5 of the Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers – A Reliable (2019) Guide

a musician who wears his best in ear monitors for drummersWant to play those drums while listening to music? or to maximize your drumming performance? Or just looking for a good noise isolation earbuds/headphones?

We have reviewed all the best in ear monitors for drummers and want to share with you our results. That will surely deliver! A Balance of music and the sound of your instrument(Drums) is important for drummers.

In the age of constant chaos, the only moment of peace that we get while on our way home is through headphones. An assorted list of the favorite songs and a good noise isolating earbuds is everyone’s dream. The music provides relief from the outer world’s hullabaloo.

The problem is, the best in ear monitors for drummers are not efficient enough to decrease the noise. We simply increase the volume of the music to compensate for the noise leaks.

Most studies come to the same conclusion – hearing to loud music isn’t a great idea.

Since ear-buds are lodged deep inside the ear canal, the increase in volume means greater vibration. If the vibration continues for a long time, it causes irreparable damages to the eardrum.

But not to worry, We made sure that we make sure that you can get the most durable earbuds after reading this article.


Our 5 of the Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers ( A Review for 2019 )

“As what most professional drummers say “rhythmically move to a beat not audible to the audience” while having fun and sharp focus”



Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with...
Shure SE215-CL
  • Shure's SE215-CL also comes in CL - UNI and CL - BT1
  • In-ear sound isolating fit and over-the-ear wiring design
  • The standard model has 3.5mm detachable cable
  • With single dynamic driver
Etymotic Research ER4SR Studio Reference Precision Matched...
Etymotic Research ER4SR
  • Pioneer of in-ear noise isolating design
  • 35-47dB or 98% noise reduction
  • Metal casing with anodized finish
  • Uses precision-matched and custom-tuned balanced armature drivers
  • Detachable, reinforced, gold-plated 3.5mm cable with MMCX connectors
Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor...
Audio-Technica ATH-E70
  • In-ear monitor headphone design
  • Features a medium-sized pair of Comply™ T500 foam ear tips for sound isolation and custom fit
  • Comes with detachable 1.6 m (5.2') cable using A2DC (Audio Designed Detachable Coaxial) connectors
  • 3.5mm plug output
MEE audio M7 PRO Universal-Fit Hybrid Dual-Driver Musician's...
MEE audio M7 PRO
  • In-ear sound isolating monitors with Comply™ memory foam eartips
  • Hybrid dual-driver consisting of high-precision coil subwoofer with balanced armature (BA)
  • Replaceable cables with MMCX connectors
  • Incorporated microphone and remote
  • Lifetime replacement
Westone UM Pro20 High Performance Dual Driver...
Westone UM Pro20
  • Universal in-ear fit with silicone and comfortable foam ear tips
  • Ear tips come in five different sizes and provide noise-cancelation
  • Has dual-driver with two proprietary balanced armature
  • Replaceable cable

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Let's Know the Facts

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best In Ears For Drummers

a pro drummer who love his best in ear monitors for drummers

Something to think about, Having a damaged ear is a part of the bigger picture that today mercilessly affects people from all age group especially kids and teenagers – Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). People use earbuds to protect their ear from the noise but unknowingly use it for creating ear-related troubles.

The only solution to this problem is the use of a high standard earbud that efficiently minuses out the outer chaos.

This way, you will not need to increase the volume of your music and still have the peace you wish.

How Do They Help?

  • isolating earphones with single-use the very basic idea of fending off the unwanted noise.
  • We often cover our ears with our hands when we don’t want to listen to something.
  • Here, the hand acts as a physical barrier which stops ambient noise from reaching the ear canal. Earbuds utilize the same principle.
  • They use a physical barrier, which can be over the ear or inside the ear, to restrict the noise from reaching the auditory pathway.
  • And, since these have a music cable with them, you get to clear a crystal clear and sharp music.

