Brand: Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic: In Tough Competition with Audio-Technica


In terms of customer reviews, Beyerdynamic closely trails Audio-Technica. However, it is an older headphones brand, which has sustained success by remodeling all old models. It is the first choice of several music enthusiasts.

Beyerdynamic specializes in offering portable professional, studio, and DJ headphones. However, it also offers intercoms, interpreters, wireless systems, microphones, and conference systems.

This oldest name in the audio equipment world is owned by a family. It lives by its adage – Feel the Energy of Sound!

A Historic Overview

Beyerdynamic originated in Berlin in 1924 although its present headquarters is in Germany’s Heilbronn. It began as a family business and is yet managed by the Beyer family. The founder was Eugen Beyer who recognized during the 1920s that the cinema offer a new opportunity in the world of communication media.


With this thought in mind, his company initially came up with loudspeakers for film palaces in the same year of its origination. During the 1930s, he built the first dynamic headphones, which even today is the best pair of this brand.

However, the Second World War brought a temporary halt to the production but this paved way to new in 1948 in Heilbronn.

In 1962, it came with its first wireless microphone. During the sixties, its products were used by the Beatles band in 1966 and by the artists such as Stevie Wonder, Abba, and Elton John.

In the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988, the media reporting sites used the Beyerdynamic’s headsets. In 1999, the new Bundestag edifice in the German capital was fitted with the brand’s digital microphones.

Even the Football World Cup’s reporters have used the Beyerdynamic headset. Recently, the brand has introduced the digital wireless system as well.

It is now a 300-employee company. The staff now focuses specifically on the conferencing and transducer headsets as well as microphones.

Although it has zeal in loudspeakers, the passion still is for the basic principles. Even today, the brand is guided by the founder’s visionary values.

As a result, at its core is the incessant drive to innovate in the development of technology. This makes all its products unique in terms of a personalized touch and ideal sound experience.

Headphones from Beyerdynamic

The brand provides a massive mix of headphones all of which are hand-built and are the ultimate in comfort. However, the most interesting and high end models are the ones with its cutting edge Tesla technology. You can expect one of the most immersive and accurate experiences in today’s times.


In the collection, you can come across Hi-Fi, mobile, and in-ear headphones. There are also headphones for studio and stage, accessories, and headphone amplifiers on offer. The brand also offers headsets for aviation, gaming, broadcast, intercom, and multimedia.

Beyerdynamic also offers microphones for vocals, stage and studios, instruments, film, presentation, and broadcasting. There are also sound and wireless microphones and headphones for broadcast on offer.

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose Beyerdynamic

  • Comfort
  • Cutting edge technology

If you choose to invest in the headphones of Beyerdynamic, disappointment is just far away from you. This is regardless of whether you are a professional or a music lover. You are always ensured of extreme comfort, high durability, and incredible quality.



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