The Difference Between Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 – A (2020) Review

Sennheiser is among the popular and sought-after headphone brands, especially with its famous lineup including the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650. Both these models are flagships of the brand and two of the top choices for a lot of audiophiles.

Both these Sennheiser headphones have been around for quite some time, but are both still two of the best choices in the market?

Since both these Sennheiser headphones are good options, which one should you purchase?

To help make your decision making a bit easier, here is a comparison guide of the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650.

HD600 vs. HD650: Specs Comparison

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Here is a quick glance at the technical specs of the HD600 and HD650 Sennheiser headphones.

Sennheiser HD600 Sennheiser HD650
Type Open back Open back
Fit Over-ear (circumaural) Over-ear (circumaural)
Impedance 300 ohms 300 ohms
Sensitivity 97 dB/ mW 103 dB/ mW
Frequency Response 12 Hz – 39000 kHz 12 Hz – 39000 kHz
Material Metal grilles, plastic, carbon fiber, velour ear pads OFC copper (kevlar reinforced), velour ear pads
Color and Finish Alternate blue and black; matte finish Grey and black; metal finish

Sennheiser HD600

  • Durable, the build quality is excellent and reliable. While it might feel a bit light on your hands, it is sturdy and solid.
  • Great bass. The bass level is strong, well defined, and clear without being too overpowering.
  • Produces crisp and clear vocals
  • Perfect soundstage
  • Designed with velour pads which makes it extremely comfortable to use.
  • The mid-range offers a brilliant depth, cohesiveness, and clarity.
  • With a detachable cable.
  • All parts (padding, grilles, and cords) are replaceable, but with proper care, it should last for a very long time.
  • Ideal for critical listening, soft rock, mixing, and instrumental music.

  • The sub bass is somewhat lacking.
  • In some cases, the treble frequency and upper registers are also somewhat lacking.
  • Requires a good amp for better sound and quality

Sennheiser HD650

  • Great body and build
  • Excellent imaging and soundstage
  • Engaging mid-range
  • More bass but less authoritative bass response
  • Sounds fantastic with whatever amp it is connected with
  • Extremely versatile in music genres. It can handle a varied musical style greatly but is excellent for rock music.
  • Features velour earpads designed for comfort even for several straight hours of use.
  • Pads and cables are replaceable.
  • Perfect for listening to jazz, rock, acoustic, soul, hip-hop, and classical music

  • The treble is somewhat lacking a bit.
  • Can sometimes be a little too smooth

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HD600 vs. HD650: Design

HD600 vs HD650

These Sennheiser headphones have a quite similar design. Both the HD600 and HD650 features a dynamic and open headphone design, and this means that both of them are not that great in terms of noise isolation.

The sound leaks for both these headphones, making it only ideal for use in the studio or a quiet room. Moreover, it is not great for the outdoors or when you are traveling. Both headphones weigh the same at about 260 grams.

However, these headphones have some unique design features. The Sennheiser HD600 boasts a mixture of blue and black intertwined with a sleek marble finish. There is a “Sennheiser” lettering found on the outer part of the headband, but this lettering feature tends to come off after some time. Overall, the design-build of the HD600 is quite impressive, elegant, and solid.

On the other hand, the Sennheiser HD650 features a grey metal on the outer portion combined with black padding at the inside part. It also comes with a sleek metal border on the outer side of the ear cups. The color combination of this Sennheiser model is simple and subtle yet elegant which can pair well with any outfit and is more preferred by a lot of users compared to the HD600.

Ear Cups

The ear cups for both the HD600 and HD650 are large enough that it could clamp down on ears of any size. They are also both comfortable and won’t give too much pressure on the ears. They come with great quality padding which makes both Sennheiser headphones extremely comfortable even when used for long sessions.

When you look at their ear cups though, the HD650 features a thicker border on the ear pads compared to the HD600. However, there is really no significant difference between their ear cups.


Both the HD600 and HD650 features adjustable headbands which makes it perfect for anyone. The adjustable feature of the headbands makes these headphones extremely versatile.

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HD600 vs. HD650: Sound Quality

HD 650 is a genuine masterpiece

Sound quality is a critical feature when choosing headphones. What’s better in sound quality between these two Sennheiser headphones?

The Sennheiser HD600 features a neutral sound without any hint of discoloration, giving a natural feeling of the music. It can provide a very realistic tone of the audio you are playing. Moreover, this headphone also features a quite easy tuning but with a significant amount of detail too.

However, the Sennheiser HD650 is better in terms of sound brightness, especially on the top-end. It can produce clearer sound compared to the HD600 headphones. It also has better imaging, giving you better background audio quality.

Both headphones are excellent in their own right and choosing between them for superior sound quality will mainly depend on what type of music you are listening to. If you want to listen to music critically, the HD600 can provide the most detailed version of the sound. However, if you are more into techno, the HD650 is a great choice.

Simply put, the Sennheiser HD600 is ideal if you want to analyze music and get more of its details while the HD650 is best for audiophiles who simply want to enjoy good music for entertainment purposes.

There is just a no better choice for audio quality between the two; it just depends on what you want and your purpose for getting the headphones.

HD600 vs. HD650: Accessories

HD 650 more reliable

Both the HD600 and HD650 headphones come in great packaging. The headphones are stuffed securely between quality foam inside the box. The HD600 comes with a black case cover while the HD650 comes with a dull white one.

Upon opening, the headphones come with similar proprietary cables which are to be attached to the left and right ear cups. The cables are color coded at the end for the HD600; one is red while the other is black, to make sure that you know which end should be attached to which side of the ear cups. For the HD650, there are no colored cable ends which makes it a bit tricky to connect to the headphone cups.

Both the cables for the two headphones are replaceable but only with the same Sennheiser cables and not from other brands. Moreover, the cables have excellent quality, and you might never even have to replace them if you take care of them properly.

However, looking closely at the cables, the HD650’s feels a bit more robust compared to the HD600 which does have several complaints of being easy to break from several users.

HD600 vs. HD650: Comfort

great ear pads

The HD600 and HD650 Sennheiser headphones are two of highly popular and well-built over-ear headphones.

With the velour padding on the headbands for both the HD600 and HD650, they are equally comfortable to wear even for long listening hours.

One difference in terms of padding for the two headphones is that the HD600 features four small pads. It is designed as such to provide excellent airflow to avoid you from sweating when using the headphones for hours.

Instead of four small pads, the HD650 has only two but large pads which make it comfier to wear.

The ear cups for both headphones are comfortable too. They are large enough that your ears won’t touch the drivers.

While they might have a few differences in the design of the padding, both of the headphones offer equally good fit and comfort with a bit of space for air circulation.


Both the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 are fantastic headphones that can give you excellent listening experience.

When it comes to the build, design, and sound quality, there are only subtle variations between the two. The HD600 can produce a very detailed sound in the most natural output possible while the HD650 enhances your listening experience by adding a bit of bass and sound brightness.

While the bass for each headphone model is different, there’s no single basis for which is better between them. The choice for the kind of bass will mainly depend on the music genre you tend to listen to.

In terms of comfort and the accessories that they come with, both are quite similar, too. Both of them are made with solid and sturdy materials and while most parts and easily replaceable, they can last for a lot of years under proper care.

What is better between Sennheiser HD600 and HD650? There is simply no straight answer for that. Regardless of which headphone you pick, you are going to have a great listening experience since both are comfortable to use and offer good sound quality. Just simply choose what is ideal for the kind of listening session you are going to use the headphones for.

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