5 Best Gaming Earbuds Of 2020 – Increase Your Gaming Performance

Earbuds or Earphones are now becoming popular among video game players/gamer. They provide better sound quality that helps them enhance their gaming performance. If you are looking for the best gaming earbuds, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you excited about your best earbuds for gaming? Here is our Top 3 Choice:

Best Gaming Earphones

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5 Of the Best Gaming Earbuds For 2020 – Our Top Recommendation That You Must Not Miss As A Gamer

We have compiled the best gaming earbuds that work really well for any gaming events, types. I am a Gamer my self so I have tested and researched to recommend to you what fits your needs in the world of gaming.

Our Other Recommended Gaming Earbuds

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Best Gaming Earbuds and Music Are Better than Speakers, Here’s Why

Mature man in cap playing samurai fighting with gamepad in real life

Speakers can work if you are playing games, but they do not improve your gaming performance because the quality of sound differs. If you have speakers, you can hear all sorts of sounds. You cannot focus because of the background noise.

On the other hand, The best gaming earbuds allow you to focus on the essential game sounds. Moreover, they provide the accurate sound as well as its location. For instance, footstep sound is substantial in some games. If you do not hear it, you tend to lose in the game because you do not know the location of your enemy.

The best gaming earbuds offer excellent sound quality. They provide you with a detailed, clear game sound. For instance, you will hear detailed sounds clearly through earphones. Thus, you gain an advantage over your enemy. You will notice where and when the enemy is coming from.

Also, you will be able to distinguish the type of weapons your enemy is using; if the sniper is zooming in or out; if the enemy is reloading; if the counter-terrorist team is diffusing; or if the terrorist group is planting. Your earbuds can provide you with all these sounds.

The earbuds may be costlier than speakers. However, they provide superior sound quality. If you want a high-quality pair of earphones, you must prepare to pay more. Of course, you do not need to spend a fortune on earbuds. You need to do your research to find the best that your money can buy.

You can spend less than $100 on a pair of earphones. It can provide excellent sound quality that can boost your gaming performance. However, if you are a gaming enthusiast, you spend more money on your earbuds.

Male player focus on play gamesIf you are into multiplayer games, you need earbuds with a microphone to communicate with your teammates. Communication is significant if you want your team to win. You can let your gaming budding know about the location of your enemies. Talking to your group can offer a huge difference.

Moreover, you can limit distractions and disturbances if you use the best gaming earbuds while playing. Your roommate or family will not hear the sound of your game. You respect the privacy of other people in the room by not bothering them with the sound produced by your game. You can play even at night when everyone is asleep because you do not bother anyone with your gaming.

Most gaming earbuds block background noise. So, there are no distractions when you play. You cannot hear everyone when you play. Gaming earphones improve your gaming performance. They enrich your verbal and auditory senses so that you can react on time. Your teammate can warn you if an enemy is approaching. You can hear the footsteps of your enemy even before you see him. You can react to circumstances faster because you can prepare mentally for the encounter.

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Top Gaming Earbuds, Know Why People Choose Earbuds Over Headphones/Headsets.

Rear view of man and woman playing samurai fighting in real life with gamepads on blackMore gamers opt to buy earbuds because they are more portable and smaller than the headsets and headphones. They prefer earbuds because they are lightweight and do not cause their ears to sweat or become hot especially if they are playing for hours.

Moreover, you can put your earbuds in your pocket or a small case for easy transport. The case does not occupy a lot of space in your bag or luggage. Headsets and headphones, on the other hand, need a sturdy case so that they won’t be damaged while traveling. They need more space in the luggage or bag.

However, not all earbuds are created equal. As such, you must read product reviews or try them for yourself before you buy one. You may think that there are only a few differences between the best gaming earbuds. You need to consider many things if you want to buy a high-quality pair of earphones for gaming.

Best Gaming Earphones: Wired VS Wireless For Gaming

Grand View Research predicted that the market for global earbuds and headphones could reach US$15.05B by 2025. As such, we can expect a deluge of state-of-the-art headphones to be available. The choice between wired and wireless depends on your lifestyle.

