5 of the Best Wireless Headphones Under 150 – A Buying (2020) Guide

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Wireless headphones give you that private bubble filled with music, but because they come at various sizes and prices.

You might also experience difficulties in deciding which among the headphone brands and models are worth your money.

Fortunately, my review can help you determine which of the best wireless headphones under $150 matches your needs.

Product Table

5 of the Best Headphones Under 150$ (Comparison)



SENNHEISER HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active...
Sennheiser HD 4.50

Sennheiser HD 4.5 is one of the new series of Sennheiser’s HD 4 packed with features. This headphone is great for people who are always on the go because of its closed-back and active noise-canceling features.

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones,...
Sony XB950N1

Sony XB950N1 is one of the best wireless headphones that have an amazing noise-canceling feature. Also, you have the option to use it as wireless or wired through the available detachable cable.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone...
Beats Solo 3 Wireless

Beats Solo 3 Wireless is incorporated with Apple W1 technology that enables you to have a seamless operation of this headphone to your Apple devices. Beats Solo 3 Wireless also has an amazing 40-hour battery life that makes it suitable for everyday use.

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof Bluetooth...
Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are designed for people who have an active lifestyle. It offers a powerful audio while promising comfort and secure fit as you work out. You also do not have to worry misplacing your headphone for Bose teamed up with the Tile app.

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for Running, Secure...
Jaybird Run True Wireless

Jaybird Run True Wireless is designed for runners who are prone to fatigue and sweating. This headphone lets you feel inspired by the high-quality music it produces and its water-resistant feature that allows you to sweat it out without damaging your headphone.

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Read the Facts

How to Choose Your Wireless Headphones Under a 150$ Budget

If you want to buy wireless headphones, you must first know the upsides and downsides of having one. Without research, you will not know which among the wireless headgears best suit your requirements.

Bluetooth is the most popular format, but you may have sound quality issues because of file compression. Compressed audio files make music sound less dynamic. You may need to choose models with aptX Bluetooth codex support to improve audio fidelity.

One good advantage of wireless headphones is that you can be 10 meters away from your device, and yet you can still stream audio. However, you no longer have music once your battery dies.

Wireless earbuds, on the other hand, are becoming popular.

However, you need to spare extra cash because it is more expensive than the other wireless headphones. Also, there’s the risk of losing one of the earbuds.

Sound Quality

You need to pay more money if you want better sound quality. However, if you do your research well, you can find the best headphones under $150.

Of course, headphone bass will never be comparable to your massive subwoofers or speakers. However, most wireless headphones manufacturers create their signature sound to focus on the lower frequencies, but at the cost of natural delivery and instrument separation.

Earbuds are portable and tiny, and they cannot compete with over-the-ear, full-size headphones for emotional, dynamic range or deep bass response.

Furthermore, because of Bluetooth limitations, portable wireless headphones do not sound like the other models using different technologies.

However, they still produce enjoyable, Man with headphones in a wild forest. Concept of a hiking trip tbright, and crisp sound.

Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation headphones cancel out the sound that goes through the headphones. It blocks more ambient noise and makes music coming out of the headphones sound much better.

If you want to have the best listening experience, you must ensure that you get headphones with active noise cancellation.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is a way of blocking outside sound when you use your wireless headphones. Unlike noise cancellation, it does not use any specific technology to isolate noise. Manufacturers design their headphones to block any outside interference.

If you are always on the go, you can use the in-ears headphones that have noise isolation features. However, if you want to shy away from the conventional headphones, you can opt for over the ears.

When you opt for noise isolation headphones, it is just between you and your music.

Comfort and weight

If you like wearing your wireless headphones every time, you surely want to feel comfortable with them.  Thus, if you are trying them in stores, you must wear them for about 10 minutes so that you will know if they are comfortable to use.

Remember, you will be using them for long hours, so it is best to try them on to see if your ears will hurt. If you want to buy the over-ear headsets, you must ensure that they fully cover your ears. Moreover, even they will cover your ears, they must still allow your ears to breathe.