Drummers are one of those people who need headphones that silence the surroundings the most. They need to protect their ears from high pitched music as well as listen to the track they are playing along. They are the ones that set the tone and tempo of the whole band. We have all seen the crowd go crazy just for the extraordinary drum beats.

Is it possible for anyone to get concentrated in that excited crowd noise? Definitely not.

But it is the job and passion of drummers that make them concentrates on the right beats and not loses the track. To achieve this, they always wear the best in ear monitors for drummers that are basically isolating earphones.

  • These in-ear monitors or IEMs allow them to minus out the cheering crowd noise and allows them to concentrate on the beats they are playing.
  •  Most of the time, these drummers use an iPod or an MP3 player that plays the concerned track.
  • They then drum according to the beats in that track.

Joey Jordison

How It Useful for Drummers?

When the drummers are concerned, they need a high-quality in-ear monitor. Those in the IT industry vouch for the most advanced and fastest laptops because that makes their work easy and more efficient. The same is the case with the drummers.

  • They need the IEMs that most efficiently cancel out the ambient noise and at the same time, allow them to clearly listen to their desired track.
  • There is no need to settle for a cheap or below standard product because that will directly affect their performance. And no one enjoys missed beats.
  • If drummers can attract the crowd, they can even make the crowd disappointed with their inefficient technique on using the best earphones for drumming.

The best noise-isolating IEMs is what they should be looking for. That will not only make them a better drummer but will also allow them to try new and complex beats even in the midst of a cheering crowd.

As a drummer, you might have different questions regarding the best in-ear monitors. Don’t worry – we have answered all of them here.

We have compiled a list of FAQs so that all their curiosities are answered and they make an informed decision while purchasing their headphones.

We have started with the most basic question and gone until the drummer specific questions. Hope that helps the drummers around the world.

The Question and Answer:

Q.1. – What is Noise isolation or Sound Isolation?

Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Drummersit is a simple technique of preventing the ambient noise from reaching the ear canal. Since the Industrial Revolution, human life is filled with all sorts of mechanical noises.

The constant honking of cars, tires’ screeching, and bikes without silencers irritates us and makes us devoid of complete peace. How many times have we heard from urban dwellers that they wish to go to peaceful places? Why is it so? The only reason is that so much noise makes us anxious.

Researchers round the globe have confirmed that increased noise level leads to increased anxiety, migraines, and depression and in extreme cases, complete hearing loss.

This uses a physical barrier preferably foam or rubber or leather to stop the ambient noise from entering the ear. The extent of noise isolated depends upon the quality of the physical barrier and also on the structure of the isolating device.

Q.2. How do sound isolating headphones work?

There are two types of  isolating headphones:

  1.    Over the ear headphones
  2.    In-ear headphones

Although the basic principle of both of them is the same, the mechanism to achieve the desired result is slightly different.

Over the ear headphones isolate sound by creating a physical wall over the ear. They cover the whole ear to stop noise from entering. They use rubber or foam or leather or even a combination of all of these to achieve the desired effect.

In-ear headphones have a tubular structure. They get firmly lodged in the ear canal. Now, the sound first has to pass through the ear canal before creating vibrations on the eardrum.

Best Headphones for DrummersSince there is a headphone in this pathway, acoustic frequency from the outer environment is unable to cause reverberations on the eardrum. Thus, the user gets protected from the high decibel noise.

These are perfect for professional audiophiles, audio engineers and obviously band members especially drummers.

We often see DJs wearing them because they need to concentrate on their personal mix of tunes and beats without getting swayed away by the cheering crowd noise. Isn’t it a common observation that they take off their ear monitors when interacting with the crowd.

Why? Because with their IEMs on, they can’t hear a word except for the tunes they are playing. That is the secret to their flawless performance even in a roaring crowd.

Thus, we see that both types of headphones use the same principle, i.e., use of a physical barrier to act as the great sound barrier, but the mode to achieve this is different.

Q.3. Why do drummers wear headphones during concerts?

