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Best In-Ear Headphones: A Buyer’s Guide for 2018

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Best In-Ear HeadphonesEarphones are one of the most useful devices that you have for a wide variety of reasons.

Not only they are necessary for use with your phone nowadays, especially considering that so many use their phone to listen to music and watch videos on, but it is also used by many for use with their computer, tablet, or another device.

Because of the fact that it is used in so many areas of a person’s life now, many people want that headset to also have a microphone with it even for the snowboarding this gadget needs more than a good communication system, you can read about the best snowboarding headphones for further details.

This allows them to be listening to music, but when they receive a phone call they can simply answer without having to remove the headset at all.

This makes it significantly more useful to them and allows a person to use their headset to be multi-functioning.

Headsets come in many different styles these days. There are the standard kinds that have an attachment that goes over your head, with the cups of the speakers going over your ears. There is the kind that you simply place against your ear, which also gives you a nice quality sound.

However, many like the in-ear style of headphones. They find that this provides the best quality sound for them, plus it allows them to block out a lot of the sound that would be around them.

These in-ear headphones are really easy to use.

You simply place the bud portion of the earpiece into the opening to your ear canal, and you are ready to start listening to music.

For those who have smaller or larger sized ear canals, most of the best in-ear headphones that you will find provide different pieces to them that make it so that you can put the piece into your ear comfortably without it causing discomfort or the bud slipping out.

Important Matters are always First:

Let’s get into the most important matter, The In-ear Buying Guide:

Of course, like virtually any other product you will buy nowadays, in-ear headphones come in many different styles to accommodate the user. It really is a matter of choice, and the amount of money that you want to spend that will help you to determine what is the best option for you.

The variations depend on a lot of different kinds of factors, especially for those who are interested in finding wireless in-ear headphones. These are significantly different than the standard earphones that most people are used to because they use Bluetooth technology to allow the user to make that connection to their phone or another device.

These are convenient on many different levels. They not only remove the cord from the equation but also give the user a lot more freedom of movement. A person with most corded in-ear headphones can only go about four or 5 feet from their phone or another device at most. Many of the Bluetooth in-ear headphones allow you to go as far as 10 feet or more without losing connection, and you don’t have to worry about your cord getting tangled or caught in something. This has really made them such an ideal option for so many people.

If you are looking for the best in-ear headphones 2018, that it really makes no sense to look beyond the wireless in-ear headphones. While they will be more expensive, probably double the amount you would pay for a standard earphone, if not more, the advantages are many and this is why so many users have turned to buy this form of headphone over the standard one that most of us are used to.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to only these kinds of headphones. There are those who are perfectly satisfied with the traditional, corded in-ear headphones and have no issues with not being cord free.

It is really about the quality of sound that is the key. While you may want something that is a little less cumbersome, not employing a cord when in use, that does not mean that this is your primary issue when making your purchase. It may be more about comfort in your ear and the quality of sound that you receive that become the key issues for you.

When deciding what is the best in-ear headphones in 2018, there are a few factors you may want to consider in making your purchase. It starts with the following:

Frequency ResponseFrequency Response – if you listen to the sound in different kinds of headphones, you’re going to quickly notice that the quality of that sound can vary greatly depending upon the kind of headphones you are using. To be frank, a lot of times the cost of a set of headphones can be a significant determinant in how good that quality is.

If you are buying something that cost $8 or $9 you can be pretty sure that the sound is not going to be the utmost best.

People buy these headphones because they simply want something to use that they aren’t worried if it should get damaged.

However, that is not always the case. You can find some reasonably good quality headphones at a price that is much more affordable and to your liking.

What you are looking for is the quality of something that is referred to as “sweetening.” This refers to the EQing of the in-ear headphones themselves, which will help to make the quality of the sound significantly better and if you are looking for high-quality earbuds we have written a guide on Westone UM Pro 10 vs. Shure SE215 as they fit more than for any purposes even for an in-ear type.

What you will find is that in many open-backed style headphones the base frequency is more likely to be emphasized over other qualities of sound within your ear canal. To accomplish this, the base is “sweetened” in terms of the amount of sound that is provided so that it has a more dominant quality in the headphones.

As a listener, you may not like this. You may find that sweetening a sound actually takes away from your enjoyment of that sound. Many of these headphones don’t give you the ability to alter the quality of sound in any way, forcing you to stick with whatever sweetening qualities they choose.

You may not really like this, so pay attention to the quality of the sound of the headset before making a purchase.

tinginess of a soundTingy – this is related to the quality but is different in the fact that the tinginess of a sound is not only related to what you hear but also to what people here and there listening to you. Remember that many headphones also come with a mic to them which allow you to quickly transfer from listening to music or videos to talking on the phone. The quality of the mic sound may come across with a very tingly sound to listeners, and the quality of sound may seem that way to you as well.

