5 Of The Best Workout Earbuds Under 50 – A (2020 Reviewed and Guide)

Rear view of fit woman in loft gym listening to musicPower workouts are an essential part of my life. I have always been a fitness enthusiast, mindful that a healthy lifestyle is a key to a long, wholesome, and satisfying existence. To keep myself motivated, I listen to the fantastic music by my favorite DJs on my iPhone.

These are the wonderful international music producers of dance, techno, and Electro-Dance music (or popularly known as EDM for the young generations Y and Z): Dutch DJ Tiesto, Italy’s DJ Benny Benassi, Germany’s Paul van Dyk, the UK’s Paul Oakenfold, and plenty of others.

Their sounds surely power-boost my workout sessions, making me give my all to keep fit. Definitely, I cannot do without the best workout earbuds under 50 when performing my workouts and as I keep myself entertained with these lively EDM sounds.

These are the tiny sound equipment that relays the world’s best EDM music to my ears, making my gym sessions worthwhile and fulfilling. I have tried several listening pieces of equipment like traditional headphones and earphones with wires. However, you may ask me what made me decide to use wireless earbuds.

We live in the modern, technologically driven, 21st-century society where you can expect traditional things to be left behind and rendered forgotten items. Thus, I have decided to replace my wired headphones and earphones for convenience’s sake, besides adapting to the changing times.

My wireless earbuds have been with me for the past year, and I have absolutely no regrets. You may wonder how much the best workout earbuds under 50 is worth(value and performance).  You may speculate that it must be expensive, considering that it is an item of modernity and seems to be only for the technologically savvy youth.

But let me tell you that it is not expensive at all. My wireless earbuds’ price falls below the $50 costing level. Moreover, it offers me the best experience, delivering optimum sound quality, powerful bass, steady comfort, and dependable durability.

Can you imagine how such affordable contemporary item can provide such benefits? Let me tell you more about my experience so you would believe it.

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Common Issues with Headphones When Used for Workouts

Woman in earbuds looking at camera and smiling over white wall

In the past, I would use headphones when going to the gym. This equipment was compatible with my old iPhone 4s which had a headphone jack. My headphones served me well, keeping me awake and positively reinforcing me to prevent sweating and burning those calories on the treadmill.

However, you bet, as I performed my physical exercises, the headphones were a hassle! Not only was the equipment bulky, but it also prevented me from doing a variety of physical movements. I found it difficult to stretch my arms, to bend my knees, to twirl my hips, to dance, and so forth.

Whenever I made vigorous movements or lifted weights, I usually decided to take off my headphones first, so they do not get in the way. The cord of my headphones also restricted my movement. Discomforting as it was, it made me strain my neck when I performed core and weight exercises.

My traditional headphones also distracted me from my counting during my workouts. I might have been enjoying the power music blasting on my ears, but I lost track of my exercise routine. There are times, then, that I had to perform the exercises all over, all because of my traditional headphones.

The traditional listening equipment, indeed, hampered me from achieving satisfying workout sessions. Therefore, I just needed to rely on the blaring dance music at the gym.

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The Arrival of Wireless In-Ear Headphones: Pure Workout Delight

Photo of brunette smiling girl 20s in sportswear wearing bluetooTechnology is indeed a saving grace, making life easier for many. Think of the Apple AirPods which were devised by Apple as it removed the iPhone’s 3.5-millimeter headphone jack back in 2016. This development was followed by Motorola, Google, and HTC, all of which gradually introduced the wireless headphones into the mainstream market.

You may dispute my belief, thinking that technology is only for those who could afford its comfort. However, I beg to disagree. I think it depends on the modern equipment. When I discovered the wireless earbuds, I initially thought that it was only for those who had the money to purchase it.

But believe me, you can surely get high-end sound with just a $50-budget! These completely wireless in-ear headphones are created for those who love to enjoy music simultaneously as they are doing physical activities.

They are certainly a miracle for gym enthusiasts like me who are also money-savvy. I consider my wireless earbuds as the most important piece of fitness equipment. They are referred to as “true wireless” because of the absence of cords between my earbuds and my smartphone or music player.

