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5 of the Best Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets – A Expert (2020) Reviewed

Turtle BeachWhile most people simply use their smartphone or music headphones with their computers, those who are serious game players are looking for something a lot more sophisticated.

After all, the pilot of a fighter jet does not use his Android headphones to communicate with the aircraft carrier and a true gamer should not be doing so either.

This is serious business, and they want to make sure that they are using the best turtle beach headset that not only afford them tools to make their gaming experience as incredible as possible, but they also want to be able to communicate and get outstanding quality sound when playing online.

There are many sound effects in the game that can be significant to have continued success and without being able to hear those properly and that could be dangerous in the game world.

latest from turtle beach headsetsShort story: Not only by playing games you need the best turtle beach gaming headsets?

We also reviewed the best Bluetooth headset for truckers which we highlighted only 5 products that help truckers communicate and listen to their favorite music while driving just like any gamers they also listen to good music!

Now Let’s Check the best turtle beach headsets that we have in store for you!

Comparison Table

A Comparison Table of The Best Turtle Beach Headsets as of 2020

We currently have 5 reviewed headsets from Turtle Beach,  Feel free to check out our recommendation

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10 Reasons Why Turtle Beach Headphones Are Still Rocking for Gaming

Turtle Beach® Elite Pro

Turtle Beach continue to lead the audio market and to be among the best and coolest gaming headsets today. Turtle Beach Corporation is the company that manufactures the headphones and mainly targets the gaming industry.

The company has been around since the 1970s and began developing hardware products in the late 1980s. They released their gaming headsets line at the onset of the new century and have continued to rock the industry up till now.

Here are ten reasons why.

1. Comfortable and Lightweight Design for Long Hours of Use

The company’s engineers specially designed the best turtle beach gaming headsets for long hours of use. For serious gamers, this should be a welcome feature.

I’ve tried using their Elite Pro Tournament gaming headset for some days straight playing some popular titles in my gaming console. As expected, it has been nothing but a pleasurable experience.

There were no pain or any discomfort within the vicinity of the ears and no pressure points formed in any part of my head even when I’ve worn them for hours. Earcup pads are soft and thick, with cooling gel, and they provide ample space for the ears to relax inside.

The fit is snug and comfortable. The headband could be adjusted to the proper clamping grip that suits me flawlessly.

I could not guarantee that it would fit perfectly for everyone, but for me, they stay in place securely without being too tight and restrictive. I’ve allowed some of my friends to borrow them from time to time and have received similar comments, and so you may likely experience the same.

The lightweight design makes it ideal for long hours of playing sessions without being a burden on the head and neck.

However, the price for these particular headphones is quite high compared to other models. Probably because they are tournament-quality headphones that gaming professionals use.

OpTic GamingYou may find other Turtle Beach headphone models at a lower price that almost provide the same kind of benefits and features. More on that later.

2. Sleek Aesthetics Looking High-End Despite Mid-Range Price

I’ve mentioned the somewhat expensive price tag of Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro headsets. But the good news is you could find many of their other headphones having low to medium-range prices without compromising the looks and performance.

I think what sets Turtle Beach apart from competitors is the quality and cost-effectiveness of these low and medium-priced headphones.

This model is more reasonably priced for beginners and amateur gamers who would like to enjoy their games during their spare time at home only. Although the headphones could also be useful for seasoned veterans, who want to have a backup unit in case their primary headphones become unavailable.

One example is the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50. It is one-fourth the price of the Elite Pro, but its aesthetics and performance scream much more than that.

Like the Elite Pro, the Recon 50 is also lightweight and comfortable to use. It holds its own for long hours or days of gaming without being too burdensome to the user. The usual Turtle Beach merits of versatility, quality speakers, superior microphones, and snug fit are all there as well.

Focusing on its looks, it is smooth and professional-looking. The ear cushions are full-sized and draped in high-grade synthetic leather. The headband has no cushioning, but its lightweight compensates for that regarding comfort. Overall, the build is excellent considering its low price.

3. Clean and Coherent Sound Quality Crucial for Gaming

This device has clear and coherent sound quality that is essential to enjoy your gaming experience fully.

Going back to the Elite Pro model, it would be difficult to find another set of headphones that provides such untarnished and flawless sound reproduction. Although these headsets are designed explicitly for gaming, you could also enjoy using them for listening to music or watching videos.

With the Elite Pro, you can hear a rich and full bass sound without sounding like the speakers would break. Also, considering that they are wireless, the treble is crisp and does not produce high-pitched shrieks that are painful to the ears.

On the other side of the spectrum, the wired Recon 50 also provides excellent sound quality especially if you think about its price. Although the maximum on-cord volume may still be made higher, turning up the volume on the gaming console solves that easily.

Perhaps the advantage of having a limited on-cord volume is it never produces any distortion even if the volume is all the way up. You would surely be surprised by how clear its sound is at any volume level.

This headset generates excellent sound quality at any price point, allowing users to hear everything that is going on in the background of computer games.

That is a huge advantage for gamers, which is why this brand of headphones continues to lead in the gaming market. More on this said advantage in the next item.

4. Surround Sound Gives User Natural Gameplay Advantages (Turtle Beach are Amazing Surround Sounds)

Optic ScumpMost of these headphones feature the DTS Surround Sound mode, which is customized to further immerse users into the game, music, or video they are listening to.