Headphones that are worn for a while may feel uncomfortable. Also, the ear pads must not exert a lot of pressure on your ears.

Some headphones can be bulky and heavy. After a few hours of wearing them, you will feel uncomfortable. This is why I find headband-style headphones as more comfortable than the pro-style ones.

Beautiful young woman sitting on stairs listen music in headphones at home indoors


If you are planning to buy wireless headphones, you need to invest in a durable pair. When I look for headphones, I make it a habit to check the earbuds and ear pads.

Check the material and be the judge of it. Would it last the daily wear and tear? Also, check the hinges if the headphones are foldable.

Most users complain that their wireless headphones die prematurely on them. The headphones work for a few months, and then they malfunction unexpectedly.

So, always make it a habit to check for product warranty. Also, call customer service for a hassle-free return and repair if the item breaks down within the warranty period.

Respectable Range

Wireless headphones have a range limit. Bluetooth wireless headsets can have a range of a maximum of 33 feet. However, some Class 1 Bluetooth headsets can have a range of a maximum of 300 feet. Since this type of headset is often small, you can use it with your mobile phones. For Radio Frequency (RF) headsets, their range is up to 300 feet.

Battery Life

Man with long beard and mustache puts wireless headphones on head, defocused urban background. Hipster with headphones on shouting face listening music while walking. Music lover conceptMost headphones can run from 8 to 12 hours. Some models use standard disposable batteries while the others have a built-in rechargeable battery. However, you need to remember that loud volume consumes a lot of power.

Thus, if you want the batteries to last long, you must keep the volume low. Normally, you will need about three hours to charge a wireless headphone’s battery.


You need to think first about how you will be using your wireless headphone. For instance, if you will be using it during your morning commute, you can buy an over-the-ear wireless headset. However, if you will use it at home, you may not need active noise cancellation.

Shop Locally

If you want to try different lightweight Bluetooth headphones before you make a decision, you need to go to a physical store.  Check the different models and make a wise decision by taking the time actually to listen to music using the headphones.

Talk to the dealer to get to learn more about the products offered instore because he may have something better that will match your requirements.

Shop Online

If you do not have the time or have no access to a physical store, you can shop online. Read the reviews and use what you learned as a guide in your search. However, you must also be open to considering other alternatives, as some sites may offer great deals on older models.

However, if you chance upon a brand you have not heard for yourself, don’t take chances. Go to a local dealership store to try it out first.

Unscrupulous traders abound online. Therefore, once you have made your decision, you must buy your headphone from a trusted source.

Otherwise, you may be purchasing a knockoff without any opportunity to return it. In essence, you must practice vigilance when buying anything online.

Know Common Terms Used by Manufacturers

Frequency Response

Most manufacturers exaggerate the frequency response in their lightweight Bluetooth headphones. Thus, this number is irrelevant.

For instance, the cheapest headphone may boast of a 15Hz low-base response performance, but its sound is bright and lightweight. In general, bass buffs choose larger headphones.

Total Harmonic Distortion

The rule is the lower total harmonic distortion a headphone has, the better it will sound, but, this number does not predict sound quality. The best method to check sound quality is to listen to a recording of an acoustic guitar. If the headphone produces a clean sound of the record, it has a better sound quality.


In general, it is easier to achieve a higher volume if the headphone has a lower electrical impedance. Yet, impedance does not guarantee volume capability because other factors can suppress loudness potential.

If you want to buy a headphone, you need to check its loudness.

Three Kinds of Noise Cancellation:

Noise Cancellation1. Feedforward

In this setup, the microphone is outside of the earbud and hears the ambient noise before you hear it. Then, the noise cancellation mechanism processes the sound and cancels it before sending the signal to the speaker.

This is an excellent methodology because it can respond early to noise at a frequency of up to 2kHz. However, it is not able to self-correct because it does hear the anti-noise it created. It can even amplify ambient noise if you place the headset incorrectly.

2. Feedback

This setup sets the microphone inside the earbud and in the speaker’s front. Thus, it is also able to hear the anti-noise it created.