Without the inconvenience of wires, I am free to move however I would like to. I am not bothered by any cords bouncing around with every move I make. My affordable wireless earbuds also do not easily fall off my ears. They are also water-proof and sweat-resistant.

Therefore, I can use them for swimming.  Perspiration does not impair their performance, too. I highly recommend the use of wireless earbuds for the sporty type.  Manufacturers of this equipment offer feature that are genuinely for the convenience of the users.

You may find wireless earbuds that boast extra perks like internal microphones and a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Some of them also have corresponding applications, fitness tracking, and GPS tracking. I guarantee you that you will not regret your decision of buying a budget-friendly wireless in-ear headphone.

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Photo of young fitness woman 20s in sportswear drinking water

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Features to Consider When Availing Earbuds Below $50

Wireless earbuds are now teeming in online establishments and brick and mortar stores.  There are myriads of brands, style, and colors to choose from. But before you set out and look for the best pair, I recommended that you get yourself educated first about the important factors to keep in mind when buying this listening equipment.

In this discussion, our focus is the wireless earbuds or the wireless in-ear earphones. These are currently being developed by millions of manufacturers who are trying to revolutionize its functionality and style.

The other types of earphones are the on-ear and the over-ear headphones.  It was the one I previously had. It rests on top of the ears, though not completely enclosing them. On the other hand, the over-ear headphones enclose the whole ears of the user. These headphones may offer better sound quality with better bass and louder volumes.

However, over-ear headphones may not be as portable or as convenient as the on-ear ones. When purchasing wireless earbuds below $50, I did some personal research and asked myself the following questions:

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How Durable Are the Wireless In-ear Headphones?

Portrait of a pretty young fitness girlSince I would be using the wireless headphones at the gym or whenever I do my workouts, it is impossible for the equipment to be handled gently always. There would be times that I would inadvertently toss my gym bag. These earpieces may also suddenly drop off my ear in the middle of a rigorous workout.

Moreover, the rain does not stop me from going out for a quick jog.  My perspiring face would inevitably dampen my wireless earbuds. Now, would they easily break?  Would they stop functioning or working properly after I pick them up and place them back on my ears?

The properties of strength and sweat and water resistance are a must when purchasing wireless earbuds. They need to be capable of withstanding moisture and abuse.

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Are They Comfortable to Wear? Are They Available in Varied Sizes?

Wireless in-ear headphones should provide comfort. Without getting interrupted by the long and troubling wires, I can enjoy my gym session with the vibrant song “2U” by DJ David Guetta and Justin Bieber.

In addition, wireless earbuds with size specifications can prevent them from dropping from my ears. They can stay secure on my ears, fitting comfortably.

I can, hence, move my head as I feel the intense music vibes in the gym.

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Is the $50-Price of Wireless Earbuds Real? From Which Stores Can I Buy Them?

Top view portrait of a pretty young fitness girlPremium wireless in-ear headphones that give all the best features certainly come at a steep price. They offer the advantages of great sound quality, state-of-the-art design, and other enhanced qualities like advanced noise-cancellation. These facts almost made me lose heart.

Nevertheless, I did not get discouraged. The $50 that I allocated surely afforded me the fine pair of wireless earbuds. Contrary to popular belief, these affordable, cordless, in-ear headphones possess similar great features as the premium ones do.

My diligent search in the retail giant’s website paid off. It did not leave me wasting my time as I was able to find this equipment that brought great value to my hard-earned money. Not only that, the store offered me the benefits of a two-year warranty and fast shipping. So I recommend that you have to keep looking and never give up.

You can purchase from the e-Commerce behemoth or the manufacturer’s website for guaranteed quality earbuds.

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Can You Get Premium Audio Quality at a Cheap Price?

When I purchased my wireless earbuds for $50, I did not regret it when it comes to its delivery of quality audio. Playing the bass-boosted version of “Satisfaction” by DJ Benny Benassi sounded the same as its version on a compact disc.

Wireless audio-fidelity certainly has developed in leaps and bounds because of the compression performed by the AptX technology, a type of Bluetooth technology. As I use the stationary bike, I do not mind increasing my pace as the music just sounded and felt great! Who would have thought that these earpieces are not the $300-plus, high-end equipment?