DTS Surround Sound provides you with 3D, a 360-degree audio stage with a pinpoint sound precision that lets you hear the exact location where the sound is coming from. The Elite Pro model has this feature.

Some online gamers complain that those who use this headset brand have an unfair advantage over those who do not.

Why? Because Turtle Beach users could hear everything, from their enemies’ footsteps to where their enemies’ firearm shots are coming from.

It would be difficult for any opponent to creep up behind Turtle Beach headphone users because they could hear them coming. Those are some of the natural gameplay advantages that Turtle Beach users automatically gain just by wearing them.

Some gamers think it is cheating, although, technically, it is not considered as such by the professionals. The reason is that the only thing a user has to do is to get a set of headphones with a surround sound feature to enjoy the benefits as well.

Still, it should be noted that headsets alone do not make a gamer better. They provide some inherent advantages, like the ones aforementioned.

You should understand that the most important thing in gaming still has skills. If a gamer is right, then he is right whether he wears headphones or not. If he is terrible, then the proper headsets could make him a little less severe.

5. Wide Selection and Affordable Price for What It Can Deliver

Turtle Beach offers a wide selection of gaming headsets at an affordable price. The company’s pricing scheme has been that way since the beginning. For that reason, they stayed as one of the most sought-after brands in the headphones industry for decades.

As mentioned before, although most of their models are affordable, they never sacrificed design, performance, and sound quality in keeping their products accessible to all income classes.

For instance, the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is one of their most popular models. It is the wired version of the Stealth 600. Despite the price, it is a powerful amplified surround sound headset.

Like many Turtle Beach, the Stealth 300 is stunning and lightweight. The ear cup pads are soft and draped in mesh fabric to keep a user cool in the thick of a fight. The ear cups have room for the user’s glasses and contain volume and microphone controls for easy access.

The Stealth 300 has versions specifically for PlayStation and Xbox, but it could also work with Nintendo Switch, PC, and other mobile devices. Not to mention that its battery life lasts up to 40 hours straight, which makes it a dream headset for any gamer.

All these excellent features and you do not have to spend more than 100 bucks. Pretty much most of this headset they are like that, easy on the pocket. They are ideal for beginners who are still experimenting on what is their preferred set of headphones.

6. Highly Versatile and Can Function on Many Platforms

Like the Stealth 300, most of the company’s headsets are versatile enough to work on many gaming platforms. Although some are dedicated headphones for a few consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, they could also be used with other popular platforms as well.

There are three primary categories of Turtle Beach based on the platform they are designed for. These are the following:

  • The “P” and “PX” series, which are made explicitly for PlayStation.
  • The “X” and “XP” lines, which are designed for Microsoft and Xbox.
  • The “Z” lineup, which is intended for Mac and PC users.

P is dedicated for PlayStation, X is for Xbox, and Z is for PC and Mac. PX is primarily intended for PlayStation, but could also be used for Xbox. Meanwhile, XP is mainly designed for Xbox, but could also work in PlayStation.

Turtle Beach even offers headphones exclusively branded for the Marvel and Call of Duty titles. Headphones created purposely for Nintendo’s Wii and Switch are also available in the market.

The Recon 50, which is a wired headset, can function with both PC and Mac. It can also be used with the PS4, PS4 Pro, and the new Xbox One. Moreover, with it’s 3.5 mm jack, it could work with any mobile device or tablet that accommodates a 3.5 mm plug.

The same is true with the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z11 PC headset. Although it is a PC-dedicated headphone, you could also use it with laptops and tablets, including iPads and iPhones without much trouble.

The Ear Force Z11 also works perfectly with PS4 despite having just a fraction of the official game console headsets.


7. Allows Users to Wear Glasses Comfortably While Playing

Most of these headphones come with the ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System. This system is built-in to many of the best Turtle Beach headphones ear cups, which accommodates a user’s glasses when wearing them.

With ProSpecs™, a small passageway in the headsets’ ear pads could be created with a minor adjustment. This is a useful feature that has endeared the brand to its consumers as it has finally provided a way for gamers to wear glasses comfortably while playing.

The fantastic thing about ProSpecs™ is that it accomplishes its goal without ruining the fit of the headphones as well as not diminishing its sound quality.

For the Elite Pro model, you could even adjust the glasses relief system. The adjustment prevents the full weight of the ear pads to press against your glasses’ frame that touches the sides of your face.

However, you need to remove the ear cushion from the ear cup to access the adjustment mechanism. Despite consuming some time, it would prove to be well worth it as you go through a much more relaxing gaming experience

8. State-of-the-Art Game Mic for Crystal Clear Chatting

ReconAside from having a way to accommodate a user’s eyeglasses, another feature that makes them stand out from their competitors is their built-in microphones.

Their microphones are intentionally designed for gaming. It makes sure that communications between teammates would not break down during the crucial parts of gameplay.

The Recon 50 features an adjustable boom mic that provides crystal clear chatting whether you use it for in-game or online. The mic is highly sensitive and could be removed whenever you want to listen to music or watch movies.

