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15 Best Open Back Headphones of 2020 – An Open Sound Experience

Given the thousands of options available in the market, we know that it can be really frustrating to pick the right kind of headphones especially the best open back headphones.

Young student woman with headphonesVarious products in the market pertaining to different needs as well.

In looking for the type of headphones for yourself, it is essential to keep in mind some factors like the “flatness of the frequency response” and the ability to produce an honestly “pure sound”.

If these are the features you are looking for, then looking for the best open back headphones is your bet.

This type of headphones almost has no isolation, therefore producing a natural and pure sound.

With this, we have collated this review of the best headphones available on the market today.

We will discuss each product’s features, pros, and cons to help you choose the best open back headphone for your needs.

If you are looking to have a great experience while listening to music even for the best headphones for hearing aids, you need more than just headphones.

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Why Open Back Headphones? We actually fell in Love with it!

Heres Why!

The best open-back headphones are an audiophile’s dream but are hard to find luxury. Many companies have started producing them but a thousand headphones in the market only makes it a thousand times difficult decision to choose.

If you’re looking for a great pair of earphones that produce more sounds and great quality, These headphones are the ones meant for you.

This audiophile headphones usually come without any case on top of the ear cups so that the drivers inside are slightly visible. It allows the air to pass through them and therefore, produces a more natural and superior sound.

This is because the open design allows the audio to breathe through and thus, doesn’t come too harsh on the bass.

However, their open nature not only keeps you open to the surrounding sound but may also give your neighbor a drift of what you’re hearing to. Thus, you need to keep both the issues in check while purchasing one.

Many open ear headphones run on the expensive side and offer amazing sound quality but don’t do well in isolation.

8 Steps You Need to Choose the Best Open Back Headphones

Best Open Back Headphones

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Many of them offer top quality sound but fall flat in terms of comfort and durability. Therefore, that needs to be kept in check as well.

If you’re looking for the high fidelity definition headphones, this guide will help you find the top 10 best ones:

1. Understand the purpose

A High-End Headphones are mostly used by sound technicians and audio engineers who have to listen to a track for hours and work on it. Therefore, the quality of their music should be superior and their ears should be able to breathe as well. Many vocalists too, like to use hifi headphones as it helps them understand their sound better.

Gamers don’t want any leakage in their pair of headphones whereas the audio professionals seek isolation. Thus, it’s necessary to understand the purpose you’d be using the headphones for. Do you want to listen to music indoors, do you want to make music, or do you want them for your gaming?

2. Choose the type

These Pair of Open headphones can be of two types: open back and semi-open back. The top 10 Best Hifi Headphones may offer high-quality sound but do not provide the isolation for the same. Thus, you may be able to hear the surrounding noise as well.

If you’re a professional and the noise may be troublesome for you, semi-open headphones are perfect for you. They provide the quality of the best open back headphones along with the isolation of a closed back headphone.

3. Sound Quality

The most important rule for choosing an open back headphone or closed back headphones is that more expensive is not always better. Many companies prepare a pair of open headphones that are meant especially for professional use and therefore, can cost a lot. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they fill your purpose and it’s always better to listen to them in private before you buy them.

A thorough review by a professional can also help with that.

4. Sound Leakage

Headphones for Mixing

Image Source: Pixabay

One of the disadvantages of the best open back headphones is that there may be some sound leakage if you keep the volume high and therefore, the people around you may be able to hear what you’re listening to.

If you’re not seeking for a pair of headphones for professional purposes, you may ignore this, but it’s always better to find the headphones that you can listen in public as well without disturbing anyone.

5. Noise Isolation

Despite the use of your open back headphones, it is always recommended to go for the ones that offer sufficient noise isolation as one of their features. The best open back headphones may allow the noise around you to enter and therefore, may distract you as well.

Hence, if you’re a gamer or like to be isolated while listening to your music, it’s always a good idea to opt for the headphones with a noise cancelling feature.

You can also go for the semi-open headphone which fulfils the purpose of both open backs as well as closed back headphones.

6. Are Open Back Headphones Comfortable?

Since open headphones usually fall under the category of professional ones, comfort becomes a top priority. You may have to sit with your headphones over the years for hours and thus, perfect cushioning is a must.

Always look for an adjustable headband along with lightweight material on the ear cups. It is also advised to try on a pair of headphones before you buy them just like any of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers they usually test them for durability and performance before purchasing them.

If you feel your ears are strained or the headphones don’t sit well, you shouldn’t buy them only if the quality of sound is good.

