Brand: Audio-Technica

Audio-Technica: For Best Price/Performance Trade-off


Many audiophiles and music listeners have made Audio-Technica their first choice when it comes to buying headphones. However, this brand is a pure audio equipment manufacturer whose catalog encompasses even high-performing microphones, instrument cables, turntables, automatic mixtures, and wireless systems.

Specializing in studio, DJ, and professional headphones; the brand is always admired for its superb sound quality, regardless of the series or design of its models. It reliably lives up to its adage of ‘always listening’, as it really listens to its customers to fulfill their demands.

Rated as one of the top brands offering style, durability, comfort, and top-notch sound quality, Audio-Technica has gained many industry awards. Currently, it has established a global presence for offering problem-solving audio products for both home and professional use.

A Historic Overview

Established as a small venture in Tokyo with just three employees, Audio Technica started its journey from 1962. Today, it is a global conglomerate that designs, manufactures, and distributes different audio equipment.

audio-technica-at815a-shotgun-microphoneThe company was founded by Hideo Matsushita and was originally a phonograph cartridge manufacturer. The main notion of this brand is to turn the vision of its founder into a reality.

His vision was set at the age of 32, when he started organized LP concerts in the Tokyo’s Bridgestone Museum of Art. He wanted to come up with something that would become important to them.

The initial products were the stereo phone cartridges known for its clear and accurate sound. Surprisingly, the year 1965 honored the brand by awarding for its tone arm package.

The business expanded and developed rapidly to offer more stuff such as microphones and headphones. In 1974, the brand launched its first pair of headphones. The decades of seventies and eighties also honored the company with several awards.

By 1978, the headphones were so popular that the brand received the MITI Good Design Award. Both the microphones and headphones were used in the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games and 2000 Summer Olympic Games.

These products were also used in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games along with the Olympic games in 2004 (summer), 2006 (winter), 2008 (summer), and 2012 (summer).

Headphones from Audio-Technica

  • Portable headphones with amazing sound and comfort on the go, even while jogging
  • Hi-Fi headphones with superb sound quality
  • Studio headphones with amazing natural performance for recording
  • Active noise cancelling headphones for hearing only what comes from the pair
  • Headsets with microphones for VoIP communication
  • DJ headphones without reverberating music from the speakers
  • Gaming headsets for superb virtual reality experience

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose Audio-Technica

  • Best rate / performance trade-off
  • Not so pricey products yet high quality performance

Comfort and practicability

You obviously need good headphones that deliver quality sound while at the same time emphasizing on all aspects of the music; be it the bass, treble or the combination of everything. The Audeze LCD-4 headphones come with a stock cable which is extremely good especially when it comes to the delivery of bass.

Once you wear the headphones, you will enjoy the real stage tonality of the music. The effectiveness of the Audeze LCD-4 headphones is such that you will feel the breeze of the air from the trumpet, the very impact of the transients and every pluck of the guitars’ strings.

The weight of these headphones is 700g which by all standards is heavy. However, the manufacturer has cleverly designed the headband to distribute the weight over the head.

The incredibleness of these headphones will finally be delivered when you listen to a well-choreographed choir concert. While it is easy to separate each and every voice, you will also love the thrill of flowing teleporting to the very theater the concert is. The voices are not only holographic but clearly natural. Indeed, you will love every other song you listen to using these headphones especially when you set the volume at midrange.

Audeze LCD-4 HeadphoneThe Audeze LCD-4 come with large head cups which are well covered with high-quality leather. The comfort of these headphones is made certain by the carbon fiber suspensions which are hinged to a strong headband covered with leather. This greatly enhances comfort and practicability.

The performance of the Audeze LCD-4

It would be unfair to just lump all the good sound qualities of the Audeze LCD-4 headphones together. You need to know that the bass of this sound equipment is comparable to none other. The detail to the texture of the bass slams is smooth and in an extraordinary way exhilarating.

The treble of the Audeze LCD-4 is not as good as the emphasis given to the bass or the midrange sound. The midrange of these headphones somewhat compensates for what the treble fails to explicitly deliver; sensuality.


  • Ergonomically gorgeous
  • Exceptional sonic texture
  • Engrossing deep, fine soundstage


  • The metal grilles pick up fingerprints way too easily
  • Very heavy (700g)
  • Extremely expensive at $3,995


Audio Technica is definitely a reliable brand for those who do not have a huge budget and yet want high quality as well as performance. It offers a variety of products catering to the needs of buyers from walks of life. Consider it if you do not want to risk on a pair from an unknown brand and still want an assurance that you get what you pay for.



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