The Recon 50’s mic also has an add-on muffler that eliminates noise every time you say words with the “F” and “S” sounds. It is incredible that you get all these features for a headphone.

As for the Elite Pro, it features a high-end, professional gaming microphone with TruSpeak™ Technology. According to the company website, this mic is designed specifically with eSports athletes in mind.

Professional gaming matches are said to be won and lost because of a single command. TruSpeak™ microphones ensure that a commander’s voice is heard loud and clear by everyone on the team.

9. Easy-to-Access Controls Allow Instant Adjustment

Since these headphones are primarily gaming headsets, they are designed products with easy-to-access controls on top of the ear cups or along the headbands. This allows users to adjust their headphone settings without stopping or pausing the game.

One example of this accessibility is that of the Stealth 300 model. The Stealth 300 features built-in controls on the back of the left ear cup.

These keys control the headphone’s speaker and mic volumes. It allows you to adjust the loudness of the game and your voice during the middle of the play, giving you a perfect mix of sounds based on your preferences.

On the front side of the left ear cup is the Mode and power controls. Through these keys, you could access preset EQ adjustments, such as Vocal Boost, Treble Boost, Bass Boost, etc. All of these could be operated with just one hand and without having to look at it.

10. High Brand Perception Within Gaming Community (The Best Turtle Beach Headset Asset)

This is perhaps the best reason why the Turtle Beach brand of headphones still rocks the gaming industry.

Right now, Turtle Beach is still considered as the leading gaming headphone brand in the world. According to Venture Beat, it holds 42 percent of the market share in the U.S., surpassing even the combined earnings of its top three competitors.

While this set of headphones do not produce the same sound quality as that of the world’s top audio brands, their focus on creating the ultimate gaming headset has paid off and made them number one in their niche.

This kind of brand perception has kept them on top of the gaming industry for many years. In the Venture Beat article, Turtle Beach’s CEO Juergen Stark disclosed that the company’s secret has never been clever marketing, but a commitment to produce quality products that satisfy their target customers consistently.

Turtle Beach is also a leader in innovation, being the first headphone company to introduce a VR headset in 2016 and launch the first Xbox One-exclusive headphones in 2014. The company has also funded an eSports team, which is another pioneering move in the industry.

All of these moves, combined with the quality and performance of its products, has positioned Turtle Beach as an elite brand when it comes to gaming headphones.

The Turtle Beach brand gives off a perception of quality and authority within the gaming community. If you are using this headset, then you are either a professional or deemed as someone who is passionate about gaming.

Those are the top 10 reasons why Turtle Beach remain as the leading gaming headphones brand at present close to the best Sennheiser earbuds a favorite headphone brand that set it standard for the decades. A combination of quality, performance, affordability, accessibility, and a host of other features and innovations have kept them on their lofty pedestal.

There are no indications that the company is slowing down from creating more upgraded versions of its current models. With that, it is expected that Turtle Beach would be on top of the industry for many years to come.

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Making the Right Turtle Beach Gaming Headset Purchase

It is clear that you want a gaming headset that will make your online time a lot more enjoyable. This is something that you will be wearing potentially for hours at a time, and so there is no time for selecting a headphone set that does not work for you.

Here are some things to help you in making the best decision on which Turtle Beach headset is best for you.

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset x12Why Choose a Turtle Beach headset for your gaming?

The first thing you want to know is what makes Turtle Beach stand out above the others.

This has become one of the top brands on the market today because gamers are finding that the advantages that it offers regarding sound quality and comfort make it stand out substantially in comparison to others.

Also, they have headphones that are specifically geared towards certain kinds of gaming systems to ensure that you are getting the best advantage.

It does not matter whether you are talking about Xbox, PS4, your computer, or any other kind of system, they have the ideal headphones to make it so that you can enjoy playing while reaping the benefits of their fantastic Bluetooth and game system technology.

The other thing you may like about Turtle Beach is that they offer exceptional customer service.

If you have challenges for some reason in getting your headphones to connect or they just aren’t working as they should be, then their customer service is exactly what you are looking for to resolve your issues.

They are truly professional and will get you working as you need right away.

What is A Professional Bluetooth Gaming Headset?

What helps to their devices stand out is the incredible Bluetooth technology added into their headphones that are ideal for whatever gaming system you are using. These are specifically designed for the game system of your choice, to ensure that the connection that you are making comes with the highest accuracy and ease.

The last thing you want while you are playing a game is to face the challenge of your headphones becoming disconnected from your gaming system. You will not have to worry about that with these sets, as they are specifically designed to give you ease of connection and the right kind of signal to stay connected.

How Much Are The Best Turtle Beach Today?

Depending upon the choice that you are deciding upon cost can be a huge factor. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to be able to spend on a set of headphones for themselves, and the fortunate thing is that the range of cost for their headphones can be like our review on Hifiman HE-350. It is merely within the level of sophistication and advancement that helps you to determine which set you want.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro

Who Owns Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones?

If you are wondering who it is that is out here getting the Turtle Beach headphones; then you probably need to look no further than your friends or family.

It seems that many true gamers out there have found this to be the ideal setting for them, and even professional players find that Turtle Beach has precisely the right headphones for them.

These headphones are used in competition as well as in the bedrooms of gamers all over the planet. You honestly can’t find a better option than what they have to offer.