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    Can the Battery of the Wireless In-ear Headphones Endure for Long Hours?

As power dance music is my great motivator for my power workouts, its sudden breakdown disappoints me. Not only does this event interrupt my workout session, but it also somewhat diminishes my zeal to carry on with my physical exercises.

The long-lasting battery is indubitably a necessity for hours-long runs or marathons. Having a long battery life enables me to complete my exercises with an upbeat mood.

Fitness Woman holds in hands Wireless Headphones, Sport style Bluetooth earbuds

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What Wireless Connectivity and Control Features Are Included?

Since I used to own the traditional, wired headphones, I was accustomed to controlling the volume and the pause and play buttons along the cable. However, when I got hold of my budget-friendly earbuds, my life changed because the controls are found on the earpieces themselves. Quite techie, isn’t it?

I discovered that wireless earbuds could possess their controls as protrusions or as touch controls. Some of them can also be controlled through external applications or by voice commands.

In this equipment, double-tapping launches Siri where music can be controlled by using commands like “Skip track” or “Turn the volume up.” Some of this equipment also has Near-Field Communication (NFC) functionality or utilize Bluetooth to pair up with an external speaker or a smartphone.

There are also those wireless in-ear headphones that combine both Bluetooth and NFC into one. Users can pair this equipment through Bluetooth or by merely tapping the NFC-capable gadget onto the headphones.

The Reviews

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5 Budget-Friendly Wireless Earbuds Below $50

1. TaoTronics TT-BH16

Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics Wireless 5.0 in Ear Earbuds...
  • Stable Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 pairs with a built-in ceramic antenna for enhanced signal; cVc 6.0 noise...
  • Secure Magnetic Design: Earbuds attach together so you can wear them like a necklace and avoid losing...
  • Highly compatible: Bluetooth 5. 0 connects with iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, and music players;...
  • aptX for High Fidelity Audio: aptX codec provides CD like sound quality for an outstanding, lag-free auditory...
  • Enhanced Wearability: Interchangeable soft earbuds and ear hooks provide a comfortable, snug fit; sport...

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This budget-friendly earbud is sweat and rain-resistant. With the IPX6 splash-proof rating, I learned that I don’t have to be concerned about moisture or these devices getting soaked with my sweat during an intense workout session.

However, there are restrictions like getting them wet in the washing machine if you forget them inside your jogging pants. In this case, you will have to purchase a new pair.

The built-in magnets are also a wonder. These safe and magnetic properties of the earbuds make them attachable together. So far, I can always locate where they are through this feature. Moreover, I can wear them around my neck like a necklace after I am finished with my workouts. They perfectly complement my sporty look.

Comfort and Size

I am satisfied with the secure ear hooks of these wireless earbuds. They worked well. The interchangeable soft inner earbuds also pleased me as they and the ear hooks came in different sizes. I did not have to worry as I suddenly turned my head.

These earbuds I fitted me well. I can stretch, kick, turn around, and bend with complete confidence at the gym. So far, I have not encountered being troubled by re-adjusting these in-ear pieces in the middle of my workouts. They did not fall off my ears, and that made me happy. In terms of comfort, I also do not have any problem. They are light, portable, and wearing them certainly feels terrific.

Sound Quality

This affordable pair of wireless earbuds has a pretty decent performance, in my view. As I was jogging on the treadmill, I felt motivated to keep going. This listening equipment delivered a quite powerful bass, playing Kanye West’s “Stronger.” I guarantee that it delivered CD-quality audio with bass boosted. The AptX technology is responsible for the satisfying high-fidelity sound these wireless earbuds offer. Crispness, however, is not much noticeable.

Hence, some of the sounds of the musical instruments used in the song may not be as distinct. Nevertheless, I am not much of an audiophile. Hence, these features are not much of a concern for me. Music streaming is stable, and I do not experience any hiccups or lags in my listening experience. I can always switch to another energetic and sunny track on my workout playlists like Kanye West’s “Through the Wire” or his duet with T-Pain entitled, “Good Life.” Whenever my boyfriend calls me, I use these wireless earbuds, and the ceramic antenna facilitates the seamless and clear reception.