7. Durable

Durability becomes another necessary point before buying a pair of headphones. Due to their open back nature, A Pair of headphones is easy victims to moisture and air. Thus, they can get damaged really quickly if not kept well. It is, therefore, recommended to opt for the ones that have a sturdy build and great construction so they’re at least safe from any external damage.

8. Customer Reviews

Always look out for professional as well as customer reviews of any headphone you’re seeking to buy. A professional will give you a great guide of the features, but the customer’s personal experience will also help you figure out your needs.

Many of them use a pair of headphones for the same purposes as you may want to and thus, their experience may be of your relevance.

Make way for some great music and make your travels much more fun. Tune in to what you would love and listen to music the way it is meant to be.

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What You Need to Know About The Best Open Back Headphones Today

Beautiful young woman with vintage music headphones, standing against urban city background and listening to the music.

Everyone wants a good pair of headphones to use or to carry around. Most users don’t even care what kind it is. All users just want to have is a pair of headphones in their hands or on their head.

It does pay to know what kinds of headphones there are. Each one can do a certain job better than the other, and it pays well if one knows how to spot the difference.

In this article, I am here to tell you what are open back headphones and what makes them special.

The Best Open Back Headphones: Counterparts to the Usual Headphones

Young smiling girl with headphones and notes around her.A good pair of headphones will help get the job done if someone handles stuff like audio mixing or audio editing. It’s either that or you simply want to use a pair to hear good music.

Any good pair of headphone will do for an average person. Oftentimes, people won’t notice the difference between a closed back and an open back. Audiophiles, though, know what’s up.

The headphones I will talk about are circumaural. These are the types of earpieces that go over your head. This design gave headphones their signature and is known as the closed back headphones.

The headphones many are familiar with are the closed back headphones. These are the most common and the ones that are easier to find.

Closed back headphones have ear cups that create seals over the ears. This is to keep the audio-focused into a person’s ear canals and to prevent the user from hearing outside noise. As one might think, the open-backs work the opposite way.

Appeal: Why Do People Like Open-Back Headphones?

What are open back headphones and what makes them so appealing to some people? I use them, and I like them for the experience. Open back is different from closed backs with the way that they broadcast audio.

A lot bring closed back headphones since it is a portable way to access music while on the go. People like me want to be alone in the world music brings them into.

Most of the time, there’s a lot of background noise in areas such as subways, malls, or even hallways. Wherever a person goes, there’s a potential to hear some excessive noise.

Audio experts like to call this, ‘ambient sound.’ It is the job of most headphones to block this sound. Closed back headphones are perfect for this since they only let the user listen to the audio that’s broadcasted through them.

Closed backs block out the noise and echo of the outside world. Moreover, closed back headphones are perfect for that surround sound feeling. However, sometimes, sound quality gets lost with this kind of headphones.

What about open back headphones then? Why do some people like them?

beautiful redhead young woman listening to music with headphonesSome people favor using these because of its look. They are no different from the closed-back counterparts upon first glance. Many pairs of open-backs have an identifying feature on their ear cups.

Take a look at the ear cups on many open back headphones, and you’ll find little flap protecting the drivers. Oftentimes, it’s only metal, cloth, or mesh protection that is beyond the exposed side of the ear cup.

Another reason why open back headphones are favored is that of how they give out the sound. Even I prefer open back headphones because of the crisp sound it produces. I’ve heard other open back headphone users say how natural the sound comes from the open backs. They say that they hear the music for what it is, and based on my experience, it truly does.

Audio Quality: How Loud Are Open Back Headphones?

Open back headphones’ audio sounds very different from its closed-back counterpart. When I went to get my open back headphones, I had to answer these questions: “Have I ever been in a room that had a good surround sound before?” Or “Have I ever been to a concert where all the music reverbs at every inch of the space?”

Someone told me that that’s how a pair of open back headphones sound. That’s what I would also get when I use my pair.

Unlike closed-back headphones, the music or sound doesn’t feel like it’s going straight into the head. Rather, it feels like it’s going all over. It feels as if there’s a comfortable stereo system by the ears.

This is because a pair of open back headphones offers a wider soundstage compared to a closed-back. That means you get to hear how the audio sounds like when it goes through a large speaker.

Moreover, I still heard a lot of outside noise mixed in with the audio. This is because both the ear cups are more exposed and more open to ambient noise compared to closed-back headphones. This won’t be too much of an issue as long as you’re in the right place to use these headphones.

I did try listening to these at loud volumes. I found that the open back pairs I tried can give out a good range even at around 20 percent of the volume bar.

As long as they have the volume below 50 percent, no one can hear the sound coming from the headphones. I did notice that 25 percent is still a good volume to listen to with these headphones. I noticed how this was still too soft for everyone around me to hear while it was loud for me. That’s the perfect volume of my audio when I’m outside using the open back headphones.

