Fix Guide: How to Fix Apple Headphones

using iphone headphonesApple has become one of the biggest technology-based companies on the planet. At one point, just a little over a decade ago, the business seemed like they were in real trouble, but they have become one of the biggest giants in this industry, reaching profits in the hundreds of billions each year.

While the name has become synonymous with excellence, it is the fact that they produce some of the very best products on the planet in terms of phones, tablets, and laptops that have made them not only a reliable company, but one that has become a true innovator as well. They not only have set many of the trends that other companies follow, but have also garnered a loyal customer base that would not buy a single thing in this market that didn’t have the Apple name on it.

This extends to their headphones, which not only are made with outstanding quality but also have incredible functionality that makes them ideal for the device they are designed for. This allows users to have a great deal of control of the device without ever having to pull out their laptop, tablet, or phone.

This means that if the headphones are damaged or broken in some way that the device loses some of its functionality. Most people come to rely on their headphones to perform tasks, and if they do not have that available when they feel like the device is not nearly as good.

Many headphones offer a warranty should they become broken, but that has its limitations to it, meaning that you may have to have them repaired to be able to use them again. Spending another hundred dollars or $200 to have them fixed may not be the option that suits you best, so your best option may be to learn how to fix Apple headphones yourself.

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How to fix apple headphones: A Begin by Assessing What May Be Wrong with the Headphones

While many headphone devices will work with your tablet or iPhone, there are those specific headphones that come with your iPhone that give it greater functionality to use. This may mean if they are damaged or broken then you want to learn how to fix iPhone headphones. The truth is that this may not be as difficult as you think.

The place to begin is by examining what could be wrong with your headphones. The vast majority of problems that you will encounter are going to be related to one of three things:

  1. The cable
  2. The earbud
  3. The jack

Common problems with the cable can be such things as wiring becoming frayed, connections being dislodged, or it loosening against the speaker inside the earbud.

The jack can have dislocation problems itself, either in where it’s connected to the cable or in its connection inside the housing area. The speaker’s problem is usually related to extensive use or a component burning out.


Common Problems that Will Help You with Your Diagnosis

DiagnosisWhile some problems that occur with your headphones may be easy to spot, others you may not have a clue about unless you understand some common indicators that will tell you what the problem may be.

The place to start is by jiggling your cable a little bit while listening to your device. If you find that the sound is coming in and out then this means that you have a short or a disconnection somewhere in the cable itself. If this is the problem, it can be very easy to fix. You simply use some electrical tape and tighten the cable against the headphones and the jack so that the cable cannot become dislodged.

  • If you find that that is not the issue, then look along the cable itself to see if the outer casing has been cut in some way. Once again, a simple taping of the cable and your problem is resolved.
  • If you find that the sound is coming in one earbud and not the other, then you either have a disconnected wire into the speaker piece or the speaker piece itself is broken. If it is a simple issue of the cable becoming dislodged then all you need to do is get a soldering gun and a piece of solder and reattach the cable into the speaker.
  • It should be noted that this can be rather difficult work to accomplish, primarily because getting the earbud apart is not an easy thing to do. It can be quite tedious, especially if you have big hands.

If you find that this is the issue or that the speaker is just not working in that headphone at all, then your option is that you can buy a replacement earbud. This should cost no more than a few bucks at most, and these earbuds are built to be easily reattached using the directions that come with the earbud replacement. In a matter of a few minutes, you can quickly fix Apple earbuds without much of a hassle.

The Problem

A Problem that Is Not Common But May Happen

Iphone Common Headphone ProblemOne thing that you should be aware of is that there is an issue that can develop that doesn’t happen frequently, but can still be a problem in the sound quality of your headphones. For those who have been wearing their headphones for an extended period of time and are using the earbud type that goes inside of the eardrum area, an issue that may occur is the buildup of earwax inside the earbud itself.

This may not seem like it could be much of a problem, but over a period of time as the earwax builds up it can cause the sound within the bud to become muffled, or stop the speaker mechanism from being able to operate at all.

To resolve this problem what you need to do is first begin by trying to simply brush away the earwax inside of the earbud by using a Q-tip or other small brush looking tool. If you find that this does not resolve the issue, then try using a little rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the Q-tip and then lightly brushing to the outside of the earbud from the inside to wipe away that wax. You probably would be quite pleasantly surprised to see how this can be the solution to a problem. In fact, many start with this when their earbuds have problems because it’s the easiest solution to try.



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