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9 Of The Best In Ear Monitors For Musicians (Updated 2020)

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jennifer lopez wears a musician earbuds in american idola young female artist that performce well with her in-ear monitorsBeing a musician is a difficult thing. Apart from talent, you will also require thousands of hours of practice, perseverance, and enough money to buy the equipment.

From high-end instruments that may end up costing thousands of dollars to accessories, everything seems rather costly in the world of musicians.

But what better reward than a room full of people applauding for you and being happy for your success?

What better reward for a musician than playing for a full house or having his credits recognized throughout the world?

However, being able to create a listening experience for music also requires special equipment and accessories, including the best in-ear headphones for musicians.

The in-ear monitors for performing musicians will allow you to synthesize an essential sound quality, listen to low or frequency range, and buffer all external sounds and noises.

As a result, the sound you will hear will be clear, clean, and high live performance.

Here are some musician earbuds available on the market today:

A Comparison Table (December 2019 Reviewed)

If You Are a Musician That Looks For What Is The Right Earbuds or IEM, Here is our Recommendations that will surely make you happy and will improve your live performance on stage.

1. Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215-K is just among the SE215 models of the brand that have a good sound isolating feature. It is available in wired or non-wired variations.
Its cable system is removable and also enables the users to have various multiple connectivity selections for easier maintenance, upgrades, and compatibility with other devices.

Professionals often use the Shure SE215-K because of its Single Dynamic Driver technology, high-quality sound, and noise cancellation feature, which can block ambient noise as loud as 37dB. This feature enables the musicians to hear their listening experience better. Shure takes pride in its Dynamic Microdrives technology feature because it helps in making the lows the sound of your music detailed and clear. This feature is excellent for monitoring while you are performing on-stage.

Shure SE215

2. MEE Audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation Universal-Fit 

MEE Earbuds

Compared to the conventional drivers, this has an ultrathin driver, and voice coil can make an accurate movement to deliver full-range and clear sound. The sound has been revised and tuned beyond 2kHz for better midrange and natural sound. This IEM comprises Comply T-Series for better sound isolation.

It takes pride in its custom-engraved faceplates that is the first-ever personalization done with these earbuds. Just like the others mentioned, this has an over-the-ear design. Inside the box, you’ll find seven pairs of ear tips; so, you will find a pair with the perfect fit. Its design is ergonomic because it is lightweight and sweat-resistant.

The cables are detachable. This has a built-in remote and microphone, too. One of its unique features is its metal plate, which you can customize. You can ask the others to design it for you, or you can make your design.

Official Site: https://www.meeaudio.com/

3. FiiO F9 PRO

FiiO F9 PRO is a very well balanced in-ear monitor. You will get the most out of it in studio settings, but it will serve you well on stage too.

For the build of these headphones, we were delighted with the firm and durable shell. Once you take them, you can tell that they can withstand a fair amount of punishment. Thanks to the cleverly designed shell, they also feel very compact despite sporting a 9.2mm driver, which is considered long. They will sit tight in your ears, though we advise you to only take them off by pulling the shells, not the hooks. It’s just a matter of precaution, as you see that the hooks are well made too. They are very flexible and will adapt to the user’s ears. Once you take them off, they will fall back to their original shape.

The metal case wraps the microphone and the remote that comes with it. The buttons on the case seem to be durable and won’t wear out quickly. One of the main disadvantages of the remote is that you will only be able to use play and pause options on iOS. However, the volume control will work just fine on Android.

FiiO F9 Pro

4. BASN BsingerBC100

The cable is detachable to ensure its durability. Thanks to its detachable cable, upgrade, and replacement is easy. The BASN BsingerBC100 contains neodymium magnets and high-definition MicroDrivers for better sound quality. This IEM is ideal for webcast and stage monitoring.

The senior designer from California Crystal made a sophisticated, clear housing design. It allows the viewing of the engineered components of the IEM. You can choose a design between wine red, chocolate brown, and navy blue. Aside from that, the earphones are durable. The BASN BsingerBC100 eliminates auscultation because the earphones are hand-woven; therefore, it is pull-resistant. The ear-hooks are adjustable and ergonomic; thus, the regular headphones are secured in place when the user wears it.

5. Audio-Technica ATH-E50

Audio-Technica ATH-E50

This Audio Technica can provide an accurate frequency range. The cable loops are flexible and have an over-ear design for comfort and accurate fit.
It includes detachable cable, A2DC connectors, and stereo output, and a carrying case. It offers durability and powerful audio live performance.