Using Turtle Beach headsets

How to Choose The Best headphones for Gaming and Music?

The fact of the matter is that what Turtle Beach offers would be perfect to listen to music on your smartphone or computer, that does not mean that you want to carry around these headphones taking the risk that they could be damaged while you’re sitting in class or riding on the bus.

These headphones are built explicitly for people who want to play games, with many of them even coming with only one earpiece. That may not work for you for listening to music.

Most want to protect their gaming headphones as much as possible, so they opt to get themselves a specific set of headphones for music and use their Turtle Beach headphones specifically for their time playing games.

However, you should be aware that you could use these headphones with your device to listen to music and you would get incredible sound.

Considerations When Looking for the Right Gaming Headphones

When deciding what would be the best headphones for you to use during your game time, there are quite some factors that you want to consider that go beyond the brand of headphones that you want to purchase.

There is no doubt that Turtle Beach offers headphones that are vastly superior to most of the other brands you will find out there, but when making the final decision upon which specific model from their brand that you want to get, here are some key factors that you want to take into consideration beyond price.

Bluetooth CompatibleBluetooth Compatible – the first factor that you want to consider is whether it is Bluetooth compatible or not. You may be entirely satisfied with using a wired set of headphones with your PC or another device, but many actually sit quite a distance away from the screen while playing the game.

For those people, they would need to have the Bluetooth compatibility. Along extended cord stretching 15 feet or more from their television set may not work for them, especially if the controllers they have also Bluetooth compatible. The fewer wires you have, the better that may be, and that are why you want to pay close attention to whether your gaming headset is Bluetooth compatible or not.

Platform CompatibilityPlatform Compatibility – the platform for your headphones is also essential as well. Not every headphone that you buy is going to have the proper drivers to work with the platform that you have. For example, there are PS4 compatible headphones that would not necessarily work with an Xbox system. This may seem like it is limiting to you, but they are also ensuring that you are getting the best headphones with the right drivers to match up to the system that you are getting.

It is true that some headphones will be compatible with multiple platforms, but they could be a bit more expensive. This is why you may want to solely opt for getting one that’s specifically designed for the system you’re using, especially if this is the only type of system you’re going to use it on.

Quality of SoundQuality of Sound – the sound quality is incredibly important to some gamers even for professional use like the Westone UM Pro 30 and W30 Review as it is always performing very well and getting the absolute most picturesque sound that is imaginable, that is as detailed as one could get. They want to hear every round that is fired, every footstep that occurs, and every rustle of the leaves and not having those kinds of sound effects can be very troubling for them.

Many are looking for Dolby sound quality, or want such things as 7.1 channel surround sound. It doesn’t matter that they are playing a game, they want to have the same kind of experience in music that they would get at a movie theater.

Two Earpieces or One – many will probably look at this and think that two is always better than one, but that is just not the case. There are those gamers out there who want to be in tune to their game, but don’t want to have two earpieces on at the same time. They wanted to be able to hear the sounds of things going on around them and preferred this style of headphones.

This is merely a matter of preference. You should choose the right kind of headphones that specifically match what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter whether you are one earpiece or two earpiece person, it just matters what you want for yourself.

MicrophoneMicrophone – the microphone quality is quite important for some people as well. Some like the idea of having the receiver placed on a table in front of them and not attached to their headphones at all. Again, that is purely a matter of choice.

There are plenty of microphones included on headphones that give a very high-end sound. You may not only be looking for the receiver to provide a great sound during communication, but there are also those that will cancel out the noise that is around you. That may be of great importance to you depending on where you play games. If you’re living in a dorm or in some other location where it can be noisy at times, a noise-canceling microphone may be just what you want.

Noise-Reduction – there are also those people who want to be able to wear headphones that eliminate the background sounds around them. These noise reduction headphones have become very popular with most styles of headphones that you can find on the market today. It does not matter whether you are talking about earbuds or over the ear options, noise reduction headphones are indeed becoming something that many cherish as an essential factor for themselves when making their purchase.

Comfort – the comfort level of your headphones is essential as well. Consider the fact that you could potentially be wearing these for seven or eight hours straight, and without choosing the right set of headphones for yourself you may wind up being quite miserable. This is why you want to make sure that you are picking something that has a flexible frame that doesn’t put too much pressure against your ears, as well as a set of headphones that makes earpieces that are comfortable to have in or over your ears for that amount of time.

ComfortIf it is possible, it is a good idea to try wearing these first to see how comfortable they feel on you. It’s understandable that you won’t get to try that out for six or seven hours, but that does not mean that you can’t get a real idea of what they feel like on your head even after five minutes. You should probably have some idea about how they will feel.

Just as a note, some people choose headphones that are a little uncomfortable for them to wear, solely because they want to make sure that they limit the amount of time that they are playing a game. If they find that they are uncomfortable after an hour or two of wearing them, and that becomes an incentive enough to stop playing in this has become an excellent way for them to limit their game-playing time.

Durability – because you are going to be using these quite often and would like them to last for an extended period, that makes longevity an essential factor to consider when choosing your headphones. Take a close look at how they are made, and get an idea of whether they are constructed in a manner that can take a little wear and tear and still keep chugging along.