Ans.- Anyone who has been to a rock concert knows that the noise there far exceeds the normal and safe hearing limit. It is okay if someone goes to these concerts for once in a while. But think of the drummers. It is their job that puts them in the decibel range reaching 120db almost every day. Not only the crowd but their own instruments that are the electronic drums create enough noise for a normal ear.

If they do not use headphones that efficiently block the ambient noise, their auditory health will be at risk. They might lose their hearing ability and this will directly affect their work. How can a drummer play correct beat if he himself can’t listen to it? To cope with this scenario, drummers always wear headphones during concerts.

Together with this reason, the drummers wear IEMs to get the right tune too. They usually have the track playing through their iPod or MP3 player, and they then play beats accordingly. If they do not wear headphones, they will not be able to distinguish between the crowd noise and their drum beats.

The beats are bound to get misplaced, and everyone hates missed beats. The tempo of the whole band simply goes off the radar. So, when it is the job of the drummers to maintain the thrill of the crowd, they need to use gadgets that efficiently block out the ambient noise. Thus, they use headphones for both of these purposes during concerts.

shure In Ear Monitors for drummers

Q.4. How can drummers protect their ears?

Wearing the best in-ear headphones for drummers are constantly subjected to high decibel noises. As attractive a cheering crowd may look, the effect that it puts on the ears is actually very horrible. We go to concerts once and yet explain the noise for so many days. Just imagine the state of the drummers who have the job to ensure that the crowd keeps cheering.

Drummers are rightly stated as the band’s beat.

They drive the whole band’s performance just by their drum beats. But the most important thing is that these drummers take proper care of their ears. They practice a lot on electronic drums which also create high decibel sound.

If they are subjected to this repeated noise for long, they may lose their hearing ability partially and in extreme cases, whole. We don’t want our drummers to go through this.

Knowing this it also applies for the best gaming headsets you need also to protect your ear while playing your games and with the quality of a headset you should know what specifications you should be looking for before buying.

How to protect your ears while playing your drums? 

  1. Use ear-plugs: These are cheap and affordable. Made up of foam or silicon, they are easily available with the drum companies or brick and mortar establishments. Among these, foam earplugs made up of polyurethane are best. They can be easily rolled and put into the ear canal where they expand to block the noise from reaching the eardrums.
  2. Protective earphones: These are over the ear headphones. They act as an excellent barrier to filter out the noise. Since these cover the whole ear and are usually made up of soft material, they are comfortable too. However, they tend to get expensive as you look for the better and softer material.
  3. In-ear monitors: These are the most expensive and efficient gadgets for sound-based professionals. They create an excellent barrier by forming covering the whole ear canal. Together with that, they allow the user to listen to the track they wish. This allows them to play their musical instrument along the track without getting wreck of their concentration by the crowd.

Q.4. Which IEMS is the best for a drummer?

Ans.- The IEMs that are best for the drummers have the following features:

  • Restrict ambient noise and focuses on good sound: A perfect IEM should efficiently block out the ambient noise and at the same time, allow the user to listen to listen to their selected track in good sound. If any of these features get inefficient, the IEM is useless.

In-Ear Monitors For DrummersIf the noise cancellation is not up to mark, the user will increase the volume of their iPod and this can cause serious hearing damages in the long run. And if the sound quality is not good, the user will not be able to hear the track beats properly, directly affecting the performance.

  • Superior sound quality: The beats and bass of the selected track is very important for the drummer to recognize. If the in-ear monitor fails to deliver it, the drummer is unable to feel the vibes and fails to translate the tone of the music to his drum beats. An in-ear monitor with over the top sound quality allows the user to get right tempo and bass and sets the band’s mood to the best.
  • Comfortable: You usually wear the best in ears for drummers throughout their practice and rehearsals. If they are not comfortable, he/she will tend to ignore its ignore. This can cause serious medical problems. An uncomfortable IEM can cause ear-ache or headaches or heated ear. In all these conditions, the drummers begin to feel uncomfortable and this directly affects his performance. So, a drummer should always go after an IEM that is comfortable for him.
  • Firm grasp: We all swoon over the crazy head movements of drummers in ear. Their long locks, drum beats, electronic drum set and crazy fashion sense is always a centre of attraction. But what if the IEMs do not provide firm grasp over the ear? They will continuously be settling them even on stage and this will simply spoil their iconic carefree movements. So, an IEM with firm grasp over the ear is equally important.

