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5 of the Best Surround Sound Headphones: A (2019) Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what are the best surround sound headphones is important to multiple users, thanks to their amazing sound quality and features that will make your gaming or music listening time just perfect. For professionals, they are the only kind of headphones that should be taken into account.

For beginners, they are something that will help them develop their knowledge while having a great time.

best surround sound headphonesHere you can learn everything about all-new surround sound headphones.


Basics Of A Surround Sound Headphones

We already mentioned that surround sound headphones are ideal for most individuals, but now is the time to explain why. In general, this kind of headphones like the best earbuds for a motorcycle is a high-end and it offers the best performances.

The best sound quality and it is the only alternative for all professionals and hardcore sound lovers.

Here, we will gradually explain how these headphones actually work and we have listed the 5 best surround sound headphones that works very well.

We have reviewed it very carefully so that you will save time and money. 

Comparison Table

5 of the Best Wireless Surround Sound Headphones This 2019

We have listed the best 5 of the sound surround headphones that fit for every music lover and gamer.

Unleash The Full Sound Quality With The Best 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones: Guide And Best Models Just For You

Surround sound simply allows you to get sound under different angles, produced by different speakers inside a headphone. For example, for home theater, you have 5-7 speakers, all around you, so each one will play the sound equivalent to the source of the sound in the movie. If the sound is coming from the left, a speaker positioned on the left side of a room will play that sound. The situation is the same with surround sound headphones. They have several speakers inside them, allowing you to get the same benefit.

There are three types of surround sound systems. They are 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1. The first one (the entry level) is 5.1, which features 6 speakers (5 speakers and one subwoofer). It is sufficient for most beginners and for those who want a mixture of the sound quality and the price.

6.1 system has 7 speakers. Additional speaker is usually added at the back. 7.1 system has 8 speakers and it is the most advanced system of this kind at the moment. It has been among us since the time Blue-Ray discs appeared and it always provides the best sound quality.

Surround sound headphones come with all three types and they basically share the same layout, features, and configuration as the large surround systems.

Additionally, we can divide surround system as virtual and true. Virtual surround sound features 2 speakers, but it will use complicated methods and algorithms to simulate the effect of multiple speakers. True surround sound actually features several speakers, so it provides actual surround effect.

Dolby surround sound is simplified version of the Dolby Spectral Recording and Dolby Analog. In essence, this system breaks down the sound signal and reassemble it once it reaches the headphones. The end result is an ultimate sound quality that is almost 100% identical to the sound signal sent by the source. It is a mandatory feature for all professional headphones and music equipment.

Almost all brands nowadays have their own algorithms. This is important for you because each one works in a different way than the other, so the sound quality isn’t the same! Basically, this is the method used to determine how and when the sound should be released and projected to your ears.

There are three types of channels. Each one is responsible for producing unique sound quality. Discrete is the most common one. Here, each channel has its own sound and it is independent, compared to other channels. Matrixed channels will mix the sounds from all channels. Lossless channels will provide the sound quality that is the same as the source file. In addition, they are the smallest, so they can be easily stored and transmitted.

Read this Guide:

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10 Facts to Guide You in Choosing Surround Sound for Headphones

Facts on the best surround sound headphones

Today’s world is characterized by variety. Not only do people get their pick when it comes to entertainment choices, they are also given the power to customize. This also means that they are constantly looking for ways to level up their entertainment experience.

Whether it’s gaming, listening to music, or watching a movie, surround sound for headphones are always an option.

If you are still looking for that missing piece of the puzzle, here are 10 facts you should know about surround sound for headphones.

1. Headphones vs. Speakers

When it comes to sound accuracy, one consideration is room acoustics. Headphones like the best headphones for kids are better than speakers in this aspect because they can bypass room acoustics and bring the sound directly to your ears.

However, it is also true that headphones have difficulty competing with speakers when it comes to bass impact.

Sound surround for headphones takes it up a notch by replicating the kind of sound you get from a home theater. Because of the different speakers in the headphones, you can enjoy your movie, game, or song fully.

They can give the impression that you are really involved in the game or movie.

2. How Sound Surround for Headphones Work

The most common headphones are those that come with our phones or those that we can easily buy at a cheap price. Some even come with microphones, allowing us to use them for phone calls or for communicating with teammates during an online game. However, they usually do not have the full capability to offer surround sound performance.

There are more innovative headphones that can deliver better sound, but you would need something more if you want to surround sound effects.

Initially, only for speaker sets, sound surround allows you to hear from different directions even if the action is only taking place in front of you. To elevate user experience, engineers also worked on making the same thing happen to headphones. Despite the limitations on hardware when working with headphones, we currently have the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound for headphones.

To successfully replicate the experience of surround sound for headphones, multiple speakers had to be placed at different locations in the headphones. The sounds coming from certain speakers can be reduced, and the perfect mix can make it feel as if the sound comes from different directions. The key is tricking the brain into hearing sounds from different directions.

Now each manufacturer will have its own surround sound technology and choose a set of headphones will greatly depend on many personal factors. But first, let’s take a look at the difference between virtual and “true” surround sound.

3. Virtual vs. “True” Surround for Gaming

the paddings of the best surround sound headphonesWhen going through your choices for surround sound for headphones, you might come across the terms “virtual surround sound” and “true surround sound.” In a nutshell, there are only two speakers in virtual surround sound and these speakers use complex algorithms to replicate the outcome of various speakers.

On the other hand, true surround sound uses several speakers to deliver a definite surround experience.

Stereo headphones manipulate volume to let you know where the sound comes from. Virtual surround sound, on the other hand, uses a delay mechanism to make your brain think that you are hearing sound from different directions at the same time.

Other virtual surround sound systems may also use different techniques (e.g. Creative Media Surround Sound 3D (CMSS-3D), Dolby, DTS Headphone X). Note that many gaming headphones that are sold as surround sound use virtualization.

