5 of The Best Skullcandy Earbuds – A (2019) Buyer’s Guide and Review

Soccer Player wearing Skullcandy earbudsJust ask any audiophile about the ear-bud brand which they can buy without thinking twice. One of the names that are sure to come up would be Skullcandy.

One of the most trusted brands since 2008 – when it was launched – Skullcandy boasts of a team of passionate and highly skilled audio engineers can do wonders.

The models and specifications that Skullcandy or Hifiman HE-350 offers are simply the best in the market. You can get over the top innovative features in each of Skullcandy earbuds.

Just knowing the history of how Skullcandy came into existence is very interesting. Before Skullcandy, you had to switch between your MP3 players and phones to play music and answer calls respectively.

Just imagine the hassles that one had to go through while they were busy cycling listening to their favorite track when the phone rang.

They had to stop, pull out the cable from the MP3 player, insert it into their phone and then answer the call. A phone call in the midst of a fun cycle ride used to just spoil the whole fun.

Skullcandy realized that a headphone or an earbud that can seamlessly switch between the phone’s music to calls would simplify people’s lives to a great extent.

Thus the idea of Skullcandy was born.

The initial idea was small but pretty revolutionary. From then, it became the tradition of Skullcandy to take note of minute issues and address them in their ear-bud models. Here, we have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions regarding Skullcandy. Hope that you people will find it helpful in clearing your doubts regarding this brand.

The Comparison Table

Our latest Comparison on the 5 of the Best Skullcandy Earbuds (Reviewed For 2019)

Product Name

4. Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
  • In-ear noise cancelling and flexible neck collar design
  • 10mm driver size
  • Built-in mic and remote on separate ends of frame
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Product Name

4. Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
  • In-ear noise cancelling and flexible neck collar design
  • 10mm driver size
  • Built-in mic and remote on separate ends of frame
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology

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Q and A

Q.1. – Why Skullcandy?

Teen Wearing Skullcandy EarbudsAns. – We would first like to ask you a counter-question. Why wheels? Early men could move on their feet. Why did the idea of wheels strike them? The answer is the ease of life that they provided. Wheels reduced the traveling time by a huge margin.

When attached to a cart, early men could comfortably pull heavy loads easily. The same is the reason with Skullcandy. We have already told you how the idea of Skullcandy as a comforting ear-bud was born.

The main motto of Skullcandy is to enable the music enthusiasts and music professionals equally in getting the right feel for the music.

There are many earbud products on the market. However, they have some component of the music suppressed. This simply kills the beauty of the notes.

If the highs in any earbuds are suppressed, how are you supposed to recognize the intensity and treble of a high-noted track?

Q.2. – How Reputable are Skullcandy Earbuds?

Ans. – Skullcandy has constantly been ranked among the top 5 in terms of sound quality and overall features. Here are some of the links to establish the credibility of this statement:

Q.3. – Who are Skullcandy’s Earphones for?

Ans. – There are a very few brands in the market that are true value for money. Skullcandy realizes that the Gen-Y and Gen-Z needs a technically advanced product at a reasonable price. Their market is huge.

So, Skullcandy tried to introduce all the possible acoustic improving techniques in the ear-buds. The result is a vast fan following. This generation knows nothing but Skullcandy. To them, it is second to self-confidence.

Here are our In-depth Review of the 5 Best Skullcandy Earbuds this 2019

What have we done here? We have reviewed each Skullcandy earbuds and have done a really deep research to provide you the very best from Skullcandy!


Pros & cons:

Each and every product comes with a variety of features to attract the largest number of consumers but very few manage to create a mark for themselves. Let us see if it has been successful.



  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Advanced Bluetooth specifications
  • Excellent bass
  • Triple secure technology with 3 patented individual technologies
  • Onboard microphone and remote

  • Expensive
  • No IPX rating creates confusion regarding its sweat proof challenge

Let's Get Started
Skullcandy XTFree Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-Resistant Earbud...
  • MICROSPORT BLUETOOTH: These don't hang heavy around the neck or ears, instead, the Bluetooth functionality is...
  • PURECLEAN TECH: Don't forget that the more you sweat, the more you stink. That's why our impressive Pureclean...
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: It's well known that sweat can slip through the cords and cracks of your gear, causing the...
  • SAFETY FIRST: No matter the activity, it's important to stay safe. That's why our proprietary ambient ear gels...
  • ONBOARD MIC AND REMOTE: Take calls and navigate your playlists on any Bluetooth enabled device with the...