I have not encountered any unwelcome signal drops. I recommend these earbuds for those who need to stay enthusiastic in doing their exercises.

2. SoundPEATS Q30 Plus

SoundPEATS Bluetooth Earphones, Wireless 5.0 Magnetic...
  • 【High Quality Stereo Sound】- Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0, Powerful 10mm driver, High-end chipset QCC3034,...
  • 【Built-in Magnetic Design & Long-Lasting Usage】- Up to 13 hours talk time / music time with only 1.5 hours...
  • 【Customizable Accessories】- The earbuds come with customizable accessories, 3 pairs normal earbuds tips...
  • 【IPX6 Sweat Resistant & Good Compatibility】- Built for your active lifestyle - these earbuds are rated...
  • 【Volume Control & In-line Mic】- The earbuds have an in-line mic and volume control buttons, perfect for...

Last update on 2020-05-22 at 18:03 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Customer reviews find this pair of wireless earbuds praiseworthy, giving it mostly five stars. It proved insecurity perceptions wrong as they stay securely on the ears. When I tested these wireless earbuds, I also did not have to re-adjust them constantly.

They are great for physical exercises due to their light weight. Overall, it is a great product. Moreover, trying these pair of wireless earbuds at the gym, I learned that I do not have to be concerned if I am dripping due to sweat. These earbuds can withstand wet conditions which are accounted for by the impressive IPX Level 6 splash rating.

Comfort and Size

These Bluetooth in-ear headphones are delivered together with customizable accessories. They include three pairs of earbud tips. They come in the three standard sizes – small, medium, and large.

Not only that, but this pair also comes with two additional sizes – extra-large or XL and extra-small or XS. I think buyers do not have to be concerned with their ear sizes as they would surely find the right fit with these earbuds. The ergonomics ear hooks design and the silicone materials guarantee all-day comfort as well.

With the sturdy leatherette ear bag also supplied, besides comfort, this component also ensures tidiness and portability. These magnetic, wireless, in-ear headphones can also be attached when you are not using them. I tried them on like a necklace around my neck, and I realized, how convenient! I also looked fashionable.

Sound Quality

I tested these wireless earbuds, and it also delivers high-fidelity stereo sound, thanks to the AptX technology. The sound is exhilarating and listening to “Paradise” by Chris Brown, and DJ Benny Benassi boosted my zeal in lifting the six-pound weights at the gym. In addition, these wireless earbuds allow me to hear my boyfriend or my parents’ voices in a clear manner whenever they call. They also do not complain about being unable to hear me.

The in-line microphone, volume, and mute control buttons allow ultimate audio playback control of these earpieces. They also facilitate the skipping of songs. These features allow me to no longer have to reach for my iPhone to adjust the audibility of my conversations with the people close to me.

The SoundPEATS wireless earbuds guarantee crispness of sound. The drums in DJ Panda’s “It’s a Dream” is perfectly and lucidly audible. These earbuds also deliver clear sound in the highs and middles. The stereo-sound quality impresses together with the noise-canceling feature, too.

They help me focus on the songs on my workout playlist, blocking out the gym’s music. However, these pair of earbuds lacks bass. So if you consider this aspect of music, you had better purchase another option.

Battery Life

At almost full volume, this pair of affordable wireless earbuds can work for eight hours maximum. This feature is not a problem for me. I can use it for about two to three days at most. This battery life also gives me the confidence of uninterrupted workout sessions. When charging it, you would need to allocate an approximately two-hour charging time in order to fill up their batteries.

Wireless Connectivity, Controls, and other Features

In terms of compatibility, this pair works with Bluetooth gadgets and most smartphones like the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and other Android devices.

Hence, purchasing it will not give much inconvenience to the user, since pairing it with other devices is easy. I recommend these earpieces for people with very active lifestyles. When you receive the box, the packaging contains the SoundPEATS Q30 Plus Bluetooth Headset, three slide line buckles, one-line clamp, and one leatherette carrying pouch.

There are also ten interchangeable ear tips (representing the sizes, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-small), six interchangeable ear fins, one USB charging cable, and the user manual.

