphone set that is perfect for an MP3 player or iPod. This allows you to no longer be concerned about your cord being trapped or tangled, as it retracts back easily.

The sound quality of their headphones is generally good, but not exceptional. They also have an innovative idea with their retractable earphones, which are comfortable to wear.

  • clever design in some of their earphones.
  • Affordable price.

  • limited options available to you and sound quality needs to improve.

93. Cyber Acoustics

Cyber Acousticsthis brand of headphones is specifically designed for those who are looking for a small budget purchase. The vast majority of their headphones are primarily used as school headsets to be connected to computers.

They come with a microphone that folds against the headset frame, and have either one ear piece or two depending upon the option you select. There are also options that come with a remote and microphone on the cord of the headphone set.

This is not intended to be a higher end option in terms of headphones, and is ideal for those needing a large number for their classroom or computer lab.

  • quite inexpensive and affordable.
  • The perfect option for a classroom or other learning environment.

  • sound quality is limited.

94. Superlux

Superluxthis is a company that produces a large line of over the ear style headphones. Most come at a very affordable price and have a frame that is designed to be flexible for any style of head that may be using the headphones.

The vast majority of this line comes with a cord with a microphone and remote attached to it. You get a good quality sound, but not exceptional. The earpieces are very comfortable to wear and the design of the frame ensures that they stay snugly against your head reducing the amount of noise from the background.

  • affordable price for any budget.
  • Design made to be comfortable and firm.

  • sound quality is acceptable but not great.

95. Corsair Void

Corsair Voidthis is a brand of headphones that is specifically geared towards those who play computer games. The headset is ideally designed to give you a quality microphone and a very comfortable pair of headphones to wear over your ears so that you can play for hours without having to feel the pressure or discomfort of wearing the headphones for an extended period of time.

In addition, the quality of sound that is produced through the microphone or that you receive through the earphones is ideal for game playing. You will find that the sounds come across naturally, and that people can hear you quite well. Easily connectable to any computer device.

  • perfect for gameplay.
  • Great quality of sound in ear pieces and in microphone.

  • no real application beyond gameplay.

96. Case Logic

Case Logicwhile not specifically designed only for gamers, this pair of headphones is designed for use with your personal computer. Whether you are talking about talking on Skype or some other kind of messenger program or playing games, this is a great headset that you will find is ideal for these applications.

The sound quality that you receive is quite good, as well as the sound that is produced through the microphone. You will also find that these are very comfortable headphones to wear for an extended period of time.

  • outstanding set of headphones for use with your computer.
  • Good quality sound.

  • limited applications for these headphones use.

97. CP

this is a brand that is frequently found associated with other well-known brands you have seen in this list. They generally do not produce their own line of headphones, but there are a few out there. Their higher end options are usually available in other brands, but you still can find some with the CP name that come at a discounted price in comparison to others.

  • affordable price.
  • Respected product because it is used in many other brands.

  • limited option under this brand name.

98. Comply

ComplyComply has most notably been associated with the earbud tips that go over the ear buds themselves, but they do provide a few of their own earbud options. It is not a very detailed or expanded line that they offer, but there are earbuds do provide a very comfortable feel and a quality option in terms of headphones.

What you will find is that they come at a very affordable price, but offer you limited functionality in terms of a remote or microphone.

  • comfortable feel.
  • Affordable price.

  • limited options available.

99. Emerson

EmersonEmerson established themselves as a phonograph and radio company, and is now looking to get more traction with its headphone industry. They have a limited number of options available at this point, mostly in the earbud category.

Early models have been comfortable and come at an affordable price, but do not have the best quality sound available out there. This is one area that needs to find improvement, but at the cost they are charging they are still a valuable investment.

  • affordable price.
  • Trusted name in music industry.

  • sound quality need some work

Brands of Headphones

You may not know this or even thought this to be true, but there are literally hundreds of different brands out there that provide you with options for headphones. That makes it quite difficult to be able to figure out what is the best option for yourself.

While each of these brands has several different models that come with them, many times it is easy to tell if the model you are buying is going to be of good quality by the company that is manufacturing them. If you are looking for headphones of the best brand, here are the best 100 companies out there.

100. Afterglow PDP

afterglowis a design and development that helps consumers engage and interact with the entertainment they love. A Leading engineers and experience development of an advanced technology that show love for music

  • affordable price.
  • Trusted name in music industry.

  • Limited Commercialized

101. Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs - LogoPuro Sound Labs is dedicated to fighting the growing epidemic of Noise Induced Hearing Loss by providing healthy, affordable, high-quality products that protect our consumers hearing.

  • affordable price.
  • Trusted name in music industry.
  • Kids Friendly

  • Not that a Noise Cancelling Headphone



That is a lot of different headphones to review. Clearly, it is hard to say which one of these is the most ideal brand for yourself. Several of the factors that have been reviewed are determinant upon which one you can get. You may like to get one that is on the higher end but simply can’t afford to do so. In addition, you may find that a brand produces a really great set, but the base quality or design simply isn’t fitting into your needs.

If one were to look at the overall evaluation of what makes for a good brand of headphones then the best brand available here is probably the Audio Technica. While it appeared second on this list, they are still an exceptional option that is ideal for any consumer to look into. They have affordable prices that work within the budget of most people, and the sound quality is as good as it gets. You will love the design, they are comfortable to wear, and they are something that will be around for a long time because of their durability.



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