Audience: Who Should Get Open-Back Headphones?

I like a good pair of headphones myself. A pair that can let me hear only the music and block the world outside. I often wear these kinds of headphones when I am out and about doing my business. This is the job for closed-back headphones. They are excellent at blocking out the noise.

Closed-back headphones do the job of keeping sound in your ears and keeping outside noise out. This makes open-back headphones a great tool if you want to hear the sound for what it is.

There’s a reason some people use closed backs in public more than open-back ones. These are the kinds of headphones that keep music in and everything else out. Open-back headphones don’t offer this kind of noise isolation. They allow their user to hear high-quality audio for what it is.

This means that those who are into gaming, audio editing, and audio monitoring can get a kick out of open-back headphones. Casual headphone users shouldn’t feel neglected, though.

Open-back headphones do cost a lot more, but there are brands out there that can fit any headphone consumer’s price range. You can find an affordable pair as long as you look hard enough. If you are the type to enjoy music in a quiet room or an enclosed space, these headphones are perfect.

The type of environment needed to enjoy the full blast of open-back headphone audio is an indoor space. Quiet and enclosed spaces work fine, too. These environments are necessary for those who have to work on audio for a living or a serious project.

I would say that the type of people who would like open backs are those who need access to audio. I did notice that even those in the pro audio scene are more prone to get open back headphones. These include voice actors, recording artists, and music producers.

Even for the Best Open Back Headphones, they tend to have a Sound Leakage!

The sound leak is when audio emits from the headphones which people can pick up. Closed backs can have this, too, but open back headphones are more prone to giving off sound leaks. This is because they don’t provide sound isolation. The music gets broadcast in the open when played at a high volume.

Young student woman with headphones stressful, terrified in panic, shouting exasperated and frustrated. Unpleasant gesture. Annoying work drives me crazyWhen I bring these to a public area, I always need to be mindful of the people around me. The open-back headphone’s sound leak might disturb somebody. Everyone likes good music, but some people have a certain a time and place for their music.

Our Thoughts on Open Back Headphones?

So, open back headphones can offer a lot. I definitely enjoyed using them. They are pretty different than what I am used to, but I like it, nonetheless. I didn’t know that there was a difference until I got myself my very own pair.

I like to wear these since I tend to get lost in the world of music easily. Moreover, I noticed that my ears felt freer with the open-back headphones. What I am trying to say is that open back headphones allow a lot of air through the cups. This gives your ears more space to breathe and a bit of relief from all that listening.

I would say that I am glad that open-back headphones are getting more known. If you ever want to hear what your music sounds like in a concert, a pair of these headphones will give you that experience.

15 Product Reviews on the Best Open Back Headphones


HIFIMAN HE-400I Over Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic...
  • Get an extra three-month extended warranty by registering your products on our official website.
  • 30% lighter than comparable headphones
  • Newly-designed headband with an improved pressure pattern
  • The FocusPad, new beveled hybrid ear pads made of pleather and velour
  • Intended for high performance listening in the home or studio

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One of the best headphones on the market is the HiFiman HE400i. It provides the listener with a sense of clarity when it comes to listening to any genre. The frequency range of this headphone is impressive that it can produce a unique sound signature that you won’t necessarily get in other headphones.

Inarguably one of the top 10 best headphones under 500, you will definitely get what you paid for.

Build Quality

When it comes to the HiFiman’s build quality, it is without a doubt that this company knows how to make headphones that last. There’s no such thing as HE400S vs HE400I because both of them are equally amazing. However, I want to focus on the HE400I’s build quality.

Most of the materials are made up of plastic, but contrary to popular belief, this pair of headphone is durable. It comes with a case that is seemingly premium. The adjustment of the headphones has an “up and down” clicking mechanism which is very user-friendly. The mesh on each side of the headphone is done quite nicely, and since this is one of the great headphones on the market, the mesh is also open.

Sound Quality

Even with some headphones on the market, you can never really avoid sound leakage. However, between HE400I vs Fidelio X2, I would highly recommend you go with the HE400I. Both are headphones, and both produce some form of sound leakage, but with the HE400I, the sound coming out of the headphones is minimal.