Durability TestDurability – you may not care about some styles of headphones breaking, because you didn’t spend a great deal of money on them. However, if you’ve invested even $30 in a set of headphones, you want to ensure that they will last for a longer duration of time.

One of the things that people are most concerned about when purchasing in-ear headphones is that the small cord that goes from the headphone bud into the cabling or Bluetooth connection piece is not the sturdiest looking cord one can imagine.

These can easily be pulled out of some headphones, or just have a slight disconnection that causes the earbud to no longer work. You want to make sure you are checking to ensure that the quality and durability of the headphones are such that your headset will last for a longer period of time.


While it makes sense to get in-ear Bluetooth headphones, the reality is that there are some outstanding sets out there that still come with a cord. That is why if you are looking for a really good set of headphones, maybe even the best in-ear headphones 2017, then here are some recommendations for you.

Pricing Table

Top 10 Best In Earbuds for any occasion

Headphones Price Link
1. Bose SoundTrue Ultra  Price: $129.00  Check Reviews on Amazon
2. Bose SoundSport  Price: $99.00  Check Reviews on Amazon
3. SONY MDR-EX650  Price: $63.59  Check Reviews on Amazon
4. Sennheiser Momentum  Price: $74.88  Check Reviews on Amazon
5. Powerbeats2 Wireless  Price: $138.00  Check Reviews on Amazon
6. Philips In-ear High Precision Sound  Price: $39.90  Check Reviews on Amazon
7. JBL E10BLK  Price: $39.75  Check Reviews on Amazon
8. urBeats  Price: $22.23  Check Reviews on Amazon
9. Skullcandy Method  Price: $22.23  Check Reviews on Amazon
10. 1MORE Triple Driver  Price: $99.99  Check Reviews on Amazon
Best in ear headphones 2017

Featuring: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

Comparison Table

Comparison table of the Best In-Ear Headphones

Product Short Description Additional Features Price and Review
Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones specs 1. Bose SoundTrue Ultra SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones deliver deep, rich sound across a wide frequency range. And the sealed acoustic design comfortably immerses you in your music. The proprietary StayHear Ultra tips, available in three sizes, stay soft while giving you a secure fit. Easily switch between calls and music with your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • microphone-feature


Bose SoundSport in ear headphone price 2. Bose SoundSport Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones deliver deep, clear sound for the music you love, and a durable design to keep up with whatever your day brings. TriPort technology provides crisp highs and natural-sounding lows, while the sweat- and weather-resistant design helps ensure they survive the rigors of your daily life. And StayHear tips keep them comfortably in place through it all. They come in a variety of designs and include an inline microphone and remote.
  • sports-and-exercise, microphone-feature


SONY MDR-EX650 B Inner ear Headphones3. SONY MDR-EX650

Hear every note with more clarity and less unwanted vibration. Our MDR-EX650 B Inner headphones use brass housings to minimise distortion and wide brass ducts for high sound stability. And with a new angled earbud design that fits securely in the ear, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

  • lightweight


Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear4. Sennheiser Momentum In-ear

Momentum In-Ear brings elegant styling and premium performance together. An ergonomic design crafted with precision using premium materials, they exude quality while delivering exceptional sound quality. The sonic signature is pure Sennheiser Momentum – balanced, with powerful bass, smooth mid-range and extended highs.

  • noise-isolation


Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone price5. Powerbeats2 Wireless

Powerbeats² Wireless was designed to defy the ordinary while catapulting athletes towards unparalleled performance. Lightweight and engineered with the power of dual-driver acoustics, the reimagined wireless earphones deliver the premium sound and performance needed to propel you through rigorous workouts.

  • Wireless is lightweight and compact

Philips In-ear High Precision Sound 6. Philips In-ear High Precision Sound

Philips High Precision Sound Premium drivers with oval sound tubes The Philips TX2 delivers high precision sound with extended bass thanks to premium drivers and oval sound tubes. Custom-fit comfy ear caps ensure an immersive experience.

  • Philips TX2 Black Headphone


Who says great things don’t come in small packages? Discover the convenience and portability of an in-ear headphone delivering full-spectrum sound, a comfortable, secure fit and everything you need to transform any tablet or smartphone into a home away from home. From JBL-engineered PureBass performance and 8mm drivers to the advanced styling of their lightweight, in-ear design, JBL Synchros E10s offer a head start into JBL-quality sound. Their inline remote/microphone adds convenience while a handy carrying case keeps everything safe and secure. You’re well on your way to hearing things they way they were intended to be heard.