Best Gaming Earbuds – Audio Quality

Compared with wired earbuds, their wireless counterparts have poor sound quality. It can also depend on the price. If you use wireless earbuds, you can experience interference depending on your distance from the source and your environment. The match between the device and the wireless earphones can degrade the quality of the sound. The solution to this is to ensure that you keep a short distance between you and your audio source.

On the other hand, wired earbuds do not have interference problems because they connect to the sound source through a jack.

  • Top best earbuds for gaming – Battery Life “What Makes it Valuable”: The life of your wireless headphones depends on its battery life. However, wired earbuds do not have batteries.
  • Gaming Earphones – Portability “Flexibility is Key”: Both wired and wireless earbuds are portable. But, people choose one over the other because of design.
  • Compatibility – The Advance Gamer Should Take This Seriously: Both earphones are compatible with various devices. But, you must always check the specs before buying. Often, a wired earphone needs a 3.5mm jack. On the other hand, wireless headphone needs Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Price – The Best Gaming Earphones Can Be Expensive But Worth It For Gamers: Often, wireless earbuds command a high price. But, some manufacturers now offer inexpensive wireless headsets.
  • Proximity to the Audio Source – A Top Earbuds Quality Check: For wired earphones, you need to be just a few feet away from your audio source. Usually, the manufacturer will include a cable that can range up to 6 feet in length. For wireless earphones, the range can be at least 30 feet. But, the distance can increase interference. As such, you may need to check the wireless earbuds before making a purchase.

For gamers, wireless earbuds may be preferable, especially if they want to be part of the video game. They do not need to be close to the monitor to listen to their games. Moreover, they do not have problems with cables getting in the way.

In a hurry? Here is one of our choice on:

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headphones/Headset with Mic...
  • 12 millimeter dome type driver units deliver powerful deep bass. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Integrated microphone and smartphone playback control
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds for secure, comfortable fit
  • High-energy neodymium magnets for powerful sound
  • Tangle-free, Y-type flat cord with slider

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Best Gaming Earbuds? What Makes it Great

Boy With A Joystick Playing Videogames

  • Frequency Response – Games For a Top Gaming Caliber, Should Sound Smooth And Crystal Clear

Many cheap earbuds have their frequency response listed on the package. Frequency response is the range by which the best gaming earbuds can reproduce sounds accurately without the distortions. A standard FR can be anywhere between 20Hz- 20kHz.

What does 20Hz – 20kHz mean? The first number is the bass end while the last numeral is the treble. This range is the standard used by most earbuds. A bass of less than 20Hz is better felt than heard while a treble frequency higher than 20,000Hz is not audible. If you see a +/- sign, it is a deviation. A lower difference is always better than the bigger.

However, a wide range of frequency response does not mean that it is better than its competitors. Other significant factors in the choice of earbuds can include impedance, sound profile, and drivers. As such, you need to try out the earbuds before you purchase them.

  • Sound Profile – Gaming Earphones Should have Advance Features like Profile for Customized Preferences.

A sound profile is a way the earbuds reproduce audio. For instance, earbuds with a significant driver that emphasize lower frequencies have a bass-heavy sound profile. If you need earbuds for gaming, I suggest that you get something with a balanced description. This profile has a strong bass and treble with solid mids. It does not drown out any sound.

But, you can only learn about the best gaming earbuds sound profile if you try them out. You can also search for videos of earbuds, ask around, or go to a store and try them. It may be time-consuming, but you need to ensure that the earbuds are worth it.

  • Sound Quality – Buying The Top Gaming Earbuds Should Take This Features Seriously

If you join competitions or play casually at home, you will notice an improvement in your game if you can hear all the sounds. Gaming earbuds can provide excellent sound quality with directional audio.

If you have the money, you can opt to have surround sound that provides the depth of field. However, you need to check the size of the speakers because it can affect the quality of sound. If you do not need surround sound, you can opt for a standard pair of the best gaming earbuds.

