Top 5 Earbuds: What Are The Best Earbuds For Musicians?

What Are The Best Earbuds For Musicians?

Best Musician EarbudsBeing a musician is a difficult thing. Apart from talent, you will also require thousands of hours of practice, perseverance and enough money to buy the necessary equipment. From high-end instruments that may end up costing thousands of dollars to accessories, everything seems rather costly in the world of musicians.

But what better reward than a room full of people applauding for you and being happy for your success? What better reward for a musician than playing for a full house or having his credits recognized throughout the world?

However, being able to create music also requires special equipment and accessories, including the perfect pair of earbuds. A professional pair of earbuds will allow you to synthesize the most important sounds, listen to low or high frequencies and buffer all external sounds and noises. As a result, the sound you will hear will be clear, clean and of high performance. Here are some of the best earbuds for musicians available on the market today:

Pricing Table

Top 5 Best Earbuds For Musician

Headphones Price Link
1. WESTONE UM Pro 50 signature  Price: 649.99  Check Reviews on Amazon
2. Shure SE-846-CL Sound isolating earphones  Price: 997.99  Check Reviews on Amazon
3. Shure SE535-V sound isolating earphones  Price: 469.97  Check Reviews on Amazon
4. Westone UM Pro30 earphones  Price: 399.99  Check Reviews on Amazon
5.Audio-Technica ATH-IM70  Price: 96.05  Check Reviews on Amazon

Shure SE-846-CL for musician

# 1.

WESTONE UM Pro 50 signature

WESTONE UM Pro 50 musicianThe first product is also the best you can find on the market and in specialized stores as well. With over 50 years of technology of in-ear applications, WESTONE true-fit managed to come up with a lightweight and universal earpiece for the dynamic transfer of all sounds. This is the best product for music playback and monitoring and it definitely comes with a price.

Designed and assembled in the USA, this set of earbuds will take $650 out of your pocket but will definitely deliver high quality sounds through exclusive handcrafts and amazing attention to detail.

Last but not least, the plush form ear pads will create the perfect cover and keeping you connected for hours. Choose between different colorful styles at just $35.

  • Westone True-Fit Technology: 50+ years with in-ear applications has yielded a low-profile, lightweight, universal earpiece for maximum comfort and in-ear coupling for dynamic transfer of sound.
  • Balanced Armature Driver: Westone’s balanced armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers.
  • EPIC Replaceable Cable: Westone’s robust replaceable cable is constructed of bifurcated, high-flex, ultra-low resistance tensile wire, reinforced with a special aramid fiber
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Includes five sizes of Patented STAR silicone and five sizes of True-Fit foam assorted ear tips, mini-monitor vault and cleaning tool.

Verdict Review: “I am a drummer. I also love listening to music. I would prefer to use the IEMs that I drum with to also listen to music. I don’t really want to mess with custom in-ears, mostly because the friends I’ve had get them done have had issues getting the impressions JUST right.

So I’ve decided to stick with universals. Several years ago I picked up a pair of Westone UM3s (before the X revision). I used them for a few years until I accidentally dropped them on a concrete floor and split one of the housings in half down the seam. I have since superglued it back together, but cannot get the same volume output when compared to the other earpiece. Luckily I can pan the signal as needed on my source equipment to compensate.

Before I repaired the UM3s, I ordered a pair of Noble Audio 5’s from their universal line. I had to taste the “boutique IEM” sound.

Compared to the UM3s, the Noble 5’s were a godsend to my ears. I absolutely loved the warmth and smoothness of both vocals and guitars. Being a drummer, I really wanted crisp highs and deep, punchy lows. The Noble 5 delivered on this in every aspect. After using them for a year or so, I ended up giving them away to a good friend of mine and decided to focus my listening efforts on full size headphones.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been using the UM PRO 50s for over two weeks now. If someone gave me both the UM PRO 50s and the Noble 5’s to compare in a blind test, I think I’d be hard pressed to tell (without prior knowledge) that the two didn’t come from the same company. The tuning on the Noble 5’s is very similar to the tuning of the UM PRO 50s… except you get a more accurate representation of each of the advantages of the Noble 5.

  • The sub bass exists and isn’t overpowering or fatiguing.
  • The lows can be just punchy enough to allow the kick drum to sound extremely accurate.
  • The low mids are so rich, toms sound glorious through them.
  • The high mids are really the shining star of this IEM (as well as the Noble 5). So much warmth and smoothness. Vocals sound spectacular with this IEM. With the excellent instrument separation that is expected of a professional IEM, you can pull out so much detail from each instrument in a well mastered song without much effort at all.
  • The treble area as a whole is pretty good. I’d say it has the clarity and crispness you’d expect of a multi-driver IEM, but if you’re a treble head, you’re probably not gonna enjoy the signature. This is a very warm sounding IEM, which means the high treble is somewhat recessed to help draw out the warmth of whatever it is you’re listening to. From a drummer’s perspective, darker cymbals sound absolutely incredible.