However, since the sound is virtual, positional vagueness is still possible. There are also true surround sound headphones, but many users believe that true surround sound is better with speakers.

Moreover, some gamers favor virtual surround than true surround sound for headphones because the sound is usually of higher quality and the setup is less expensive.

4. Dolby is The Best Surround Sound for Headphones

Dolby came up with and patented a surround sound technology in 1976. After the rise of the standard 2.1 system which involves two speakers, a 7.1 speaker system came (called the Dolby AC-3). The latter is a 7-speaker system that is assembled surrounding the user. This setup delivers true surround sound with its 360-degree system.

Applying the same principle, Dolby surrounds sound for headphones uses simplified versions of the Dolby Analog and the Dolby Spectral Recording. What happens is that the sound signal is broken down and reassembled the moment it reaches your headphones. This produces sound quality that is almost perfectly identical to the sound of the source.

What does this mean for you? You can use your own headphones and make them surround sound-capable!

5. How to Use Dolby Headphone Support With Your Own Headphones

the true benefits of wearing the best surround sound headphonesInstead of purchasing surround sound headphones which are usually dependent on their own software to work, you can just buy high-end sound cards that have native Dolby Headphone support such as the Asus Xonar DG.

You can then use it with your existing headphones to get the virtual surround sound effect you are looking for. Just make sure that the sound card has enough power to drive your headphones.

Surround sound for headphones either come in 5.1 or 7.1 The first number refers to the number of speakers, while the second one refers to the number of subwoofers.

6. What 5.1 Surround Sound Has to Offer

Entry-level surround sound headphones are usually 5.1. It features five speakers distributed across both ears and an extra speaker for bass. Many of the modern games at present will work with 5.1 surround sound channels.

With a 5.1 setup, you can clearly hear an enemy player sneaking up directly behind you with footstep sounds of the same volume on the rear-right and rear-left of both ears. If you have an enemy approaching from the right side, you will be able to hear a slightly louder sound from the rear-right channel. This gives you a great advantage in online games, allowing you to react to threats from various directions even if you can’t see them.

7. What 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones Has to Offer

With 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer, 7.1 surround sound headphones come with extra channels for sounds that come directly from the left and the right. They use the same principles as the 5.1 surround sound headphones mentioned above. You can try out the ASUS STRIX for the whole 7.1 experience.

Many users feel that there is little difference between 5.1 and 7.1 setups, although the latter can be more immersive. More so, 5.1 systems are less expensive, and a number of games only support 5.1 channels.

8. How to Test Surround Sound Headphones

Say that you have decided to get yourself a surround sound headphone and you are already in the store trying out some options. How will you test surround sound for headphones?

While there are no clear-cut rules on testing headphones, here are some tips:

  • Choose sounds that are not easy for a sound system to reproduce.

Once you do this, listen to the sound/music using different surround sound headphones. Compare your experience and choose the headphones that best fit your preference.

  • Try out your headphones while playing the games you usually play.

Take note of how clear the footsteps, explosions, and other chatter are. Try to also check if you can easily pinpoint the direction of the sound. Moreover, take note of the headphones’ capability to handle voice chat over other game noises.

9. Common Attributes of Surround Sound Headphones

Here are some things you can look at when deciding to get surround sound for headphones:

  • Channels

As discussed above, you can either get 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound headphones. Note that you can get more support for the 5.1 because they are more widely used.

  • Connectivity

There are various ways to connect your headphones to your PC: USB, jacks, stereo connectors, etc. If you can get one that allows you to connect to multiple devices, the better. However, it is wise to go with USB audio if you are going to use them with your laptops or desktops.

  • Mobility

New models of headphones sometimes come with wireless capability. You can carry them around, and they will be most useful if you are used to moving around while watching a movie. For gamers, however, mobility might not be too much of an issue.  Take note that wireless surround sound for headphones require batteries and/or charging.

  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Frequency Response, and Impedance

THD controls how clean the sound is. Go for a lower THD because it guarantees cleaner sound. The same is true for the impedance (higher volume if you have lower impedance). For frequency response, you get wider sonic with wider frequency.

10. Buying Guide

Before actually purchasing sound surround for headphones, ask yourself the following questions aside from taking note of the price:

  • Will I prioritize sound quality or mobility?

Wired surround sound headphones provide sound with better quality, but if you want to carry around your headphones, wireless might be a better option.

  • Will I be comfortable wearing it?

Some headphones are uncomfortable when you wear them for a few hours, so make sure to take note of the weight and its built.

  • Do I need noise cancellation?

Canceling environment noise can help you get better sound quality, but you might not need it if you are doing your gaming in a quiet place.

  • How long is the cable that I need?

Headphones with short cables are usually impractical, so make sure that you pick a surround sound for headphones with a cable that is of convenient length.

With everything that has been discussed here, you are now more equipped to decide on getting the best surround sound headphones to level up your entertainment experience!

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Advantages of the surround sound headphones

Believe or not, surround sound headphones have some of the most relevant advantages compared to ordinary headphones. First and foremost, the sound quality all surround sound headphones can provide is by far the best you can get.

The system will allow you to get an impression that you are in a game or a movie. For gamers, especially those who play first-person shooting games, such as Call of Duty, this benefit can make a huge advantage.

At the same time, this is the main advantage of all surround sound headphones. They are designed to provide realistic sound and to make you more involved with the on-screen action.

Advantages of the surround sound

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Why Should You Choose a Sound Surround Headphones?

If not for the precious advantage, you should know that the tone is richer. Low and high tones will reach its full potential with the surround sound headphones and therefore maximize the effect of the sound itself.

For all of you who like daydreaming while listening to the music, surround sound headphones are once again the best deal. The sound will not only be crystal clear, but the unique design of the earpads will eliminate any environmental sounds, allowing you to enjoy your music without any disturbances.