  • android-phone-control, ios-phone-control, lightweight

Beats urBeats8. Beats urBeats

Precision-machined single-billet metal housing prevents vibrations and unwelcome sound from tainting your listening experience. Hear exactly what the artist was feeling in the studio when you listen to music on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

  • In-line controls

Skullcandy Method9. Skullcandy Method

Our best sport bud is now wireless. Whether you’re on the treadmill or running on a trail, the lightweight and secure design of method wireless sits comfortably around the neck and securely in your ears-even when wearing a helmet. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can wander up to 33 feet from your mobile device while streaming music and calls. A sweat-resistant design maximizes durability ensuring your playlist doesn’t stop until you do. With up to 9 hours of rechargeable battery life, you can chase that second wind without turning back.

  • Sweat Resistant

1more triple driver 201710. 1MORE Triple Driver

Our Triple Driver In-Ears epitomize 1MORE’S mission: We’re not in this business to sell headphones. We’re in this business to deliver music. Our Triple Drivers represent every sonic detail the artist intended you to hear. In essence, they disappear so there’s nothing between you and your music.

  •  Cable Length: 1.25 m (4 ft) / Plug: 3.5 mm Gold Plated /
  • Wired Materials: Enameled Copper Wire,
  • Frequency Range: 20-40,000 Hz /
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB /
  • Impedance: 32 Ω / Rated Power: 5 mW / Weight: 18 g
All Items Description Specs Click to check price

# 1.

Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones

Bose SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphonesWhile these headphones were originally designed for Apple devices, it actually can work quite well on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. The reasons why these headphones are so popular is easy to see once you try this for the first time. The deep, rich sound, provide you with some of the best quality of any headphones you will find, giving you an incredibly wide range of frequencies as well. The sealed acoustic design ensures that you can enjoy your music or videos fully while not having to worry about ambient noises around you diminishing or hurting your enjoyment of whatever you’re listening to.

The in-line microphone comes with a remote that makes it easy to switch between your calls and whatever else you are listening to on your device. This remote is easy to use and easily accessible in the microphone provides a top quality output for those listening to you during conversations.

read more reviews at Amazon
  • Deep, rich sound across a wide frequency range, enhanced by a sealed acoustic design for better immersion in your music
  • Proprietary Stay Hear Ultra tips, in three sizes, stay soft while giving you a secure fit
  • Inline microphone and remote for easy switching between calls and music with select Samsung and Android models
  • Protective carrying case included
  • Maximized sound, so you hear natural-sounding lows, lifelike vocals and clear instruments
  • Minimized distraction, with a sealed acoustic design that helps immerse you in your music
  • All-day comfort, with proprietary StayHear Ultra tips that stay soft yet provide a stable fit
  • Inline mic/remote for select Samsung Galaxy and Android models, with a variety of options for easily enjoying music and making calls

Verdict Reviews:

I am not an audiophile, so I will start with that. I can tell you I owned JBL and Bose for years and I think they both sound great. I had the previous version of these with the shark fin design and I was really surprised at the comfort. I wore the previous model all day for phone calls for work and they never hurt my ears. Recently I was on an international flight and I broke the plug when sitting back in my seat and bending it into the airplane audio jack. My loss…but no more! These headphones are awesome. More noise cancelling than the previous pair although that’s not the purpose. The sound is exactly as expected from Bose and the phone features are great also. For the price, I’m not a fan of paying over $100 for anything which can be easily lost or forgotten somewhere, but these are worth it.




# 2.

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones

Bose SoundSport in ear headphoneThis is another corded in-ear headphone made by Bose that was designed to be used with Apple devices. However, like the previous one, you are still able to use this in other types of smart phones and tablets and receive the same kind of quality and output.

These headphones come with a very deep and clear sound, which ensures that you get the best quality output when listening to your music or videos. You are also provided with outstanding sound during phone conversations in the remote on this set of headphones.

This headset was designed specifically for use in sporting activities, providing a sweat and weather resistant design that helps you to continue to have the earphones securely in your ear without becoming dislodged. In fact, this is a well-designed set of headphones which is perfect for those who enjoy an active life of exercising or working out. You will love how securely this fits in your ear without being uncomfortable one bit.

This Bose product costs about $100, and comes with a sleek and sharp looking case to store the set of headphones and the accessories.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Deep, clear sound enhanced by exclusive TriPort technology for crisp highs and natural-sounding lows
  • Proprietary Stay Hear tips, in three sizes, conform to your ear’s shape to stay comfortably in place all day
  • Sweat- and weather-resistant; engineered and tested for lasting quality and durability
  • Inline microphone and remote for easy switching between calls and music with select Samsung and Android smartphones
  • Matching protective carrying case included
  • Enjoy your music with deep, clear sound from exclusive TriPort technology
  • Sweat- and weather-resistant; engineered and tested for lasting quality and durability
  • Proprietary StayHear tips conform to your ears’ shape to stay comfortably in place all day long
  • Inline microphone and remote for easy switching between calls and music with select Samsung and Android models
  • Lightweight carrying case stores and protects headphones

Verdict Reviews:

These headphones are incredible. They are absolutely perfect for what I wanted them for which is running outside.