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Going by the long legacy of quality ear-buds by Skullcandy, we have tried to compile a list of best 5 Skullcandy ear-buds. We have tried to give an honest outlook on each product so that you are well informed. Hope, you will be a Skullcandy ear-bud knowledge chest after this.

Let’s have a look.


Gen Y & Z is known for its physical activity. Most of the youngsters are today involved in some kind of physical activity. It can be jogging, marathon running, gym, yoga, tango and a whole range of body strengthening exercises.

Keeping a strong and healthy body is obviously important. But exercising all alone or in the midst of car honks or murmurs of others is always irritating.

Physical activity becomes a lot more pleasant experience if you have your favourite singer’s tracks being played back to back via your ear-buds.  Skullcandy realized the difficulty that these people have to face with a common ear-bud. So, XTFREE BT SPORT EARBUD was introduced.

It is a sports ear-buds meant solely for people involved in physically engaging activities.

It ensures ambient noise isolation allowing the user to have peace of mind. You can silently count your pushups without getting distracted by the gym noise.

Let us have a detailed outlook of the product features.


  • Microsport Bluetooth: In most of the Bluetooth ear-buds, Bluetooth device makes the cable a little heavier. This creates an uncomforting experience for the user. But Skullcandy has ensured that you finish your jogging with a comforting music. You will find a micro sports Bluetooth embedded in the ear-buds themselves like what we have discussed about the Westone um pro 30 review.
    This gives dual benefits to you. A separate Bluetooth’s weight gets subtracted, and you get an uninterrupted Bluetooth range for your both ears. Isn’t this simply innovation for comfort!
  •  Triple lock technology: Most of the people involved in HIITs often complain that their ear-buds fall out in the middle of the session. They have to either pause or continue without the energizing music. In both the cases, the experience isn’t going to be that good.

Skullcandy realized that for the exercising generation to enjoy their exercises, uninterrupted music is important. To ensure that, the ear-buds must remain firmly lodged in the ear-cavity, no matter how much they jump and roll, a reason you have triple lock technology is there in your ear-buds.

You will find 3 patented technologies just to ensure that your ear-buds never bother you. The three patented technologies are the following.

  • FitFin: It is an ergonomically designed bar that pushes the ear-bud along the curves of the ear and ensures that it stays in place.
  • StickyGels: These are silicone gels that are inserted in your ears. These prevent sweating inside your ears and thus provide better grip to your ear-buds. You don’t need to worry about your auditory health. These gels are anti-bacterial. So, they also prevent the growth of any bacteria inside your ear while you enjoy your music.

This aspect is unique. There are lots of people who use ear-buds for a long time. They sweat profusely during exercises. This causes ear-buds to fall out and also the growth of pathogenic bacteria in their auditory canal. This gel will ensure that none of that happens. Your ear-buds are firmly lodged inside your ear together with ensuring a bacteria-free environment there.

  • Fix: This is a path-breaking patented technology for ear-buds to ensure that they fit right inside the ear. You need not worry about your loose ear-buds anymore.
  • Built-in microphone and remote: When you are busy in your exercise schedule, a phone call can be pretty disruptive. Skullcandy tried to address this problem by including a built-in microphone with the ear-buds and a remote.The microphone is strategically placed near your lower cheeks. So, if you get a phone call in the midst of your planks, you need not stop. The smart sense technology of XTFREE BT SPORT EARBUD will ensure that your call gets answered without disrupting your fitness regime.All you need to do is press the answer button on the remote that is placed just below the left ear-bud. And as soon as your talk is finished, just press the play button. Your musical exercise routines will be back on track.

