5 of The Best Earbuds With Microphone (A 2020 Reviewed)

Businessman in headphones talking to a microphoneFor every individual who owns a cell phone, a tablet, laptop, computer system, or any electronic device, earbuds with a microphone have become a necessary accessory.

Without it, the virtual world would be a little off, and that would affect every user experience. As an accessory, having earbuds with microphone is not all about function. It has also become a way to express your personality and style.

A pair of earbuds for your devices, like other products, comes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and design.

But, the majority of headphones being used nowadays are those that can be easily packed in your pocket, making it available anytime and anywhere.

That is what makes earbuds accessible and portable especially for use when listening to music on your mobile phone.

When you look for earbuds with microphone, there will be a wide variety of products for you to choose from which makes the job tough most of the time. There are various earbud designs available.

Each of them might look different than the other, but the physical qualities might not be the only difference it has. Each earbud might pack excellent features and technicalities while others might just be subpar.

Buying earbuds with microphone is an investment especially if you want to improve your user experience when using your devices.

That is why when choosing the best earbuds, some things should be considered.

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3 Things to Know Before Buying Earbuds

Headphones are great. However, they aren’t that portable especially if you need an accessory for outdoor use. That is why a lot of people choose to have earbuds with microphone or in-ear monitors for convenience.

Enjoying the musicWhen purchasing a set of earbuds, there are three things that you have to know first. This buying guide will help you look for the best earbuds with mic that is ideal for your needs.

1. How to Get the Earbud Specifications Right

When choosing over-ear headphones or earbuds with microphone, it shouldn’t be all about the style.

There are more things to consider such as the technical things and features you can mostly find on the packaging of the product. If you can read the tech specs of a particular earbud for your device right, then you will be able to identify if it’s the right one for you.

Among the technical specifications, you have to consider when choosing earbuds with microphone include frequency response, sensitivity, and the types of magnet employed. The frequency device of your accessory will give you the idea on the sonic reach of your earbuds.

But, it is still advisable to audition and try your earbuds with microphone personally before purchasing one.

Having an earbud driver with high sensitivity will be able to provide excellent sound pressure, making your device a whole lot easier to amplify.

When it comes to magnet types, neodymium ones are considered excellent when it comes to providing a better bass compared to magnets made from ferrite.

2. How to Choose the Right Type of Driver

When it comes to drivers, there is not a lot for you to choose from when looking for the ideal earbuds with microphone. There are only two primary types of drivers for earbuds and a pair of headphones, the balanced armature, and dynamic armature.

The most common drivers used are the dynamic ones since they are also the cheapest when it comes to manufacturing.

Dynamic drivers are considered as the miniature version of the regular loudspeakers you can find. It features a moving voice coil and a magnet in order to oscillate the diaphragm and produce a sound.

The balanced armature, on the other hand, has its voice coil stationary but still features the same setup as the dynamic armature drivers. It has a suspended and frictionless armature placed in between magnets on opposite side of each other which works together with the voice coil to move the diaphragm.

While the dynamic driver can provide an excellent bass response, it somehow compromises the high-frequency detail. On the other hand, with the Two Girls Streaming Music From Mobile Phone In Bedroomsetup of the balanced armature driver, it provides a fantastic electrical efficiency, allowing it to give a rather detailed sound.

But, it doesn’t push a high volume of air. For that reason alone, balanced armature drivers are not that phenomenal when it comes to producing natural bass.

In short, earbuds with a microphone that has a dynamic base can produce the best natural base, and they are cheap.

Those made with balanced armature drivers, on the other hand, are a little more expensive and have an intense high-frequency detail.

But, if you want the best of both worlds, there are earbuds with a microphone that uses the combination of both dynamic and balanced armature driver, but they can be a little more expensive than normal.

3. Choosing Sound Signature, Isolation, and Ear Tips

Aside from the technicalities when choosing earbuds with microphone, there are other features of the accessory that you might want to consider in Businessman in headphones with micdetail. For one, there are the ear tips of your earbuds.