Sound: These sound great. The sound quality is much better than I expected considering that they are designed with no active or passive noise isolation. I run outside and I appreciate being able to hear my surroundings. To be able to have this quality of sound while still being able to hear things around me is amazing to me and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Comfort: So, I have very sensitive ears and almost every pair of headphones I’ve worn have given me at least some kind of pain after wearing them for a while. Not these. These are so comfortable you can barely tell they are there. I believe this is due to the fact that they aren’t jammed deep into my ears nor require a noise isolating seal for sound quality. Also I have noticed that I do not need to adjust them which can be a problem with some headphones. I did have to switch to the larger tips but they do their job of staying in my ear even with mild tugging.

Durability: I haven’t had them very long so I can’t give much comment on the durability but I will update this review if I run into issues. The cord seems very sturdy and the only thing I am really worried about is the connector. It has a straight connector instead of an L shaped and I’m worried that this could cause more stress in that area.

I would highly recommend these headphones for anyone who wants great sound quality while still being able to hear the outside world. I won’t be taking these to the gym as I prefer to be zoned into my workouts with noise isolation but for running (and I believe these would be safe even for cycling) these will be my go to. I am going to have to save up for a pair of wireless SoundSports to go along with these.



# 3.

SONY MDR-EX650 B Inner ear Headphones

SONY MDR-EX650 in ear headphoneSony has long been the makers of quality sound product, and this particular set of headphones is one that you will clearly like. Priced at about $65, it comes with a mini plug that makes it more secure and less likely to get damaged when plugged in.

The headset works on a wide variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, and smart phones, and has a 1.2 m cord. This is a very light weight in-ear headphone that provides quality sound and is quite comfortable to wear. You’ll enjoy the ease of use and the durability of these headphones.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Type: Closed, dynamic
  • Plug: L-shaped gold-plated fourconductor mini plug
  • Cord: 1.2 m, OFC Litz cord Y-type
  • Weight: 9g

Verdict Reviews:

Simply the best in ear headphones I’ve used. The upgrade from budget in ears are beyond my expectations. I’m a big music lover of all genres from opera to hip hop to heavy metal and electronic music. I did fairly extensive research before settling on these sony. It was what hifi’s product of the year 2014. So i decided to take the chance on them. I was a bit skeptical at first since the magazine rated it so highly, especially for the price. Hearing and listening is so subjective but I knew what I wanted my in ears to sound like, no too clinical and sanitized but rather dynamic and lively. From the moment I played he first song it blew me away! Skeptic no more. What hifi stated that these sonys can handle anything you throw at them and they were right. Super tight bass and clear open mids and highs. I like to listen to my music extremely loud and for the first time ever I’ve found headphones that forces me to turn down the volume on some songs. Some reviews I’ve read says the bass is not that strong, well to my ears they are awesome on my hip hop and dance tunes.

I’ve had these for about three weeks now and even though they aren’t even burned in yet they still sound amazing. These are worth trying out if you want an upgrade from stock mp3 ear buds that come with an ipod etc. I did critical listening using my headphone out from my behringer mixer, headphone out from a technics home theatre reciever, an ipod shuffle and nano, my studio software output from my desktop. They all sounded incredible. Then I decided to pair theses earbuds to a fiio 6 portable headphone amp, the sony earbuds sound went to a whole new level! I cannot even begin to tell you how much better a great product to begin with sounded even more incredible.

Lastly I upgraded the ear tips to the comply t200 isolation tips and sound leakage and isolation was even better. These sony paired with my fiio e6 and the comply tips takes my modest mobile music enjoyment well past my expectations given my whole set up cost less than $120. But even if it cost double that it would still be an unbelievable deal. An ipod shuffle, fiio e6 has changed the way I think about music on the go forever, working out at my gym has never been more inspiring. The sony is incredible, paired with the fiio e6, they are absolutely awe inspiring. And for about $70 for the sony, $30 for the fiio, $15 for the comply t200 tips Id give 6 or 7 star rating if I could. I love my sennheiser momentum over ear headphones but I really love my sony ex650. The icing on the cake is the brass finish is beautiful, I have the gray/black ones and I’ll be buying the gold brass ones soon



# 4.

Sennheiser Momentum In-ear

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear specsDesigned for the Samsung galaxy model phones, this headphone is one of the best on the market for use with a wide variety of devices. What really captures the attention of most consumers is that the design is specifically created so that the cord does not get tangled. This tangle free oval cable, provide you with a three button, in-line remote that is integrated with a microphone as well. The buttons give you the ability to move ahead on the track or to increase or decrease the volume, as well as answer calls or stop the music playing.