For individuals who like watching movies that leave a strong impression, these headphones are once again the main choice to make.

Due to the same reason we just have mentioned, they will allow you to literally experience all the scenes and become better aware of the plot. Basically, it is the same as when you are in a theater or watching a movie at home theater.

The last, but equally important is the advantage surround sound headphones have on your hearing! Because they feature several speakers, or/and use complicated algorithms to provide the best sound quality at any given moment, they will deliver the optimal sound volume, protecting your hearing.

For most gamers and individuals who are addicted to computers, music, and movies, surround sound headphones are the ‘’safest’’ alternative.


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4 Main attributes to look for

If you want to know how to choose the best surround headphones, you will have to know what features are important for you. Most units come with similar or even identical features, but there are models that simply provide additional features and make the end result much better.

That’s why we had to invest time in delivering you information on how to get the best surround sound headphones for your specific requirements. All of the following attributes should be taken into consideration.

  • 5.1 channel surround sound is the most common on the planet. Most games and movies are specifically made to be used with it, so we can deduce that it offers the biggest and the best support. In terms of sound quality, it isn’t the best, but it is definitely a decent alternative.
  • 6.1 surround system is actually very rare and chances are high you won’t be able to find plenty of headphones with this system! It was used for a short period of time, between 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems.
  • 7.1 surround sound will provide the ultimate sound quality of them all. It is commonly reserved for high-end headphones. However, not all games and videos support it! In the near future, it will become standard, but for now, it isn’t.

Wireless1. Wireless or wired surround sound headphones

Another, the main attribute to consider is the way your new headphones will connect to a device. Basically, we all can choose between wired or wireless headphones. There are pros and cons of each choice. Wired headphones offer a much better sound quality, they don’t require batteries nor recharging and they are usually ideal for most audiophiles. On the other side, they are massive and carrying them may be an issue. Wireless headphones don’t have a cable that connects them to a device so they can be carried anywhere you want. For gamers who like to dance while playing a game, they are the best option. The only drawback is the sound quality and the fact they require batteries.


 2. Connectivity capabilities

Even the best headphones aren’t going to be useful unless you connect them to a device, obviously. Here you will have several options to choose from. Most of them have 6.35 mm connector, allowing you to connect headphones to most stereo devices. Some have 35 or 2.5 mm jacks, used for connecting with smartphones, tablets and etc. (3.5 mm is far more common and a better alternative). Ideally, you would be able to get headphones that come with a range of jacks, allowing you to use them with multiple devices.

Here we must add the importance of the driver. It is a software that will translate the sound output and transfer it into a sound you can hear. Make sure the driver is compatible with your device or your operating system.

3. On-ear or over the ear design

Here we have two most common types of headphones that can make a huge difference. On-ear models will have smaller earpads, so they will match the size of your ears, basically. They offer a great sound, but they may be less effective in delivering the ultimate isolation from other sounds. Also, they are comfortable, but not as much as the second type here. Over the ears headphones will cover your entire ears, so you will enjoy better comfort and a better sound quality. However, they are heavier. It is up to you which one you want.

ear design

4. Frequency response, THD, and impedance

The last, but very important attribute to consider is actually made of these three features. Frequency response is used to provide sonic details. The wider the frequency, the wider the sonic. THD stands for total harmonic distortion. The lower the THD, the cleaner sound you get. Impedance is probably the best-known feature. Theoretically, the lower the impedance, higher volume is guaranteed.

Now when you know all the basics and the main attributes of the surround sound headphones, you will have to choose the best one for your demands. The real question is how to choose them! Follow the guidelines below and you will get surround headphones that look like they were made just for you.

How to choose the best surround sound headphones

The first factor to consider is do you want to carry tour headphones all the time, or you will be using them in a single location? Wireless are the best for remote usages, while wired provide the best sound quality.

All of you who are gamers, know how important comfort is. Because you will be wearing the headphones for a few hours per day, they must be comfortable. Models that are not pleasant as soon as you put them on the head won’t be comfortable later!

Weight has a crucial role here. Heavier models are more uncomfortable and they can cause head and neck fatigue. Wearing them for a few hours will be an issue. Keep in mind that you need a perfect balance between the durability and the weight. Top tip: Models with virtual surround sound technology are lighter.

Open or closed back is something that can define the entire potential of the headphones. Open back provide more ‘’open’’ more realistic sound, but others can hear your game or sound in general.

Closed headphones will completely isolate the sound, but the sound quality is lower.

The thing is, if you live alone in a room, open back is the best choice; all of you who need headphones to be used in public places or for commercial purposes, closed back must be chosen.

Noise cancellation is a feature that uses microphones to detect the sounds from the environment and then to produce counter-frequencies to cancel them! In other words, the feature eliminates the sounds that may compromise your sound quality. If you are isolated room, you don’t need it, but if you are planning to take the headphones while on the plane, this is the main factor to consider!

All gamers must consider a bit special headphones. Gamers’ models are capable of providing virtual enhancement feature. Basically, it will help them get more realistic gaming experience. If you are one of the gamers, make sure to pay attention to the models mentioned below. Most of them are ideal for this purpose.

How to choose the best surround headphones in less than a minute? Yes, it is possible, and no it isn’t complicated. All you have to do is to pay close attention to the size of them and to the price. Cheap headphones are not a great choice. It is like when you try to order a meal from a foreign waiter. You can shout as long as you want, but he won’t understand a thing. Also, despite the fact cheap models have large earpads, the speakers inside may be small, so you cannot expect sound quality. On the other hand, we have more expensive surround sound headphones that come with large earpads. They offer large speakers, so the sound quality is amazing no less.

Some headphones have short cables, which makes them impractical. Usually, all of the headphones come with one, cable mounted to the left earpads or with Y-shape cable, connecting the two earpads. Make sure to choose the style that is most convenient for you.