Accessories – some headphones come with additional accessories to them. This will enable you to have backup earpieces, extra cables, or other kinds of accessories that added increased value. This is merely a matter of choice, but there are some headphones out there that offer this.

Warranty – one of the key factors you want to consider is the warranty that is offered with the headphones. Things happen at times that could lead to your headphones breaking down, or they stop working. It is a good idea to make sure that you are getting at least a one year warranty before making any decision about what to purchase.



The Best of the 5 Turtle Beach Reviews

Turtle Beach offers some of the very best gaming headphones that you will find on the market, the vast majority of which are built with these kinds of factors in mind.

The company understands that you want a quality set of headphones that provides excellent sound quality, is comfortable to wear and provides you with the kind of durability that you need to know that your headphones will be around and working correctly for an extended period.

Here are 5 of the very best turtle beach headset that they have out there, each of which is perfect whether you have superhuman hearing or not.

1. Stealth 700: Surrounding Yourself with Good Sounds Anywhere

Last update on 2021-07-13 at 10:46 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

People are taking their steps along with the progress of technology these days. Who can we blame? Technology may be way advanced now, but let’s not deny the fact that it made our lives more convenient as compared to the way we live before.

Of all numerous devices being improved from time to time, headsets are one of the most frequently used devices by people nowadays. Music lovers prefer to listen to music through headsets. Moreover, music lovers aren’t the only ones who get to say something on headsets. Gamers are also frequent users of headsets.

Now if you’re a gamer, which headset among the rest in the market would you rather pick? If you’re looking for a competitive one, Turtle Beach has something worth the try.

Stealth 700: One of Turtle Beach’s Finest Wireless Headsets

Turtle Beach is my best bud when it comes to getting the best headset for my gaming device and speaking of the headset, I use the Stealth 700. Having a wireless function is one of the main reasons why this headset is great. There’s no more hassle when it comes to irritating cords and knots, plus there’s no adapter needed as well. This allows me to execute any movement every game time.

Another thing I admire most about the Stealth 700 is its active noise-cancellation feature. My playmates can hear me clearly, without any unwanted sounds and it works fine for me because I can provide clearer instructions and information on a set of our game.

Lastly, one of the best things I like about the Stealth 700 is its battery life. Every time I use it, it lasts up to 10 hours. That’s even way too much for my gaming time. I don’t have to recharge every hour during playtime.

If you’re really fond of gaming and you’re fond of exercising your skills in leadership when it comes to plays, you should certainly get the Stealth 700. Aside from its clear sound, it also comes along with exciting features. Get yours now and start exploring what else this headset has to offer.

2. Stealth 600 – Maximize the Worth of Every Penny

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People have been hooked up in using earphones and headphones nowadays. These small devices are frequently being used; whether it’s for listening to music, videos or podcast episodes, you’ll see people walking around while wearing something on their ears. Moreover, as technology progresses, the use of these devices are no longer limited to music lovers.

Headphones or headsets are now being used for gaming as well. It’s just the best pair for your gaming device, especially when you love playing with your friends. Through gaming headsets, you can easily keep in touch with them.

If you’re an aspiring gamer and you want to invest on the best headset, you should definitely check out headsets from Turtle Beach.

What to Expect with the Turtle Beach Stealth 600

The Stealth 600 is one of the must-try products of Turtle Beach. Aside from being wireless, one of the best things I admire about this headset is that it’s very glasses-friendly. Its comfortable ear-cushions are exceptional. I wear eyeglasses every time I play, and this headset proved how it covers my ears comfortably even with my eyeglasses.

The Stealth 600 has 50mm powerful speakers which produce high-quality sounds. I like the part where I can tune its audio, depending on my taste. I prefer a vocal boost pre-set so I can clearly hear when someone is talking, and with this headset, I can easily adjust it.

Speaking about sounds further, the Stealth 600 is unique as compared to other headsets because it has a superhuman hearing feature. Through this feature, you’ll hear sneaking footsteps behind you. You can also hear your enemy upon weapon reloading. This feature gives me an edge every time there’s a competition.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is definitely the ideal headset for you, especially if you are focusing on detailed audio sounds during playtime. Moreover, it has an appealing design that fits the look of any gamer. Give it a try now.

3. Stealth 300 – Enjoying Comfort and Quality at Its Finest

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Headphones or headsets are now being used as often as earphones, especially by musicians. While some people enjoy the convenience of earphones, because of the comfort of their size, some prefer to use headphones or headsets for over-all satisfaction.

As technology progresses, headphones and headsets are continuously being improved. From these common devices with cords and cables, headphones or headsets are way advanced now because of the wide variety of new features each has to offer. Aside from music lovers, gamers are also very common users of these devices.

If you’re a gamer and you strongly think you need to replace your old headsets with a better one, look no further as Turtle Beach has something better for you to give a shot.

Good Points Why You Have to Consider the Stealth 300

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a stand-out among other headsets in the market because of the comfort it gives. I admire its memory foam ear-cushions because it doesn’t strain my ears even for long hours of listening. My ears can breathe easily. At the same time, the sound quality is also amazing.

When it comes to performance, you’ll admire the Stealth 300 as much as I do because of its battery life. This rechargeable headset can last for 40 hours. That’s way too much playtime for a day. I don’t have to worry about recharging it hour-by-hour because it can already perform this long.