  • Produces clear and crisp sound
  • Bass extension is excellent
  • Impressive range of high and low frequency
  • Very affordable considering the high-quality sound it produces
  • Comfortable ear pads


  • Cable is too short
  • May not be ideal for desktop use
  • Treble is not that extended in a way that the sound is not veiled making it insanely lively

2. Sennheiser HD 600

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response
  • Neodymium ferrous magnets maintain optimum sensitivity and excellent dynamics
  • Sophisticated design, elegantly finished in black and gray
  • High quality open metal mesh earpiece covers
  • Detachable, Kevlar reinforced oxygen free copper cable with very low handling noise
  • Connectivity technology : Wired
  • Note: The unit ships with 1 ¼” (6.3 mm) headphone adapter plug

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Any audio enthusiast will eventually acquire a sense of hearing to even the smallest details produced by a headphone.

For the HD 600, this is not only armed with two awards: one of the top-selling headphones and one of the top 15 best headphones under 500, its midrange is also tonally precise and accurate, the treble is very much detailed, and listening to it is not tiring at all.

Build Quality

The HD 600 is mostly made up of plastic, but it is very comfortable as it sits perfectly on your ears. On the headband, you may notice a small area of carbon fiber which greatly adds to the overall comfort.

You would be very happy to know that the pads, as well as the headband, are velour. You can wear the HD 600 for hours and still not feel any sense of discomfort after.

Sound Quality
When it comes to the top 10 best affordable headphones, most people would expect that the quality won’t be great, but not for the HD 600. The sound that the HD 600 produces is very exceptional.
The bass is lean due to the nature of the headphones – it is dynamic and open, and it is very detailed and textured; however, it may lack quantity. As for the midrange, it is very organic and natural. The sound is very clear and distinct that you can hear the liquidy smoothness of the vocals accompanied by the striking notes of the instruments.

  • Diaphragm is designed to eliminate standing waves
  • Provides a neutral and lushed signature stereo sound
  • Very compact and lightweight, you can use this when going for a run
  • HD 600 is mostly made up of plastic; however, it doesn’t feel cheap


  • If you want the best for your listening experience, you need to amp it up
  • For those who are very conscious, the plastic built may put you off

3. Fostex T50RP MK3

Fostex T50RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones, Semi-Open
  • Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimide film and...
  • Maximum input level of 3000mW to comply with various professional uses
  • Semi-open for flat and clear sound
  • Low repulsion ear pad and head pad for maximum comfort
  • Comes with 3m 1/4-inch plug detachable cable for best serviceability and 1.2m mini plug cable for portable...

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Another headphone considered as one of the top 10 best budget headphones is the T50RP MK3, which dates way back to the 1980s.

The design and build of the headphone is open back which produces a spacious sound minus the bass.

These are typically marketed as pro models, and it is sensitive enough to deliver sound from your smartphones.


The comfort you get when wearing the Fostex T50RP MK3 is out of this world.

You may not quite agree when it comes to the cable design considering you still have to shake it to get a good connection, but otherwise, for the price of the T50RP MK3, this is already considered a gold mine.

Should be the Best Open Back Headphones Have Great Bass Response?

When it comes to the bass, headphones with dynamic drivers normally win this round.

There is particular greatness in the sub-bass that most headphones don’t normally go. For the T50RP MK3, it does it effortlessly.

Most audiophiles would be pleased with the bass of the T50RP MK3. However, between T50RP vs HiFiMan HE-400, the HiFiMan HE400 provides a much nicer experience when it comes to bass.


  • Provides great separation and wider soundstage
  • Quick defined bass is evident
  • Build quality is durable and worth it for the price


  • Stock pads are not that comfortable on the ears although the sound would be better with them
  • Foam padding and pleather material is average
  • Treble is slightly elevated, and you would need at least a powerful amp
  • Needs more isolation of closed-back option
  • T50RP MK3 lacks portability

4. Grado SR80E (Our Favorite Open Headphones)

GRADO SR80e Prestige Series Wired Open Back Stereo...
  • Grado's award winning headphone - open back design offer a larger sound stage with greater detail and clarity
  • "The Grado SR80e's are special, buy them and love them" - What HiFi
  • Mini plug termination, incudes a 1/4 inch adapter
  • Lightweight, comfortable design
  • 4OurEars is the only Grado Authorized Amazon Reseller - 1 Year US Warranty

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The SR80E is one of the top 10 best headphones under 500; furthermore, it is also one of the popular headphones on the market.

The Grado Prestige can provide the listener with so much spacious sound that brings out the breathiness of the vocalists.

It de-emphasizes the bass so that you’ll have a lesser groove which balances out the sounds. Of course, you’ll still be able to hear the details alongside a reasonable amount of groove.

Price vs Sound Quality

The stereo sound provided by the SR80E is quite impressive for its price.

Labeled as one of the cheapest headphones, the SR80E provides excellent treble, great midrange details, tight bass, and a lively sound.

