8 Reasons Why In-Ear Headphones Are a Must for Hip Hop Dancers

Sometimes, using the best in-ear headphones for hip hop dancers is a must.

Of course, you can just tune up your music player on and dance; however, you must prepare your ears for the bad-mouthing of your angry neighbors.

There are times that you cannot blame them because you have to respect that they need some quiet time too.

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The Benefits of Using In-Ear Headphones for Hip Hop Dancers

1. It Is Affordable

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The in-ear is the most common of all the types of headphones; therefore, its price is cheaper among any other types. Despite its price, some in-ear headphones offer various kinds of features like wireless and sound isolation.

There are expensive in-ear headphones too, but these headphones provide a lot of features to enhance the user experience. Still, headphones of this type are cheaper compared to other types with the same features.

If you need an emergency headphone that is available even below $10, the in-ear headphone is probably the best option for you.

2. Its Sound Gets You Into the Groove.

The sound produced by the different types of headphones are different from each other.

The features, brand, and the quality of the headphone can also affect this difference, but generally, the in-ear headphone’s sound may be different from the on-ear, or full-sized.

Because you will need to plug it into your ears, you can easily get the feel of the music, which may even sound better, if you choose an in-ear phone with good sound quality.   

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3. It Offers Wide Array of Features.

Even though in-ear headphones are common, some of its types can provide a wide array of features. Nowadays, you can buy in-ear headphones powered by Bluetooth. You can also find in-ear headphones with noise cancelling or sound isolation feature making it a great option for dancers.

Young woman listening music4. It Enables You to Dance Secretly.

If you do not want to bother your neighbors and friends with your dancing, and if you want to practice your routine secretly, the in-ear headphone is probably your best option. You can just keep it in your pocket and plug it in your ears if you want to practice in a quiet, empty room.

5. It Is Highly Portable.

Its small size makes it highly portable. Because of its size, you can carry it everywhere you like.

It is even better if you can buy the wireless ones because you can easily slip them into your pocket. It is the preferred type of headphone of those people who wear eyeglasses and have problems with the head size.

These people cannot wear full-sized headphones because of their size.  

Unlike in full-sized headphones, you can freely move your body because of the small size of the in-ear headphone. With a full-sized headphone, you will have to adjust your head to the weight of the headphone. For this reason, you cannot perform your full potential as a dancer.

Large headphones like the over-ear occupy a large space in your bag. You can probably use the on-ear headphone because it is less bulky than the over-ear. However, it still depends on the type of the on-ear headphone.

When it comes to portability and size, the in-ear headphone is still the smallest.

6. It Has a Great Noise Isolation Feature.

As a dancer, I do not want to hear noise around me other than my music. I want my earphone to isolate me from the world outside so that I can focus better on my next moves. Among the other types of headphones, the in-ear headphone probably has the best passive noise isolation feature.

It is because you need to plug this headphone in your ears for the purpose of sealing and blocking the high-frequency noise. It has a surface Hip Hop dancer on a street in the nightarea that can prevent the ambient noise from coming inside your ear.

7. It Is Great for Preventing the Sound to Escape From the Earbuds.

Probably the primary reason why you are using a headphone is that you do not want to bother the people around you. In my experience, the in-ear headphone is the best for containing the sound inside your ear, which is probably the reason why it provides a good sound quality.

8. It Does Not Absorb Much Sweat

Because it is in-ear, it does not absorb a lot of sweat like the over-ear. With the full-sized headphone, it can heat up your ears and irritate them.

We sweat a lot as dancers. Therefore, we are the ones who are more prone to irritation if we cover our ears with a full-sized headphone. That is why the in-ear headphone for me is the best option.

Considerations for Making Your In-Ear Headphones Last

1. Choose wireless

Obviously, the best in-ear headphones for hip-hop are the ones that will not tangle your arms and body with the cord as you do your moves. As a dancer, we have dance steps that require big and strong movement. The cords will only get in the way.

Moreover, you might break your headphone because you might accidentally pull the wire as you make your hip-hop dance moves.

You do not have to worry about finding a wireless in-ear headphone because it is common nowadays. Some of them are Bluetooth powered; therefore, it is wireless, and you can play, skip, or pause music right through the controls of your headphones.

Aside from that, you can also answer your incoming calls through the in-ear headphones, making it a versatile tool for you. You can play your music right through your headphones and boast about your moves to your friends at the same time.

The only downside of the Bluetooth-powered headphone is that you need to charge it from time to time. However, it is just a small price to pay than to buy a new wired in-ear headphone that you might also break again in the future.

2. Clean It

It is best to choose an in-ear headphone designed for fitness and workout. The quality ensures that your headphone will last for a long time. Dirt build-up due to sweat may cause ear and skin trouble for the dancers.

Also, the headphones designed for dancers ensure that the earpiece will not slip away because of the sweat as you dance.

Therefore, you have to make sure that your headphone has removable cushions or pads to enable you to replace or clean them.

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Considerations for Buying an In-Ear Headphone

1. Check for the Sound Quality

Producing sound is the main function of a headphone. That is why you must not overlook the quality of sound that it produces. Also, you want to get the most out of your purchase.

There are some headphones that have a nifty design on the outside, but totally a trash on sound production. Therefore, it is important that you should do your homework on knowing if the in-ear headphone that you are eyeing for produces high-quality sound.

What you can do is put on a sound speaker test on your phone before your trip to the store. This sound test will play a particular sound that describes how a particular music should sound like. A headphone with a good sound quality should match the sound test description.

It is better if you can play old classical music because its different instruments are clear which will allow you to see the different headphone’s range.

You may also test it with your favorite song. Because it is your favorite song, you know how it should sound like in a headphone. 

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2. Durability

As a dancer, you will stash your headphone in your gym bag. You will also sweat on it. For these reasons, it is just proper to choose a headphone that will survive all the harsh things that might happen while it’s with you.

While at the store, it is best to inspect the headphone from scratches or any flaw to ensure that it will last for a long time. As much as possible, you should buy a headphone that comes with a warranty. Remember that it is more expensive to buy several cheap headphones that will not last a week than to buy one costly but high-quality headphone that will last for years.

3. Brand

If you can afford it, buy the one that has a known brand. Popular brands are careful because they have a reputation to protect. Buying a branded headphone ensures that your headset is of high-quality.

It does not mean that all unbranded ones are inferior. If you opt to buy the unbranded ones or the ones with a less popular brand, you will have to take a closer look.


For me, the only downside of the in-ear headphone is that it might feel uncomfortable especially for the new user. On the other hand, when it comes to portability, noise isolation, and other primary features, I personally like the in-ear headphone.

Moreover, even though it is full of good features, its size is still small, which is enough for me to carry it around whenever I need to. I can practice my moves whenever and wherever I want to. I just have to slip my earphone in my pocket and go into an empty room to dance secretly.

For these reasons, for me, the in-ear is one of the best headphones for hip hop.



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