Love the surround sound experience when you head out to a movie? See that ‘surround sound’ option in that audio device that you have bought? Or perhaps even your TV? Love it when you turn on that option?

You aren’t alone – most people love the surround sound experience as it helps them to experience everything in real life conditions.

Plus, who doesn’t want to experience music from all sides?

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What is surround sound and where did it come from?

Surround Sound is a concept, which makes you feel like you hear sound from all the directions even if the action is happening in front of you. If you think back, Walt Disney first introduced this concept for his film Fantasia, in 1941!

Leopold Stokowski collaborated with Walt Disney to bring the best surround sound experience to the audiences. It was an incredibly expensive, but good feat which swayed the audiences and laid another feather in Walt Disney’s cap.

Dolby laboratories (you’ve heard about Dolby, haven’t you?) developed another technique and had it patented it in 1976. It was not until George Lucas had the THX certification introduced, that the term four-channel system came into play after the standard 2.1 system (two speakers on either side). Since then, surround sound has evolved into a Dolby AC-3 system, which uses a 7.1 speaker system.

It refers to seven speakers strategically placed around the user with 1 sub-woofer in the middle. And that is the true surround sound, a 360-degree audio system that we hear so much about today.

The headphone connection

What does surround sound has to do with headphones? Well, headphone users got jealous that people with speaker systems could enjoy this feature and wanted to experience it as well, but within their headphones instead. So, sound and audio engineers have worked on some amazing technologies, which brought the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound experiences in headphones.

The trick to accomplishing this feat was to place multiple speakers at various locations in headphones to have sound waves coming from multiple directions. Based on the placement and incoming instructions, sound from specific speakers can be attenuated to a particular degree. This combination makes it feel that music is reaching our ears from different directions.

Each headphone manufacturer uses its own method and unique technology to produce their line-up of headphones. These differ vastly depending on the purpose of those headphones.

You should check for the specific technologies used when you are on the lookout for the best surround sound experience in the market. And that is your first tip in choosing the best surround headset in the market!

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8 Tips for Buying the Best Surround Sound Headset


The first thing you should consider when making this decision is that you are making an investment. Headphones are no longer considered as ‘use-and-throw’ products anymore. They can last you quite a few years. It depends on the quality of headphones as well as your usage besides natural wear and tear.

1. Purpose

Sound producer working at studio while recording songThe second thing you should keep in mind when buying the best surround sound gaming headset pc is the purpose.

Are you going to use them to listen to music only? Perhaps you want an immersive movie experience.

Or maybe you are a hardcore gamer who needs crystal clear sounds so that you know where the next bullet is coming from or where that three-headed monster is attacking.

This is a significant step because headphones are manufactured with different technologies for their respective purposes.

For example, the best surround sound is not that important for music listeners. They need a more substantial frequency response and higher sensitivities over the equalizer band.

This ensures that the noise from all the various instruments playing together in unison can be adequately heard and the beats are audible with precise clarity.

But these headphones won’t work as efficiently for games because their focus is on the stereo or 2.1 channel here.

Gaming headphones do need a higher frequency response, but not so much as audiophiles or music lovers require. Furthermore, gamers do not need more upper bass and treble.

In fact, higher bass or treble would ruin the gaming experience entirely, especially if the game in question is an online multiplayer player-versus-player title. In contrast, gaming headphones require balanced frequency response over the audible spectrum and a surround sound experience which is as accurate as possible to the real thing.

Therefore, a minimum of 5.1 is necessary to make it work, and 7.1 for the best experience in this era.

Movie lovers have similar expectations as those of the gamers. But they also need the fidelity of the music enthusiast headphones to enjoy an all-around experience.

So, it is a bit of a compromise or a combination of both, depending on your budget. While browsing for the best true surround sound headphones for movies, you need to check both these features and pay attention to the size of the drivers inside the headphone cups as well.

2. Noise Cancellation

And that’s not enough. When you are interested in a truly immersive gaming experience, you need to distance yourself from the outside world. You would not want to be disturbed by the barking neighbor’s dog or your girlfriend’s gossip (or the whine of your case fans).

Noise cancellation is the word, and you’d need to see if your headphones have active noise cancellation as a feature.

How does it work? Active noise cancellation requires a specialized circuit in the headphones. This circuit receives the ‘noise’ from external sources and creates noise of equal amplitude with opposite phase.

It then projects this generated noise outward to cancel out the external noise all-together.

If you need this feature in your surround sound headphones, it’s going to cost you extra.

3. Headset or Headphones?

Young depressed musicians sitting in chairs at recording studioIf you are just a music or movie lover, then you should probably buy the best surround sound headphones only. But if you are a gamer, you might need a microphone for numerous TeamSpeak sessions. Most gamers need microphones built into their headphones, which makes it a headset instead.

With a microphone built into a headphone, the cost usually increases by a margin, but not by much. What is concerning though, is the interference of the microphone with the listening experience. The microphone picks up your voice to transmit over the audio channel. In the heat of the multiplayer action, you voice commands over team chat are crucial to a victory and a humiliating defeat.

This means that the sensitivity of the mic is of utmost importance when you decide to go for one. Since you have opted for the best surround sound gaming headset, you would be doing much more than the usual Skype chat. Sometimes, this higher sensitivity works against you, because if the volume of the headphone drivers is high enough, it picks up that sound as well.

What happens next is called echo, as the microphone creates a feedback loop which picks up the driver sounds and keeps recording them as well; over and over. This is a terrible thing in the world of headphones, and you should be careful while choosing one if you consider yourself to be a gamer.

Fortunately, music and movie lovers do not have to bother with this annoyance. So, if you happen to be one, you can be happy knowing that you can invest that extra money into a higher fidelity a 7.1 surround sound listening experience instead.