While buying IEMs, a drummer should always spend considerable time on these features and should select the one that complies to all these aspects.

Our Full Detailed Review on 5 of the Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers this 2019

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with...

  • Lightweight, just as you like it.
  • Excellent isolation
  • Customizable sleeves
  • Ergonomically designed ear nozzle
  • Excellent bass

  • Lacks in treble quality
  • Single dynamic micro-drivers susceptible for audio distortions at higher frequencies
  • Little expensive

There are few brands that have made themselves the epitome of innovation with precision. Shure is one of them. Every audiophile will sear to this brand for crystal clear voice and amazing. You will be amazed to notice the extent of noise that this tiny earphone provides. It is equipped with all pro-musician features. Let us have a look at what makes this a good choice.

Although every product is designed to attract its user base most, they do have some shortcomings. Let us have a look here on both good and bad aspects of SE215-CL.

Comfort features:

  • Customizable sleeves and color options: SE215 comes with a range of ear sleeves which you can customize easily to suit your ear build and also according to your comfort.
  • The ear nozzle is specially designed to suit the needs of the highly active lifestyle of drummers. Usually, these headphones have not many color options. But with this model, you are free to choose among the range of assorted colors.
  •  Lightweight: No drummer wishes to have a weight over his/her ears. Just imagine how exhausted and bound they will feel if they will be laden with a heavy earphone. weighs just 0.48 ounces.
  • Single dynamic micro-driver:  This is also known as moving coil micro-driver. It utilizes the principle of magnetism and electromagnetism for sound creation. It uses a neodymium magnet to electro-magnetize the voice coil which then creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field causes the movement of the diaphragm which then creates sound.

Single dynamic micro-drivers are pretty efficient in producing quality sound and excellent bass.

  • Detachable cable with formable wires: There are times when the wire on one side becomes non-functional. In most headphones, you need to replace the whole wire. But, This allows you to replace only one side due to its detachable wires.
  • Sound isolation: Since this headphone is designed primarily for drummers, it is also of high quality. It can diminish ambient noise by about 37db! Isn’t this more than one can demand?
  • Acoustic seal and driver support frame: Attached to the single dynamic micro-driver on either side are acoustic seal and driver support frame. The acoustic seal acts as the leak-proofing device preventing any sound leaks from the back cavity of the earphone. Additionally, it also acts as a support to the single dynamic micro-driver.

The driver support frame is solely for protecting the dynamic micro-driver from sudden shocks and ensures that it remains firmly lodged in its place all times. Both these additions are pretty small but have a very profound effect.

The final verdict: If you need a light-weighted customizable earphone that can solve your related worries, this should be your pick. It provides excellent base and definitely caters to the basic needs of a drummer. However, it lacks in treble and that is a big turn-off. Drummers might not like that aspect – especially since their job is to take note of each and every change in the tune. And its little costly nature is also an issue. Overall, one can bargain for some qualities of it especially the bass.

Etymotic Research ER4SR Studio Reference Precision Matched...

  • Very clear and sharp sound especially in mid and high registers
  • Sound Isolation is perfect for drummers’ needs
  • MMCX cable
  • Replaceable ear-filters
  • Excellent customer support system

  • Sub-woofers cannot be noticed
  • Bass level is not significant
  • Tubular structure is invasive to many
  • Not so attractive and out-dated look

Etymotic is fondly remembered in the audiophile community for first introducing high-fidelity in-ear monitors back in 1991. That was the time when headphones were gaining popularity. If a brand can have the courage to launch such a high technology way back, then imagine the innovations it puts when we are in the digital age.