They are more useful and technical than you ever think. This tiny cushioning is not just there purely for ergonomics purposes.

It plays a significant role in the entire audio signature of an earbud or headphones.

When the tips and your ear canal fit perfectly, the earbuds will be efficient in producing wonderful sounds.

But, if there are any leaks between the two, there will be portions of the sound pressure levels will be lost, which will then negatively affect the performance of the bass.

When choosing earbuds in terms of the kind of ear tips, there are three different choices available based on the materials used.

There are earbud tips made from silicone, rubber, and foam. Usually, only the cheapest earbuds will have tips that are made of rubber.

Those that are made of silicone are considered the most superior because of its advantages in terms of hygiene, comfort, and durability. Silicone earbud tips are available in various thickness which plays a significant effect when it comes to sound signature and isolation.

Thin ear tips are excellent for dark kind of earbuds, but they don’t usually provide fantastic isolation. On the other hand, the thicker ones afford excellent sound isolation, but it can also make the bass a little heavier.

Lastly, the foam ear tips are found less durable compared to silicone ones and they are also a little more expensive.

But, for audiophiles who aren’t hard on the budget, these ear tips are preferred because of its excellent isolation and they are most comfortable since it conforms to the shape of the ear canal.

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Instead of simply choosing what is the hottest earbuds on the market, you have to consider some important parameters before buying a pair of earbuds that is ideal for you.

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The 6 Variety of Earbud Tips in Detail

Middle aged man listening to music outdoors

One of the most important factors when it comes to the fit of earbuds is for the sound isolation. What you have to look for in terms of earbud tips is something that can isolate a high volume of sound but is still very comfortable to wear even after a long time.

You might wonder when you see some earbuds on the market that doesn’t have any tip on them.

Some cheap ones are designed like that and you will be exposed directly to the plastic when you use them. Unless it is the perfect fit for your ear, it can usually get uncomfortable after quite some time and can even fall out.

Also, this type of earphones doesn’t isolate sound that well which will usually lead you to turn up the volume and this can risk damage in hearing.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable earbud, you might want to steer clear from the types that don’t have tips on them. To continue, when choosing earbud tips, there are various kinds available for you.

1. Rubber Tips

Rubber tips for earbuds are the most budget-friendly solution. While it is not commonly used in earphones these days, some cheap ones still feature this kind of ear tips. They are usually not recommended as they can often get uncomfortable even right at the start of using it.

2. Silicone Tips

Earbuds which has silicone tips are the most neutral and common option for most users. It can provide a good seal and sound isolation. There are not a lot of losses in sound, so you don’t have to turn up the sound or music too much.

But, some users might feel uncomfortable using silicone tips after prolonged use.

3. Foam Tips

For those who have a lot to spend on a pair of earbuds, one of the best recommendations would be those that have foam tips. They are extremely comfortable to use even after a long time.

They are soft on the edges and will conform to the shape of the ear canal. When choosing earbuds with foam tips, the options come in two different foam tip types.

4. Foam tips designed for slightly outside the ear.

This type of foam tip is for earbuds that look the same as those who have no tips on them. The only difference is that it has a thin cushioning to provide at least a small level of comfort for the user.

Because of the design of the earbud itself, it doesn’t provide a lot of isolation and excellent fit.

5. Foam tips designed to go into the ear canal.

When it comes to earbuds which have foam tips that go into the ear canal, choosing the ideal one can be a little tricky. While this type of ear tip is best for sound isolation and user comfort, it mainly depends on the quality of the tips.

But, foam tips are best recommended especially with its ability to level up the bass signature especially when listening to music.

6. Bi or Triple Flange tips

There are also available ear tips which have bi or triple flange. This type of ear tips is usually made from silicone and was designed as such to improve the isolation of sound.

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When it comes to choosing ear tips, the more comfortable and snug it is to your ear canal, the better it will be for you.

You should find something that fits perfectly in your ears to give it a proper seal, something that won’t fall off easily.