The Audio Technica ATH-E50 provides all-day comfort with secure and sound isolation enhanced by the silicone pairs of ear tips available in four sizes. Its over-ear memory cable is flexible for a custom fit to provide an all-day comfort with security. The housing is specially designed for excellent isolation.

6. FiiO FH5

FiiO FH5

FiiO entered the world of professional in-ear monitoring by launching three different lines. The F series stands for dynamic drivers, while the FA series is more oriented towards balanced armatures. Today, we’re looking at the hybrid version of FiiO’s in-ear monitoring, titled the FH5. It’s the fifth product in the series so far, and it offers amazing performances.

One of the first things that leave you in awe when you take the FH5 is the design. The bold choice of colors will remind you of an 80s sports car. The gold trim only adds to the beauty of the unusual titanium color that dominates the faceplates. While wearing them, you’ll feel you’re a submarine captain in some weird sci-fi flick. The ergonomic shells will sit tightly in almost any ear, so you don’t have to worry for their size. FH5 also sports memory hooks that will adjust to your overall ear shape and get back to their original state once you take them off.



If you are looking for a budget option, the KZ ZST might be the way to go. The KZ usually makes budget in-ear monitors while maintaining high audio quality.

The ZST model is, first, a thing of beauty. The acid-like chameleon colors that glimmer on the shells will mesmerize you at first glance. The shells itself are ergonomic, though they are large. Some of you who have a small ear might consider them to be uncomfortable. However, the silicone pairs of ear tips shine for noise cancelation, and the memory hooks are satisfactory. They firmly grip around your ear canal, but the material is softer. Although, you might feel the weight of the cable at all times.



The KZ ZSR is another budget option that aims to deliver high performance. It does so even though it boosts the upper mids and tremble a bit.

The ZSR sports ergonomic shells that come in multiple colors, both solid and transparent. One of the first things that we’ve noticed is that these headphones are small, though they will still sit thanks to the noise isolation silicone tips firmly. KZ designed the memory hooks with jogging and physical activity in mind. They will sit tight in your ears even if you move your head a lot.

9. Westone UM Pro 20 Dual-Driver Universal-Fit

Westone UM Pro 20 Dual-Driver Universal-Fit

The powerful bass sounds clear and well-rounded. It also has a good isolation feature with nice fitting ear tips. Musicians design the Westone UM Pro 20 Dual-Driver Universal-Fit for their fellow musicians.

The manufacturer takes pride in its two balanced armature drivers, which also has a passive two-way crossover. Many users, mainly musicians, rave about its versatility because of its delivery of low end and high sound reproduction. The physical design is compact and ergonomic; that is why the user will feel comfortable wearing them. There are ear tips available in five sizes, which can also enhance the earphone’s performance for comfort and noise isolation. The noise cancellation feature can eliminate the sound up to 25dB.

The Westone UM Pro 20 Dual-Driver Universal-Fit includes MMCX Audio cable that is twisted to reduce cable noise and maintain its lightweight and flexible features. Aside from that, it has a 3.5mm stereo plug and MMCX Audio connectors. The MMCX connectors make the cable detachable. That is why it is easy to upgrade or replace the cables separately.

Here are 5 Reasons Musicians Loves Them

Are you curious about why singers are wearing professional in-ear monitoring earbuds every time they perform? Read this article to know five reasons they do so.

Music band recording song at studio while man playing pianoIn-ear monitor earbuds enable singers or musicians to directly have a good entire frequency range to listen experience with the combination of their vocals and the band’s instruments during live performances.

Sometimes, it can also be a mix of the singer’s voice and a minus one recording.

Most often, these devices are customized to fit the singer’s ears. Professional wireless in-ear monitors offer comfort and superior noise reduction capabilities from ambient noise, which makes it essential equipment for live show performances.

There are also floor monitors that allow the singer and the band to hear their sounds during performances.

However, most professional musicians prefer professional in-ear monitoring rather than ground monitors.

There are five reasons singers love to wear in-ear monitor earbuds whenever they perform.

  1. To Keep in Sync With the Band

Perhaps the most fundamental advantage of having personal monitors is to keep the singer in sync with the band. Much like what traditional floor monitors do, The best earbuds for musicians will help the singer hear the band while they are performing.

Without a dependable professional in-ear monitor, a vocalist may find it hard to hear the right keys used by the musicians; therefore, they may find it hard to follow the song smoothly. This has happened so many times in live shows, and it always ends up with a disastrous, mediocre performance.