3. Phaiser BHS-750

Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Headphones Runner Headset Sport...
  • HD SOUND - 8mm Speakers combined with Bluetooth 4.1 create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. The...
  • MAGNETIC - Easily stow your Ear buds by wearing them around your neck. Instantly access your Earphones anytime...
  • SWEAT PROOF - Say Goodbye to Water-Damage! Protected by Liquipel Nano Coating your Buds withstand sweaty...
  • SECURE FIT - The patented winged earphone tips hold your Buds in place during rigorous workouts. Over- and...
  • LIFETIME SWEATPROOF WARRANTY - Don’t be afraid to push your workouts to the max! We’ll replace your...

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In terms of durability, this pair of wireless earbuds has been commended as a favorite of endurance athletes and fitness aficionados. Designed by seasoned audio engineers from Switzerland, I felt secure learning that the Liquipel Nano Coating technology safeguards my equipment for any water damage.

They are sweat-proof. Hence, I can sweat all the way during my highly perspiring workout sessions! Nevertheless, they are not for swimming or subject under torrential downpours. Phaiser guarantees that these wireless in-ear headphones will still perform their best even after an in inadvertent dropping into water or during demanding activities.

The aluminum-magnesium-alloy metal pieces add to their strength. These earbuds also clasp together through the small neodymium magnets placed on the backside of each of them. Therefore, when I am taking a break after an intense workout session or going to the restroom, I can wear them like a necklace with the magnet serving as the loop.

Comfort and Size

This pair of wireless earbuds offers security and proper fitting. I feel so comfortable wearing them. During the dance exercises, I was able to twist, turn, and twirl around with confidence. These earbuds stayed in place, and they did not slip during those rigorous moments.

Available in five different colors which are blackout, heliotrope, lime green, ocean blue, and red heat, they can be worn over-ear with the wire coming up or under-ear with the wire down and lower. The Phaiser model has the patented “anti-drop” winged earphone tips.

This property makes them hold the earbuds securely. Hence, I do not have to be bothered with adjusting them. The sophisticated set of Comply T-400 memory foam tips is much softer than the standard tips. They fit nicely on my inner ear and help block unwanted distractions.

Furthermore, the ear hooks and the tips are very soft. Going on workouts for at least two hours will still make me feel comfortable because these earbuds do not hurt after long hours of use.

Sound Quality

Music is my primary motivator and serves a vital part in the overall success of my fitness. The Phaiser sport wireless earbuds surprisingly offer a lot of positives when it comes to audio quality.

When I played upbeat songs like Donna Summer’s “She Works Hard for the Money” and the 1970s “Wonder Woman Theme,” I am delighted with the superior, high-definition sound delivered by these earbuds. The amount of bass is deep and rich. I noticed this as I listened to Nelly’s famous hit song “Country Grammer” and Sonique’s sprightly rave song, “It Feels So Good.”

I like how the lyrics sang by the singers were delivered lucidly, motivating me to give my best in my workouts. The 8-millimeter speakers and the Bluetooth 4.1 technologies allow the creation of highly accurate sounds. In addition, I only get to hear my music, without the unnecessary external sounds like the gym’s music or my workout mates’ noisy chatter.

Battery Life

The battery life lasting for about five to seven hours is just about right. This duration would work well for at least two to three days for me. I usually do not turn up the volume of my earbuds all the way. So, I think the battery would last even longer.

Like the other wireless earbuds, an estimated two-hour charging time would be sufficient enough to regain the battery life after it has drained.

Wireless Connectivity, Controls, and other Features

Using the Phaiser wireless earbuds is not a problem for today’s devices. It supports virtually any iOS or Android gadgets that have Bluetooth. In fact, this wireless headset has perfected the Bluetooth connection.

I was able to experience a steady stream of excellent music while I was at least 40 feet away from my iPhone. Moreover, hands-free calls are effective. So even if I was in the middle of my stretching, I could answer a phone call through the in-line controller. When I am too busy to talk, I can simply drop the call, and my music will continue playing.