Grado SR80E vs Sennheiser HD 598

When it comes to these two, there are a lot of things to consider such as impedance, high and low frequency, sound pressure, overall stereo quality, build quality, and more. Regarding sound pressure, sR80E has 99.8 dB/mW while SENNHEISER HD 598 has 112 dB/mW.

Remember, the lower the impedance, the better. Bottomline, both headphones are quite impressive but if I have to make a verdict: the SR80E is good, but the HD 598 is better!


  • Very affordable, one of the top 10 best headphones under 500
  •  Amazing treble and midrange details
  • Tight bass resulting in lively sound


  • Well-separated sound does not appeal to everyone; it may cling to your eardrums
  • Upper-mids are un-smoothed but not necessarily raw nor hard; as compared to other GRADO’s headphones, some may find the SR80E quite tiring after periods of time

5. AKG K 240 (Most Popular Open Back Headphones)

AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional...
  • Professional studio headphones
  • Semi-open
  • 3 m replaceable cable
  • Audio Interface type: Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter

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With the many selling headphones featuring a very classic design, this Studio Headphones has become one of the standards of many audiophiles.

These newly developed open back headsets have lesser impedance, higher volume level, amazing keyboards, and drum machine, and provide a precise dynamic transducer for a natural and organic sound.

Its professional level is at its best! This is perfect for professional or personal use.

When it comes to headphones, AKG has always been one of the big fish in the sea. It continues to provide us with headphones, such as the K 240 Studio, which promote excellent design, a clear understanding of what audiophiles look for, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Construction and Comfortability

Even with the rugged construction, you can guarantee that the K 240 Studio provides the user with utmost comfortability.

The non-twisting headband, coupled with a very powerful sound, allows you to wear your headphones on a single ear or both without losing the quality of the sound.

K 240 Studio is one of the top 10 best headphones is ideal for DJs and anything that involves live sounds – because the K 240 Studio is so durable to withstand any rough handling whenever you are on stage or when traveling.


  • Delivers a flat perceived response ranging from 40 Hz to 11500 Hz
  • Very responsive that you’ll be able to hear all aspects of the music you’re listening to
  • Amazing for home studio as well as DJs
  • It doesn’t muffle the most necessary high frequencies


  • Neither noise canceling nor noise isolating due to it being an open back headphone
  • The cables wore out easily
  • Sometimes, the sound is interrupted and frequently cuts
  • These open-back headphones are not advisable for “heavy” listening

6. AKG K 142 HD

AKG K142 High Definition Headphones
  • Lightweight, on-ear design features ultrasoft velvet ear pads for a comfortable fit that is perfect for...
  • Gimbal suspended headphones settle against ears without pinching while the self-adjusting headband conforms...
  • Ultralinear frequency response, exceptional dynamic range and deep bass response delivers the ultimate in...
  • Single sided, 99.9% oxygen-free cable delivers pure sound transmission
  • Gold plated contacts and plugs ensures the best connection

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Another open back headphone on the market that got everyone talking is the AKG K 142 HD.

Audiophiles are saying that these headphones are “inexpensive headphones that manage to engage” considering that this is one of the best headphones under 500.

I prefer to use the AKG K 142 HD when I’m listening to jazz music. It feels like the sound is more detailed and has better separation.

This is also evident when you listen to classical music. While all headphones have an open back sound which typically leads to sound leakage, the AKG K 142 HD’s treble is just held back a bit.

Construction and Comfortability

These headphones put a little pressure on the ears which makes it somewhat uncomfortable especially if you’re wearing glasses. If you’re not wearing glasses, it snugs perfectly on your head and ears.

The first impression when I saw the AKG K 142 HD, it is very sturdy, and the cable is pretty durable as well.

Sound Quality

There is a sense of musicality to the sound produced by AKG K 142 HD which makes it worth listening to.

The trebles are held back a little, but I believe that for its price, it is worth it.

You may notice that it is not entirely crisp and clear when it comes to bass; however, if you’re on a tight budget, this would be your best bet!


  • The K 142 HD features super large speakers with varimotion diaphragms to promote higher sensitivity
  • allows wider range
  • Uses a 99% oxygen-free cable, single-sided, hard gold-plated jack plugs
  • Low chance of corrosion
  • Enhanced sound clarity


  • After use of more or less six months, you begin to notice the loss in sound to the ear
  • Wiring and cables are questionable especially regarding durability
  • After one hour of continuous use, you get to feel uncomfortable wearing it

7. Audio-Technica ATH AD500X

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones,...
  • Newly designed 53 mm drivers with CCAW voice coils reproduce remarkably natural sound, with deep, impactful...
  • Open-air headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears, resulting in a completely natural sensation
  • Lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing
  • Self-adjusting 3D Wing Support Housing provides comfortable support for a more enjoyable listening experience
  • Flexible raised-fabric earpads offer excellent wearing comfort and durability
  • Highly conductive OFC (oxygen-free copper) single-sided cable with elastic TPE sheath to prevent tangles
  • Gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) connector with 1/4" (6.3 mm) adapter
  • Connectivity technology: Wired

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At such an affordable price, you get to be familiar with one of the best listening experience ever.