  • Noise Isolation and Noise Cancellation Is Important in Gaming

Noise isolation earbuds do not let your audio leak out or outside noise to get into your ears. They seal your ear. On the other hand, noise-canceling earbuds have a microphone that listens to ambient noise. Then, the earbuds create a different sound to cancel outside noise. This kind of earbuds is more expensive than the other types because it requires software and technology.

Earbuds must seal the ears correctly. Most manufacturers include different sizes of ear tips so that you can choose the size that is right for you. These ear tips must block background noise from getting into your ears and Why Earbuds are also a great choice for gamingaffecting your game performance. Ambient noise can distract you from your gaming.

Although passive and active noise cancelation earbuds abound in the market, you must be wary when you buy them. You may be spending money on something that does not effectively reduce noise. It is crucial that the ear tips fit your ear canal to a T.

  • Drivers For Gaming

Drivers are a significant consideration in buying the best gaming earbuds. You can determine the quality of the sound through the driver-related information. Drivers are magnets and coils that create the sound. As such, if you buy earbuds with a powerful driver, you also get a high-frequency response.

You can search for earbuds with at least a 9mm driver. If you opt for a full sound, you must choose a more significant driver than the standard size. However, a 9mm driver is sufficient to provide a reasonable gaming experience. In general, if your earbuds have a considerable driver, you also gain an excellent listening experience.

Some headphones have multiple drivers to produce excellent sound. If there is only one driver, it will be over-stressed because it has to perform different functions at various frequencies. However, since earbuds are smaller than headphones, you cannot expect a large driver with it.

  • Impedance – A Gamer’s Great Feature to Have in a Bluetooth Ear Buds for Gaming

The best gaming earbuds use electricity. Over time, they can wear out if you do not get a robust pair. Power causes vibrational frequency that emits sound. This sound produces the hiss; so, you need impedance to counter it. In general, high impedance, expressed in ohms, creates a clear sound.

Low impedance earbuds that are less than 25 ohms use little electricity to produce high levels of audio. They work well with devices with weak amplification like smartphones, portable music players, and other mobile devices. High impedance earbuds that are more than 25 ohms use more electricity to produce high audio levels. Thus, overloading cannot damage them.

Low impedance earbuds can experience “blowouts” if you use powerful amplifiers. For instance, you connect cheap earbuds with 18 ohms’ impedance to an amplifier or mixer. If you turn the volume to maximum, you will damage the earbuds. But, your choice of high impedance earbuds must also depend on your type of equipment.

  • Sensitivity For Games

You measure sensitivity through sound pressure levels (dB SPL) and decibels. 0db is the lowest audible sound. You would not want sensitivity to go higher than 85db because frequent exposure to this level will cause hearing loss. Therefore, when you buy the best gaming earbuds, you must choose something that does not get obnoxiously loud. Your audio is too loud if someone needs to shout for you to hear him. Remember, you need to retain your hearing ability up to old age.

  • Earbuds Sound Stage and Image

These features allow the earbuds to create the right image and sonic stage in your mind. An excellent soundstage and image will seem like you are in a live performance. The sound’s elements are distinct. You feel like you hear it from a virtual stage.

Computer Gaming at internet cafeImaging causes the separation of sonic elements so that sound is true-to-life and realistic. You can judge the best gaming earbuds by keeping your ears open for clarity and separation. You will not find these features on the package, but you will frequently read them in reviews.

  • Gaming Earbuds Adapter and Microphone

The adapter can split a cable into two: one for the earbuds and another for the microphone. You may need this adapter because most computers cannot take both inputs from just one input. It is better to have an adapter included in the package so that you do not need to buy it.

If you are a heavy gamer and have a team, you need a headset with a microphone so that you can communicate with your teammates. Some manufacturers offer a separate receiver for gaming. However, it is convenient if there is a built-in microphone with your earbuds.

  • Games OS Compatibility

Not all of the best gaming earbuds support all platforms. As such, you need to check the specs before deciding what to buy. You can read some gaming forums to know if some gamers have problems using their earbuds with PC, Xbox, PS4, and other platforms.

Some manufacturers do not include compatibility issues. Thus, you need to do your work by checking reviews and forums to see if some gamers have problems using the earbuds you intend to buy. If the compatibility issue pops up often, then more often than not, it is reliable info.

