Why Driving Motorcycles Is So Special And How To Make It Even Better

Riding a motorcycle is a bit special and even better, it can make you special as well. There are countless reasons why this activity is among the best in the world. The fact each year we have more and more bikers justify the claim. Obviously, a motorcycle you own or you are planning to own is an individual matter. But, all of them will provide similar or the same benefits. Before anything else, we should mention a few reasons why riding a motorcycle is so appealing.

Why People Love having a Motorcycle?

Reasons why people ride a motorcycle?

1. Bikers are cool

bikes are coolRegardless of which motorcycle you own, you are going to be cool! The best thing is the fact you don’t have to look like a celebrity nor to act one. All bikers are cool, period. An interesting fact is what makes you cool. When a person sees you riding a motorcycle, let’s guess a girl, she will think ‘’He is free to roam the world.’’ When the same person sees you in a car, she will think ‘’He is just another pion stuck in traffic.’’ Bikers are commonly associated with adventures and free lifestyles.

2. Motorcycles are ideal for the daily commute

Motorcycles are ideal for the daily commute

Motorcycles can reach higher speed using a much smaller engine than a car. For example, an engine with 250cc can reach around 100mph. If we also add the facts a motorcycle is narrow and agile, we get a perfect alternative for the daily commute. Not only you will reach your destination quickly, you will also save money. Motorcycles require less fuel they are cheaper to maintain and their repairs are easier to fix.

3. Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

Smaller engines produce less CO2 which has a negative effect on the health of the planet! Then we have the fact motorcycles will reach the destination in less time than cars, meaning that they will also produce less CO2 because engines ran for a shorter period of time. Don’t forget that this refers to four-stroke engines. Electric motors are an even better alternative. Sadly, two-stroke engines are not eco-friendly.

4. You will find inner peace

You will find inner peace

Driving a motorcycle forces your brain to process plenty of data within a second. That form of analyzing makes your brain remove all unnecessary things from you may have thoughts about. In other words, you will be focused on just one thing, and it will make you happy. The bottom line is that riding a bike has the same effect as meditation!

5. Motorcycles are immune to hackers

Motorcycles are immune to hackers

It isn’t strange or impossible to have a car driven by a computer, which is controlled by a hacker. In a matter of fact, we were able to see a live presentation with a Jeep Cherokee. It was controlled by a computer. Motorcycles don’t have the same computers, or they use the same kind of technology, therefore they cannot be remotely controlled.

However, more and more motorcycle manufacturers have been adding computers and tech to their bikes. Soon, they won’t be so immune!

6. Adrenaline booster

Adrenaline booster

You choose how you want to ride your motorcycle. When you want to enjoy in nature and scenarios, you will ride slow and gentle. Once you get a desire for adrenaline, all you have to do is to add throttle and the adrenaline is going to get significantly increased. Don’t make unneeded risks and always ride carefully.

7. More people are responsible for making motorcycles

More people are responsible for making motorcycles

In the car industry, robots have the main role. In the motorcycle industry, people still have the main part. Robots cannot perform all of the actions needed during the manufacturing process. Simply, motorcycle production still uses more humans than any other type of production.

8. Have less impact on the infrastructure

Have less impact on the infrastructure

Motorcycles will allow you to use the same roads for a longer period of time. They are much lighter than cars, so they don’t damage the road. Furthermore, they cause less stress in traffic for other drivers and they can reduce traffic jams!

9. Freedom


When you are driving a motorcycle, you will have only a helmet and a bike. This is all you need in order to get freedom. Enjoy in that time, by spending it anyhow you prefer. There are no rules, tasks or anything that can disturb your freedom. This is actually one of the main reasons why so many people like riding motorcycles.

10. Meet new brothers

Meet new brothers

Meeting new bikers is almost mandatory. All of them are treated as brothers and sisters, and regardless of where you go and across which part of the world you ride, you will find people with the same desires and the same opinion. It is simply a special bond that only bikers know. Most gatherings are held between people who have never met and all of them have a great time.