The remote is also crafted with utmost technical precision. You will find only three buttons that cater to different needs. The plus and minus buttons on the extreme ends control volume as well as tracks. If you wish to adjust the volume, you will need to briefly press the button while holding it for a bit longer changes tracks. The middle button is actually a multi-functional button. It is meant as a power button, for pairing, cell management as well as playback. Thus the comforts of an exercising person are paid proper attention.

  • Sound quality: Since we are talking about ear-buds, how can sound quality take a back seat? Earbuds are meant for listening music. And these Earbuds are solely meant for music during exercises. Isn’t it true that an energetic song with high bass motivates us to push harder? A high bass music kind of kicks the adrenaline rush to make us last long in our exercise routine. This fact has been utilized in these earbuds. So, let us know about the sound quality of this product.

The bass quality is simply unmatched. The sub-woofers can also be noticed. There is no sound distortion. High and low notes are easily noticeable. However, you need to keep in mind that these earbuds are solely meant for sports and not analytical music listening. You will get a good bass to keep you energized.

Comfort features:

  • Sweat resistant: Exercising people sweat profusely. If the ear-bud will not be sweat resistant, how will it be durable? Skullcandy has made this a thing of past in XTFREE BT SPORT EARBUD. The Earbuds are sonically welded. This means that both parts of the Earbuds were joined under the high pressure created by ultrasonic frequencies. The most important aspect of this feature is that there are no gaps and both the parts are perfectly moulded into one. In traditional welding, there is a risk of both parts falling apart. But in sonic welding, there is no such risk. This makes the device completely cavity-less. Thus, the sweat produced while exercising does not get inside the Earbuds.

Another sweat resistant feature was discussed earlier that is the patented sticky gels. Both of these together provide durability to the earbuds.

  • Long battery life: It comes with 1 Li-polymer battery that gives you 6 hours of non-stop music. Isn’t this just awesome? You can work out and be sure of your battery life.
  • 2-year warranty: You can always be sure of the quality when the manufacturer gives you a long warranty period. You get a 2-year long warranty on this product against the manufacturing defects and also against any sound distortions. You can also get the customer care executive to solve your issue through their dedicated number.


The final verdict:

We have been through all the aspects of XTFREE BT SPORT EARBUD. This earbud is solely meant for high bass music to keep you motivated and cheered during the exercise regimes or long marathons. Expecting it to deliver detailed notes in proper frequency is simply not fair. As a sports earbud, its quality is simply unbeatable.

However, the absence of any IPX rating and MMCX cable in the earbuds is a little disappointing. Also, it is a bit expensive. But so far it is definitely one of the best Skullcandy earbuds.


Pros & cons:

METHOD BT SPORT EARBUD is definitely an exceptional earbud. But we also need to analyze its weak points. Let us have a look..

  • Neck collar for added comfort and support
  • Inbuilt mic and remote
  • Water resistant
  • Good sound quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Very long battery life
  • Customized designs for men and women

  • Neckband can be intrusive to many
  • Noise isolation is poor

No products found.

A good music track and a good running track can make you take rounds for long. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of having profuse sweating after a good workout.

However, this workout can become a bit boring when there is no music. Often the runners have admitted setting their running steps by the music notes! This means that a good music with high bass motivates the athletes and runners to stride for bigger aim.

Skullcandy’s METHOD BT SPORT EARBUD is exactly meant for this purpose. You can simply go in awe with the music quality and the comfort features that it offers.

Let us have a look over its various features that have made it stand out in the crowd.


  • Bluetooth wireless earbuds: Nothing can beat the comfort of having wireless earbuds. You don’t need to constantly look for any over-hanging cables nor need you to use clips or tuck them in your jogging pants. All you need is to plug in your earbuds and carry your phone.
  • In-built microphone and remote: The microphone comes with the earbud. So, you don’t need to take out your phone while working out to answer the call. All that can be managed from the earbud itself. Also, there are three buttons on the lower half of the left side of the earbud. You can adjust volumes, change tracks, answer calls and also turn the power on/off using them. Now, this is what we call a wireless technology.
  • Sound quality: The sound quality is well suited for high physical activities. The bass is superb. Details and width of the notes are also pretty good. However, the mids can be a bit disappointing. But, then we need an earphone for a gym and not for clarity or precision of the notes.