These open-back headphones are perfect if you’re looking for something very comfortable to wear even after hours and hours of listening to music.

The quality is not jeopardized even though this is just one of the best headphones under 500.

Materials Used for Construction

It is made up of an aluminum honeycomb casing and a magnesium frame structure.

You can tell that it’s very sturdy and durable.

The feel of it on your head is very premium, and the open back headphone produces no sense of pressure to your ears as it provides one of the best natural and organic sounds on the planet.


  • Its affordability does not sacrifice the quality of the headphones
  • Perfect when you need quality headphones for gaming
  • 53 mm drivers allows the production of tight bass, amazing midrange details, and excellent vocal projection


  • Durability of the materials used is questionable after consistent use of 8 months or more
  • Audio volume is very low
  • The amp, as well as other connectors, aren’t user-friendly; cable’s durability is also questionable

8. Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser Pro Audio HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone
  • Specially designed acoustic silk ensures precision damping over the entire frequency range and helps to reduce...
  • Improved frequency response is 10 39,500 Hertz ( 10 dB)
  • Hand selected matched driver elements; Highly optimized magnet systems for minimum harmonic and inter...
  • High power neodymium magnets deliver maximum efficiency; 3.5 millimetre jack plug. Frequency response...
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils for very fast transient response
  • Cable length 118 inches
  • Specially designed acoustic silk ensures precision damping over the entire frequency range and helps to reduce...
  • Improved frequency response of 10 39,500 Hertz ( 10 dB) for rich sound
  • Hand selected matched driver elements
  • High power neodymium magnets deliver maximum efficiency

Last update on 2021-07-13 at 09:36 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If there is one thing the Sennheiser HD 650 can provide, it is the unique and quality sound it brings to your whole listening experience.

I would highly advise this headphone if you’re the type of person who likes to listen to long concerts at the comfort of your bed at home.

It produces a balanced and transparent stereo sound, the elegant titanium-silver finish is just the right touch that screams premium, and the HD 650 is optimized for high-resolution recordings resulting in the best open-back headphones for home studios.

HD 650 Cable

This open back headphone brings something unique to the table that most headphones on the market cannot provide – an OFC copper cable that is highly conductive, is reinforced by Kevlar, has low-level handling noise, and has low structure-borne stereo sound sensitivity.


  • Phenomenal sounds
  • Tuning: mid-centric with a hint of boost from the bass and toned down a bit by the treble
  • These headphones provides a much more dynamic and punchy sound
  • Affordability, one of the best headphones under 500


  • Some may consider it a bit too tight on the ears
  • Not advisable for those who are treble/bass heads
  • Not advisable for people who are looking or are into “aggressive” tunes
  • The soundstage is fairly average; it is intimate but not quite congested

9. Shure SRH144

Shure SRH144 Semi-Open Portable Collapsible Headphones
  • Extended range audio with enhanced high-frequency response
  • Semi-open, on-ear design provides natural sound reproduction and comfortable fit
  • Ultra-lightweight, collapsible design for easy storage and on-the-go-use
  • Adjustable ear cups and padded headband ensure ergonomic and secure fit
  • Legendary Shure quality from the brand trusted for music history’s greatest moments, plus a two year...

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Shure is a trusted company has acquired from its customers all throughout these years.

It continues to produce an extended range of sounds that result in some form of enhanced high-frequency response.

The semi-open design allows production of organic and natural. With the adjustable ear cups as well as the padded headbands, you’re given assurance to a long-lasting comfort while listening to music.

Ergonomic Fit

The SRH144 promotes a collapsible design that screams portability. These open-back headphones are very lightweight, convenient, and easy for those who are always on the go. As explained, you can easily adjust the ear cups as well as the headband so that it would sit perfectly on your head and snug comfortably on your ears.