4. Wired versus Wireless

Handsome young sound producers at recording studioThis is a straightforward decision. And choosing wired headsets or headphones seem to be the logical conclusion for minimum annoyance. This is especially true for gamers who have prolonged gaming sessions in mind.

However, things are wildly different for music and movie enthusiasts. Music lovers might continuously be on the move or in bed most of the time. Some of them might be dancing in pubs too. So, they need the freedom from the strings and have to opt for wireless ones instead.

Similarly, movie buffs might have a couch which is a bit away from the HD / 4K / 8K TVs, humongous in size decorating their living rooms or home theatres. A wired headphone might not be the best solution in these cases. They need to select the best 7.1 surround sound gaming headset for movies instead.

So, when you opt for wireless surround sound headphones, it will benefit you to keep certain things in mind. The cheapest and most common are simple ones who work on disposable battery cells. These need to be replaced at regular intervals; so be ready for some constant overhead. But some more expensive offerings have rechargeable batteries and come packed with charging ports for your convenience. When you are done grooving to your favorite songs, just place them on these ports and off you go.

The other important thing to keep in mind, but often left out, is the type of connectivity. Most headphones feature either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity and include a USB dongle or a separate instrument with additional controls, with its own battery. Depending on your usage, you can choose either.

5. Ergonomics

No matter what kind of a headphone user you happen to be, there are chances that more extended listening sessions are not a rare occurrence in your lives. When you wear those headphones over an hour, your ears and head need to sustain the constant barrage of sound and vibrations.

Additionally, the fit of the headphones should be comfortable, in the sense that they should be tight. Otherwise, your ears are in for a lot of pain.

When choosing headphones, the cup size and the headband construction should be in your focus. The earbuds should be padded with soft material, and it should cover your entire ear as they are ergonomic stylish earbuds.

The headband should be adjustable to tailor the tightness to your liking.

If you are in pain after prolonged use of your headphone, then listening to music, watching that blockbuster, or playing that game is not worth the trouble.

Headphones closeup

6. Construction

Even though it is not related to a surround sound by logic, science and reliability say otherwise. It is no surprise that a sturdy construction equals more safety. That means fewer chances of tugged wires malfunctioning and the headband giving way after a nasty fall. Look for braided wires in wired headphones and higher quality plastic for either one.

As far as science is concerned, construction affects insulation in a significant way. The sound is nothing but the energy generated due to vibrations. This energy can travel through various materials with varying effectiveness and is subject to attenuation at different degrees in those materials respectively. So, for example, if you need headphones capable of isolating outside noise (as opposed to cancellation), Audio mixer for Surround Soundyou should check for the materials used for its construction.

7. Does it Offer Noise Cancellation?

Sure, surround sound experience great by itself, but it can get a whole lot better if you have access to the noise cancellation technology. It helps you enjoy surround sound experience even better, and you can cut out the outside noise without any worries.

8. How do You Make the Right Surround Sound Headphone Choice?

The best surround headphones do not need to cost you a bomb. You could buy them in a few hundred bucks quickly, but you do need to make the right choice.

Buying the best surround sound headphones is not an easy task anymore, considering the factors involved. The tips mentioned above play a pivotal role in your choice.

Budget is not an issue anymore, because these headphones are already a cut above all the others.

However, you can find a range of headphones at various prices. But the ultimate buying decision lies with you, and the best choice is an informed decision. Hear, hear…

The Comparison

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A Full List of the Best Wireless Surround Sound Headphones

All amazing surround sound headphones have been updated with the recent headphones! Each of the gadgets (latest versions) has been reviewed thoroughly and studied to give you the best outcome as possible!

1. Corsair VOID PRO RGB

Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset - Dolby 7.1...
  • Compatibility : PC with USB port and OS compatibility (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Internet connection...
  • Legendary CORSAIR build quality ensures long term durability. Frequency Response: 20Hz 20 kHz. Sensitivity:...
  • Custom tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers bring the action to life with wide range and accuracy. Microphone...
  • Enjoy crystal clear, low latency, wireless audio with up to 40ft range and up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Optimized unidirectional microphone with LED mute indicator reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality....
  • Compatibility:PC with USB port,Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7,Internet connection (for CUE software...
  • The CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB WIRELESS headset provides exceptional comfort, epic audio performance and legendary...
  • Play with the confidence that your microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal...

Last update on 2020-01-22 at 10:04 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Over the top audio output coupled with a designer ‘different’ body is what describes Corsair VOID PRO RGB.

And while you may not like the design a lot, the headset has already created buzz with its features. Excelling even in the quality of microphone audio – the segment where most headset manufacturers forget to pay enough attention to – it makes the problem of a mic with bad audio output irrelevant.

Makes the Right Noises

Corsair VOID PRO RGB offers you one of the best headphone mics you can get today. You can use this headset for both your gaming and conversation purposes without stressing out about the audio quality.

  1. A Strong built: A metal frame very well supports the plastic body. You don’t have to worry about it breaking up anytime soon; the design eliminates the risk of breaks and provides added flexibility. The microfiber mesh and memory foam over the earpieces gives you a comfortable fit.
  2. Audio quality: When you go through the audio specifications of gaming headsets, you will find that most of them pay attention to making the sounds seem impactful. And with impactful, they mean sharp bass and loud sounds. This sometimes irritates you. Corsair paid attention to this aspect and made a pretty balanced audio system.

You will enjoy the games with their sounds but with a balanced approach. You don’t need to twitch your ears with intense battle sequences. This makes it smooth on your ears and also good for listening to music. However, as it is primarily gaming headset, you may get disappointed with the audio quality of music or movies.

  1. Good wireless range: Tired of those wired headphones that get tangled just about anywhere? Not anymore with this product from Corsair.

This wireless headphone saves you from the hassles of the wired headsets. You don’t need to worry about the wires getting caught in something while you are traveling. In addition to that, you can play games even from a distance for this one offers an incredible Bluetooth range of 40ft, which is pretty impressive.