But there is one drawback that it does not offer noise isolation. You will not hear the ambient noise as long as you play the music. But if you are looking for an earbud that acts as a noise isolating device too, then it can disappoint you.

Comfort features:

  • Sweat resistant: The whole body of the earbud is sweat resistant which means you don’t need to worry about your earbuds getting damaged with your auditory sweating. And the water resistance technology is so crafted that it even allows you to rinse off the earbud when needed. This is definitely a notch higher than its other market competitors.

Haven’t we all faced a situation when we accidentally dropped our earbud in the muddy area? That actually scares the hell out of us. Most of the time, rightly so because the earbuds get damaged with water. But with this earbud, if you happen to face this situation, simply rinse it off. You will get back your clean earbud without damaging it.

  • Over the neck design with a ridge wire: This earbud comes with an over the neck, more like a collar support device. In this device called as the neckband, the control buttons are lodged. These provide excellent support to the earbud cables.

Also, you can find a ridge along the underside of the neckband in which you can carefully lodge your earbud cables. This ensures that the cables don’t get tangled. This adds few extra points to the comfort factor. Especially notable is the ridge idea because all of us face the issue of messed up cables every day.

  • Long battery life: If you are an exercise freak, you must be aware of the disappointment when your wireless earbuds’ battery dies out in the middle of your workout. Now, you can be actually over-confident with this earbud. It comes with an over the top battery backup of 9 hours.

So you can do your 3-hour workout in the morning and your regular 1.30-hour jog in the night without even using the half of the battery! The battery can be charged with the USB cable. So it is also very convenient. You can do your gym in the morning, go to your office then where you can charge it and then again use it in the evening. But, you may need to charge it in 3-4 days in a while. Spending 9 hours of battery life on exercises can be harmful to you.

The final verdict:

All the exercise freaks definitely need an earbud that caters to their needs. This one is actually a good value for money.

Although it lags behind in some aspects like the noise isolation or some notes’ clarity, overall one can buy this. It delivers a good performance in simple design and low cost.

It has experimented in the gender market by introducing different customized designs for men and women. However, it needs to be seen how the audio quality can be affected by the user’s gender. But, this can surely attract some segment.

3. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

Pros & cons:

Skullcandy is undoubtedly one of the market leaders when it comes to sports headphones. The question is, is the Buds 2 Wireless model able to deliver on all fronts?

  • Lightweight and pretty portable
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 25-30 feet range of Bluetooth
  • USB charging
  • Inbuilt mic and remote
  • Long warranty period

  • Unsatisfactory sound
  • Flex collar can be irritating when sweating
  • Absence of NFC

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Wireless In-Ear Earbud - Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW PROFILE, AND FLEXIBLE: Unlike other bulky and stiff products on the market, this low-profile...
  • SUPREME SOUND: Experience attacking bass, crisp vocals and precision highs, so you can hear your music with...
  • DESIGNED TO FIT NATURAL EAR SHAPE: No ear canal is a perfect circle, so why should your buds be? The Smokin'...
  • ONBOARD MIC AND REMOTE: Take calls and navigate your playlists with the easily located microphone and remote...
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: Enjoy the comfort and sound of your Bluetooth wireless earbuds for a full 6 hours,...

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Introduction: In the name of sports earbuds, there are several products on the market that only give unnecessary bass and make your earache. You might find them enjoyable for a while, but then you get frustrated with the quality and discard it. Also, such bass can damage your ears! So, why not invest some time in the proper research and buy an earbud that gives out the bass in proper proportion and keeps you delighted during your exercise.

Skullcandy’s SMOKIN’ BUDS 2 WIRELESS is one such product which adds comfort with sophistication and gives you an unforgettable experience. Let us have a detailed look at the product to find out more about it.


  • Wireless Bluetooth: Nothing can be compared to the comfort of being able to answer a business call while being on the treadmill. This earbud comes with Bluetooth which allows you to answer your call while wearing it without needing to touch your phone.