  • Earphones Weight

If you are a heavy gamer, you need to consider the heaviness of your earbuds because you will be using it for hours. Your comfort is of utmost significance. A light earphone ensures that you do not experience an earache, headache, or neck strain.

  • Earbuds Connection Type

Gaming earbuds can connect through a jack or USB. If you have a low-end sound card in your computer, you will have trouble in achieving high-quality sound for high-end games. On the other hand, USB earbuds offer a balanced sound quality similar to a 7.1 surround sound without a need to buy a costly sound card.

  • Earphones Microphone

Multi-player games need you to talk with your group mates. Thus, you need earbuds with a receiver. Some manufacturers may provide a separate microphone, but it is most convenient if you have a built-in mic with your earphone.

Addicted to gamingYou can search for a mic that slides up and down, so that if you pull it down if you need to communicate with your team. Then, you can slide it up to get it out of the way. You may also opt for remote buttons on the earbuds’ cable to turn on and off the mic, or control the volume.

If you need a microphone with the best gaming earbuds, you must ensure that it is unidirectional. A unidirectional microphone rejects off-axis sounds thereby producing clear audio. In case you find a boom microphone obtrusive, you can opt to buy a lavalier or clip-on mic that rests on your shirt unobtrusively and silently.

  • Ear buds Comfort

If you play for long periods, you need to ensure that your earbuds are comfortable to wear. If it is impossible to try on the earbuds for about 20 minutes before you buy them, you can read the online reviews about the product you intend to use.

  • Build Quality For Gaming

You need to check two significant features of the earbuds you want to buy: durability and weight. Cheaper models may be more durable than their expensive counterparts. In general, you need to look for quality materials. Metal like aluminum alloy and sturdy industrial plastic ensure durability even if you use the earbuds for long periods or accidentally drop them on the ground.

If You don’t want to read the whole article here is our top choice on: 

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  • Connection Quality

Wired earbuds are better than wireless if you are after sound quality. Wireless earbuds need to compress audio to ensure continuous reproduction. As such, the quality of audio suffers. Wireless earphones need to compress audio because Bluetooth cannot transfer many data flawlessly.

Although the difference in quality is not that much, you will still notice it. If you buy the wired earbuds, you must check for sturdy jacks and robust, thick, and tangle-free cables. There is not much difference between silver-plated and gold-plated jacks regarding sound quality. But, gold-plated jacks are more corrosion resistant than the silver-plated ones.

Best Gaming Earphones, Should a Surround Sound Be Important For Games?

Choosing the right earbuds for gaming

Gaming earbuds are for playing video games on portable devices, consoles, and computers. They enhance your audio experience while playing the game. Some earbuds offer a virtual surround experience, while the other earbuds offer a real 7.1 channel surround experience. You can identify the audio’s direction through surround sound.

For instance, if you are playing a first-person shooter, an excellent pair of earbuds will help you identify where the enemy is. The best gaming earbuds can enhance sound effects and dialogue. If the earbuds have a microphone, you can chat with your co-players. The best gaming earbuds are not for music listening because they have a specific use.

Top Gaming Earbuds With Mic – A 5 Product Review

1. Sony MDR-XB50AP (Best With Microphone)

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headphones/Headset with Mic...
  • 12 millimeter dome type driver units deliver powerful deep bass. Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Integrated microphone and smartphone playback control
  • Hybrid silicone earbuds for secure, comfortable fit
  • High-energy neodymium magnets for powerful sound
  • Tangle-free, Y-type flat cord with slider

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The Sony MDR-XB50AP is among the best gaming earbuds with average mixed usage that emphasize on bass. It is stable and portable and can block noise. Thus, it is an excellent choice for gaming.


Simple and Portable Design – Its overall design is simple and highly portable. This pair of earbuds is stylish and unique. The rubble cable provides the premium appeal.

Breathable and Does Not Trap Heat – The angled earbuds do not get inside into the ear canal deeply. What I like about these earbuds is that it is incredibly breathable. Yes, they can trap heat, but my ears do not sweat because they do not cover my outer ear. Therefore, even during intense games, my ears do not feel hot.