My biggest appreciation of this IEM is that it is very non-fatiguing. To me, sub bass bloat and boosted treble are two huge factors in producing listening fatigue and so I try to avoid those types of IEM’s as much as possible.

I give this unit 5 stars out of 5, especially at the $699 price point. I will update this review as necessary.”




# 2.

Shure SE-846-CL Sound isolating earphones

Shure SE-846-CL for musicianThese amazing earphones come packed with the quad hi-definition technology for extended and remarkable sound clarity. The sound filter works amazing and provides deep low-end performance and the sensation of a real subwoofer for even more clarity and details.

Also, these Shure earphones come with a customizable frequency response that allows you to adjust and mould sounds as you wish. Moreover, thanks to the high-end elements this is definitely the best piece of earphones in terms of isolating external sounds and noises for a full clarity of the sound. Purchase them on Amazon for $970.

  • Quad Hi-Definition MicroDrivers: For extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance
  • Patented Earphone Design with Groundbreaking Low-Pass Filter: Provides previously unattainable deep low-end performance of a True Subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail
  • Customizable Frequency Response: Adjustable sound signatures available (including balanced, warm or bright) via changeable nozzle inserts and removable, metal nozzle

Verdict Review:“First things first $1000 for a pair of iems or “earbuds” is insane beyond belief…. people will look at you like you have five heads so I don’t advertise the cost of these ever. Is it worth it though? Let’s get to that.

Accessories: I am not going to spend much time going over this as the accessories are listed here in detail on amazon and on shure’s site. To put it simply there is everything you need. You get a bunch of ear tips, a case to carry the headphones, adapters, two different length cables, case to carry all the accessories etc. There is nothing else you need to buy, the cables are fantastic, there is no aftermarket cable needed. I didn’t need comply foam tips, there are lots of tips included here.

Design/build quality: Build quality is rock solid. Much, much better than the 535. There is no weak part to the iems. The iems fit over your ear with memory wire. I have oddly shaped ears and typically have trouble with over ear iems however these fit perfectly. I was able to get a tight seal with the middle size included rubber tip and the sound isolation is unreal. There is no disruption from outside noise at all and with music playing I can’t hear anything. I have never seen isolation this good, just make sure you get a tight fit. One thing very important to point out is the nozel inserts. These iems come with three nozel inserts, bright (slightly geared toward higher frequencies), neutral (balanced), warm (slightly geared toward lower frequencies). When I got these I immediately changed them to the warm inserts based on reviews. It wasn’t very difficult to change them but definitely take your time and have an open work space. Shure’s directions are very detailed.

Comfort: These are very comfortable and stay put in your ears. By comfort I don’t mean like pillows for your ears or forget you’re wear them sort of comfort but there is no pain or discomfort caused by them. I have worn them for hours with no issues.

These do NOT need an amp. To be clear with a 9 ohm impedance (the lowest I’ve ever seen) you will likely damage your ears, your amp, and these iems trying to use an amp. Using an ipod, phone, or anything with a quality internal dac is all you need. The incredibly low impedance is the result of essentially a built in amplifier which pushes the 4 drivers incredibly well.

Sound quality: Unreal, magical, pure bliss. To give a little background I am a studio headphones nut. I don’t claim to be an audiophile because there are people far more qualified to use that term than I am but I am an audio enthusiast and I have, for a very long time, loved headphones. My go to line of headphones is Sennhiesers HD line (600/650/700/800). These headphones have massive drivers, require a quality amp/dac setup/aftermarket cable, and are not portable but to me it is worth it for the unbelievable sound and soundstage they put out. I have never been a huge fan of iems or earbuds aside from convenience because they will never deliver the wide-open soundstage, layering, or detail that a pair of studio headphones will…. until now. The soundstage and layering of these iems is unbelievable. If you could not feel them in your ears you’d swear you had an open back pair of over ear headphones on. The spatial soundstage here is unreal. There isn’t a word to describe how large and spacious it is. There is so much open airiness to these and again the layering and separation, dreamlike. They are incredibly balanced, crystal clear treble, perfectly present mids and the bass. I am not a fan of bass heavy anything, the bass should be replicated naturally and not give you a headache. The bass here is deep, very detailed, and punches deeply when the song calls for it. Warm, beautiful, open. Not a detail is missed, nothing is rolled off, nothing is overemphasized. Even at low volumes these things project an insane amount. Unreal.

The sound quality here is honestly like a 15/10. This may just be the first flawless sounding headphone I’ve ever heard.