Some people get an illusion that all bikers are nasty, dangerous and with beards. But, in reality, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and ordinary people are bikers. The mentioned stereotype is just an issue with the movies.

11. You will stay connected to the world

You will stay connected to the world

When in a car, you can use air conditioning, watch TV and almost everything you can do in a house. When on a bike, you will be literally linked to the surroundings. You will feel the human basics the connection with nature. Rivers, mountains, hills, canyons and all the rest are going to become real things, not just photos or imaginations!

12. Healthier life

Healthier life

An adult man who rides a motorcycle for an hour will burn 40 more calories than when he drives a car. If we add a sporty ride, on amazing roads, we can burn 2-3 times more. Then we have the attitude improvement. When you are constantly making a demanding and severe decision, your attitude can get only better.

Which is more fun?

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Why we ride a motorcycle instead of a car?

Riding a motorcycle is for most people a way of life. It is fun, interesting and it actually has plenty of benefits! In a car, you may feel like in a giant box, where everything is closed and within reach. On a bike, you feel free and more connected to the world. Everything around you can be touched and felt.

Wind, sun, and rain are something you will feel all the time. In a car, you don’t have this advantage. In many ways, riding a motorcycle reminds us of our true nature. We are born to be free and to wander around the world. Not a single other transportation vehicle allows us that, except maybe a plane!

In early ages, riding a motorcycle was entirely focused on the aforementioned point. Nowadays, the situation is slightly different. First of all, we have the ability to actually use a motorcycle for daily commute and for traveling. Some individuals have traveled across the entire world on a motorcycle, so they are much more than a simple ‘’toy’’ as some people think.

Today we also have numerous ways to make the riding experience better. For example, we have helmets with built-in speakers. Listening to the music while riding a motorcycle allows you to stay in your own world, away from all the issues from the real world.

We have navigation which can take you anywhere and it is specifically optimized and developed for motorcycles. Yes, it is still an optional feature, but more and more riders are known for using it and all of them are satisfied.

Exhaust noise is something that makes riding a motorcycle special no less. Aftermarket exhaust systems are completely different than stock ones and they literally can make you feel butterflies in your stomach.

All of this is an individual matter. Each rider rides a motorcycle for individual reasons. Most of them blend in the points we just mentioned, but some probably have a few different ones. In addition, improving the riding experience is always possible and we can even say that this is the future of motorcycle riding!

Motorcycle and Cars

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Benefits of riding a motorcycle

riding a motorcycle

Believe or not, there are several benefits of riding a motorcycle. All of the points mentioned below are tested and confirmed by numerous studies and surveys. The bottom result is the fact motorcycles are a literally healthier way of transportation and enjoyment than cars. A few benefits include:

  1. Make you stronger

Riding a motorcycle will increase the physical strength of your core, arms, legs, and back. Add a few additions to the ride and you can get an impressive workout. As we have mentioned, improving the riding experience is always possible.

  1. Lose weight

Here we have another advantage of riding motorcycle which may look strange. Riding improves the insulin sensitivity, meaning that you will burn more fat, therefore you will lose weight. This fact has been proven by the study conducted in the United States.

  1. Make you feel better

Endorphins in your brain will be released while riding a bike. Then we have the fact you will constantly make an important decision in as low amount of time as possible. Combined, this means that you will feel better and you will develop your personality better as well.

  1. Cheaper than cars

Maintaining and owning a motorcycle is 50% cheaper than owning a car. Maintenance is significantly cheaper due to the fact there are no as many parts as on a car. Replacing the oil is one of the most common maintenance similarities you will ever need. Tires and chain are another. Other than that, there are no additional parts that need to be regularly replaced.

  1. You can stop anywhere

Imagine the scenario in which you are listening to a music while riding a motorcycle and you need to make an urgent stop. With a car, you will have to find a parking space, park, pay for parking, lock it and then go and do what you have. With a motorcycle, you don’t have to do any of these. Simply stop where you want and you are done.