Since it is Bluetooth enabled, you can answer it while your phone is far from you but within the range. This simply allows mobility to you. You can place your phone anywhere in the gym and exercise freely. As long as you are within the Bluetooth range, you don’t need to fear of any missed calls from your boss.

  • Inbuilt mic and remote: This is the best feature of all Skullcandy earbuds. The inbuilt mic simply minuses out the phone from the equation.  The remote is very comfortable. It is on the lower left side of the earbud. You will find only 3 buttons on it. Here is the list of instructions on how to use those buttons for managing your earbud functionality:
  • Convenient Access: Press the Volume down button once and then you can go to previous track. You just need to press the button for around 3 seconds
  • Middle button:
    – Pair new Bluetooth device: press button for 5 seconds
    – Power on/off- press button for 3 seconds
    – Play/pause track-press button once
    – Answer or end call-press button once
  • Upper button:
    – Volume up-press button once
    – Go to next track-press button for 3 seconds

Here, you need to know that while you will be attending a call, the music will automatically stop. Only after you end the call, it will resume playing.

  • Sound quality: This model offers a decent sound by cutting out the extra bass or treble. However, the bass is a bit slow. This is a bit disappointing because Skullcandy is well-known for its perfect bass.

Comfort features:

  • Lightweight & removable flex collar: This earbud comes with a lightweight and removable flex collar which you can either hang around your neck or even remove it. It adds a swag factor to your look together with keeping the earbud cables in place. The flex collar does not add weight to your neck. Even without the flex collar, you can use your earbuds.
  • Long battery life and easy charging: This model offers a battery life of up to 7 hours. The battery can be easily charged with any USB. This is so far one of the best features.  A customized charger may sound good, but when you forget your charger at home, then it becomes very irritating. But with USB charging, you can borrow from your friend or colleague and give your batteries a new life.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty: You get a year long manufacturer’ warranty against any manufacturing defects and acoustic defects. So, if you detect any such anomaly, you can inform the company representatives. They have a sound customer care service which will address your issues.

The final verdict:

Skullcandy is by far the best sports earbud manufacturing company. The quality and durability of its products are unmatched. It does lag behind the sound quality, but it is not very bad either.

If you want to budget buy one of the best skullcandy earbuds, you can invest your money in this. You will get a good sound quality if not best, comfortable build and good battery life.

4. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Pros & Cons:

The INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD does manage to make the right noises most of the times. However, does it manage to pull through to the end?



  • Good sound quality: All the notes in low, mid and high are excellent. You get the clarity.
    Bass and treble are not overpowering. Noise isolation is not so pronounced. But once you play the track, you barely notice the outer noise.
  • Lightweight: This is actually feather light.
    You will not feel any weight around your neck no matter how long you wear it.
  • Long warranty period: 2 years of warranty period is actually impressive.
    Most people don’t even use the single earbud for so long owing to some malfunctions. A long warranty period confirms its durability and ensures a good value for your money.
  • Reasonably priced: This product is very reasonably priced. If you compare it with other earbuds which give comparable sound quality, then it is actually cheap.



  • Unattractive: How an earbud looks actually plays an important part. You don’t want to look like you own a cheap model even though you have spent good bucks on it. Its look is the biggest turn-off.
    Most customers admit that it was very disappointing for them when they first opened the package.
  • Lack of any water resistant feature: INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD does not mention any water or sweat resistant feature.
    This is a point of concern. When people exercise, they do sweat profusely. If there is no proper sweat resistance, it may get damaged.
  • The absence of good accessories: All the earbuds are accompanied by a whole range of the silicon and foam ear tips these days.
    The absence of that can shy away from the potential customers.
Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds with Microphone,...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW PROFILE, AND FLEXIBLE: The low-profile design weights only 24 grams, offering all-day...
  • SUPREME SOUND: A noise-isolating fit enhances the rich, clear audio of Supreme Sound across all types of...
  • BUILT-IN MIC AND REMOTE: Manage your calls and music on these Bluetooth buds with the built-in mic and remote...
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: Listen longer and louder with 8-hours of rechargeable battery life. Battery fully...