Moreover, the specially designed microphone also diminishes the background noise, so I could hear who I am talking to and vice versa very clearly even with the blaring gym music. When receiving the package, you could expect to get the Bluetooth in-ear headphones, a carrying case, and the earphone tips with three standard sizes.

In addition, two pairs of cable management clips, two collar clips, six pairs of the wing attachments in three standard sizes, a USB micro-charging cable, and a user manual are included.


FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless...
  • 1.SAMLL - Wear comfortable, hidden, suitable for a variety of scenes
  • 2. MULTIPOINT CONNECTION - At the same time connect 2 mobile phone
  • 3.ENERGY CONSERVATION - Generally speaking, the battery can keep 3.5 hours life for all this similar products,...
  • 4. BLUETOOTH 4.1 & EDR TECHNOLOGY- Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connected to your...
  • 5. MAGNETIC INDUCTIVE CHARGING - Never Have to fiddle with cords, you put it to charge and pick it up when you...

Last update on 2020-05-22 at 20:45 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Can you imagine that a super tiny wireless device could deliver powerful sound? As a fitness enthusiast and music fan tired of wires, I was stunned to try this pair of in-ear headphones.

I must say that it is high-quality and fashionable, setting the bar for the Bluetooth audio industry. At the gym, I commend its impressive durability. I once dropped one of the earpieces, but it still worked perfectly fine. It is also water-proof. Working on my arms causes me to sweat a lot.

However, wearing these earpieces with perspiration soaking them will not cause them any serious damage.

Comfort and Size

Creators of this pair of wireless earbuds must be responding to the call of techies and minimalists. It has been hailed as the smallest, most invisible, and budget-friendly wireless in-ear headphones available because they are below one inch in diameter.

Moreover, I used these oval-shaped devices for my 20-minute run, and I have no complaints. They feel comfortable to wear considering their light weight. Indeed, you could barely notice them! Like other wireless earbuds, the ergonomic design of these earbuds makes them conform to different ear sizes and contours.

The rubberized ear tip is quite plush and soft. I could wear them for hours. One word of caution though: It could fall off several times for first-time users. I experienced this inconvenience. However, this can be avoided by making sure that they are firmly placed on both ears.

These FOCUSPOWER earbuds are perfect for running, biking, and doing household chores.

Sound Quality

These wireless earbuds are “small but terrible”! And when I say “terrible,” it means powerful or great! I played Madonna and DJ Paul Oakenfold’s “It’s So Cool,” and the loud and powerful sound amazed me! I felt like I am at a dance music festival.

The same held when I listened to DJ Kaskade’s remix of Britney Spears’s “Gimme More” that I felt energized doing the leg lifts, donkey kicks, and the leg scissors. I tried listening to pop music like “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld and Chubby Checker’s classic rock and roll song, “Twist,” and the earbuds delivered equally terrific sounds, regardless of the genre. The tones are clear and crisp. The highs are vibrant. The lyrics sang by the singers were highly audible and distinctive.

Nevertheless, if you like rap music with intense basses like those by Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Jamie Foxx, I warn you that this pair of wireless earbuds would not be able to give you your desired bass level. It is safe to say that the bass is sufficient, but because of its miniature size, it does not deliver as you would want it to.

Hence, you had better look for another choice if the bass is important to you.

Battery Life

My workout sessions usually last for one hour and a half to two hours. The seven-hour music playtime capability of this listening equipment is not bad at all. My wireless listening can, therefore, be extended for up to two days without needing to charge the device immediately.

I once encountered it lasting only for three hours. Initially, I slightly panicked, thinking that perhaps it is broken or there was some factory defect. But I did some personal research, and the reason behind this case was that I was using high volumes to listen to music.

This situation drained the batteries. Anyway, charging this pair of affordable wireless earbuds is easy and fast. Its independent 55 mAh lithium-ion battery requires two hours or less to make it fully charged and ready for another round of extensive use.

Wireless Connectivity, Controls, and other Features

I like the wireless freedom offered by these wireless earbuds. Thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) technology, I can listen to music or entertain a call for up to 33 feet away from my device.