  1. You will look cool and here’s how

If you are looking for a way to make your riding experience better, you can always enjoy certain additions. For example, gear, helmets, gloves, and additions to the motorcycle can truly make the riding experience much better. New gadgets for riders are more than just available and they are affordable! In addition, all of them, are developed to make the riding experience better and to provide you a certain amount of fun.

  1. Resale value is higher

Riders know that the time is right to sell their motorcycle, they can sell it without losing a huge amount of money, which is normal for car owners. Another common trick is updated motorcycle sell. All you have to do is to add something from the aftermarket and sell it alongside with your bike. If you do it properly, you can really make a small profit!

Technology Benefits

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Enhancing the riding experience with clever technology

Clever technology is truly making riding motorcycles a lot better. Already we have plenty of gadgets and systems which simply make riders get the most from their bikes and travels. In general, we have a few main elements here, usually incorporated with the motorcycle itself, or with riders gear.

1. Cameras

Over the last few years, cameras have been the main addition to the rider’s experience. It is possible to record your ride, to share it with friends and even to make amazing videos. Cameras which are fitted to a helmet are the most appealing for most riders. Those which are added to a motorcycle are also interesting.

2. GPS

Yes, a motorcycle can move between parked cars and go where cars can’t. However, if you don’t know where you are going, this isn’t truly an advantage. GPS modules are added to the motorcycle riding experience in order to allow for the riders reach the destination as soon as possible. GPS devices are placed on a handlebar of a bike.

3. Music

Helmets with speakers and the ability to play music while rider rides are a huge trend. They made riding experience so much better in any way possible. Obviously, there are a lot of factors to consider and things to know, something we will explain below.

4. Communication

Another useful addition to the helmets. A rider can talk to other members of a group of with his co-rider. Just in case, you can turn off the communication at any given moment, if you are looking for a way to get lost in your own world.

Helmets are mandatory for all bikers. They can save your life and they will make riding experience a lot better. Besides adding the speakers to them, some manufacturers decided to add additional features and systems. Over the years we have had helmets which bent light and show the rear-view at the front. The point is to allow to a rider get the effect of the rear-view mirror. More sophisticated helmets have a transparent HUD at the front, displaying the rearview and GPS.

Helmets with implemented lighting features are common as well. It is possible to get any color you want and to match it with your motorcycle. A huge popularity was directed towards Bluetooth helmets. They can be connected to a mobile device and play music or control your smartphone.

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Is it safe to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

Music makes the entire life better. It allows you to get into your own world and simply enjoy. Motorcycle riders like listening to the music while riding and we can see a huge increase in the popularity of this matter.

Overall, listening to the music while riding isn’t banned nor extremely dangerous, but it requires some adjustment. On long voyages, of course, it is beneficial and it is needed in fact. Listening to the music while riding across a city isn’t so safe! Most of the systems are so good that they will eliminate the sounds from the outer world. On the other hand, when you ride a dirt bike or in nature, listening to the music gives you a phenomenal feeling and it is almost the best thing there. Well, it is the second-best anyway.

At the moment, there are no studies which can give you an accurate answer. Basically, if you follow the street signs and regulations, you can listen to music while riding without any danger. But, if you are planning to break a law or two, turn off the music and listen to the engine only.

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Why are motorcycle riders are fun of wearing helmets with speakers?

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Motorcycle Helmet

As we mentioned earlier, listening to the music while riding is possible and relatively safe. Helmets with built-in systems allow you that. They should be connected to a smartphone, iPod or any other source which contains music and you are set. The sound quality is actually phenomenal, but only if a helmet is sophisticated and a premium model. Some features are more important than the others. Below we will mention the most important ones.

Multi-Device Capability

This is perhaps the main feature to consider. It is so important due to the fact it allows you to switch between different devices instantly. With it, a rider can use Bluetooth to connect to GPS, radio and a music source. Switching is done instantly and it is suitable for those who want the best.

Bluetooth vs. Wired Speakers

Bluetooth helmet speakers use Bluetooth to connect to the desired device, obviously. Wired ones use a wire, meaning that they require a physical contact. Ideally, you will have a unit with both connection methods supported.

