8 Hacks on How to Store Earbuds Without Tangling

Jul 26, 2020

Find out how to store earbuds without tangling and get rid of the messy cables inside your bag or in your pocket.

Among the many mobile accessories, the earbuds tend to be the most abused or mistreated, especially in terms of how they are kept and stored. I tend to wrap the cable of my earbuds tightly and carelessly or just stuff it inside my bag with all my other things.

So, it’s no surprise that it transforms itself into a tangled mess.

Now, trying to untangle that ball of mess whenever you have to use it can be a lot frustrating. Fret not because, here are some hacks you can do to store your earbuds and keep them tangle free.

Start Here:

1. Make the “8” Loop

the 8 loop

Rolling the cords or your earbuds might prove to be a bit messy and tangled after storing it in your bag or pocket. Why don’t you make use of the “8” loop instead? It can help make sure that your earbud cords stay untangled.

To do this, you have to loosely wrap the cord over your fingers like how the number 8 looks. Be sure that you leave out a considerable length towards the end, and you can use this remaining length to wrap into the woven cord.

Then, weave the headphone jack, each at one end of the loop to make it all look like a bow.

2. Use a Binder Clip or Small Hair Clip

Small Hair ClipUsing a binder clip or a small hair clip is one of the easiest ways for you to make sure that you avoid tangles on your earbud cords.

It is an easy wrapping technique and can also offer two functionalities for your earbuds. Aside from using this to store your earbuds tangle free, you can also clip it to your bag or shirt when you want to reduce the length of the earbud cable.

To use a binder clip or a hair clip for storing your earbuds, wrap the entire length of the cable around the clip but make sure to keep the speakers out.

3. Get an Old Credit Card/Any Hard Card

old card with wired earbuds

Got any old and unused credit cards, membership card, shopping cards, or a piece of cardboard at home? This piece can be a cost-effective and easy way for you to store your earbuds tangle free.

Get your unused credit card and cut a small rectangular portion at the two longer sides of the card. At the two shorter sides, punch a hole for each side.

Then, start wrapping the earbud cable around the cut portion of the card excluding the jack. Instead, pull out each jack from each of the punched holes.

4. Make the Cable Stronger by Using Strings

string wrapped the earbuds

One of the other tips to make sure that you never get your earbuds all tangled up and messy is to make the cables strong.

To do this trick, you will need a pair of scissors, some embroidery threads of your liking, and a lot of patience. You have to get the thread and start making knots around the cable which would cover its entire length.

You can use multicolored yarns if you want by alternating making knots of your chosen colors to make it as personalized as you wish.

Just make sure that you leave out wrapping knots around the microphone. This trick can help strengthen the otherwise delicate earbud cables and make sure that no matter how harsh you throw it inside your bag, it will be less prone to getting all tangled.

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5. Use a Velcro or a Fabric Tape

Velcro or a Fabric Tape

Velcro or any adhesive fabric tape you have at home can also be used to make a useful hack to keep your earbud cables from tangling.

You will only need a small strip of the adhesive tape or Velcro and start wrapping it around the neck of your earphone jack but leaving a sufficient length of the tape.

Now, you start wrapping the earbud cable into a circular manner and hold it in place by using what was left from the length of the adhesive tape.

6. Small Q-tips Container


Aside from adequately wrapping your earbuds and using a simple item to keep it in place, small storage can also help make the cables tangle free especially when you store it inside your bag.

Having storage makes sure that your cable will not mix with anything you have inside your bag which the cord will tangle around.

A small or travel-size Q-tip container can do just the trick for you. Store your earbuds inside the container and bring it wherever you go. You can also go all DIY and put designs on the container to make it look cute and fancy.

7. Tin Cord Keepers

Tin Cord Keepers

Tins are excellent for any storage whether its cookies, chocolates, candies, or your pens. Moreover, tins can be great for storing your earbuds and keeping them tangle free any time of the day.

It can also keep them in great condition whether you stuff it inside your bag or anywhere. Tins are pretty sturdy and durable which makes sure your earbuds won’t be crushed whenever you stuff it inside your bag with all your other things. While they can be a little drab for some, you can definitely put fun touches and design the tins as you prefer.

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8. Use Your Phone

wrap on phoneIf you have run out of props to use to which you can wrap your earbuds around and make sure it is free from any tangles, then you can always make use of your phone. Start winding the earbud cable around your phone and simply tuck in the earbud jacks in one of the coils.

It can help make sure that your earbuds stay tangle free and in place. Plus, it also helps ensure that your phone does not slip off your hold easily if you don’t have a bag or pocket to stuff it into.

With these tips and hacks, you can forget having to untangle a ball of cable-mess whenever you need your earbuds.

These hacks on how to store earbuds without tangling can surely make your life easier and less messy.



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