Above-average Build Quality – The build quality of this Sony earbuds is above average. The rubber audio cables are decent, and the earbuds are dense; so, they don’t break when accidentally dropped.

Decent Bass and Excellent Low Frequency – I find this pair of earbuds perfect for my gaming activities because it provides the thump and rumble I need for action-packed video games. The overemphasized bass, as well as the over-the-neutral mid-bass, offers an extended, deep bass.

Above-average Imaging Performance – The earphones ensure a transparent treble and tight bass reproduction. The drivers match the phase and frequency response. • Decent Noise Isolation I discovered that this pair of earbuds has proper noise isolation and the sound barely leak. It offers a decent seal within the ears; so, it is suitable for gaming if you want moderate to high volumes. Although it does not have noise cancellation features, I drown out most ambient noises by playing at high volumes.

Quite Stable – The fit is typical, and the earbuds are lightweight. Under unexpected circumstances, they will not fall out easily. But, since they do not get into the ear canal deeply, they easily slip out of my ears if the cable gets entangled on something or is tugged.

Average Microphone – This pair of earbuds works well in quiet environments because the transmission of speech through the in-line microphone sounds thin, and lacks presence and detail. But, speech is still understandable. Under noisy environments, the receiver cannot separate background noise and speech.


Underemphasize Low Treble – I noticed that the underemphasized low treble affects the presence and detail of vocals negatively. The mid-treble is balanced and consistent, but it can sound sibilant if you have overly sensitive ears.

Cable Not Replaceable – The package does not come with extra cables. Sony used cheap plastic materials and thin rubber.

Poor Soundstage – It is not the fault of the earbuds because the creation of the soundstage requires the activation of the resonances of the outer ear. The design of the earbuds bypasses the outer ear. Also, the closed-back enclosure does not produce an open soundstage.

No Bluetooth Connection – The wired earphone has no active components, so it does not need a battery. Also, no app support is available. But, it is compatible with PCs and game consoles. I use it with my Xbox and PS4. It has negligible latency, so it is suitable for gaming.

2. Audiophile Elite In-ear Earbuds (Also Great For Music)

Earbuds in-Ear Headphones/Earphones : Noise Isolating with...
  • ENJOY BETTER SOUND: Audiophile earbuds deliver your music with the highest quality. You know you're getting...
  • BETTER COMPONENTS: this trademarked earphone bliss comes from dynamic Dual Drivers, (normally these are found...
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR LISTENING DEVICE: fine-tuned 16 Ohm impedance gives you the most powerful sound from every...
  • A MORE DETAILED EXPERIENCE: premium frequency range from 5 Hz to 31, 000 Hz: going above and beyond the total...

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The Audiophile Elite In-ear Earbuds (Best Gaming Earbuds) have dynamic dual drivers that offer a detailed and compelling listening experience. It has an expansive 5Hz – 31,000Hz frequency range with an output of a maximum of 118db. I like its deepest bass and brightest treble. At 16-ohm impedance, it can transform gaming sounds into an ultimate listening experience.



Excellent Noise Isolation – This set of earphones seals in the gaming sounds and blocks any background noise. I can concentrate on my game because I do not hear any other noise except the game sounds.

Sleek Design and Solid Build Quality – Whenever I use it in my gaming activities, I do not experience any ear fatigue because it is comfortable to use and lightweight. It also features excellent build quality. The cord is thick; thus, it feels durable and stable.

Wide Frequency Range – Because of the full frequency range, I can experience phenomenal bass, solid mids, and precise highs. However, since I use these earbuds for gaming, I like its tight bass. I cannot sense any distortion even at high volumes.

More Silicone Tips – We have different ear shapes and sizes. Thus, I like this set of earphones provides three sets of silicone tips. I get to choose the tips that fit my ears to a T. Warm Sound Signature These earphones lean towards the bass; so, vocals and bass are prominent.

They subdue and quiet the high sounds, although you can still hear them. They offer the thump and rumble that I want for the best gaming earbuds.