Since it can hear what you hear, feedback noise cancellation can adapt to noise alterations and correct them. Even if you wear the headset incorrectly, it can still cancel ambient noise out. However, it is not effective in suppressing ambient noise between the 1 and 2 kHz range.

3. Hybrid

With hybrid active noise cancellation, your headphone has a microphone on both sides of the earbud; therefore, you get the best of both worlds. This technology suppresses ambient noise and corrects any errors that it may have in broadcasting the resulting signals.  However, it is the most expensive of all noise cancelling headphones.

However, you must understand that active noise cancellation cannot drown out acute noise, like conversations near you or sudden bangs. Though, the sound will not be as loud as what you may hear from ordinary headphones.

In fact, with noise cancellation, you may hear people talking near you, but it becomes nearly impossible to understand what their topic is.

Wireless headphones with active noise cancellation are perfect for travel. You can only hear the sound of the airplane, bus, or subway moderately.

Why Choose a Wireless Headphone?


If you buy a pair of wireless headset, you gain more freedom. You can go around your house without taking your device with you without worrying about knocking off your device from the table or yanking the cable out accidentally. Also, when you buy a new device, you need not worry about an analogue port to plug your headphone cable into.

A young man with a beard listens to loud music in wireless headphones. He does not like these soundsWear them while working out in the gym, jogging, driving, or cycling. If you are someone who cannot workout or run without music, the wireless headphones are for you. With a Bluetooth headphone, you can have a phone conversation even while driving.

Better Connections

Previously, wireless headphones have unreliable playback, and the sound quality resembles that of an old tin can. However, because of modern technology, you have an assurance of better connections between your device and headphones.

In general, Bluetooth earbuds can handle up to 768 kbps only while wired headphones can support a maximum of 2,304 kbps. The speed also depends on the device you are using and the output ratio.

It may be of interest to you that the range of the bitrate files is between 320 and 521 kbps only. Your regular digital data are 256 kbps only. As such, wired headphones do not have any advantage regarding speed.

However, for sound quality, various brands offer headsets with multiple equalization levels. Some manufacturers provide built-in equalization levels for heavy bass while some brands allow users to make adjustments depending on the kind of music playing.

If you buy a Bluetooth headphone, you get double distance coverage and quadruple throughput. You get stable and reliable connections for better mobile audio.

Also, as connections have gotten better than in previous years, prices have become more affordable. The costs of slightly older models continue to drop. The quality gap between wired and wireless headphones is now smaller than before.

Moreover, most models now have noise isolation and bass-boosting technology; so, you can still feel the beat in your favorite music.

Longer Battery Life

The battery life of rechargeable Bluetooth headphones can last for at most 10 hours. However, it depends on the type of headset you buy.

Ten hours is enough time to listen to your favorite music while you are working. It is enough for countless laps around your neighborhood block. Some headphones even allow you to connect to another device in case the battery dies.

Trusted Devices

Using Bluetooth headphones can keep smartphones unlocked. All you need is to pair them with a battery through Smart Lock nearby. Wired headphones cannot broadcast to a smart device.


Unlike wired headphones, wireless headphones are non-exclusive. For instance, a wired headphone may not connect to a device because it has a wrong connector. You need to purchase an adaptor so you can use it.

If you have a new smartphone, you may not be able to use your wired headphone because it has no 3.5mm port. Wireless headphones can connect to most, if not all devices.

Portrait of handsome young hipsterAffordable and Stylish

Manufacturers of wireless headsets today have stylish and sophisticated models. If you are a sports buff, you can buy a headphone with a sporty design.

You need not worry about falling headphones while you run or workout because your chosen wireless earphone will stay in place firmly.

If you are a casual listener, you can opt for a headphone with a sleek design.

Most people think that wireless headgears are more expensive than their wired counterparts. This thinking is not valid anymore. You can buy high-quality headphones at an affordable price.

Some cheaper, yet quality, wireless headphones have a Bluetooth transmitter for non-compatible MP3 players or phones.