The transducers on this set of headphones are of an incredibly high quality design, and give a high level of output without providing distortion. People love the ear canal design, which ensures that our ambient noise is blocked out, and the ear tips are personalized to fit a wide variety of your types. This makes it the perfect set of headphones for any user.

A two-year warranty is included with these headphones and it costs about $75.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Samsung Galaxy model using newly designed, tangle-free oval cable featuring 3-button in-line remote with integrated microphone
  • Custom machined, low resonance stainless steel housing deliver a detailed and accurate sound
  • High-quality dynamic transducers produce high output level with low distortion
  • In ear canal design provides excellent attenuation of ambient noise. Multiple sized ear tips included insuring a personalized fit
  • Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer

Verdict Reviews:

Sibiliance is a problem with these headphones. Great bass and timing as well as detail but there is a serious problem in the trebble region. I have heard much much better headphones from Beyerdynamic at this price range or spend 50 bucks more for the BW C5 or Martin Logan Mikros, these Sennheiser are overpriced in my opinion. I can believe a company as serious as Sennheiser would let earphones with this sibilance problem go out into the market. It is clear that these Momentum concepts are aimed at branding and marketing not at performance. I don’t like what is happening to Sennheiser products lately.



# 5.

Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

Powerbeats2 WirelessThese Bluetooth in-ear headphones connected via a class I Bluetooth connection with your smart phone, tablet, or other device giving you the freedom to be able to move around without feeling like your limited by the cord of your headset. What makes this headphone set a winner with so many users is that it provides 12 hours of battery life, giving you the ability to use it all day long before needing to recharge it while you sleep. You’ll also love that the Fast Fuel option allows you to charge the battery for just five minutes and can one hour of use out of the headset.

This is a sweat and water resistant set of headphones, that is meant to handle the rigors of an active lifestyle. It’s perfect for use at the gym while still allowing you to use during a regular part of the day. There are four different ear tip sizes to accommodate the comfort level of the user, and you’ll find that ambience noise is reduced greatly by these headphones.

While the design is spectacular, and the durability is something you’ll be happy about, it is the quality of sound that you will receive that you will really love about these headphones. They are meant to give you an incredible sound quality that will make listening to them quite an enjoyment. The mix is great and you will love the range of sound that you receive.

Priced at about $150, this is a great headset to buy no matter what kind of device you have.

>>>I also recommend to check the latest Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones<<<CHECK Powerbeats3

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Pair and play with your Bluetooth device with 30 foot range
  • 6 hour rechargeable battery
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Take hands-free calls and adjust music with no-slip-grip RemoteTalk control
  • What’s in the box: Powerbeats² Wireless earphones with RemoteTalk wrap around cable, carrying case, universal micro USB cable, cable management clip, four (4) pairs of multi-sized/shaped eartips, Quick Start Guide

Verdict Reviews:

I’m a fan of Beats by Dr. Dre so I decided to get the Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earphones. Since I’m a really active guy and love to go running or to the gym everyday of the week, I knew I had to pick these up. The feature I liked the most is that is sweatproof and it’s pretty snug in your ears. The sound is great. I wanted to step it up a notch from the typical Apple earphones to something better and the sound is definitely noticeable. The minimalistic design of these are amazing… It looks modern and really sleek. The only thing I disliked about the Powerbeats 2 is the micro usb charging cable, it’s around 6 and a half inches long and it doesnt come with a power brick. Apart from that.
My earphones are always hanging from the wall to the floor and in the end I think I’ll end up damaging my earphones. The packaging and the unboxing experience, just like any other beats product, it’s insane. These earphones are great and I definitely recommend them. Apart from all the hate that Beats by Dr. Dre receives, these are great earphones and they manage to have a great range in case you’re in a big gym and you leave your smartphone in your bag.
What comes in the box: The Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earphones, 4 pairs of multi-sized shaped ear tips, carrying case, micro usb charging cable, a cable management clip and some guides.



# 6.

Philips In-ear High Precision Sound

Philips In-ear High Precision Sound priceIf you are looking for a headset that provides you with a quality sound, but doesn’t come at an expensive price, then this Philips brand is just what you’re looking for. This is a quality set of headphones that uses fine tuned neodymium drivers which give you an incredible amount of clarity in a wide range of frequencies.