In some cases, Bluetooth may give you a hard time. Connectivity may be lost, so you won’t be able to pair the two devices. Wired units are a much better choice if you are looking for the most reliable option. However, they are not as practical as Bluetooth speakers. Connecting and disconnecting will have to be done manually each time you go for a ride and end it. Bluetooth units will do this automatically, without a need to press a single button.

Ergonomics And Durability

Keep in mind that a helmet speaker is going to be exposed to the elements. As such, it must be made to last for a long period of time and to withstand all the threats. At the same time, it must be ergonomic and fit a helmet perfectly. In any other case, comfort may be compromised. Regardless of what you are looking for, waterproof design is simply mandatory. Don’t forget to pay additional attention to the simplicity. It isn’t very practical having a speaker which is too complicated to use and which cannot be seamlessly controlled while riding. In short terms, helmet speakers must last long, work under any weather possible and they must be as easy to use as possible.

Battery Life

This is a tricky matter. Even the best helmet speakers with a poor battery life are not very useful! Look for a unit which can provide between 8 and 10 hours of running time. It directly means that standby time will be around 250-300 hours. Of course, not all devices are the same. Wireless devices have batteries which can barely last for a day. Wired units last much longer. How much time is needed for a battery to recharge is important as well. Here we can link the feature with smartphones. Some units use similar or the same batteries, so the charging time should be the same. In general, it can be between 1 and 6 hours!


Size doesn’t actually matter in this situation. A far more important thing is to pay attention to the diameter and thickness of a speaker. If the thickness is high, you will end up with a speaker which isn’t suitable for that, particular helmet. As you may believe, it will cause discomfort and it won’t be even possible to wear a helmet for a longer period of time. Your ears will be present alongside your head, so pain and itchiness are guaranteed. The same goes for the diameter of a speaker. It should be well-balanced to the helmet size and the free space when you are wearing a helmet. Obviously, a bigger speaker isn’t the smartest decision. Some bikers believe that a larger helmet deserves a larger speaker and another way around. There is some logic here and we agree with the claim, but it still cannot be generalized.

Sound Quality

The main aspect and the main feature of this system is to provide perfect sound quality at all times. You will probably want to make a phone calls at the speed of 60 miles, so you can imagine how much perfection is actually needed. We will have to start with the helmet itself. It must completely eliminate the wind noise in order to allow for the speakers to even work. Cheap and poor-quality helmets usually generate plenty of wind noise, so they are not very useful, nor very desirable.

The second part of the story is focused entirely on the speakers. Noise cancellation feature is mandatory here, due to the same reason we just mentioned. There is only one way to find speakers which match your precise desire. It is to test them in the real world while riding a motorcycle at a speed of 60mph or above.


The price for the speakers in question depends on the type you are looking to get. Those that are already built-in a helmet can cost you a lot of money, but keep in mind that you are practically buying a new helmet! Others, which can be inserted are far more affordable, but you will have to find the most suitable alternative. Sound quality and the proper dimensions are mandatory to look for! Of course, overall quality has an important role in the entire process.

We must add that repairs of this tech is expensive and probably something you will want to avoid. There is no point in repairing cheap, poor-quality units because they will never perform as well as you will actually want. Another issue here is the technicians who will repair them. The technology is still rare, so there are no plenty of people who can successfully repair them.


For most of you, comfort is the main thing to consider. Built-in speakers are generally more comfortable, but only if you get all right. It means that the size of a helmet, the design and the free space inside are important. Those that are inserted into a helmet are a great alternative as well. Here, however, you will have to think outside a box. Not only the aforementioned factors are important, but also the weight, due to the fact they will increase the weight of the entire helmet. Also, make sure they have simple controls, positioned within reach, so you can control the units while riding.


When it comes to the pure safety, you will have to consider the safety rating of a helmet. Because it is paired with speakers, some of the strengths may be compromised. As such, look for certified and approved units. They are not only the safest choice, but they also last longer than those which apparently save you money.