Many users have complained that their Bluetooth headset does not work well in their big hallways. But not this one. Use this from anywhere in your house, and you will find the excellent connectivity always.

  • Over the top audio output
  • Strong built
  • Incredible microphone recordings

  • Very expensive
  • The bass is not so impressive which kind of dampens the gaming spirit
  • Looks very cheap because of plastic – we have had better designs out there, honestly.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset -...
  • Lag free 2.4 GHz wireless audio with up to 40ft/12m range and more than 24 hour battery life; Exclusive...
  • Headphone sensitivity: 98 db. S1 speaker drivers and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound on PC (stereo audio...
  • Arctis headsets feature athletics inspired performance fabric AirWeave ear cushions and a ski goggle...
  • Microphone sensitivity 48 db, microphone impedance: 2200 Ohm; Arctis 7 is PC Gamer's "Best Wireless Gaming...
  • Headphone frequency response is 20 to 20000 hertz. Microphone frequency response is 100 to 10,000 hertz;...

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Gamers are always looking for something better to complement their adventures. Be it that gaming mouse or the gaming keyboard, the right accessories to make the gaming experience a whole lot better.

Take the SteelSeries 61463 Arctis 7, for instance. It is the perfect digital companion for them. Its sleek yet robust design coupled with the excellent sound output makes it irresistible for everyone.

The SteelSeries is long into the gaming headset market and its every new product is meant to tap the unexplored market segments. SteelSeries 61463 Arctis 7 is the wireless model heavily based on PC games. So if you are a console fan, then you do need to look further.

Let us walk you through some of the specifications of this headset.

1. Lag-free audio: This wireless model provides you lag-free audio. The Bluetooth range is up to 40ft which is pretty impressive. So, you can use this headset for playing games even in long hallways. No need to worry about distorted connections.

2. Microphone: The microphone is worth mention both because of its design and quality. When not in use, it rests like a small knob in the lower part of each ear cushion. But, when you need them, you can pull them out. This makes it better to carry when traveling and looks trendy too.

3. On ear-muff controls: Both the ear muffs have a set of control buttons. On one, you can control the volume and choose to mute/unmute the microphone. On the other, you get a chat mix dial using which you can adjust the volume of game and chat.

4. Speaker connectivity: Yet one more feather in this model is that you can connect it to the speaker using the Bluetooth or USB cable. Once it is connected to a speaker, the audio jack to the ear muffs automatically gets muted. You don’t need to do any other control functions for muting it.

5. Dual audio mode: This model is unique that it can adapt itself to both wired and unwired uses. The wireless audio functions are for PC, Mac, PS4, and VR while for the Xbox one and mobiles, you need to use the wire provided.

  • Durable design and quality material
  • Users reported long battery life.
  • Audio quality is good.

  • Juggling between wired and non-wired audio support can be frustrating.
  • People with large heads may begin to feel crampy because of its small built.

Final Verdict

SteelSeries 61463 Arctis 7 is a well-known name in the gaming headset market. Arctis 7 is its yet another innovation. The audio quality and built are very durable. The ski goggle headband distributed pressure evenly over your head and leaves little room for headaches.

The wired and non-wired dual approach is both good and bad. It is right in the sense that it allows you to use even non-Bluetooth supported devices. On the other hand, you need to spend considerable time in changing the settings.

Overall, this is a very comfortable headset and perfect for your long gaming sessions.

3. Sades Spirit Wolf

SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound USB Computer Gaming...
  • Latest high magnetic ndfeb driver: more clear sound gaming headset, with the strong brass, acoustic...
  • Comfortable fit and convenience: in this gaming headphones all contact points are finished in soft but durable...
  • High quality sensitive microphone: The gaming mic in our SADES Headphone is high sensitive and durable. It's...
  • Compatibility: headset works with PC, laptop, computer. Notice: Please kindly know that all the products would...
  • Noise canceling: updated closed earcups design in SADES spiritwolf USB version PC gaming headset, plugs and...

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Looking to get the best gaming headset for yourself?

Being a gamer has its own share of challenges. One of them is finding a perfect pair of the headset on a tight budget. When you are a die-hard gamer, your earphones are more prone to damages, and this leaves you in difficult situations. Sade’s spirit is a solution for all your such issues. With incredibly high customer satisfaction rate, this costs you decidedly less. You can get a quality headset without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sades Spirit Wolf Review – Is It Worth It?

Apart from the fact that the headphone does look pretty durable, it is also among the best when it comes to the audio quality.

Let us take you through a brief introduction of its features.

1. Audio quality: This headphone comes with a mic. So, the sound quality of the headpiece and mic are both important. The mic is designed in such a way that it stays at a considerable distance from the mouth. That rattling sound of breaths and occasional echoes don’t happen. Moreover, the noise cancelling feature cancels out the ambient noise making it easier to talk.

The person on the other side receives your crisp, clear and noise-less sound. The crackling noise that many mics give is not present in it. The highly magnetic NdFeB driver in the headset provides extra bass and accurate acoustic positioning. This enriches the hearing experience and gives you an added advantage in combat games.

2. Comfortable body: The most important aspect of a gaming headset is its comfort level. The headphone fits comfortably over the ears and head without creating any pressure. The ear-muffs have vacant space cut-out in which your ears fit perfectly. This way your ears don’t get any pain and get enough room to breathe. In short, this headset saves you from headset borne aches.

3. Adaptability: You can use this headset for your PC and laptop. It can’t be useful if you wish to use VR or Xbox. But for laptops, these are perfect and offers that something extra you need.

4. Controls: The cable of the headset comes with a dedicated tuner. You can adjust the volume, mute the audio and then mute or unmute the microphone. In short, you don’t have to use the laptop controls every time you wish to adjust the audio output.