Poor Quality Cable – From my experience, the cable is prone to tangling most of the time.

No In-line Microphone – If you are a gaming group player, you may not like these earbuds because you cannot communicate with your teammates.

3. Plextone G30 PC Gaming Headset (Popular for Xbox One)

No products found.

The Plextone G30 PC Gaming Headset is an in-ear headphone with a removable microphone. I use the omnidirectional flexible mic for chatting with my teammates whenever I play games. It also has the “HiFi”-grade audio and Razer-inspired design.

  • Different Sizes of Eartips and Earhooks

The package comes with four different sizes of ear tips and three sizes of ear hooks. Thus, I can choose the tips and hooks that fit the size of my ears.

  • Decent Overall Build

The parts are mostly plastic. The cables are of flat, thick, and flexible. The microphone and the 3.5mm jack is gold-plated. The jack, control keys, and earbuds also have enough flex. Moreover, the mic’s memory wire is sturdy.

  • Excellent Noise Isolation

I discovered that it could block ambient noise. So, I was able to concentrate on my game.

  • Replaceable Microphone

The quality of the mic is clear and decent. But, it has a dark signature. Thus, in case you plan to record voice, you cannot expect an extra crispy voice quality. I also found out that I could upgrade the microphone. I’ll do so when I get the chance.

  • Remote Control

The earbuds also come with remote control. I can turn on/off the microphone, slide the volume up/down, and answer calls if I connect it to my smartphone.

  • Warm Sound Signature

These earphones provide a powerful bass sound signature. The bass is huge. If you are a bass lover, you will appreciate its deep, punchy bass.

  • Decent Separation and Soundstage

I find the soundstage excellent because I am still aware of my surroundings even if I play games. Its outstanding audio performance is excellent on various games.

  • Compatible With Different Platforms

This set of earbuds is compatible with Tablet, Mobile, and PC devices. It is also perfect for the New Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, if you have the old Xbox One controller, you need to purchase a Microsoft Adapter before you can use it.

  • Earpiece is huge

For an average in-ear headphone, I find this model too bulky for my taste.

  • Mediocre Quality Ear Tips

I felt discomfort after using it for a few hours because my ears got itchy due to the ear tips.

  • Muddy Mids and Unclear Treble

Due to the overwhelming bass response, the mids and highs are not clear.

  • Needs HiFi DACs for Smartphones

When I use it on my smartphone, I discovered that it has a problematic drive because my phone has no HiFi DACs. However, for my PC, the volume can get too loud. Thus, if you do not want any hearing damage, do not set the volume to the highest.

4. Vogek Stereo Gaming Earbuds (Best for PS4)

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Vogek Stereo Gaming Earbuds are perfect for PS4, Xbox One, Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, or any device that uses a 3.5mm jack. They are inexpensive, yet provide an excellent gaming performance.

  • Dual Microphones

The dual mics ensure that your gaming teammates can hear you loud and clear all the time. Also, the microphone is detachable.

  • Excellent Noise Isolation

The innovative earbuds can isolate background noise so you can enjoy and focus on your game.

  • Snug Fit

The memory foam earbuds with their ergonomic shape provide a snug fit for all users. I got three pairs of ear tips and two pairs of ear hooks with the package.

  • Anti-Drop Design

The earbuds are robust enough not to break, in case you drop it accidentally.

  • Simple, yet Complete Control Panel

The one-button feature is responsible for playing a song, answering a call, skipping a song, and playback.

  • Cannot Adjust the Volume of the Microphone

The quality of the microphone is cheap. I often detach the mic if I want to mute it because I find it irritating sometimes.

5. Shure SE215-CL (Best For PC/Laptop)

Shure SE215-CL Professional Sound Isolating Earphones with...
  • “-CL” designates the product’s color variation (clear).
  • Evolved from personal monitor technology that's been road-tested by pro musicians, the SE215 offers detailed...
  • Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents...
  • Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.
  • Durable reinforced cable allows easy replacement or customization. Formable wire ensures secure placement, and...
  • Fit Kit includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with the size and style...
  • A soft-zip, compact carrying case is included to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to store and...
  • Wireless SE215 earphones (with a Bluetooth communication cable) are also available. Sold separately in 4...

