Brand: HiFiMAN

HiFiMAN: A Young Brand with Success in Short Time


Just a bit older than Rock Jaw Audio, HiFiMAN is still a young player in the world of headphone designing. Despite this, it has become successful in offering high quality headphones, of which some are considered as the best by several audiophiles across the globe. This is regardless of the cost and design.

HiFiMAN is a designer and producer of a variety of audio products such as headphones, portable players, and amplifiers. However, it is more famous for its superb audiophile grade sound from its full-sized open back headphones and in-ear monitors.

An Historic Overview

The company originated in late 2007 and was founded by Dr. Fang Bian who was pursuing the title of Nanotechnology PhD at that time. In the New York City in late 2005, Bian started a web-store. In 2010, he laid down the foundation of two small factories in China. In 2011, he moved the headquarters to Tianjin in China.

The HiFiMAN tale started when Bian was a teenager who became passionate about the Sony Walkman. This made him collect discontinued and damaged models, which he then rebuilt and sold online.

Later, while helping his patents in setting up a home theatre system, Bian thought of a high fidelity Walkman version and this led to HiFiMAN (Hi-Fi Walkman). In 2008, the company launched its first genuine, high-end audiophile music player.

By 2009, only two years of trading, the company managed to have two manufacturing facilities, one for electronics and other for headphones, in the founder’s homeland in China.  In 2010, it released the now famous planar magnetic headphones.

The goal of the founder was to accomplish a conventional sound of high quality instead of the modern, digital sound becoming common in the world of portable audio. This is evident in its planar magnetic headphones, which have earned it a lot of name and fame.

Although the actual notion behind the company was to design upscale portable players, it is today admired for its HiFiMAN headphones that pushed the brand on the map. Further, right from 2012 to 2015, the brand has managed to earn several awards.

Headphones from HiFiMan

A majority of its headphones implement a distinct driver technology, which is known as ‘Orthodynamic’ and utilizes the planar magnetic drivers instead of the conventional dynamic drivers. As a result, you are ensured of faster response as well as more control.

The planar magnetic or orthodynamic headphones provide a more economical alternative to the highly praised electrostatic drivers. The drivers are actually a mix of dynamic and electrostatic drivers.

Just as the electrostatic drivers, the diaphragm in these drivers is a thin and supple film with the difference in conductors that are actually flat. Similarly, as the dynamics, the drivers utilize a magnetic field with the current flowing via the conductor to steer the diaphragm.

You will find its high performance headphones split into two categories namely, Reference and Premium. The brand also offers in-ear drivers and buds through its hi-Fi category.

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose HiFiMan

  • High quality traditional sound
  • Genuine audiophile experience
  • Versatile to handle most genres

HiFiMAN is truly a great choice for those who love to have advanced driver technology at an affordable rate. It is also for audiophiles who seek compatibility with genres.



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