10 Features in an Earbuds for Running That Don’t Fall Out

Looking for earbuds for running that don’t fall out no matter how active your workout is?

No one wants to use earphones that keeps on slipping or falling off when you are walking or even moving slightly. If you are running or doing some very active routines and workout, then you need to use earbuds that can keep up with your busy routine.

Good thing that earbuds have a certain advantage over typical headphones as they are easier to use and carry around because of their portability in design. It also comes with several features and specs that can be very useful when used when you are running.

Check out some of the features you should consider in when looking for earbuds that don’t fall out.

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Young woman listening to music on the stadium1. Stability

The number one feature that should be considered when choosing earbuds to use when running is its ability to stay put – no matter how vigorous your movement or workout is. The most stable earbud shouldn’t slip, slide, turn, or fall out when you go running.

If you aren’t sure of the stability of an earbud when you purchase it, you can always buy a separate system that can keep it in place and inside your ear like an ear wing.

2. Wired vs. Bluetooth Wireless

If you are looking for an earbud that doesn’t fall out when you are running, then one of the choices you have to make is between getting the typically wired earbuds or one with a Bluetooth feature.

Wired earbuds can be a bit of a struggle if you are active and on the move such as when running. It can get in your way. So, it is much simple if you opt for the wireless version. However, when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds, you’ll have to consider its battery life which can be an added responsibility.

While both are effective for running, the choice will primarily be based on your preference in terms of convenience.

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3. Sweat-Proof

When you are running, you are more likely going to sweat it out. You wouldn’t want to have an earbud that would easily fall off when you are already sweaty. Also, you wouldn’t want a pair of earbuds that would easily give up on you after just a few circles in the park.

You don’t really have to find waterproof earbuds since you’re not most likely to go underwater when using it except for when you think you might go jogging under the rain. However, you absolutely need to find sweat-proof earbuds for running.

4. Noise Isolation vs. Noise Cancellation

If you want to concentrate on your running, especially in a busy and noisy park where there are a lot of honking cars, then you need a pair of earbuds that can separate you from the noise of the environment.

There are noise isolation and noise cancellation features in an earbud which helps block any outside noise; thus, giving you peace while running.

However, when you are running outdoors, you might consider an earbud that doesn’t totally isolate you from outside noise, especially for your safety such as in instances where you still need to hear if cars are approaching.

Take a look at our buying guide that talks about the best active noise cancelling headphones under $100 as this helped a lot of athletes find the right product for their needs. 

Woman running on the Brooklyn bridge

5. With In-Ear Control

While running, you might want to answer any emergency call without breaking out of the run and fumbling with your phone. For that, an in-ear control on an earphone can be quite convenient. It allows you to answer calls in just a click of a button built-in your earbuds; so, there’s no need to get your phone out of your pocket. You can simply take your call while continuing with your run.

6. Fit and Comfort

Fit and comfort are important factors when choosing earbuds to use when you are running. By comfort, it means that it won’t be hard and tough on your inner ears even after running for several hours.

Moreover, fit and comfort come hand in hand. The earbuds should be comfortable and not too stiff in your ears, but also not too soft and small that it might easily fall off when you run. Having an earbud that fits perfectly in your ear means that it’s more stable and won’t likely to slide or fall off at any point of your workout.

7. Ear Tips Feature

When it comes to earbuds, the fit and comfort are basically based on the ear tips which can be made from various materials with different designs and styles.

There are ear tips made from silicone, and there are also ones made from foam. Silicone tips tend to be a bit stiff depending on the quality, but they are extremely durable. Foam tips, on the other hand, especially those made with memory foam are the most comfortable, and it can be perfectly snug in your inner ear.

However, they tend to cost a bit more than other ear tips.

8. Sturdy Build

Runner running wearing smartphone and smartwatchRunning can be a very active sport, and as such, you need a pair of earbuds that can withstand the wear and tear of running, especially when you tend to do it every day. It has to have a strong build and made from high-quality materials.

9. Sound Quality

A pair of earbuds that can give you a quiet and peaceful running experience isolates the outside noise. Plus, it should be made of quality materials. If it doesn’t do both, then your run won’t be as enjoyable as the earphones you use can’t give you the best sound quality possible.

After all, you use earbuds to listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook when you run; so, it has to sound perfectly fine. Thus, make sure to check the quality of the lows, mids, and highs when trying out earphones.

The bass shouldn’t be too overpowering as well, not unless this is the type you would go for.

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10. Additional Safety Features for Running Outdoors

This feature only applies when you tend to run outdoors, but it definitely comes in handy when you want to take a break from running. There are various safety features that manufacturers put in their earbuds that makes them excellent for running outdoors such as reflective coatings on the unit.

There are a few factors you have to consider when choosing earbuds for running but with some of the most important of them listed above, you’ll now be more confident in buying a great pair.



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