This earphone comes well equipped with armature drivers and high-quality isolation along with incredible customer support. A complete package for a drummer who might need some assistance just before his concert.

Let us have a detailed outlook on this product.

  • Drivers: These also utilize the principle of electromagnetism. Two magnets surround a tiny arm(armature) placed inside a coil of wire. When current flows through the coil, it induces magnetism in the armature. Since it is surrounded by magnets on both sides, it begins to experience the magnetic attractions and repulsion. This leads to the constant movement of the armature which in turn causes movement of the diaphragm and thus, the sound is produced. These drivers produce a highly detailed sound with the excellent treble. They can be tuned to suit the needs in optimal frequency. However, their bass quality is not note-worthy.
  • Incredible sound specifications: Since this is a drummer-centric earphone, a detailed account of the sound quality including the sound isolation is important. This earphone is capable of 35-42db. This ensures a quieter inner ear to the drummers. Additionally, it can give the audio output reaching 122db. This is way too much for an earphone. Etymotic is well known for its crystal clear voice quality where each and every note can be clearly heard. This model just carries on that incredible legacy.
  • Aluminum body: Etymotic Research ER4SR comes with a laser etched hard anodized aluminum body which makes it pretty robust. Many drummers constantly complain that the body of the earphones gets damaged if they fall out or they accidentally hit them while playing the electronic drums. But with a strong aluminum body, this will be thing of the past.

Comfort features:

  • Easily replaceable wires: The earphone comes with MMCX wires which means that if the wires get damaged, you can just replace them. You only need to replace the wires, not the whole earphone. All you need to do is pull out the cable from the cable-hole of the ear-plug. Then, put in the new cable. When you hear snap, it means the cable has got tightly fitted with the ear-plug. This is definitely a big relief.
  • Changeable ear-filters: Each Etymotic Research ER4SR comes with ear filters on the outer side of the earphone; the part that goes inside the ear. It prevents the ear-wax from entering the headset. It also smooth and natural, with repeated use, these filters become clogged. If not cleaned, they greatly affect the sound quality. However, the ear filters of Etymotic Research ER4SR can be easily replaced. This ensures that you can re-use the same earphone just by replacing a filter.
  • Extended warranty period: 2 years of the warranty period on build defects and sound quality clearly sends out a message that this brand pays utmost importance to the motto of customer satisfaction. Within 2 years, if you feel that the earphone’s performance has decreased by any means, you can easily get it replaced.
The final verdict: Etymotic is one of the best drummers in-ear monitors in the market today. Its sound quality is still unbeatable. The clarity of sound and extent is simply superb. With Etymotic Research ER4SR, it has introduced MMCX wires. This along with the aluminum body provides the model extra durability. However, it needs to work on its bass quality. Especially, when it is the time the music has sub-woofers and sub-bass. The absence of a proper feature to capture these is a big turn off. Drummers desiring a studio quality earphone might not like it.

Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor...

  • 3- balanced armature drivers
  • Silicon ear-tips
  • Excellent bass and notable mid and high frequencies
  • Clarity and separation of notes
  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable cables

  • Bass becomes dominant on high tracks
  • Un-attractive look
  • Highs are muted

Audio-Technica ATH-E70 is the flagship model in the E-series and is rightfully termed so. Drummers will have the feeling that they are sitting in an open, silent field when playing this. Drummers will have the absolute silence on stage, and this will help them in playing the perfect beats.

This will allow them the luxury of complete concentration on a stage surrounded by frenzy fans. It has tried to include all the good features in one model and definitely attracts drummers.

Its clarity and separation of notes are definitely scoring points. Let us have a look at what makes it a great choice.