  • Inexpensive
  • Robust design
  • Incredible sound output

  • Limited compatibility is an issue. Had it been compatible with all gaming devices, it would have been better.
  • Users have actually complained that noise cancelling is so perfect that they don’t hear any outside sound!

Final Verdict 

This headset is your best catch on a limited budget. If you play games on your laptop or PC, then get this one. But if you use Xbox, let it go. Perhaps, this limited compatibility is what makes it so inexpensive. Whatever be the reason, you can definitely invest your money in this one.

4. Astro Gaming a50

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset - Black/Green...
  • Pro Audio Quality
  • Superior Fit & Finish
  • Precision Microphone
  • 5GHz Wireless Technology
  • Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound
  • All current ASTRO Gaming products designed for Xbox One will offer continuous compatibility on future Xbox...

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If you have no problem in shelling out some extra bucks for an enriched gaming experience, then Astro gaming A50 is your catch. Well known for its luxurious design and innovative approach, it is one of the market leaders in high-end headsets.

The sleek design and light weight make it perfect for use even for long gaming sessions. It comes in two variants; one for pc and the other for Xbox. Those users who need the Xbox variant need to pay extra attention to the details while buying.

Designed for the Premium Gaming Experience

So, what would you love about this premium designed headphone? Does it live up to its hype? Here is a brief outlook of the product.

1. Robust built: A headphone needs to be sturdy to last long. Each earpiece has a metallic outgrowth which is held together by hard matte plastic over the head. This dual metal-plastic combination gives it both flexibility and strength, something you would expect from a good gaming headphone.

The part that is most commonly twisted is the one above the head, and since this is plastic, it is flexible. You don’t have to worry about it breaking off if you forget to take off your headphone correctly.

Also, if you are worried about damages to the ear side-piece, don’t worry – it is made from metal is extra strong. So, with this model, you can be sure of a reliable headset.

2. Audio quality:  The audio quality is above average. You get a right sound surround. The Bluetooth feature allows you to use it in a wide range of 40ft. You can enable Dolby headphone technology and immerse yourself in larger than life gaming experiences. You can enjoy the surround sound created with footsteps, distant bullet sounds, muffled conversations and so on. This will give you a real gaming experience.

3. Compatibility: This headset is compatible with both PC and Xbox. However, if you wish to use it with Xbox, just buy the console’s base station.

  • High audio output
  • Wide compatibility
  • Long battery life of 15 hours

  • Very expensive
  • The mic is not so good as compared to the price.


Gamers are an entirely different breed of people. And if you are one of them, you do realize that the audio quality is of foremost importance. If you want to try one of the best products on the market, you can give it a try. The only constraint is its high price which is an issue. But that issue is very well balanced by the features offered.

You can use it for all your gaming devices. The Bluetooth allows you to listen to the music even you are away. The comfortable and strong built promises to last long. The ear cushions are incredibly soft over the ears. You will not feel that your ear heats up with any kind of pain. This headset promises you a comfortable gaming experience.

5. Logitech G430

Logitech 981-000536 G430 7.1 Gaming Headset with Mic
  • DTS Headphone: X and Dolby 7; 1 surround Sound: experience an immersive 360 degree sound field that lets you...
  • Built for comfort: lightweight design and soft sport cloth ear cups with 90 degree swivel for maximum comfort...
  • Folding, noise cancelling boom mic: reduces background noise for clear voice pick up and rotates up and out of...
  • Impedance: 32 ohms; On cable sound controls: volume dial and mute switch are close at hand for quick Audio...
  • Compatibility: Works with PS4 and Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or windows Vista computers; Sensitivity:...
  • Headphone frequency response: 20Hz 20KHz; Microphone pickup pattern: cardioid (unidirectional) frequency...

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Wireless surround sound headphones should meet the demands of us many and still stay relatively affordable. As the mixture of the price and features, this model is one of the best.

It is a wireless unit that comes with full support for Mac, PC, and gaming consoles.

In other words, you can use it with any system straightaway you get it. Besides great sound quality, the bidirectional mic will help you get better in gaming. It supports all known features and it is a premium module, so expect a lot. Just to add, it is based on the Clear Cast technology.

Enjoying an amazing sound with the DTS Headphones is guaranteed. On-Ear ChatMix simply makes all of this even better.

It is a small dial on the ear cup that allows you to change the settings of the mic and sound while playing. With it, you won’t lose a level due to the sound setting. Interesting: This unit comes with ski goggle suspension band.

The battery can last up to 15 hours and it will be recharged very fast if this is important for you to know. Other things to consider are full support (computers and mobile devices) and they are made from steel alloy.

  • Clear cast retractable technology
  • 15 hours of battery life
  • On-Ear ChatMix dial
  • Made from high-quality materials

  • Feel loose on the head
  • Comfort isn’t very good
  • The design is obsolete

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These headphones are well-made, come with a 2-year warranty and they provide crystal clear sound. 7.1 surround sound (best surround sound headphones) works without a single issue and thanks to the 9.9 ounces of weight, you can wear them 24/7.

Basically, they have everything you are going to need, including on-ear pad controls and heavy-duty construction, but the price is still affordable.

They are ideal for gamers, audiophiles and all of you who want to get the best sound everywhere and at any time. Of course, other models on the list are valuable as well. They are better than most of the other headphones you can buy right now.  They are also perfect if you want something different.

Bengo G9000

Having a comfortable and stylish pair of headphones just make the gaming experience reach another level of excitement. Compatible with a wide range of products, Bengo G9000 is every headphone lovers’ dream come true.

The Review:

What makes this Bengo headset tick is that it seems to offer the best of all worlds without compromising on the quality. With an affordable price and an excellent customer service, it does make for a good buy as a gamer. Plus, the acoustic sounds and the in-depth game noises make for a real feel, which you are sure to love.

Let us have a brief look at the things you would love about it.