Most wireless headgears work with almost everything, such as computers, smartphones, MP3 players, and TV. Today, you can pair your Bluetooth headphone with your TV so that you can listen to your favorite movies or shows while doing something else in your room or other parts of your house.

With your headphone in place, you also do not bother anyone else.

Why Purchase a 150$ Wireless headphone rather than 200 – 400$?

A Wireless Headphone Guy

When you buy a mobile device, you get a free pair of headphones. Most of the time, the earbuds and sound are of poor quality. So, you’d ultimately decide to get headphones.

However, aside from quality, there’s the factor of affordability. Some of the best rechargeable Bluetooth headphones offer the best sound quality, but they also command the highest price.

As for sound quality, this is relative. I may believe that this particular brand of headphones provides the best sound quality while you may think otherwise. I may want more treble or bass in my headphones, but you might not.

Also, more features in the headset mean it comes with a higher price. For instance, you may prefer a headphone with active noise cancellation, but you need to know that not all headsets offer the same noise cancelling quality.

Some manufacturers may advertise their brands as having active noise cancelling, when the truth is, they are not good at cancelling ambient noise.

Moreover, the more robust a headphone is, the higher is its price. However, exceptions are aplenty. For instance, some expensive wireless headphones are not as durable as those in the mid-range category are.

Furthermore, some headphones have one of the best features, but they fail miserably with the others.

In general, the more expensive the wireless headphone, the more fashionable is its design. However, some mid-range earphones have sleek designs too. Of course, the cheapest ones offer the most basic and ugliest designs.

So, the question is how much do you need to spend on a good quality wireless headset?

You can get some decent headphones below the $10 price range, but you need to spend more time looking for them. Their sound quality is good, but you only get the basic headset.

For the $50 price range, you can also find some headphones with decent sound quality. Some of them offer a remote and a mic. Of course, these $50 headsets have better sound quality than the $10 ones, but you may not get the perfect fit and comfort that you want.

The $200-and-above wireless headphones offer better features than the lower priced ones. They provide better sound quality and noise cancellation. However, the price and performance ratio starts to decline at this price range.

Thus, I suggest that you check the headphones below the $200 price range. I lined up some product reviews for you. Actually, you can buy the best Bluetooth headphones under 150. You get the best features and functionalities at an affordable price.


A Full Product Review On The Best Headphones For $150

We have reviewed all the factors and features that fit this category (wireless headphones under 150 Dollars), We Guarantee that you will be satisfied with our recommendations listed below:

1. Sennheiser HD 4.50 (Our Best Headphones Under 150 Dollars)

SENNHEISER HD 4.50 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Active...
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technologies to deliver exceptional wireless sound quality..Connectivity Technology:...
  • NoiseGard active noise cancellation to reduce ambient noise levels improving the listening experience
  • Intuitive ear cup mounted controls for changing tracks and for making calls via the integrated microphone....
  • Up to 19 hour battery life with Bluetooth and NoiseGard activated and is supplied with connecting cable for...
  • 2 year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer

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Features: With this wireless headset, I get vibrant and versatile sound quality that Sennheiser strives to provide consistently. The over-ear headset has a closed-back and is of robust make. It features active noise cancellation through its patented NoiseGard technology that offers clean, high-definition sound.

NoiseGard Technology: If you want pure, unadulterated music, you need to get the HD 4.50 BTNC because you’d indulge in refined sound. With this pair, I enjoyed rich details, powerful bass, and vivid music.

WirelessSince there is no cable, I gained freedom with this headphone. Using NFC technology, I can pair it with any of my compatible devices. I even get a reliable transmission through its state-of-the-art audio codec and wireless technology. Plus, it has excellent wireless Hi-Fi sound.

Natural feelThrough the integrated microphones, I can adjust the volume, change tracks, or make and receive phone calls. The ear-cup mounted controls make me feel naturally happy as I listen to my favorite music.

Supreme sound quality and comfortThis wireless pair of headsets is portable. I can bring it with me anywhere I go. The ergonomic ear pads allow me to enjoy music for hours. It is foldable so I can keep it in its protective case while not in use.