  • 3 drivers: these drivers utilize electro-magnetism for sound production. Audio-Technica ATH-E70 comes with a set of 3 drivers that provides excellent response across the entire frequency range.There are very few earphones that provide a good mid and high output at the same time. It is one of them. The bass quality is simply amazing. All these can be attributed to the presence of 3 BAs.Drummers will find these features handy on stage. A silent ear environment with clear notes is what every one of them needs.
  • Sound quality: The drummers always have their track being played on their iPod while they perform. This ensures that they don’t miss a beat. Since what makes them stand out is how they catch even the minute notes, the bass reception and clear output of frequencies are very important. Audio-Technica ATH-E70 has a frequency output of 20-19,000 hertz!Basically, it covers the entire musical frequency. Drummers can clearly get the mid and high notes along with the bass. The sound isolation is very good, and there is no leakage providing a very balanced ear-environment.

Comfort features:

  • Detachable cables: Wear and tear of the cable wire are pretty common. Most of the time, the earplugs are perfectly fine. But just because of the non-replaceable wires, drummers are compelled to throw away their loved ear-phones. But not with Audio-Technica ATH-E70.It comes with an easily detachable audio designed detachable coaxial (A2DC) connectors that allows drummers to simply pull out the damaged cable from the earplug socket. This also provides extra durability and increased performance.
  • Silicon ear-tips and foam ear tips: Audio-Technica ATH-E70 comes with four sizes of assorted silicon ear-tips that ensure excellent isolation. The foam eartips provide unbeatable comfort. Drummers can use the size that suits them most. This makes this model customizable and adds extra comfort for the users.
  • Flexible memory cable: Flexible plastic memory cables ensure that the cable perfectly fits around the neck of the drummers. Since it is memory cable, it firmly rests there. This allows drummers do their carefree head movements on stage.

Drummers use headphones not for leisure but for professional needs. Nothing can be comprised of their headphones. Let us see if Audio-Technica ATH-E70 caters to all aspects.


The final verdict: Audio-Technica ATH-E70 is an earphone solely made for on-stage performances. It provides excellent bass and at the same time, ensures that the sound track is clear and sharp. Drummers who need an earphone for monitoring will find this of extreme use. However, it is not an analytical earphone. Else, all its features ensure a memorable experience to the drummer and then to the concert audience. 

MEE audio M7 PRO Universal-Fit Hybrid Dual-Driver Musician's...

  • Hybrid drivers for increased performance
  • MMCX cables
  • Remote and mic with headset
  • Lightweight and silicon ear tips
  • Good bass and treble

  • Absence of competitor may delay addition of more features

This is the age of technological advancement. Some technological innovation backs every aspect of life – and more so for musicians.

Earlier, drummers had to be content with a limited choice of in-ear monitors. But now, they have a whole segment of the market solely catering to their needs. This increases the competition and in turn, the quality.

The latest contender in this field is MEE audio M7. Few other earphone manufacturers are still debating whether the dynamic driver or the balanced driver is better. The M7 Pro model though has simply included both of them.



  • Hybrid dual-driver technology: Dynamic drivers are known for their incredible bass production, but they lack in voice clarity. Drivers have top-notch clarity but lag behind in bass. Till now, the earphones have been using either one of them. This devoid the user of either bass or clarity. But, drummers can’t compromise on this! Their whole performance is based on how clearly they catch the tunes and beat along the bass. With including both types of drivers, this has provided them with both features.
  • Sound isolation: The in-ear design of MEE audio M7 completely blocks out the noise. This allows drummers to listen to music even at low music. You don’t need to increase the volume just to listen to the details. The high-quality isolation provides extra clarity and hence better performance. The isolation is further increased by the foam ear-tips that also add extra comfort.