The in-line remote comes with a builtin microphone, and also allows you to control calls and music, by changing volume, answering calls, or moving up in a track. What you will like is that the aluminum housing ensures that vibration is reduced greatly, so that you get the optimal sound clarity when listening to music or videos.

The curve housing unit and oval sound tubes give you a very comfortable feeling, also ensuring that the headphones are tightly in your ear to reduce on be at noise. It’s a very comfortable, and secure feel when wearing these headphones, and at a price of just $25 or less it’s a quality headset that you will truly love

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  • Manufacturer: Philips
  • Hybrid architecture for precise sound and extended bass
  • Choose from 3 pairs of ear caps for the perfect fit
  • Tangle-free flat cable with slider for convenience on the go
  • Built-in microphone switches you from music to phone calls

Verdict Reviews:

Philips needs to get an award for their consistency with their audio equipment especially their headphones, in-ear monitors and neckband headphones! Am super impressed. Besides this Philips TX2 in-ear monitors I also own Philips SHS5200 neckband and Philips SHP9500 headphones – all highly recommended and super value affordable audio gear.
Build quality is astonishingly good at just over the $30 mark – Mine came with a free complimentary compact LED lamp – Tops to DIGITALGUY – Great service!. Gold/Black finish with really good quality flat cable system is top notch. Only thing missing is a compact case. Very comfortable fit ( stock ear cap fitted perfectly ). Sound is also supreme – tight and punchy bass, great mid range ( vocal clarity/strings, percussion instruments ) and just the right amount of highs.
Thank You Again Philips!



# 7.

JBL E10BLK In-Ear Headphones

JBL E10BLKThis is another quality headset that’s valued at about $40. JBL is quickly establishing themselves as a company that provides low-cost, high quality headphones, and this model is no exception. This set of headphones provides an excellent quality of sound, giving you a full spectrum of frequencies which is sweetened by the PureBass performance included with 8 mm drivers.

This is a durable set of headphones, but still maintains a lightweight construction. The air tubes are angled to make that easier to fit in your ears while still providing a comfortable feel. The sized ear tips provide a snug feel inside the ear canal, ensuring that your hours of enjoyment wearing the headphones are not interrupted by discomfort.

You will like that these headphones come in a variety of colors, and have a sharp design that makes them enjoyable to have in your ears. The remote offers the ability to answer calls, change the volume, and has a built-in mic to it. There is clearly a lot to like about these headphones, especially at the price you would pay for them.

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  • Full-spectrum, JBL-quality sound featuring PureBass performance and premium 8mm drivers
  • Smartphone and tablet-friendly design with universal, in-line, single-button remote microphone
  • Lightweight construction combined with angled ear-tubes and multiple-sized ear-tips for snug, secure, comfortable fit
  • Heightened aesthetics and styling in four vibrant color choices

Verdict Reviews:

This is a nice step-up headset for a reasonable price.

Pros: *In-ear design blocks out external noise very well. *Nice balanced sound without too much bass. Ear seal means bass needn’t be overcompensated. *Slightly bent to conform to ear canal. Also makes it hard to put the right side into the left ear. *Tips fit me right out of the box, but ears vary, so your fit will too. *Comes with a little, no-nonsense case.

Cons: *Cable is flat and stiff. This means that touching the cable transmits sounds to your ear. May not be a good choice for joggers. *Flat, stiff cable means you need to curl it up carefully.

I’m still enjoying my first 24 hours with this earbud set and I very much enjoy listening to it. The noise-blocking properties would make it great for airplanes, and the small size means I’m now going to ditch my over-the-ear headphones for travel. This will save me space and weight. I’m glad I bought these.

Note that I bought my pair at a big store starting with “W,” and they cost about $10 more than here.



# 8.

Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphone

urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone 2017Beats has long established itself as one of the leaders in headphone technology. In fact, this is the brand that people find themselves purchasing when they really want a quality product. This is why you’ll love the urBeats.

It starts with the design of headphones, which are made to ensure that you get a durable product that doesn’t get in your way. The cords are intended to be tangle free, eliminating the angst caused by cords getting tangled together, causing you to waste time to get them untangled for use. The earpieces fit snugly in your ear, reducing out on be at noise, and come with several different sizes of tips to give a more snug feel no matter what your ear size is.

Of course, since we are talking about Beats, then you know the quality of sound is really something. Beats has long been known to provide one of the best quality in terms of frequency and mix in a set of headphones, and that technology continues on in this product. The design drivers pump out a deep bass sound, and also give you a soaring set of highs, and one of the most ultra clear mid ranges that you will find in any headphones.