Long Battery LifeWith this headphone, I enjoyed continuous music for a maximum of 25 hours, and because I no longer need to worry about charging it, I could focus more on the listening experience.

Timeless DesignThis premium wireless headset has strong, yet elegant lines. Thanks to its robust materials, its sleek frame can last a long time.


These earphones are one of the best earphones under $150 because they provide good noise cancellation quality that travelers need. Moreover, it has a travel-friendly design, is comfortable to wear, and is exceptionally lightweight. Even with NoiseGard deactivated, the cushioned ear-cups can block out ambient noise. With activated NoiseGuard, I enjoyed my music to the hilt!

Concerning design, this wireless headset can match with its competitors. However, the ear cups do not have a volume dial and call-through button. The headband could have been given more padding and ventilation because the ears can get hot while using it. Also, the switch to activate NoiseGuard needs improvement.

However, the noise cancellation technology can rival with the best in the market today. The Sennheiser HD 4.50 has a more sonic ability for better audio. I use this headphone if I am on a long commute or want some peace in a rowdy environment.

2. Sony XB950N1

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones,...
  • Industry leading digital noise cancelling technology. Connectivity Technology: Wireless Bluetooth 4.1
  • Feel the power of EXTRA BASS
  • High quality wireless audio with Bluetooth and NFC
  • Optimize your sound settings with the Sony Headphones Connect app
  • Enjoy broad frequency response ; Frequency Response: 20 20,000 Hz (POWER ON) (Wired).Driver Unit:1.57 inch,...

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FeatureThe patented EXTRA BASS provides a thundering rhythm wave after way. It enhances my listening experience of low-end frequencies. With a touch of a button, I can start listening to my favorite track.

Noise CancellationThe patented Digital Noise Cancellation allows me to mute the world and enjoy the music. It bars ambient noise so I can hear every detail of the track I’m tuned into.

Adjustable Bass LevelsEach song has a different setting. So that I can enjoy its perfect sound, I can easily adjust the headphone’s bass levels. Furthermore, I can use its presets for hall, club, outdoor, or arena style sound.

PortableI can fold this headphone and put in my bag when not in use. Plus, its soft-cushioned ear pads make listening to my favorite tracks for long hours still feel comfortable.

Long-lasting freedomWith this pair of headphones, I enjoyed up to 22 hours of listening pleasure through Bluetooth technology with NFC. Furthermore, I can turn on its noise cancelling and enjoy the EXTRA BASS technology.


With an over-ear design, the Sony XB950N1 is a pair of large headphones that can block outside noise. The padded headband and ear cups in plush leather are comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

However, even with subtle styling, the headphones look bulky and large. The headphone is plastic with metal adjustment sliders for a sturdier feel.

This headphone is perfect for my travels because I can fold it and put in its cloth pouch when not in use.

If you’re more of the minimalist, then this headphone isn’t for you as this Sony model has too many controls and buttons.

On the left ear cup are the power, micro USB charging port, and Bass Effect equalizer buttons. Moreover, there’s the active noise cancellation button on its left earbud.

It also has a 3.5mm jack if I want it wired. On the right ear cup are the music playback, volume control button, and slider.

Even for me who has been using it for a while, I still need to spend the time to get the hang of all its controls.

If I want skull-rattling bass, I need to have this headphone. The bass effect EQ is a breeze to use because it has a slider from -10 to +10.

If I turn off the bass, I will hear the mid-bass, which can drown out the mids. If I max the bass effect, the bass will feel flabby and uncontrolled after several minutes.

However, even if I turn it off, I will still get a bass-heavy sound. Thus, I can use it to enjoy trap, electronic, and rap music. I can choose a virtual soundstage like a stadium or concert hall.

Its active noise cancellation performs better than its competitors do but is still behind the class leader. The headphones can drown out ambient noise. If you are a bass lover, this Sony wireless headphone model is for you.

3. Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Apple W1 Headphone...
  • High-performance wireless Bluetooth headphones in matte black
  • Features the Apple W1 chip and Class 1 wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 wireless is your perfect everyday headphone
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when battery is low
  • Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use
  • Sleek, streamlined design that’s durable and foldable to go everywhere you do
  • Take calls, control your music, and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls
  • The award-winning sound and design you’ve come to love from Beats, with premium playback with fine-tuned...
  • What's in the box: Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, carrying case, 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, Universal USB...

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Features: “Apple W1 Chip” If you have an Apple device, you can enjoy Beats wireless headphones through the Apple W1 technology.

This headphone made it easy for me to set up and switch between my Apple devices seamlessly.

Maximum of 40 Hours Battery LifeThanks to its Apple W1 technology, I can enjoy unplugged music for at most 40 hours.

Award-winning SoundBeats deliver excellent playback with premium acoustics that maximizes balance, breadth, and clarity.

The ear cups can block outside noise so you can experience your music with maximum enjoyment. I find the cushioned ear pads comfortable and snug.

Fast Fuel ChargingIf your battery is turning low, you can plug it for 5 minutes to enjoy at most 3 hours of playback time.


The Beats Solo3 Wireless tops the wireless headphones technology. It has excellent battery life, good range, and stable Bluetooth. I find its bass response pleasing to my ears by providing the thuds without the significant boom. Beats’ bass response is never accurate or neutral. It is what a bass should be.

The Beats Solo 3 has a good range of shades for my wireless headgear. The younger generation will like its bolder colors while the dull matte finish will appeal to older music lovers.

Comparing sound quality with Beats Solo 2, Beats Solo 3 does not have any significant improvements. It lacks spatial detail and dynamics, so you may feel unimpressed if you are not into stomach-punching low frequencies. If you wear glasses, you may find this headphone uncomfortable to use.

This updated version of Beats Solo improves on the wireless stability and battery life. I find the bass punchy with plenty of energy, but the mid-range leaves you flat.

4. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones (My Favorite Wireless Headphones for Under $100)

Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof Bluetooth...
  • A high quality audio experience, consistently balanced at any volume, thanks to Bose active EQ. Connectivity...
  • Wireless convenience, with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing aided by voice prompts
  • Exclusive stay hear and tips keep the headphones comfortably in place during workouts
  • Sweat and weather resistance for reliability while exercising
  • Up to 6 hours battery life per charge. Please refer the user guide before use

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FeaturesThis wireless headphone is for exercise enthusiasts like me. It has wireless, comfortable, and secure earbuds to keep you going without fear that the headphones will fall off.

Comfort and StabilityMy earbuds stayed in place as I worked out. Plus, it provides a comfort level that lets me focus on my exercise routines. The unique tips seal the ears gently to amplify audio performance. Its flexible wing offers improved stability and support.

Bluetooth and NFC PairingYou get a fast wireless connection even when you are on the move. I love that these wireless headphones provide natural pairing with any of my Bluetooth devices.

Weather-resistant and Sweat-Resistant DesignEven when you run through the rain or sweat it out in the gym, this headphone will not get in the way.

The position of the acoustic ports resists weather and sweat. Moreover, it has a hydrophobic cloth to ensure moisture stays out.

Complete Control Through the Bose AppYou have easy access to the headphone’s numerous features through the Boss Connect app. You can personalize your settings, unlock product features, and get tips to give you more time to enjoy your music.

The app also manages your Bluetooth connections so you can take calls from your smartphone, watch a movie on your laptop, and listen to music on your tablet by swiping through the app.


At present, genuinely wireless earpieces have more downsides than upsides. Moreover, these headphones are costly for the sound quality that they provide. It also requires frequent charging.

The SoundSport Wireless headphones are very traditional in-ear headphones. They have a smart-designed neckband cable and a remote that is almost weightless. The headphones are comfortable to use with soft silicon rubber hooks that trace the ear’s primary line. These hooks ensure that the headphones are secure enough when I perform my gym routines or when I run around the block.

I cannot submerge the Bose headphones in water, but they are sweat resistant, unlike the other earphones. Since the battery pack is not huge, I can only enjoy music for about six hours.

The headphones are not for long-haul flights because I cannot wire it to my device when the battery dies. It can connect through NFC, but the Bluetooth performance is rock solid.