Another good thing about the Stealth 300 is its audio preset options. I always prefer to listen with a loud bass. This headset allows me to choose from four different presets. I can even switch to vocal boost every time I need to listen to detailed instructions by my playmates.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 may not be wireless, but you can definitely count on its performance. If you’re looking for a long-lasting one, this headset is certainly the ideal headset for you. You get great comfort, and at the same time, you get great quality as well.

4. Elite Pro 2: No Hassel, No Distraction, Just Pure Versatility

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Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can’t pass a day without noticing people around you wearing earphones, headphones or headsets. Some people use them as necessities for work or for privacy in answering calls while on the road. On the other hand, some use them for leisure, learning, and convenience.

When it comes to earpieces, technology nowadays has put up so much effort in research and experiments to create something that is useful, convenient, and fun at the same time. How technology can be serious with this is proven with the use of gaming headsets in particular.

Gaming has been massively revolutionizing from your home to your neighborhood, to the city, and across many countries. With this upgrade, the specifications of gadgets to be used are very important. For me, details of the device must be equal to its convenience.

Are you searching for the best headset for gaming? The Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 Headset + SuperAmp is way cooler and better than others of its kind.

Good Points about the Elite Pro 2 Headset Plus SuperAmp

When I play with my team, I usually get complaints about the resounding when I use the mic. However, when I turned to Elite Pro 2 Headset + SuperAmp, my team was amazed that all they can hear was my clear voice and no distractions or any background sound at all. I also loved how its audio control maximizes the experience of gaming. It is like I am in a real simulation.

Another good thing about it is its Bluetooth technology. This feature is very handy, especially when it comes to functionality. With its SuperAmp feature, I can take calls even when I am in the middle of gaming. I can even play music when I feel like it. It’s ideal for multi-tasking.

To add, this Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 Headset + SuperAmp Headset didn’t let me down with its comfortable built. Its ear cushions are very comfy that my ears don’t sweat.

If you are into real gaming, try Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro 2 Headset + SuperAmp and feel the extremity of the game while being at ease on your seat. Aside from its versatility, you can guarantee comfort while you play with your friends. Moreover, you can rest assured with its excellent sound quality.

5. Recon 200 – Spice Up Your Game Time and Consider

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Gaming nowadays is not just simple leisure or a hobby. Millions of players in different countries across the world, battle for titles. Gaming has developed progressively, multifaceted with better graphics, display performance, and high authenticity and clarity of sound. With these fantastic developments, who would not wish to have enjoyable, swift gaming experience, right?

However, in getting into this worldwide gaming craze, it is nice to have your own piece of a good comrade in communicating with your co-players. I have always been meticulous in choosing my headset since I am into comfort, functionality, and convenience. Good gaming headsets upsurge and intensify your gaming experience.

There are lots of headsets out there to choose from, and it is hard to find one that suits my needs and wants – good thing I have found this Recon 200 from Turtle Beach. For the comfort I am looking for, it is light, and the headband is designed with foam cushioning, I don’t feel too much pressure.

Good Sides of Choosing the Recon 200 for Your Gaming Device

I’m giving two thumbs up for the functionality of the Recon 200! I love how the sound is augmented without any controls coming from a separate amp. It gives me the atmosphere of a game turned into reality. Its proficiency and competency in regulating the volume of my own voice removed my “shouting routine” every time I am playing with other teammates.

I also admire the Recon 200’s microphone. I can deliver my instructions and commands clearly and when I am not using my mic. Moreover, it is hassle-free because I can just push it up and it automatically silences everything.

I like how the Recon 200 can sustain the convenience I am looking for. It is rechargeable, and its battery life lasts for 12 hours. When I have to go out for a long time, I feel no worries having it not in use.

Turtle Beach’s Recon 200 can definitely give you amazing gaming experience. It offers the qualifications in “how to buy” your own piece: excellent sound quality, cool microphone, comfort, and convenience. It is even not that expensive. If you love gaming, there is no doubt that this headset is perfect for you.

Turtle Beach PX22

For those who are not concerned about using a wired headset, this may be the one that’s ideal for you. It allows you to connect in using the simple auxiliary cable or using a USB port.

Even though the cost is not excessive, it comes with some features that you will genuinely like, which includes the ability to adjust the volume, change sound quality settings, and be able also to turn the volume on the microphone while doing it all on the fly. Amazingly, it even allows you to take phone calls through your device while you are playing a game.

You will also like the fact that these are a very comfortable set of headphones to wear. The material is built to breathe well, ensuring that the earpieces do not get sweaty, and the clasps help to hold headphones in place without feeling restrictive.

These headphones are compatible with your personal computer, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

  • great sound quality for the price.
  • Offers you sound isolation and noise reduction for the microphone.
  • Very comfortable to wear.

  • the sound quality could be more robust.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

This is a set of headphones that many gamers find is not only affordable but comes with a lot of bang for your buck. It connects to your device using a USB port and has large cups for earpieces that are very comfortable over your ears.

The sound quality comes across well, and you will also like the fact that no matter whether you are listening to music or playing a game, the sound quality you receive is clear and exceptional. The microphone also gives off an excellent sound quality, and you have a remote that allows you to control the volume, as well as levels of sound in the headset, including a bass boost. You also can mute the microphone at the touch of a button.