If you are looking for a set of headphones that you know will be quality, and also give you a comfortable feel that makes talking on the phone or listening to music and experience like no other, then this is a great choice for you.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Solid metal housing
  • Tangle-free cables
  • Take calls and control music with the RemoteTalk cable
  • What’s in the box: urBeats earphones with RemoteTalk cable, carrying case, four (4) pairs of eartip fitting

Verdict Reviews:

These are great. The color is beautiful and they come with different size ear buds and even a little pouch to carry them in. Love these!



# 9.

Skullcandy Method In-Ear Sweat Resistant Sports Earbud

Skullcandy Method 2017This is another low-cost choice, that comes with a lot of punch for your value. At about $23, the Skullcandy Method is a sweat resistant set of earbuds, that will be absolutely perfect to wear during your workout routine. The earpieces are specifically designed to seal in the sound, while also ensuring that sweat does not dislodge the earpieces from that seal within your ear. You’ll also love the fact that the jostling of working out does not shake this loose from your ears, giving you a secure feel that is still comfortable. In fact, many consumer reviews have found that their technology provides a 30 percent greater amount of security in relation to connection to the ear than other products.

The sound is outstanding, giving you a powerful base, while also making the vocals in videos and music that you listen to sound perfectly natural. Highs come across with great precision, in the mid ranges sound outstanding as well. For the price of these headphones, you clearly can’t get much better.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • Cut the cord. Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Hang tight. The unique flex Sport collar is comfortable and secure.
  • Stay put. The two Technologies behind dual lock keep buds securely in your ear.
  • Sweat strong. Sonically-welded construction makes these buds fully sweat resistant.
  • Take control. Integrated remote buttons put you in command of music and calls.

Verdict Reviews:

Good points:

Sound is pretty good for a Bluetooth headset. Bass heavy, but not too bad. The mic works a lot better than on some much more expensive Bluetooth headsets I’ve tried. The cables do not transmit thumping when you run, like some other headsets. The Bluetooth connection is strong and reliable. I can be working in a lab, leave my phone charging on a table somewhere, and walk around doing the work I need to while talking on the phone or listening to music. They isolate sound well. In a loud lab, I often just have it paused but the earbuds inserted, and they block a decent amount of noise.

Could be improved:

Why, why are the notifications so incredibly loud? If you put them in your ears and then turn them on, having forgot how loud that is, enjoy the BEEEEEEEP! POWER ON! CONNECTED! like there is a fire drill happening in your ears. What…who thought that was a good idea? It should have a magnet or something to clip the buds to each other or the neckband when not in use. Everyone else has figured this out by now. A couple small magnets would cost pennies.

Secret features:

I couldn’t find anything about how to use Siri in the instructions, but if you quickly double press the middle button, you get Siri.



# 10.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones priceThis set of headphones was specifically designed for use with the Apple operating system, but it still can be used in other devices. It has a three button, in-line remote, with integrated microphone that works seamlessly with the iOS devices, but can be used with android devices as well. In fact, the 1MORE has an android designed model that gives you all the functionality that you would have with the Apple devices.

These headphones are built with a stainless steel housing, that helps to deliver outstanding quality sound, that’s accurate and precise in the way that it comes across within your ears. The high-quality transducers provide a high level output, with a minimal amount of distortion at higher levels of volume.

The ear canal design gives you great quality and comfort, while greatly reducing be at noise as well. Multiple sized ear tips are included, to ensure you get a personalized fit when wearing this. It is a truly comfortable set of headphones that securely stay within your ears.

The headphones come with a two-year warranty, and the price is about $99. While being a bit more expensive than some of the other headphones we’ve looked at, the quality of this product is outstanding and the two-year warranty tells you that the manufacturer stands behind their design.

Read more reviews at Amazon
  • THREE DRIVERS- these headphones have two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. Together they deliver an extremely accurate listening experience with unsurpassed dynamic power and clarity from deep bass to sizzling highs.
  • TUNED BY A GRAMMY AWARD WINNING SOUND ENGINEER- 1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound.
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN- the oblique angled ear fittings naturally match your ear canals. 9 sets of included ear tip sizes ensure a proper fit for all. They’re more comfortable and less likely to fall out, freeing you to enjoy your music.
  • INTELLIGENT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY- in-line remote control is compatible with iphone, iPad and Android, allowing you to conveniently control volume, select songs, and take calls. Superior MEMS microphone has independently set ground wires to eliminate cross-talk and background static.
  • CONTENTS • Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones • 6 sets of silicone ear tips • 3 sets of foam ear tips • Magnetic clasping traveling case • Attractive storage case • Quality dual prong airline adapter • Matching shirt clip

Verdict Reviews:

LOVE. THESE. BUDS. Here’s the thing. You ever go on a wine tasting? I did it once. I was surrounded by people swishing it around in their mouths saying things like, “Ooooo this has earthy tones of soil and aged manure really hitting the back pallete” or “I feel like the fruitiness is overbearing and I prefer a more subtle chocolatey almond that was allowed to breathe over a bed of charcoal dust for at least 972 hours.” And I’m like, “It tastes good”. Or. “This tastes like the inside of the septic tank on Satan’s Winnebago.” I feel the same way about “audiophiles” that I do “wine tasters” when it comes to headphone reviews. I’ll probably even get crap for calling em “headphones”.
Someone’s going to tell you your ears aren’t “sophisticated” enough and that their ear canals were crafted from unicorn hair gently melted together with Ray Charles’ cremated ashes. But I’ll just tell you this: these are the best pair of $100 buds I’ve tried. Why? Because they sound awesome. Why else? Because I’ve tried other more “name brands” and spent twice this (or more) and the sound is equivalent, sometimes better. If Audiophile McEgotrip wants to tell you your opinion is invalid because you don’t possess his/her “trained ear”, might I suggest reaching into your pocket and pulling out a middle finger. “Quality” is defined by the ears that are listening, and if you love the quality, then there’s nothing more to say. Enjoy the music. Try these 1More Triple Driver buds. I’ll probably get a bunch of “not helpful” votes from all the Barry & Dick clones from the movie High Fidelity, and that’s fine.
But while they’re all standing in line waiting to ride the High Horse, I’m over here eating a Creamsicle on a hammock with Miles Davis penetrating my soul through a pair of incredibly high quality earbuds that I didn’t need to forego paying this month’s rent to acquire. In Music We Trust. Cheers, folks. 😉



Before anything else:

Things You May Want to Know Before Buying

Know Before Buying

You have been shown some recommendations on what would be best in-ear headphones 2017 has to offer. This should give you some good ideas, whether you want a wireless or corded in-ear headphone, but there are a few other things you want to know before making your purchase.

You were shown some key features to pay attention to, such as durability, quality of frequency and tinginess, but there are a few other things that you would want to know before making a purchase.

WarrantyWarranty – one of the things you should consider about virtually any product you buy is how the company stands behind their product. A warranty is a good indicator of how they think about their own quality. While some products are made to be short duration use, if you are spending over $100 on a set of headphones, then there better be a warranty that comes with that. Check to ensure that you’re getting such a warranty, which should be shown to you on the outside of the packaging.

Trial Run – a common mistake that many people make is that they purchase something based on brand name alone or on price. While these can be a good indicator of things at times, it really is a matter of hearing how good something sounds before making the decision. The problem is that you may not get the opportunity to test something in the store. This is why if you know someone that has a set of headphones, that you should asked to listen to theirs first. See if you like the quality of sound you are receiving and if not then you know it should be out.

Some stores will actually allow you to listen to headphones, so test this out before making a decision. Consider that you can always purchase something on Amazon, but it doesn’t hurt to go inside of the store and see if you can hear the quality before making your purchase.

Set PriceSet a Price – a big mistake that most people make is that they haven’t determined a price they are willing to pay before they decide to buy their headphones. Honestly, this is what the person at the store is hoping you do. They want to talk you into making a bigger purchase so they can make a greater commission. Have a maximum value set of what you’re willing to spend before making your purchase decision.

Differences in Each Products

You were shown five different wireless in-ear headphones and five that had a cord to them. While those are the primary differences between the two sets, within each of those sets of headphones there are other characteristics that made the product stand out. These are the kinds of factors you will want to consider when making your purchase.

Looking at some of the different corded ones, some of the differences include such things as the length of cord, the quality of the base, the quality of the mix, the number of tip pieces, and the manner in which the headphones secure to your ears. These are all prominent differences that you may find from one headset to the next.

With the exception of the length of the cord, these are factors to consider when deciding on using the Bluetooth in-ear headphones. However, there are other factors that you need to consider as well. This includes such things as duration of battery life, ease of recharging, remote buttons on the headset, design, and ability to connect with multiple devices.

These are all important factors that should play a role in helping you decide which headset works for you the best. What this tells you is that you should spend some time reviewing the packaging on headphones before deciding which one fits for you. You may even need to spend some time looking online to see how people have reviewed the product in regards to these kinds of issues.

You may not find exactly what you are looking for in terms of meeting all of your criteria, but knowing the differences will help you to more fully narrow down what you desire to make your experience with your device or devices much better.

Difference between products

 If we missed something, please do not hesitate to comment below and let us know!

Best In-Ear Headphones: A Buyer's Guide for 2018
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Finding the best In-Ear Headphones is hard. But we came up a list of 10 to determine which one competes to be the best In-Ear Headphones this year 2018.



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