Also, because it is Bose, I have an assurance of perfect sound quality. Its bass is punchy and powerful, but it does not spoil the tracks rhythmic impact. Moreover, it is one of the best Bluetooth headphones under 150.

However, I find this headphone too aggressive if I use it in a quiet room. The SoundSport is not for this purpose, but for lively and dynamic music. I achieve better tonal bass fidelity with no glaring flaws.

5. Jaybird Run True Wireless

Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for Running, Secure...
  • Jaybird RUN true wireless earbuds give you a secure comfort fit, no matter the shape of your ear, with...
  • Sweat all you want, push yourself in the rain, and get muddy; Jaybird run running headphones are Sweat proof...
  • You can customize your sound by adjusting the lows, mids, and highs to pump up your true wireless Sport...
  • 12 hour battery life in your pocket and fast charging on the go: true wireless earbuds make running with music...
  • Jaybird run gives you true wireless earbuds with a mic and a single control button, so you can power your run...
  • NOTE: Refer the User Manual before use

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Features:  “True Wireless” Jaybird Run is tough as iron, yet light as a bird. It gets rid of any wire that can hamper movements.

Water-resistant and Sweat-proofThe earbuds can handle mud, rain, and sweat.

Total of 12 Hours UseI was able to use these true wireless earpieces for a maximum of four hours on a single charge. However, if the battery dies, I still had an extra eight hours through the portable charging case.

Fast ChargerIf you charge it for five minutes, you get 60 minutes of playtime. This fast charging means that you stay motivated while in training mode.

Fit and ComfortThe Run earbuds are so comfortable that I even forget that I was wearing them. The earphones have interchangeable fins and tips for a superb and comfortable fit. They stay in place while you push yourself to achieve your personal best.

Customizable SoundCrank the treble or pump up the bass through the Jaybird app. It means that you can enjoy perfect music as you get into your groove.

Furthermore, in case your headphones get lost, you can use the app’s Find My Buds feature to locate them.

Use with One BudEven if the package contains two earbuds, you can decide to use the right bud only so you stay aware of your environment. I find this feature highly useful, especially if I need to be in the loop with a group of people talking, but still, find the need to listen to music.

Performance EnhancementsTo ensure that your headphones perform at their best, you get regular firmware updates.

Verdict: (Finally The 5th Best Headphones For 150)

The Jaybird Run produces excellent sound isolation with the fins and tips securing the earbuds in place. If I am working out in the gym, I can use both earbuds to block any ambient noise.

However, if I am running outside, I can use just one of the buds so that I am still aware of my surroundings. The earbuds have a hydrophobic coating to make them water and sweat resistant. They are lightweight so that I can use them in my high-energy routines.

I may not achieve the highest sound quality experience with these earbuds, but I get a decent bass level. The Jaybird app allows me to customize the sound quality at different frequencies as I listen to my favourite music.

My headphones keep the audio profiles, so once I set my preferences, I can use them in any of my devices. Although the headphone has preset settings, I can personalize them.

The earbuds are comfortable, well designed, and affordable. I find it a joyful companion whenever I run. Due to its 12 hours of battery life, I have an assurance that I can finish my rigorous fitness routines with my best buds.

Moreover, it only takes five minutes to charge them. Even though the sound quality is not mind-blowing, I can still enjoy a personalized playlist and discover more music as I run.

I can experience occasional Bluetooth connection drops. Buttons on the earbuds have limited functionality. If I am looking for a real wireless solution at a reasonable price, I can opt for Jaybird Run. Even if I am not a runner, I can still use these headphones to listen to my favorite music. However, this is not for an audio purist.


If you are a sports enthusiast or a gym rat, your headphones become your best friend as they can motivate you to perform your best.

Even if you are not into sports and exercise, you can avail of these wireless headsets to listen to your favorite music.

Furthermore, if your budget is $150, you can buy high-quality headphones with features comparable with their higher priced counterparts. Actually, with the “best $150 headphones”, you need not to look for earpieces that are more expensive.

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