  • price is very reasonable for the quality.
  • Great for use with your game or to listen to music.
  • Microphone quality is outstanding.

  • there is a little static that’s audible while using these headphones.
  • Headphones feel a bit restrictive after extended use



Turtle Beach stealth 400

This is a set of headphones that many gamers like because it starts with the fact that you get 15 hours of use before needing to recharge it. They are comfortable to wear, and easy to set up with your device, using the simple plug-and-play compatibility.

There are four EQ controls on the device allowing you to control and make sure that you are getting the exact kind of sound that you desire. The speakers are 50 mm, giving you incredible music, which ensures that you get not only very crisp highs but also powerful lows on the speakers as well. You will also like the fact that there are separate controls that allow you to change the volume for the game and chat. Indeed a great set of headphones that you will love using.

These headphones are primarily designed for PS4.

  • easy to use and set up.
  • Incredible quality of sound.
  • Separate volume controls for chat and game.

  • limited compatibility to other platforms.



Turtle Beach Elite Pro

This is one of the most fantastic options for those who are looking for a set of gaming headphones that is a step up above the others. Before creating this design, the makers of this best turtle beach headset consulted gamers to ask what they are looking for. The results are this fantastic set of gaming headphones.

Not only are you given a series of controls, but you can also adjust those controls to fit your personal needs. You get the crisp sound that provides you with great detail, and the microphone for this is an exceptional communication device as well.

You also love the fact that these headphones are specifically designed with comfort in mind. You will be able to play for hours without feeling the squeeze from the frame, and the ear pads are made to be quite conforming and comfortable around your earlobes.

  • outstanding sound quality.
  • Built specifically for serious gamers.
  • Adjustable controls allow you to personalize these headphones.

  • come at an expensive price.




PX24 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

For those who like an incredible sound experience when they’re playing games, this is the option for you. With surround sound and superhuman hearing, you will find that the SuperAmp technology of this headset helps it to stand out over many that you will come across. What this incredible technology you will hear every single sound enabling you to be an even more formidable opponent in your game.

The microphone is built with an intuitive design that ensures that it grasped your volume as your playing games. This means it will adjust so is to provide that you do not need to yell. You also get high-quality speakers that make the experience more than enjoyable. There is also a variable bass boost which will help you to create the right kind of sound feel that you desire.

These are also very comfortable headphones, with a lightweight design that allows you to play for hours. The ear cushions are made with a fabric mesh to add additional comfort.

  • the exceptional sound experience that separates them from many other headphones.
  • Very comfortable to wear and lightweight.
  • Rechargeable battery.

  • no real complaints to mention


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4

Whether you want to use these headphones to play games or watch movies, you will be much impressed by the outstanding sound quality that comes with these headphones. These contain Bluetooth technology, but the sound comes across in a way that is beyond words. It does not matter whether you are watching a movie on Blu-ray or playing your favorite game, you will get the most incredible sound at of these headphones.

The best part about them is that they are compatible with virtually every gaming system you would use. Whether you are on your phone, using PS4, Xbox, or your tablet, you will get a great connection that gives you the ideal sound you are looking for. Add to it the fact that these are very comfortable to wear and you’ll enjoy every aspect of your purchase.


  • exceptional quality of sound.
  • Compatible with several different platforms.
  • Bluetooth compatible

  • on the pricey side but well worth it.



Turtle Beach PX3

This is a headset that has great functionality across a wide variety of platforms. It not only works with the PS3 and Xbox 360, but you can also use this with your personal computer or your Mac. That helps to separated.

Oddly enough, it does not work well with the PS4. This gets it a lot of limitations for those who have more advanced gaming systems. However, you should be aware that the sound quality is exceptional, and these are a very comfortable set of headphones to wear.


  • quality sound experience.
  • Available across many platforms.
  • Bluetooth compatible.

  • unable to be used with PS4

Turtle Beach Recon 50X

Here is another great device that works across a wide variety of platforms, including Xbox One, your PC, tablet or another mobile device, and PS4. This gives you great flexibility to use these wired headphones in several different platforms and get excellent quality sound.

These are very comfortable over the ear style headphones, which have ear cups that rotate to ensure that you get a very soft feel during extended use. The 40 mm speakers deliver a very crisp and natural sound, and in-line controls that are attached to the remote allow you to adjust the volume on your headphones as well as power the microphone.

These headphones are perfect for listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game. They easily connect through the plug-and-play system to whatever device you are using.

  • great quality sound and comfortable feel.
  • Available across several platforms.
  • Easy to connect.

  • additional controls available but must purchase a different remote.


Turtle Beach P11

This is one of the lowest cost models of the Turtle Beach line. The sound quality comes across well, and you will enjoy the crisp sound that comes from the microphone.


This is a wired set of headphones that connect using either on auxiliary cable or USB cable. It works with your laptop or Mac, the PS4 and Xbox systems but not with your mobile devices.



  • affordable price.
  • Good quality sound
  • durable product

  • you truly are getting what you pay for.



Turtle Beach X12

A step up from the X11, these are headphones that give you a lot of great sounds and enjoyable gaming experience with more than the previous model. You will enjoy the fact that this gives you a great sound experience with comfortable headphones at a great price.

