Fix Guide: How to Fix your Samsung Earbuds

How to Fix Samsung Earbuds

fixing samsung earbudsSamsung has quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in tablet and smartphone technology. By using the Android operating system, the devices have become very popular, primarily because they provide a user interface that customers absolutely love.

This is perfectly understandable. Samsung is only challenged by Apple in terms of consumers that use their phones. They make a superior product that few can challenge in terms of quality and number of users across the globe. Because their operating system is so easy to use, they have become the No. 1 company for programmers to build apps for. Not as much dedication would be paid to the Samsung devices if they were not so popular.

Along with selling quality devices, many love the earbuds that come with these. It is not only because of the quality of the sound that is provided by the earbuds, but the product is designed to work perfectly with the device they are assigned to.

The problem is that when those earphones stop working then you lose a lot of your control. You can go out and buy a different brand, but you will probably not get the same kind of quality that you had with your Samsung. Plus, you don’t really want to have to spend the money when you don’t need to. This is why many want to learn what to do when their Samsung earbuds stop working.

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Fixing your Samsung earbuds

What Are the Common Problems that Will Occur?

replacing earbudsWhile there can be many different problems that you could have, the vast majority of issues that people have with their Samsung headphones are related to the cable or the speaker inside the earbud. The way you can tell what the issue is related to the kind of sound quality problem that you have.

For example, if you find that the sound is coming in and out, has a great deal of static to it, or is breaking up, then the most likely issue is related to the cord or cable connected from your jack to the earbuds. This can become dislodged or loose and the sound will begin to have issues. You can usually tell that this is the issue by simply jiggling the cord.

If you find that the problem is that one speaker is getting sound but not the other, then there is either a problem in the connection between the cable and the speaker within the earbud or the speaker itself is damaged or worn out.

You Can Make the Repairs Yourself

There is no need to worry about either one of these problems, however. You can easily fix this by purchasing a replacement earbud and attaching it in the place of the one that is not working or that is damaged.

To do this, search online for where you can find a replacement earbud for your specific model of device. Ensure that the choice you are making is for the ear that is broken. Inside the earbud replacement piece will be a set of instructions on how to remove it from the earbud that is broken, and replace it by simply plugging in the new earbud into the cable. This ensures a secure lock between the cable in the earbud to protect from further damage.

You would be surprised how easy it is to learn how to fix Samsung headphones all on your own. This could really help to save you a lot of money.


Here are some quick fix tips that we can suggest you in fixing your Samsung earbuds!

1. Blew your earbuds directly with a strong air

2. Use a Suction or Vacuum your Earbuds to pull out the dirt inside

3. Use a cotton bud and wipe it inside the Earbuds and clean the dirt that blocks the sounds



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