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The Shure SE215-CL is an excellent choice for gamers who want to get their money’s worth. The in-ear monitor is an enjoyable pair of earbuds that is professional-looking and high performance.

  • Six Sets of Eartips

Shure ensures a snug fit by providing three sizes of sound-isolating ear tips. You also get to choose if you want silicone or foam tips. I emphasize the selection of ear tips because it can determine comfort, audio quality, and noise isolation. I prefer the medium-sized foam tips because they provide excellent bass impact, sound quality, and isolation for me.

The foam tips have a look and feel of the usual earplugs. They can block the ambient noise of 37db. I prefer these tips over the silicone ones because I don’t feel comfortable using them. But, you can also try them as each person has different preferences.

  • Excellent Noise Isolation

These earbuds ensure that no background noise can distract me whenever I play. I do not hear any ambient noise whenever I use it. Also, no sound leaks out. As such, nobody can complain that I play with the volume too loud.

  • Comfortable Fit

This pair of earphones is lightweight, and its nozzle is low profile. It fits the shape and size of my ears perfectly. I find it comfortable to wear for long hours as I play.

  • Over-the-ear Cable Routing

This strategy keeps the cable away from my chin and place. I can also bend and twist the flexible wire on the cable part that wraps over my ear. This way, I can get a custom fit and increased stability.

  • Warm and Dark Sound Signature

This earphone has the traditional Shure sound signature.  The highs roll off excellently before becoming harsh or sibilant. In non-technical language, I find it easy to listen to audio using this pair.

  • Smooth and Full-Bodied Mids

Shure headsets shine with the mids. I see that it has enough air and texture as I immerse in the game sounds.

  • Heavy Bass

The earbuds offer a weighty bass with a full-bodied performance. But, the sub-bass can be a little sloppy sometimes. Also, this earphone comes to life with a dedicated amp if you want it to take you to a higher level.

  • Dark and Relaxed Treble

In general, this earphone balances the dark and the bright. It does not have the peaky, edgy treble most gamers abhor. If there is not enough sparkle in the treble, the soundstage takes it from there to offer an enjoyable gaming performance.

  • Big Soundstage

The big soundstage provides an airy and open quality.

  • No microphone

It will have been great if this model comes with a receiver. I would love to use it whenever I play with my team.

Conclusion! So, Have You Found The Best Gaming Earbuds?

the best gaming earbuds are so amazing that kids love it so muchWhether you are a casual or heavy gamer, you need earbuds to improve your gaming performance. Although you may have speakers that you use in your game, they have many disadvantages that hamper your performance. As such, even though speakers are cheap, you need to invest in high-quality earbuds.

Headsets and headphones share the same advantages as earbuds. However, a common complaint of gamers is that the former is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. If you are traveling to a gaming competition, headphones and headsets need a hard case to avoid damage during transport.

However, for the best gaming earbuds, you can even put them in your pocket. If you have a sturdy case for it, you can put it inside your bag. It will not occupy much space.

Concerning choosing between wireless and wired earbuds, the choice can boil down on your lifestyle. If you are after sound quality, then the wired pair of the earphone is a clear winner. However, if you are after flexibility, you can try the wireless pair.

If you think that it is easy to choose a pair of the best gaming earbuds, you need to think again. I included a list of paramount consideration in buying a pair. You need to consider frequency response, sound profile, sound quality, noise isolation and noise cancellation, drivers, impedance, and sensitivity. More

over, soundstage and image, microphone and adapter, OS compatibility, weight, connection type, comfort, build quality, and connection quality are significant as well.

Surround sound is a significant consideration when you want earbuds to improve your gaming performance. You may opt for virtual surround sound or true 7.1 channel surround experience.

Finally, I included five product reviews that can help you decide if you want to buy a pair of best gaming earbuds. Remember, these best gaming earbuds have a specific use. They are not for music listening.

Are you now ready to put the performance and be in the zone? Here is some other recommendations:

Best Gaming Earbuds



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