The Difference Between Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and 35 – A (2019) Review

Bose is among the most popular manufacturers of great headphones, and the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and 35 are two of its best-sellers. They boast the same Bose noise canceling feature, one of the best noise canceling technology in the industry, which makes them the competitive choices in the market.

Both the QC25 and QC35 come in the same headphone line and they ought to have similarities. However, they also have differences between them and some unique features that are not present in the other.

So, allow me to dig deeper on to what makes each of these Bose headphones one of the best in the market today in terms of design and various features to help you decide what Bose headphone you should buy.

  • Sturdy build
  • Excellent fit
  • Excellent sound especially with the mid-range tones
  • Clear sound output without any distortion whatsoever
  • Clear and powerful lows

  • Uses AAA battery and not rechargeable ones
  • Doesn’t turn off automatically

  • Excellent noise cancellation with improved mic sensitivity
  • Great sound quality even when in wireless mode
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Excellent for phone calls

  • The battery is not replaceable


When it comes to headphones, the design of the device is going to be the first thing you see and critic. For both the Bose QC25 and QC35, they feature the typical Bose headphone design. Both of them are made of hard and sturdy plastic material which gives them a durable and strong build.

QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphonesBose headphones tend to have a sleek and simple overall build and design without any exciting parts that stand out, and the same principle applies to the QC25 and 35. They both feature minimalist colors and an equally minimalist design.

There are not a lot of controls you can find in these Bose headphones except for the standard power button and the auxiliary port placed at each of their ear cups. While these headphones are quite similar in terms of design at first glance, they have differences in the build when you look a little closer.

One of their significant differences is that the QC25 is your typical wired headphones while the QC35 is completely wireless. This distinct difference in features makes one from the other more comfortable to use and more convenient. Generally speaking, the QC35 is more convenient since it doesn’t have the cables that could tangle around and get in your way.

However, when it comes to the sound quality, wired headphones tend to be better compared to wireless ones. Another difference between the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and 35 is their design finish. The outer side of the headband of the QC35 features a sleek leather finish while the QC25 has an edgy denim finish.

The two headphones also come in different color options. You can get the QC25 in either true triple black, dark grey-black, or tan and silver white with accents of blue. On the other hand, the QC35 is offered in more professional and elegant colors in either silver or black. At some point, the QC35 was even provided in midnight blue, but it has long been discontinued.

Some users prefer their headphones in an exciting swirl and combination of colors, but some also like theirs in a simple but elegant color. Choosing between the QC25 and QC35 in terms of design, you don’t really have much choice as they are quite similarly built.

The only option you have to make is choosing between a wired or wireless headphone and the color you want.


Aside from the design, comfort is another important factor when considering what headphone, you should buy. How comfortable a pair of headphone is can significantly affect your overall listening experience, especially if you are going to use the headphones several hours at once.

While the Bose QC25 and QC35 are quite simple and minimalist in their design and build, Bose designers and engineers designed these headphones with comfort as the top priority. Both these Bose headphones come with QC35a lot of padding on each of their ear cups which makes these headphones extremely comfortable to use after long hours on end.

However, the ear pads for the QC25 is a bit softer and has better quality than the QC35. The clamping force for both headphones is just right, giving a good fit without being too tight on the ears which makes it very comfortable to use for long listening sessions.

There is only a minor difference between the ears cups of QC25 and QC35, and that is the distance between their ear cups. When you leave the QC25 headphones down, its ear cups tend to touch each other, but a significant gap is between the ear cups of the QC35. This detail will only matter if you usually wear your headphones around your neck when you are between listening sessions. With QC25, it can be a little stiff to wear around your neck while the Qc35 might be a bit more comfortable.

Even with the slight difference between the designs of the Bose QC25 and QC35, both headphones are equally comfortable with their superior quality padding. With the wireless design of the QC35, however, it can even give you more ease and comfort.

Sound Quality

There’s no use getting a comfortable and stylish headphone if it doesn’t sound perfect when you use it.

battery lifeHence, the sound quality of the headphone should be among the top considerations, too. What is better in terms of sound output between the Bose QC25 and QC35? Both these Bose headphones can provide an impressive bass output which is important for headphones.

With their excellent bass response, they make it better to listen to instrumental music, giving the guitars and drums quite a detailed sound.

The headphones have good mid-range quality too, giving warm tones and clear high-mids. It can also provide a clear sound output for guitars. Both the QC25 and QC35 are excellent for listening to music but they have one feature that makes them, even more, better than most headphones and that is their noise canceling feature.

When it comes to noise canceling technology, Bose is the king, and it shows in these two. They are good choices if you want to concentrate on your music or any audio even in a busy street or inside a train with a lot of people. For a wireless Bluetooth headphone though, the Bose QC35 is top-notch in terms of sound quality and can be equally compared to high-end wireless headphones in the market today.

While these two Bose headphones are great for listening to music wherever you are, they are ideal for entertainment instead of listening to music critically since the level of detail it can provide is not really that excellent.

Extra Features

Since the QC35 is a newer model in the lineup, it’s safe to say that is has a few additional features that are not present in the QC25. For one, the QC35 supports a digital Bose Connect appassistant when you connect it to your phone or computer.

You can simply say “Ok Google” or “Hey, Siri” and you can activate a personal assistant that can do a myriad of tasks for you. While the QC25 can last for 35 hours, it uses an AAA battery and not one that you can easily recharge. It can be a bit expensive after quite some time, especially if you are using headphones every day. The QC35, on the other hand, comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 35 hours when in wired mode and about 20 hours when used in wireless mode.

The wireless connectivity of the QC35 can work even beyond 30 feet from the source of your music and even if it’s not on the direct line of sight of the source. Another thing that has improved with the QC35 is the automatic turn-off feature of the headphone which is not present in the QC25.

Though with the same noise cancelation technology, this advanced tech hinders you from clearly hearing yourself over a call when using the QC25. Fortunately, though, it was rectified in the QC35 with an additional sensitivity to the headphone microphone. With this innovation in the built-in mic, you can better hear yourself when you talk or answer calls.

When it comes to the features, the QC35 is hands down, the better option. It has rectified and changed whatever was missing or wrong with the much older QC25 version. The rechargeable battery is simply a nice improvement from the AAA batteries used in the QC25.


These two Bose headphones are among the high-quality headphones you can find in the market today. Both the Quiet Comfort 25 and 35 have excellent noise isolation feature, but the QC35 is better for taking calls since it can still allow you to hear yourself speaking.

Both headphones are extremely comfortable and built with high-quality materials. However, if you are looking for more convenience in a headphone, between the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 and 35, the QC35 can offer that in heaps. It has wireless technology which is super convenient to use, and the long-lasting rechargeable battery is a nice improvement plus the support for a digital assistant.

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