So is it worth the money? Well IMO it is well worth it if you love your music and are thoroughly dedicated about your headphones. It is a lot of money to spend and I heavily questioned buying these for awhile before I took the plunge and continued to question while I waited for them to come however I can safely say I have no regrets. They’re incredibly portable and more than driven by your portable device. No pair of headphones is worth going broke over but if you have the money I can’t imagine anyone not being thrilled with these.

Hope this has helped anyone deciding on whether or not to buy these. Cheers.”




# 3.

Shure SE535-V sound isolating earphones

Shure SE535-V-KCE Sound Isolating Earphones for musicianSignificantly less expensive than the previous model, this set of Shure earphones still makes for a great addition to all sound clarity junkies. The exclusive and ultra professional and lavish design reveals top sound clarity.

Perfect for all musicians recording or sound testing. These Shure earphones come equipped with triple high-definition MicroDrivers as speakers, a hard zip case, airline adapter, volume control and nozzle cleaning tool to remove all exterior sounds and simply focus on the clarity of the inside sound. Available in two stylish colors – clear or metallic bronze, these Shure earphones can be yours for $500.

  • Speaker Type: Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers
  • Sound Isolating Design
  • Spacious Sound with Rich Bass
  • Included Premium Fit Kit
  • Formable wire ensures secure placement over the ear

Verdict Review:“These are simply amazing. The build quality is outstanding. The cable is sturdy, detatchable, and can be upgraded. They are comfortable even with prolonged use with minimal fatigue. There is a reason shure is the best. They are a true audiophIle product that any professional musician or serious and discrimitating listener will appreciate and understand. You could find very good products out there that are cheaper BUT they won’t be as solid in build quality or as comfortable to use. These are the Holy Grail for users of lossless mp3 players, or CD listeners. They don’t need an amp, though I’ve tried several; pads, and phones as well. You will not be disappointed.”




# 4.

Westone UM Pro30 earphones

Westone UM Pro30 earphones amazonAnother brand that offers ultimate technology, fit and sound quality, Westone is definitely a brand you will look for.

The UM Pro30 earphones feature a 25dB noise reduction technology for a clear sound, as well as up and over cable routing to keep the earphones secure and in place at all times.

Recommended for all musicians, singers and music players, you will never want another pair of earphones in your concerts again. Purchase them for $400 on Amazon and benefit from a cleaning tool, replaceable cable, comfort tips and a two-year warrantee.

  • Three-way crossover matched to individual low, mid and high-frequency drivers
  • Up and Over cable routing helps prevent microphonics and keeps the earphone securely in place
  • 25dB of ambient noise reduction
  • Recommended for all singers and musicians
  • Includes: EPIC replaceable cable, premium comfort tips, mini-monitor vault, cleaning tool, and 2-year warranty

Verdict Review:“Best earbuds I’ve ever used. I have several other makers buds and they really do not compare. I matched with a Teac amplifier for use with my iPod. Unbelievable clarity throughout the spectrum. One small problem. The cable seems to wear quickly. But…… Westone has superior customer service. There were immediately tuned up and sent back good as new.”




# 5.

Audio-Technica ATH-IM70

Audio-Technica ATH-IM70 amazonBy far the most affordable earphones in our category, these Audio-Technica earphones are worth a try. They offer a good sound quality and come equipped with a dual symphonic driver tuning design.

The clear sound suppresses the resonance of other sounds so that you can enjoy the clarity of a sound wherever you are. The earphones are made from hard resin and aluminum, resistant, soft and convenient materials. Purchase these on Amazon for only $96.

  • It is equipped with dual Symphonic driver dedicated tuning design with a built-in driver of one tune two in the space of one
  • Clear sound suppress the resonance in different fabrics hybrid body of hard resin and aluminum.

Verdict Review:

I originally bought a pair of MEE Audio M6 Pro’s to use for drumming but ended up returning them, not for quality reasons but because they sent me the wrong color. However I did have a chance to try them out. They seemed adequate but I wasn’t thrilled with the depth of the sound. After doing some more research, several sites recommended the IM70’s as great for drummers in particular. They may be twice the price as the M6 Pro’s but they sound twice as good in my opinion. The fit and noise isolation right out of the box for me was excellent. If you’re looking for in-ears for playing drums or bass, I think there’s no question you should spend the extra money for these.”





Musicians, singers and music makers around the world have now thousands of options when it comes to high performance earphones. The selection presented above makes for one of the most professional earphones in the industry and, although they might seem pricey at first, they will most definitely offer a high sound quality and exclusive other features. Your live sessions will never be interfered again with crowd noises or ambient noises and you will finally be able to only listen to your own voice and music features from now on. Moreover, if you are only at the beginning and you cannot yet afford a pair of earphones worth almost $1,000, you can still benefit from sound quality and amazing features at just a fraction of the price with the Audio-Technica earphones.

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