This pair of earbuds works perfectly with all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. Pairing it with my iPhone was not a problem. When I am in the middle of jogging on the treadmill, and my boyfriend suddenly calls to check on me, I could hear his voice perfectly without any transmission or distortion concerns.

I also have not complaints when using this equipment as I go for a morning run on a day with light rains. Windy and overcast weather does not impede the proper performance of these earbuds. The Multi-point Connection property of these in-ear headphones enables me and my boyfriend’s mobile phones to connect to them simultaneously. We can, hence, share our playlists at the gym or play songs on our devices even if we are at the different areas of the facility.

When receiving the package, I got the pair of earbuds, an attractively zippered carrying case to keep them safe and easy to find, one inductive magnetic USB charger, and three ear tips of standard sizes. In addition, the user manual and one Lithium Metal battery are also included.

5. Mpow D7

Seneo by Mpow Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Earbuds Sport,...
  • Faster & More Stable Connection: Featured Bluetooth 5.0 technology, Seneo wireless earbuds make you enjoy a...
  • HD Stereo Sound: With built-in high quality audio chip and dual microphones, Seneo true wireless headphones...
  • Truly Wireless-Smart Touch Control: Featuring touch sensors to control all your music and phone calls with...
  • IPX7 Sweatproof: Water resistant casing and IPX7 Nano-coating technology protect internal components against...
  • All day Power and Superior Comfort: From the office to the airport, a 3.5 hour battery life in each earbud and...

Last update on 2020-05-22 at 18:03 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Of all the budget-friendly wireless earbuds I have read reviews about, the Mpow model has the highest waterproof rating of IPX7. I think this makes it impressive. As I love to sweat and burn calories at the gym for a couple of hours, I do not have to worry if my intense perspiration soaks these sweat-proof earbuds. T

he water-resistant Nano-coating efficiently safeguards these sport in-ear headphones from any form of a water hazard. I can use them for a long time, then, as their durability and long lifespan are guaranteed. These earbuds are an ideal outdoor companion.

I use them when jogging, running, and hiking both on sunny and rainy weather.

Comfort and Size

My intense workout sessions go plain-sailing with these earbuds. They stay comfortably in place. I can move vigorously without having to worry about them dropping from my ears.

The ergonomic, flexible in-ear design and the ultra-soft over-ear hooks with silicone earbuds offer me tangle-free comfort which I am happy with. My ears do not get tired nor do they feel hurt after I finish my gym session. The manufacturer also cares, providing ear tips of various sizes (extra-small, small, medium, and large).

Sound Quality

Mpow’s professional in-house engineers devised a pair of wireless headphones that offers quality sound you surely will not regret! When I tried this on, the high-definition, stereo sound left me in awe. DJ Tiesto and DJ Hardwell’s collaborative work, “Zero 76 (Twoloud Remix)” drove me forward through the rich bass and HD audio quality.

I could not stop dancing as if I was at the exhilarating Tomorrowland Music Festival in Europe! In addition, DJ Paul van Dyk’s “A Wonderful Day” certainly made my day after my workouts through this listening equipment’s clear sound delivery. It is certainly incredible, considering that this device also wonderfully cancels out the external noise.

Battery Life

The Mpow earbuds model has an upgraded battery for up to 10 to 12 hours of continuous music playback. Now, that is long! I love this improved battery capacity feature because even if I have finished my workouts, I can continue enjoying my music while having my power breakfast.

Hence, these wireless earbuds certainly prolong my enjoyment.

Wireless Connectivity, Controls, and other Features

Mpow has been dedicated to creating Bluetooth headphones for a long time. No doubt, the Bluetooth in the in-ear headphones I purchased worked perfectly fine. In addition, this affordable pair of wireless earbuds easily connected to my smartphone.

I also did not have any problems with the hands-free calling. My loved ones and I could hear each other clearly through the built-in microphone.

I could also switch effortlessly between answering phone calls and playing songs. Getting the best wireless earbuds do not have to be expensive. Merely getting rid of the long wire should not cost you over hundreds of dollars. These five examples of affordable wireless earbuds will not only help you improve your self-confidence, fitness, and weight, but will also educate you as a consumer that premium music enjoyment at the gym does not have to come at a steep price.



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