  • It is very comfortable and convenient with the collapsible design
  • Great quality for the affordable price it offers
  • You can wear the SRH144 for hours and hours without feeling like you’re wearing a warrior’s helmet


  • Quality may seem marginal and flat at times
  • Durability of the materials used is questionable after consistent use of 4 months or more

10. Ultrasone HFI 15G

Ultrasone HFI-15G Headphones. Professional Audio Accessory...
  • Spatial, three-dimensional sound
  • Built-in S-Logic Basic technology
  • Used as a television hearing aid
  • Lightweight
  • Connectivity technology: Wired

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The HFI 15G is one of the most durable headphones ever created by Ultrasone.

It has an amazing stereo sound, a 40 mm driver, astonishing bass and midrange details, high maximum SPL, and it is patented with an S-logic technology to provide the listener with an amazing listening experience and sensation that is similar to that of sitting “front-row center.”

The HFI 15G’s open-ear design allows the free circulation of air on your ears so that it wouldn’t heat up for long periods of time while you’re wearing your headphones.

S-Logic Natural Surround Sound

The S-logic is one of the unique features that HFI 15G can offer. It is considered as one of the most revolutionary inventions in the world of headphones.

With the S-logic, it creates a form of three-dimensional sound field giving the users a more in-depth feel of the music while protecting their hearing! What it does is that it aims the sound at the pinna, which is the outer ear, instead of the usual “down the ear canal” approach.

By doing this, your perception of distance and instrument placement is greatly improved.


  • Provides a really strong bass and a sense of forte crisp to the stereo sound
  • Excellent isolation
  • A precise and distinct separation of the vocals as well as the instruments
  • Even though HI 15G is mostly made up of plastics, it is lightweight and durable enough


  • Cable connectors are very short
  • Not advisable for desktop use nor for someone who has long hair
  • Placement of the ear pads needs the occasional fixing to arrive at a comfortable position

11. HiFiMan HE400S

HIFIMAN HE400S Over Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphone
  • Sounds terrific on your smartphone or most any portable audio device
  • Superb Hi-Fi Quality with lifelike clarity, detail, extended bass and wide sound stage
  • Only 350g-Long Hours of Comfortable Listening
  • Innovative headband and specially designed ear pads for remarkable comfort
  • Planar headphones

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These headphones have large but thin drivers having so many magnets on each side. For those of you who aren’t typically familiar with unique drivers, these are usually found in audiophile headphones, making it one of the high-end audio products on the market.

There have been a lot of rumors when it comes to the battle between HE400I vs HE400S. There are a lot of factors considered when choosing among two headphones of the same manufacturer. Regarding frequency, the HE400S has warmer sounds as compared to the cooler sounds of the HE400I.

The midrange details of both headphones are great. The HE400I has better treble, but the HE400S has a better bass. So, it will all depend on which feature is more important to you.


  • Clean and crisp bass
  • Amazing midrange details and it is easy to drive
  • Comfortability at its best
  • Responds well to EQ
  • Provides a wide and airy soundstage, and warm timbre
  • Solid packaging as well as a durable, removable cable


  • Splitter’s durability is questionable after one week of light use
  • May result in boring stereo sound
  • Sometimes produces muddy vocals
  • It lacks sub bass as well as bass extension

12. Philips SHP9500

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over-Ear...
  • 50mm neodymium drivers deliver full spectrum of sound
  • 1.5m cable gives you freedom of movement for indoor use
  • Comfortable double layered headband cushion, breathable ear cushion for longer wearing comfort
  • Finishing of connector: gold-plated, acoustic system: open, Magnet type: neodymium
  • Impedance: 32 ohm, maximum power input: 200Mw, sensitivity: 101 dB, speaker diameter: 50mm, Frequency...

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There is a lot to talk about when it comes to SHP9500 vs HD 598. The HD 598 is without a doubt one of the top ear headphones on the market, but if challenged by the Philips SHP9500, I can say with utmost confidence that SHP9500 presents advantages over the other.

For example, the HD 598 is undoubtedly a staple for audiophiles, but the SHP9500 presents you with a better listening experience, a tighter bass, a greater midrange detail, more precise and accurate vocals, and instrumental distinction.

Sound Quality of this Top Open Back Headphones

When looking for the right ear headphones, it can be overwhelming; however, the number one factor that most audiophiles look for is its quality.

The HD 598 has a midrange sonic character, and it extends well to the treble and bass ranges.

If you love classical music, this would be your best bet. However, bass heads will not appreciate the HD 598 as much as the latter. The range of audio frequencies is balanced and impressive while the impedance across the audible frequency is relatively good.


