Brand: Bose

Bose: Loathed and Loved Equally but More Worthy of the Latter


Bose is admired for its professional and home audio systems, noise cancelling headphones, speakers, and automobile sound systems. It also has a peculiar status for being defensive of its trademarks and patents.

Bose is one of the most reliable and respected brands among the masses, when it comes to buying headphones and audio speakers. However, it is exactly opposite for the audiophiles having a shrewd ear. Still, Bose is not a brand to be mocked upon, even for the audiophiles.

Better Sound Through Research!!!
As their tagline states “Better Sound through Research”, Bose has been thriving in the market since 1964. Bose’s expertise lies in the production of home audio systems and speakers, professional audio systems, noise cancelling headphones and automobile sound systems. Having maintained the reputation for being chiefly caring of its patents, trademarks, and brand, Bose offers three variants of headphones; basic earphones, over-ear headphones and aviation headsets. Bose earphones are designed to not just provide powerful performance, but also a comfortable fit.

Unlike the clichéd earphones, Bose earphones specifically cater to your needs of Apple and Android phones along with noise cancelling, sweat and weather resistant features. With a price range starting from $129, Bose earphones are colourfully designed for maximized sound and minimized distraction.

Apart from Bose earphones, Bose earbuds are also popular for a great sound support, and are compatible for usage with all versions of Bose mobile in-ear headsets. Few of the key features of Bose earbuds include; increased in-ear stability, sports washable silicone, is available in three different sizes.

Talking about Bose headphones, they are designed in a lightweight manner for a comfortable usage. Their over the ear headphones ensure to deliver music in crisp detail for personal listening. A large number of Bose headphones have the noise cancelling feature along with the aware mode to hear the surroundings at the touch of a button. The key reason for Bose headphones to exhibit deep, clear sound is due to active EQ and TriPort technology. The headphones come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that charges in just 2 hours. However, if the battery dies, one can still listen to music like any other regular in-ear headphone. Currently, Bose has just one design of an Aviation Headset, that features a Bluetooth audio and communications interface along with customizable audio prioritization control.

A Historic Overview

Established in 1964 and founded by Amar G. Bose, the company is one of the most hard-working brands for manufacturing a variety of audio equipment. It resulted out of the disappointed of the founder with the stereo system brought eight years ago.

Bose IE2 audio headphones

This disappointment motivated him to research about the reverberant (indirect) sound on the apparent audio quality. After all, he was a graduate MIT student. The research was geared toward the clarifying factors that the founder perceived as the basic weaknesses of the high-end audio systems.

The fundamental weakness was the failure to justify the spatial properties of the emitted audio in typical listening areas such as homes as well as the connotation of spatiality for psychoacoustics, which refers to the hearer’s head as the object of aural diffraction and as a part of the system.

The research imprinted ideas such as reflected sound and psychoacoustics onto the collective awareness of audiophiles. With psychoacoustics, as the field of our perception of sound; Bose planted the seeds of the future technology and formed the Bose Corporation with the slogan – ‘Better Sound through Research’.

Bose’s initial loudspeaker product isolated 22 miniature mid-range speakers while being in the corner of a room and utilizing reflections. However, it failed in the listening test. This made him to conclude that the limited knowledge of psychoacoustics restricts the ability to depict quantitatively any two random sounds.

Bose also did not find quantifiable relevance to perceived quality in other measurable parameters of electronics. This is why the Bose products do not come with published specifications.

According to Bose, the ultimate test is the hearer’s perception of audible quality as well as own preferences. The unwillingness to publish specifications is also due to Bose’s inclination toward more meaningful measurement procedures.

In further research about psychoacoustics, Bose came up with a clear significance of the authority of reflected sound toward the listener’s head, a listening condition as a trait of a live performance. This resulted in a speaker design with eight mid-range drivers having proper equalization, which were at the wall behind the speaker and one more ninth driver toward the hearer.

With a grown up 10,500-strong company, Bose is also admired for its noise cancelling headphones. The birth of these headphones was due to the disruption by the roaring engine of the plane while the founder was listening to music. This is the incident of 1970s.

Headphones from Bose

At present, Bose offers a variety of dynamic noise-cancelling headphones. These headsets are also available for the aviation industry, which are in use in the Space Shuttle to keep hearing damage away.

To cater to the requirements of the rest of the people, the brand offers circumaural, mobile, in-ear, Bluetooth, and supra-aural headsets. However, it is the noise-cancelling ones that have gained maximum praise.

There’s a Bose for your car, home, office, and a studio. Yes, the price is more but much of it goes into the ongoing research conducted by the MIT.
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