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With its iconic user-friendly models, Skullcandy has been a market leader in sports earbuds. We have tried to compile a list of the Best Skullcandy earbuds here so that you can compare and choose the best. Another one in this legacy is INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD – that comes cheap for what it has to offer.

And to add to the comfort factor, you have a flex collar which will prevent it from falling down while jogging.

What would you love about it?

  • Bluetooth connectivity:  INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD comes with a Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity covering a range of about 30 feet! Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music while you exercise without having to deal with the hassles of the wires.

Isn’t this true that most of the times when we are about to go out for jogging, 5-10 minute is spent in losing up the earbud cables that get so messily tangles as soon as you keep them in your pocket or purse? This not only takes up your time but also the enthusiasm and energy. It simply kills the mood of jogging.

Even while jogging, you have to constantly look if wires have not got out of your pocket or clip. It also restricts free hand movements. You have to pay enough attention not to get your arms caught up in the wires. With so much of precautions, how can you exercise freely?

With the INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD’s Bluetooth feature, you don’t have to worry about any of it. You can exercise, run, flex your arms without even thinking about the cables. You can keep your phone within the range – which is a pretty good one – and do your exercises.

This earbud can be connected to any device with Bluetooth. So if you wish, you can connect it to your smart TV or laptop or tab. Its wide adaptability is definitely a large scoring point.

  • Inbuilt microphone and remote: Just like the other Skullcandy models, this one also comes with an inbuilt mic and remote. You can connect your earbud to your phone and keep answering your calls even while you exercise. This actually makes your life pretty simple. If you work from home and love to exercise, it is a perfect earbud for you.

You can be on the treadmill and have a meeting with your clients using these earbuds. No need to pause your favourite track because it automatically switches to the call mode if you get one while playing music. This minus out the need for a phone. You don’t even need to have a phone anywhere near you. If you keep your mobile within the Bluetooth range, you will be able to get all the calls and can easily attend them. This allows you to maintain your health alongside your work.

The remote is also very carefully designed. It has three buttons which are very simple to use. You can use those buttons for adjusting volume, changing tracks; connecting Bluetooth devices and so on.

The most important part of both of these is that they are placed on the lower left side of the cheek. So that means that you don’t have to adjust your neck collar each time you receive a call. Doesn’t that make your life too simple yet technically advanced?

  • Sound quality: Earbuds’ primary job is to deliver a good sound to the user. Let us see the sound specifications of this model.

It has average noise isolation. Its 10 mm drivers deliver stereo design crisp tones. You do get the Skullcandy’s characteristic bass, but the treble and bass pushes are pretty efficiently controlled. This gives a nice experience. It has a frequency response range of 20Hz-20 kHz. This is very impressive.

In fact, it covers the whole audible range of the humans. This frequency response indicates that the sound delivered is clear and there are no muffled tones. Also, the impedance is 16 ohms. This is actually pretty low which means that this earbud efficiently conducts power. Low impedance clearly states better sound quality.

Many users often complain that despite all such features, they notice distortions at different notes, especially on highs. But INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD has the total harmonic distortion of only 0.1%. This is definitely way ahead of the competing products in the market.

Top features:

  • Low weight collar: INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD comes with a flex collar which can be packed to its one-third size when not in use. The band is flexible which allows you to adjust according to your comfort. It keeps the earbuds in place and prevents them from falling out.

If you wear a collared shirt, you can barely notice its presence. The best part of this collar is that you can pack it to suit your storage. It is ergonomically designed to suit your personality.

  • Lightweight: This earbud measures only 0.05 pounds, and can actually go undetected with such a lightweight. You can do all sorts of exercises without feeling any weight around your neck.
  • Good battery features:  INK’D WIRELESS EARBUD comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 8 hours. This means that you can spend a whole week without charging it if you exercise for 1 hour a day.