  • Durability is amazing and sturdy in the hands
  • Very affordable considering the high-quality sound it produces
  • Open back design with the breathable pads provides maximum comfort
  • Cords are easily replaceable


  • Ear pads are not replaceable
  • At times, you’ll notice uneven treble response
  • Balance on the audio level is hard to achieve

13. Fostex T20RP

Fostex T20RP MK3 Professional Studio Headphones, Open
  • Refined Fostex proprietary Regular Phase (RP) diaphragm driver using copper foil etched polyimide film and...
  • Maximum input level of 3000mW to comply with various professional uses
  • Open for deep bass sound
  • Low repulsion ear pad and head pad for maximum comfort
  • Comes with 3m 1/4-inch plug detachable cable for best serviceability and 1.2m mini plug cable for portable...

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The RP MK3 headphone series is the successor of the previously made RP MK2 headphone series.

All throughout these years, the Fostex has been reliable and great at providing the world with amazing pairs of ear headphones; the Fostex T20RP is no exception.

RP Technology Diaphragm on the Best Open Back Headphones

It has a unique planar magnetic and orthodynamic driver unit which incorporates to the Fostex headphones a proprietary RP technology diaphragm, resulting in a delicately refined stereo sound with sharper audio and more precise monitoring.


  • Durability is amazing and sturdy in the hands
  • Very affordable considering the high-quality sound it produces
  • One of the cheapest headphones on the market


  • headphones are usually hard to drive
  • Cable connectors were pretty short which affects convenience

14. Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598 SR Open-Back Headphone "Discontinued by...
  • Audiophile grade over ear, open back headphone delivering exceptionally natural and balanced sound....
  • Padded leatherette headband and luxurious velour covered ear pads provide extreme comfort for long listening...
  • Compatible with virtually every audio device including phones, tablets, computers and stereo components
  • Two cables provided a 3 meter cable terminated with a 1/4 inch jack and 1.2 meter cable terminated with a...
  • Impedance:50 Ohm

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The HD 598 has been a long time favorite among audiophiles as it continues to provide everyone with a midrange that is organic and natural.

The vocals and the instruments are very distinct and clear. It is comfortable to wear for hours and hours, it has an excellent soundstage, and it is quite robust.

Sennheiser Veil

A lot of people are talking about the “Sennheiser veil” which speaks for itself. As for the treble, I am impressed that it presents each instrument brilliantly.

The bass of the HD 598 is very much extended. There is this sense of accuracy in the tone of the midrange frequency, and the high-level frequencies will knock you out of the park.


  • Compact and lightweight, easy to just grab and go
  • Bass and treble are very much balanced
  • Tunes sounds that are organic and natural
  • Extremely comfortable and relaxing


  • Long and annoying cable connectors
  • Sound and leakage is evident
  • Not quite affordable as compared to other quality ear headphones
  • Does not go well with other audio devices

15. Fidelio X2

Philips X2/27 Fidelio Headphones, Black
  • Powerful 50mm neodymium drivers for wide yet precise range. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Acoustic open-back architecture for pristine audio fidelity
  • Double-layered ear shells engineered for sound precision
  • Dedicated cable management clip for tangle-free ease
  • Deluxe memory foam ear pads for long-wearing comfort

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One of the top headphones from the Philips company, the Fidelio X2 offers build quality as well as premium comfort coupled with a stereo sound that challenges even the pickiest audiophiles.

It produces a well-balanced bass as well as no-excess treble.

Sound Quality Of the Best Open Back Headphones

The first thing you’ll notice with the Fidelio X2 is that there is a distinguishable amount of instrumental separation that will make all audiophiles drool.

The insight, from top to bottom, is pretty precise, and it has an organized manner which isn’t a trade-off for punch.

You can tell that each note is punctual in its unified presentation while the bassline drives the track assurance.


  • Produces a smooth and natural stereo sound
  • Rhythmic and punchy bass
  • A much cleaner and transparent treble
  • Leather headband is very durable and sturdy


  • There are not so many aesthetic changes as compared to the previous versions
  • Not advisable for those who are on the go
  • Sound and leakage is evident


Conclusion (Which of These Great Open Back Headphones Should You Check Out?)

All of these amazing open back headphones can leave you astonished and overwhelmed. It is important to consider several important factors such as treble and bass, frequency range, comfortability, cable connectors, the durability of the headphones, sound isolation and leakage, and price when choosing the best open-back headphones for your needs.

Remember, when it comes to isolation and leakage of sound, it couldn’t be helped that there will be some form of leakage considering that its design is open back. Look for those that have a lower chance of leaking sound.

Furthermore, headphones that feature neodymium magnet is always a good thing. When it comes to magnetic drivers, these are always hard to drive, so you have to decide if it’s worth it.

Lastly, choosing the right ear headphones for you depends on why you need them in the first place. A lot of the ear headphones on this list presented their own advantage to the table; however, it all boils down to your needs, preferences and its purpose.



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