These headphones are compatible with your Xbox 360, PS4, and your laptop or Mac. You get 50 mm speakers that give you a great sound experience, and the microphone is built with a flexible omnidirectional system. The ear pads come with foam cushioning that comfortable to wear for an extended period and they are easy to connect to your device.

  • good quality sound at a great price.
  • Easy to connect to your gaming system.
  • Comfortable feel.

  • a step above the X11 but not a sensational sound.



Turtle Beach X32

These headphones are very much like the X12, with the most significant difference being that they use Bluetooth technology to be able to connect into your gaming system. Using a 2.4 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi technology, you are easily able to communicate into whatever system you are using and enjoy all the features that come with the headphones without having anything lost through the connection.

There are 50 mm speakers that provide an incredible sound for you, and you will enjoy the fact that these are very comfortable to wear for an extended period. You can adjust the sound settings on it, so you can mix the audio to accommodate your needs.

These headphones are primarily designed for the Xbox 360 but will work with a couple of other different platforms.

  • easy to connect to the gaming system.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Battery life up to about 15 hours.

  • uses two AAA batteries which can become expensive over time.


Turtle Beach Ear Force X42

Here is an excellent set of headphones that connects to your system using a Wi-Fi band. This allows you to have the flexibility of not needing to use a cord, while still getting a great connection into your system.

You will enjoy the fact that these headphones provide a high quality sound for gaming. You also are offered a chat boost and microphone monitor which help you to ensure that the volume that is coming across your microphone is as you desire. The sound quality is a good one and priced very low that’s why this is a good investment.

Made for the Xbox 360, but is compatible with the Xbox One if you get the additional stereo headset adapter.


  • great quality sound that comes with Dolby surround sound option.
  • The microphone offers chat boost.
  • Easy to connect using Wi-Fi band.

  • limited platform compatibility


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX 21


While there are many features of these headphones that you will like, what most consumers are raving about is how comfortable they are to wear. This is not the only trait that makes them exceptional, but it is the one that is continuously repeated by those who are using these headphones. They love the feel of them and find that the sound comes across so natural while you are wearing them.

These headphones come with a remote that allows you to control the volume of the headphones, they are well worth the investment regarding comfort level. If you are a person who is wearing your headphones for an extended period, then you will find that these are the ideal ones for you to get.

This is a wired set of headphones that plug into your device using either an auxiliary cord or USB cable. The chat boost enhances the sound of the microphone, and there are controls within the headphones that allow you to mix and match the music as you desire.


  • great control of sound to enhance as needed.
  • Extremely comfortable headphones to wear.
  • Good quality sound for games and talking on such programs as Skype.

  • some find issues with the controls not working as designed.


Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

These headphones give you an incredible surround sound headset that is ideal for gaming. You will much enjoy the fact that the sound that comes across is crystal clear, making sure that you receive incredible detail while playing your game which makes you an even greater force within the online gaming world.

This is a Bluetooth compatible device, which easily connects into any device you are using. It not only provides excellent sound for games but also comes with quality sound for listening to music as well. This device is made to connect to most mobile devices that consumers have easily.

This has a great deal of control regarding the way that the sound is delivered, and you will love how comfortable they feel in your head. A worthwhile investment if you can afford it.


  • great sound experience that makes gaming even more fun.
  • Bluetooth technology allows you to connect to devices easily.
  • Compatible with most platforms except Mac.

  • connection has audio drops at times.


Turtle Beach Ear Force X31

These are a perfect wireless set of headphones that give you a great deal of control over the sound production that comes through the earpieces. You not only get a bass boost option, but you are also offered an adjustable boom mic that makes sure that the quality of sound that comes across your microphone is precise as desired.

If you find that you prefer to bypass the wireless option, there is an audio cable that you can also use to connect into your device. This gives those who have found challenges with the connection an additional option to ensure that they can enjoy their experience greatly.

There is the Dolby Digital playback which gives you an excellent quality of sound, and you can mix-and-match the sound as desired.


  • excellent quality sound with the ability to control the mix.
  • Great for Xbox 360 users.
  • Adjustable bypass cable makes it so that you can use the wireless or wired options.

  • reports of interference when using wireless option.



As you can see, Turtle Beach knows how to create the best turtle beach headset that not only gives users a great many options to fit their personal needs but also come with the key ingredients that separate them from other brands of gaming headphones out there.

This is a company that knows what gamers want and is gone to some of the largest professional tournaments in the world to seek the advice of players to find out how to make their headphones ideal for every level of the user.

While all of these give you great options, the one that stands out above the others is the Multi-Platform Gaming Headset. Not only does it give you a great set of headphones that can be used across every platform for a gaming system that you may use, but you get incredible sound, great microphone quality, and the ability to control the sound mix of the headphones.

Add to it the fact that these are incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods of time and you can use them to listen to music or movies and get incredible sound quality, and it is easy to see why these are the options for you.

Depending on what you can afford is the ideal option for you, but even if you can’t, there are still great choices. Turtle Beach has separated themselves from their competition, and you will not go wrong by purchasing any one of their headphones.

You will get a great sound experience that will make your gaming time even better.



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