The battery indicators are also of great help. When you plug in your earbud for charging, a red light turns. This light is beside the charge plug-in. When your earbud gets fully charged, this red light turns into blue. However, the absence of a battery level indicator is definitely an issue.

  • Good range of accessories: The product is accompanied by a USB charge cable, two gel ear tips and ear cushions. You can customize them to suit your needs. .
  • Long warranty period: Skullcandy in well known for its customer services. This product is one of them. When you buy this earbud, you get a 2-year warranty against the manufacturing and audio defects. You can contact their customer care centres and ask for a replacement. They can also assist you with whatsoever issues with the earbuds.

The final verdict:  

This product does deliver the quality of Skullcandy but it lacks on many fronts. With so much of the stiff competition in this market segment, the only advantage of buying this is its low cost. If any other product comes with better features, then it will lose its customer base. It does not offer attractive features. It needs to upgrade.

5. Skullcandy Jib Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earbuds

Pros & cons:

The JIB WIRELESS EARBUD might seem the perfect headphone to own – but does it make the home run? Let’s take a look.



  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent Bluetooth compatibility


  • The absence of dedicated keys for volume on the remote. You actually need to use it multiple times to get used to the pressing pattern. This can be really annoying.
  • Insufficient battery life: Products in earbud market are offering battery life of as long as 12 hours. 6 hours is simply not a good deal. You will have to charge it every day. It is the biggest turn-off.
  • The absence of a battery level indicator: Without a proper battery level indicator, you can actually pick up a near-dead earbud for your walk. A weak battery with no battery indicator simply is the worst deal.
  • Lack of accessories: You would often find earbuds coming with a choice of silicon and foam ear tips, allowing customers to customize them according to their ear structure. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t. You don’t have access to any accessory, not even a carrying case.
Skullcandy Jib Wireless In-Ear Earbud - Black
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • Microphone
  • Call and track control
  • 2 year warranty

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When you need an over the top earbud, JIB WIRELESS EARBUD should be your call. It is by far the best Skullcandy earbud with amazing features. Without losing words, let us walk you through the features that make it the ultimate choice.


  • Excellent noise isolation: In any earbud, noise isolation is of utmost importance. Good noise isolation ensures a good audio delivery. JIB WIRELESS EARBUD comes with ear gels which when paired with the ear cushions successfully creates an efficient physical barrier between the noisy environment and music. Thus, you get a clear and crisp music.
  • Inbuilt mic and remote: Inbuilt mic and remote offer you extra mobility. You can actually do all your household chores or just hop on the treadmill while wearing the earbud. You can easily answer your calls using the microphone.

The remote has a single control button. It should be handled in the following ways:

  •    For pairing a new Bluetooth device-press for 5 seconds
  •    For power on/off- press for 3 seconds
  •    For play/pause the music-press once
  •    For forwarding a track-press twice
  •    For getting back to the previous track-press thrice
  • Mobile compatibility: It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Many earbuds in the market face issues with mobile compatibility. But JIB WIRELESS EARBUD ensures that whatever your mobile set is, you don’t miss out the fantastic features of this earbud.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: It allows you to be mobile without carrying the messy wires. You are free to make as many types of movements you wish. You will not get tangled in the earbud wires. Also, this feature frees you of the need to carry your phone. If you are exercising within your house, you can keep your phone on the table. The Bluetooth range will ensure that you still get all the calls and non-stop music gives you the motivation to complete your exercise regime.

Comfort features:

  • Good battery backup: This model comes with a Li-metal battery with a backup of 6 hours. No one exercises for 6 hours at a stretch. No one should! You can recharge the battery in about 1-1.5 hours. If you play music on lower volume, the battery may last long.
  • Battery charge status indicator: You know that the battery is fully charged when the red light near the charge plug-in turns blue from red. It saves on electricity and also increases the device life.
  • Inexpensive: In today’s market, getting a quality product at a reasonable price is difficult; let alone getting cheap. This product simply scores all above them by being actually cheap.

The final verdict:

There are several products in this market with cut-throat competition. A product with such outdated features can’t sustain. Despite being cheap, you might want to take a look at some of the other products in our list.



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