Regular stereo cable headset could also control the volume of the sounds the singer hears during the actual presentation. It is difficult for an artist to hear the vocals as it is most often drowned by the amplified sound quality of the guitars and keyboards.

Personal monitors allow the singer to request the sound quality engineer or the director to adjust the loudness of individual instruments on the stage.


  1. To Move Around With More Freedom

Portability and mobility are other main reasons artists use professional in-ear monitors on stage. Floor monitors allow singers to hear themselves while performing, but we limit them to specific spots on the platform.

In most cases, a singer would have to stay more often in a so-called “sweet spot” to keep the timing right with the band. Personal monitors fix this issue as the singer would always have access to the sounds he wants to hear wherever he goes on the stage or off it.

Talking about convenience, another advantage of in-ear monitors over floor monitors is that they are a breeze to carry. Some bands bring their monitor equipment to concerts, particularly when the venue itself does not have any.

Singers performing song while man playing piano behindA conventional ground wedge monitor is so large and heavy that it takes up so much space in terms of storage and transportation.

Wedge monitors may enhance the stage’s aesthetics during concerts. However, in more formal events, such as weddings or funerals, floor monitors may serve as an eye irritant. In-ear monitors are the best option for these circumstances.

  1. To Lessen Vocal Strain

They connect this to the volume problems mentioned above. Without in-ear monitors, singers may have to sing over the loud sounds of musical instruments on the stage. Especially when the drums are involved, a performer might even be forced to shout to hear the vocals.

Constant shouting would eventually damage a singer’s voice. This is the worst thing that could happen to any professional singer as it is the primary source of livelihood for many of these artists.

For this reason, a personal monitor is an essential accessory to wear for most experienced singers during concerts. The right in-ear monitor will help prevent singers from exerting more vocal power than usual, which would make their singing career last longer.

  1. To Protect the Ears From Extreme Volume

It is not only the singer’s voice is at risk of being damaged. The performer’s ear can also be hurt if not suitably protected from the deafening sound reproduction on stage.

Sound producers spending time at recording studioContinued exposure to high volume levels could cause chronic hearing problems in the long run. Some performers use earplugs to prevent damage. However, earplugs are not that helpful as they inhibit the singer’s ability to hear the sounds of the instruments or the song itself.

Thus, the ideal solution to this problem is to wear in-ear monitoring earbuds. The singer then solves two issues simultaneously. With personal monitors, ear protection is proper while having the capacity to control the volume of sounds from different musical instruments.

  1. To Control Own Mix

Last, perhaps the most sensible advantage of an in-ear monitoring for singers is that it gives them the capability to control their mix. This means that personal monitors allow vocalists to make small sound tunings on the spot even without the help of the sound engineer like any other earbuds for smaller ears users.

Some in-ear monitors provide the singer with volume controls the singer can easily adjust that. This eliminates the need for complicated hand signals the sound engineer might even misunderstand that.

In this setup, the left and right earbuds could hear two different mixes, which may be referred to as a “left mix” and “right mix.” The balance knob on the regular stereo cable headset could then switch between the left and right mixed as preferred by the singer. Setting this in the middle gives a perfect balance of the two sounds.

This is a welcome feature for vocalists who want to have more control over his monitor, rather than solely relying on another person to adjust it.

Musician’s In-Ear Monitor? What Should We Know Before Buying Them?

Singers prefer to wear in-ear monitoring earbuds for various reasons, and they are all for the benefit of both the performers and the audience themselves. Personal monitors provide the artists with better control, increasing their confidence on stage.

It eventually results in a more inspired and lively performance, which then leaves the crowd more satisfied. They get to finish the show thinking they got their money’s worth.

Now that you have finished reading this, you can better understand why your favorite singer always the best earbuds for musicians during concerts. They are not only for aesthetic reasons but for quite a few significant reasons.


Musicians, singers, and music makers around the world have now thousands of options for high-performance earphones. The selection presented above makes for one of the most professional earphones in the industry and, although they might seem pricey at first, they will most definitely offer high sound quality and exclusive other features.

Your live sessions will never interfere again with crowd noises or ambient noises, and you will finally be able to only listen to your voice and music features from now on.

Compared to IEMs priced around $$$ or more, the best IEM under $$$ can provide you with useful features, such as noise cancellation and sound isolation, and comfort–without burning a hole in your pocket.

Again, take note that you do not have to spend a fortune to find a good quality IEM. If you know what you need, you can buy the best IEM under $$$ that has the specific features that you are looking for.



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