8 Things to Look for in a Wireless Gaming Headset For All Platforms

No matter what kind of game we play, we gamers know that a gaming headset matters now.

There is a lot to choose from, so it’s easy to get confused on which one to pick.

Know what you might need to find the best wireless gaming headset for all platforms.

This is an informative article that will help you know the factors and things to look for in a headset for gaming.

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Finding The Best Wireless Gaming Headset For All Platforms

Using wireless headsets might make things easier for you. Buttons and fancy LED lights on the gear look fancy but don’t let those alone throw you into buying one right away.

As the years passed, wireless headsets get upgrades and features like their wired counterparts.

Here are things to keep in mind when looking for the “best wireless gaming headset for all platforms”.

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1. Sound Quality

Every headset we encounter offers the ability to hear a world beyond our own. We need the suitable equipment to be able to hear every single facet of that digital world. No headset is good if you can’t hear well from it.

Having access to a game’s sound design can help you interact with the game better too.

Gaming headsets work in a different manner than the usual headsets. These are the headsets built to give you a gateway to use the game’s sound staging as you see fit.  You could hear footsteps on your favorite FPS game or listen and speak to your friends in a casual call.

2. Comfort

When we game, we can spend hours at the same spot, wearing the same headset to keep up with what’s happening in the game. A good headset should be able to feel nice and comfortable around your head.

A gaming headset needs to be at a reasonable weight and size for you to wear too. The headset shouldn’t be too heavy, or it will keep your head down low. Something like that can lead to neck and back pain in the long run.

A gaming headset shouldn’t be too big or too small to fit either. Headsets with round, soft ear pads that keep your lobes in a snug fit is a good recommendation.

3. Microphone Quality

Communication is key when it comes to playing a multiplayer game. Talking to other players via mic gives you an advantage. This is why a lot of gaming headsets have microphones built in them.

Gaming headsets have retractable microphones. These kinds of microphones give you the freedom to keep your eyes on the game and keep your mouth open to speak. A gaming headset you need must have a noise cancellation feature and a decent quality mic.

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4. Versatility

Concentrated gamer in headphones using computer for playing gameSometimes, the headsets we use aren’t used for gaming only. If you prefer the quality and ease of use, buy one with a USB plug.

This is so you can use the headset with your phone, tablet, or other devices.

Everyone will have a different setup, so make sure you get one that’s tailored to your needs.

5. Durability

Headsets need to stay on our heads. There will be times when emotions get the best of us and turn our devices into a plastic ragdoll. Sometimes, a little bit of carelessness and overconfidence come our way (its wireless, right?).

We bring our gear in places where it usually shouldn’t be in (i.e. a tub or a sink).

A gaming headset has to endure these possibilities. It should withstand a lot of stress so you won’t have to go out, buy a new set, and miss an important game.

6. Battery Life

A wireless headset with no battery is one with no use to be a powerful tool for your gaming needs. The headset’s battery power is crucial too if you’re gaming or streaming away from a viable power source.

A wireless headset that requires constant charging will turn into an inconvenience. You need to invest in a headset that has a great, long lasting power. There are now wireless headsets that stay turned on for hours so you can keep on gaming.

Some of them can submit sound to your ears for hours at one charge session. Others have a sleep function that you can control. Choose a set that can sustain the longevity of staying in the game.

7. Noise Cancellation

The focus is key when it comes to gaming. Noise cancellation can help you block out sound outside of the game while you’re involved with it. This can also help you hear things well without putting the volume up to an ear-bleeding high.

8. Surround Sound

Many games will support 7.1 surround sound to a platform’s system setup. The quality of the surround sound will give an immersive experience on a certain game you play. True surround sound enabled headsets to help you detect where certain sounds are at.

You will get echoes at times if the surround sound isn’t implemented on the device very well. A surround sound feature will offer more accuracy than a stereo feature, though.

Why Does Getting A Wireless Gaming Headset Matter?

At this point, you might still wonder why getting a headset with these features should matter. A lot of gamers started out with consumer headsets.

When they did switch to wireless gaming headsets, they noticed that they got a lot of features from these. Here are some of the things gamers noticed when they chose great headsets with the eight things to look for.

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1. Communication

The microphone on the headset is visible for a reason. It reminds you that you have the ability to talk to your teammates in the game. As the old saying goes, ‘communication is key.’ That saying stands true in the realms of gaming.

There are so many top-tier games that are in multi-player mode now. Team-based games are in the big leagues, and you can join them. What you need to do is to practice good communication.

Sure, you can get a separate microphone to go with your studio headphone, but a gaming headset has a built-in mic. This will save a lot of space for your other gear like your mouse and keyboard instead of a bulky USB microphone.

Don’t worry about the built-in mic getting in the way of your face or mouth. These microphones are sleek enough not to be a distraction and are at a good distance away from your face.

2. Personality

One of the signature looks of a hardcore gamer is them donning a big pair of headphones. This adds to their character, and gaming headsets contain a character in them.

Be it in the way they look or the funky colors that they got painted or coated in. A gaming headset’s bulky look can add to your own look as a gamer and as a personality.

While you are busy leveling up, a viewer might know when to cheer you own when they spot you. This is thanks to you wearing your bulky, signature headset. It will make you stand out amongst the other gamers.

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3. An Edge above Everyone Else

Those who use mainstream headphone or those who don’t game that much won’t notice the difference. Wireless gaming headsets give more freedom and access to a game over the other headsets.

The long battery life of the wireless headset will let you stay engaged in the game longer. This is for you to maintain high scores or farm enough points for a certain mission.

4. Immersion

Pro Gamer Girl Playing in MMORPG/ Strategy Video Game and ParticiGame developers today make games with their sound design as a part of the game’s set piece. The surround sound gives you access to crisp and intricate sounds.

You won’t notice these soft sounds when using consumer headsets. With gaming headsets, though, you’ll get to appreciate this detail game developer put in the game.

5. Proper Focus and Less Disturbance

The added immersion is thanks to the noise cancellation and the surround sound. Games need your focus and attention, and that won’t be possible if something distracts you for even a second.

The bulky look of the gaming headset adds to the headset’s ability to keep you from hearing outside noise. You’ll notice the difference when you can hear minute sounds in the game. Some might even be so good you won’t hear sounds coming from your own surroundings.

Final Thoughts on Wireless Gaming Headsets

Gaming headsets are often made by gamers for gamers. Non-gamers might not pick up the difference between consumer and gaming headsets. This will give you an advantage when you can hone in on the skills you picked up from your time at gaming.

A wireless gaming headset is an essential bonus that’s heavy with a ton of features. The last bit will depend on which once you will manage to get your hands on, that is. Most headsets don’t come with the mic and surround sound options. This can be useful even outside of gaming.

A nice wireless gaming headset helps you enjoy the game better.

Game developers make games for you to play them and to have fun with them. It won’t be fun to play a game if you don’t have the tools necessary to engage with it well enough.

After reading all this we have written a full buying guide for you whether you are looking for an expensive or an affordable headphone/headset this article on the best gaming headsets under 100 dollars will help you determine which one to purchase today!



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