  1. Ultra-comfort: Bengo G9000 is made from high-grade TPE that makes it super easy on the skin. You will not have the constant nagging feel allowing you to use it for longer durations. Also, the earmuffs are made from soft fiber. The earcups have an empty space that fits perfectly over your ear. So, your ears don’t get jammed. They have enough room to breathe. The microphone helps you in handling calls even while you are playing.
  2. Full compatibility: This headphone is compatible with almost every device. Be it the newest version of PlayStation, any mobile, iPad or laptop; you don’t need to worry about it going with them. If you play on multiple systems, this is going to be your perfect gaming partner. However, you do need an additional Microsoft adapter if you wish to use the older version of your Xbox one controller.
  3. Powerful audio system: With strong audio quality and powerful bass, this headset lures every gamer to play more. You will especially enjoy the combat games, where sound plays a significant role in defeating the opponent. The pop sounds here are something you would want to experience.
  4. Noise Cancelling: This headset comes with the noise canceling technology. You can continue to enjoy your games or music even in crowded buses. The noise canceling technology nullifies the ambient noise, and it does all this without ratcheting up a considerable buying price for you.
  • Compatible with wide range of devices.
  • Comfortable and durable material.
  • Good sound quality

  • This is not Bluetooth supported. So, it can be tricky to use as you need to carry the hassles of wires with you.
  • Users have complained about below average quality of the microphone. As it seems, the microphone fails to cancel the background noise. So, when on call, the person on the other end might get irritated by the background noise.


BENGO G9000 is primarily a gamer’s headset. Its look, built and audio quality perfectly compliment the audio requirements of various games. However, if you wish to use it for communication purposes, then you may get disappointed. The low point is its microphone which fails to manage the background noises. Overall, the product is fit for gaming devices.




SteelSeries Siberia 840

If the price isn’t an issue, this is the best model for you. Of all 7.1 surround sound headphones, you can get right now, these ones offer the best performances. Dolby 7. Virtual surround sound is just perfect and provides the best sound in general. 2.4 GHZ wireless technology is designed to work without a lag in all situations and to provide the best sound with any platform. Correspondingly, these headphones cutting edge compatibility. They can be used with computers, consoles, VR, and smartphones.

Being a premium model, they come with two batteries. One is recharged in the transmitter while the other one is used, so you can play games twice as long without worrying that you will run out of juice! Controls are placed on the ear cups, so adjusting the best sound and other settings won’t be an issue.

Using the SteelSeries Engine is an advantage as well. With the software, you can change and customize any parameter about the headphones and the sound. Let’s not forget retractable mic which is specifically designed for Skype and games. Interesting: These headphones have the lowest latency at the moment.


  • Come with two batteries
  • There is no lag whatsoever
  • Retractable mic
  • Couch control
  • SteelSeries Engine for easier adjusting

  • Expensive
  • Customer service
  • They could be louder


Sentey gs-4731

This model definitely should be taken into account. The design is one of the most adorable on the list and the features follow the same path. The first and the main aspect is the 7.1 virtual surround sound system. It offers above the range sound quality and it is the main reason why these headphones are great value for money. Design features are on a high level. You get automatically adjustable hand band and lighting logo in the center of ear pads.

Controlling the headphones is done via a controller on the cable (cable is 2 meters long). On the unit, volume dial, mute on/off and vibration controls are available. Obviously, we must mention the vibration feature. It is Vibration Intelligent 4D Extreme Bass technology in a combination with the suspension system. What it does is make the bass and high-frequency sounds more realistic. The system actually works! If you don’t like it, you can disable it.

The mic is based on the latest omnidirectional technology and it has an LED at the end. It helps you determine when the mic is on or off. Comfort is exceptional. Interesting: These headphones come with gold-plated USB connector.


  • Vibration Intelligent 4D Extreme Bass
  • Suspension system
  • LED on the mic itself
  • Control pad
  • Gold plated USB
  • Comfort
  • Available in different colors

  • Volume dial may get in the way
  • Cable is too short
  • They are massive


Sony MDR-HW700

Quality usually comes at a price and in this case, it is on a completely another level. Yes, the quality of the Sony MDR-HW700 is amazing and the sound they deliver is even better. However, the price is above the range as well. If they were more affordable, we would probably rate them higher on the list, but due to the cost, they are placed at the 9th best headphones. They are a wireless unit, and they come with a built-in battery that can provide up to 12 hours of usage. The battery is charged via micro USB port.

An interesting fact is a weight. It is only 320 grams, which is great for wireless headphones because the battery probably makes 40% of the total weight. Bandwidth is between 5 and 25.000Hz. The volume control is located on the earphones themselves and they feel extremely comfortable.

The design is the biggest virtue of this unit. Sadly, the design doesn’t come with a mic, so you will need an additional one! Also, they are shipped from Japan, so delivery time is longer than you would expect.

  • Superb clarity
  • High-quality headphones
  • Lightweight
  • Leather back
  • 50 mm driver units

  • Must be ordered from Japan
  • Expensive
  • Lack of mic


Logitech G930

Just because they are last on the list, it doesn’t mean they are the worst! Not at all. These headphones are a useful alternative to all above-mentioned models. They are affordable and they offer decent capabilities, except the comfort where they are excellent. The design is also impressive, so they look more expensive than they actually are. Dolby surround sound is included as well.

Logitech Gaming Software is one of the best software of this kind. Creating and editing profiles is extremely easy and you can maximize the sound quality in a few seconds. USB adapter is better made than the cheaper version comes with. We like this layout because it maximizes the potential of the headphones, allowing you to use them with multiple devices.

For all gamers who are looking for headphones for single games and for music listening, this model is the one. It is affordable, but still, provides great sound and comes with everything you will need.


  • Affordable
  • Very comfortable
  • Logitech Gaming Software is one of the best
  • Lightweight (10.6 ounces)

  • Sound quality isn’t the best
  • Poor bass
  • Surround sound isn’t especially good



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