Wired units are generally less safe than Bluetooth models, due to the fact they force riders to worry about wires and it is possible to simply forget about them, which brings a higher level of danger. The bottom line is that speakers which are easy to use, Bluetooth-powered and don’t affect the strength of a helmet are the best possible choice. We should add the user control feature here. All the controls must be assessable within a matter of seconds, in order to allow to the rider to keep his hands on the handlebar as often as possible. Units with controls on the left side are preferable because you won’t affect throttle while making any adjustments.

How to Decide which one is really important?

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Determining which features are the most important

Perhaps you believe that just a feature or two are important for choosing a correct helmet with speakers or additional speakers. If you are looking for a below-average product then you can use this methodology. In any other way, the answer is more complicated.

First and foremost, you will have to start with the helmet itself. It must be well-made and capable of protecting your head in a case of a crash. Most manufacturers claim that a helmet should be worn primarily for crush rather than for anything else. Look for those with high safety scores and helmets which are certified. If you choose a correct one, you won’t have any issues with the next features to consider.

Now we must find the most suitable level of comfort. Not all helmets are the same, nor they offer the same type of comfort. A concerning matter is that riders who have uncomfortable helmets tend to remove them more often. This affects the safety and can be more than just problematic. Look for a helmet which is a perfect fit. It means that you will feel comfortable wearing it, but you won’t have too much free space. While moving your head, a helmet must stay in place. It certainly shouldn’t move around your head!

Once a helmet is properly chosen, the time is to focus on the speaker system. Here, you will have to decide are you looking or Bluetooth or wired units. We prefer Bluetooth ones, simply because they are safer, easier to use and look much better. Wired are a decent alternative, especially if you are looking for a more affordable variant! Anyway, this is up to you and both types offer identical performances.

Size and weight are more important for speakers which are used as an addition to a helmet. The size must be perfect, so it doesn’t have a negative effect on the comfort. Don’t think that the biggest speaker is the best! The best one is a speaker which doesn’t make your ears hurt! With built-in speakers, this feature is less important.

Sound quality is the main feature, besides safety and comfort. The only way to get what you have been looking for is to try a helmet and speakers in the real life. Only then you can actually determine the sound quality. If you are unable to do so, make sure to read reviews of owners and those who tried it.

Battery life is important, there is no other way to say that. Units which provide between 8 and 9 hours of running time are the most common and usually the most appreciated. Yes, it is possible to get a longer running time, but those units are significantly more expensive. On the other side, those with shorter running time are not great. Just to repeat, wireless models have a shorter running time, due to obvious reasons.

The last, but not least is how long a speaker system can last. In order to provide a decent durability, it must be waterproofed, it must withstand all the elements and it must be made from high-quality materials. Look for units with average or higher price.

With these points taken into consideration, you will truly end up with the best helmet with the best speakers. Listening to the music while riding will become a part of your life, rather than just a simple desire.

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Should you be listening to music while riding a motorcycle?

The answer to the main question here is more than just complicated. Theoretically, you can do many things while riding a motorcycle and listening to music is certainly one of them. But, the true answer is more complicated than that. If you are riding a slower motorcycle or the one designed for long journeys, listening to the music is almost mandatory. After all, you have controls within your reach, so you can always hit pause when you need. Riding and enjoying the scenery is much better with music in your ears.

If you are riding a fast motorcycle and you want to get an adrenaline rush, then listening to the music isn’t required nor recommended. First, specific songs can make you ride even faster (there are specific words which make you ride faster or slower. For example, ‘’kiss’’ make you ride faster, while word ‘’pink’’ makes you ride slower) and because you are already riding fast, you don’t need this ‘’addition’’. But, once you calm down and decide to ride slow and enjoy the ride, music is a great addition. Just make sure you select your songs carefully.

The bottom line is yes, you can listen to the music while riding a motorcycle in most situations, but not in all of them. The exact answer is more related to the motorcycle type you ride and to the way you ride. It can be defined simply as what kind of a rider you are. Are you looking for the ultimate thrill or relaxation? Both kinds can listen to the music, but the first kind should do it occasionally, while the second one can do it all the time.



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