Comfort features:

  • Universal yet customizable fit: MEE audio M7 comes with seven pairs of assorted ear-tips which you can use according to your needs. This ensures a tighter universal fit in the ear and better sound isolation. The flexible memory wire of the earphone allows better fit over the ear.
  • MMCX cables: MEE audio M7 comes with MMCX cable which means that they are easily replaceable. So, once they get damaged, you can get the new wire and use your earphone again. This adds durability to the phone.
  • Headset cable with remote and microphone: Drummers are often on stage performing back to back. Just imagine the hassle they have to go through when they need to change the track. But MEE audio M7 has paid attention to this aspect. It comes with a remote using which the tracks can be changed, paused, played and fast forwarded. The microphone allows you to talk even while you are practicing. This simplifies your life and brings you nearer to family and friends.


This is a product which has attracted drummers all around. Let us see its both aspects.


The final verdict: MEE audio M7 PRO Hybrid is definitely a path-breaking model in the earphone market. By simply including both drivers and making itself a hybrid driver, it has increased its quality manifold. All other features are also excellent. The price is quite reasonable. It is definitely a good value for money.

Westone UM Pro20 High Performance Dual Driver...

  • Triple drivers and crossover provide incredible sound
  • Good bass & impactful treble
  • MMCX cables are easily replaceable
  • Comfortable design and durable build
  • Good warranty period

  • It lags behind the hybrid drivers in sound quality
  • Highs are not up to mark

As the competition for best in-ear earphone intensifies, more products come up with unbeatable features.

The ultimate product which has paid attention to each and every minute detail of a drummer’s needs. You will be amazed to notice small yet impactful additions in this model.

The comfort features, technical additions, and customer support are simply amazing. Let us have a look at the features.


  • Triple balanced-armature drivers with three-way crossover: A single armature is inefficient in reproducing sounds of all frequencies. Most in-ear headphones simply overlook this aspect. But This has paid proper attention to this part. Triple armature drivers cater to the three main sound frequencies namely low, mid and high. Thus the sound heard by drummers is of the highest possible quality. This directly influences performance. Threeway crossover ensures that you get perfect tweeters, woofers, and sub-woofers.
  • 20Hz – 18kHz frequency response and an impedance of 57 ohms @ 1kHz: Responding to low-frequency noise is pretty tough. But this model pays equal attention to low as well as high-frequency sounds. Responding to 20 Hz is pretty impressive – the human ear is designed to only hear in the frequency 20 Hz- 20KHz.

This headphone has practically covered the entire audible frequency. This means if you are practicing in a room, you will hear nothing and the same will be the case if you are on the stage. The maximum noise produced in a rock concert is 122 db. This is the ultimate isolation you could get.

An impedance of 57 ohms at 1 KHz means that sound quality is maintained at optimum. The volume is neither too high nor too low offers a pleasant listening experience.


Comfort features:

  • MMCX cables with twisted wires: MMCX cables ensure that the earphones can have new cables if the older one gets damaged. There is no need to discard the whole earphone. You only need to unplug the older one and replace it with a new one. You can also replace the cable even if only one side is damaged. Twisted wires allow for lesser cable noise and hence better sound production.
  •  Comfortable design: This has ergonomically designed to suit the needs of the drummers. Its light weight allows you to use it as long as you wish. You get silicon and foam ear tips which you can use according to your comfort. A wide range of ear tips allows you to customize it according to your needs.
  • 2-year warranty: A product establishes its true user base with its customer support service. You will get a full 2-year warranty on manufacturing and sound defects on this in-ear earphone. You need not get tensed with the faulty sound after some days. Just inform the customer care, and they will get it replaced.

Nothing in this world is perfect. But everyone does need perfect products. Let us see if it fits our definition of a near perfect product of being the best drummer in ear monitors this 2019.

The final verdict: When you have to select the best in-ear monitors for drummers, you get stiff competitors in the market. This has carved a distinct niche for itself with its Pro 20 model. Pro 30 only carries the legacy forward with surprising technical additions. The quality of bass is unmatched. You will get the right frequencies in all the three frequency. Added durability and good customer support services are cherries on the top. A must buy for the drummers.



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