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5 Technical Aspects to Look for When Choosing Earbuds

Businessman reading from smartphone

Most consumers and users shop for earbuds with mics based on the design, what looks cool, the brand, and even the price.

While these are some significant factors to consider, there are far more things to consider than its name and how it looks. The technical specifications, for one, should never be overlooked.

When buying the best set of headphones or earbuds with microphone, here are some important technical specs to keep in mind:

1. Impedance

A pair of earbuds run with the use of electricity and for that reason alone, if you don’t have something that is durable enough, it is more likely to wear out after some time.

With the electricity powering your earphones or earbuds, here are a vibrational frequency that comes with it. This vibration also produces a sound that is not even remotely pleasant to the ears.

It sounds like a hiss and you wouldn’t want that especially when you are enjoying a good music.

To eliminate this unnecessary hissing sound, impedance is needed. As a rule of thumb, when your earbuds have higher impedance which is measured in ohms, the clearer the sound will come out.

It is safe to say that if you want to buy a pair of headphones, you should buy one with the highest level of impedance that you can afford.

2. Frequency

At the package of your earbuds under its specifications, one of the first things you will see is those measured in Khz or kilohertz. It is the device’s frequency which determines the level of bass it can produce.

If you have an earbud with a slightly low frequency, it will give you more bass. But if you have one that promises about 60khz, it will deliver more treble than bass.

3. Drivers

Drivers are the reason that you have excellent sound in your earbuds, given that it is of great quality. The stronger the driver is, the better the sound will come out.

It is the reason why some quality earbuds have multiple drivers in them, but this can come out a little more expensive.

4. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a pair of earbuds is measured in sound pressure levels and decibels. The lowest audible sound that you can get will be 0db.

But, you have to remember that going 85 db or more is rather dangerous to your hearing; thus, it is not advisable. When buying earbuds with microphone, you will need something that can at least get loud but not something that is too loud to compromise the safety of your ears.

5. Nominal Power Handling Capacity

This technical specification determines the amount of power the earbuds can handle before they wear out. It is one of the information in the product package that you should not take for granted.

But, no matter how high the nominal power handling capacity of your earbud is, it is advised to play it at a comfortable volume level to make it last longer.

When you shop for earbuds, one of the first thing you have to look for is the number of drivers it has. Then, you can look for the decibel rating and the number of hertz.

The Real Deal

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5 of the Best Earbuds With Microphone – A Full Detailed Review

If you are rather attached to your mobile device or is constantly in front of your computer or tablet, then you most probably in need of a good pair of headphones.

However, these bulky accessories are only great indoors. When you go outside, having a device that is easier to carry with you is a whole lot better. That’s when you opt to get yourself a pair of earphones. You can get those typical earbuds with wires or choose Bluetooth and wireless ones.

There are a lot of options for you in the market. The key is to find something that is ideal for your needs, something that fits you.

1. TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds

Bluetooth Headphones TaoTronics Wireless 5.0 Magnetic...
  • Perfect workout headphones that are snug and secure so the headphones stay put while running, biking or at the...
  • Built-in magnets let you attach the two headphones together when not using, and wear like a necklace around...
  • The rechargeable long battery life means you get 9 hours of continuous music, or can relax with 80 hours of...
  • Cvc 6.0 noise Cancelling microphone reduces outside noises, enable clearer microphone sound.
  • TT-BH07 earbuds that work with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology; easy and fast pairing with smartphones and...

Last update on 2020-07-03 at 05:55 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Whether you want an accessory for entertainment, upgrade your workout, or increase your multitasking ability, having a pair of the best Bluetooth headphones or earphones can be a great help.

One of the highly advanced devices which have also become rather popular with users for over a decade is the TaoTronic wireless earbuds.

Since it is wireless, this type of earbuds is convenient and very portable. It is even ideal for use during a workout because of its sweatproof ability.

The TaoTronic wireless earbuds provide both security and comfort with its streamlined and modern design that snugs perfectly on your ear. Moreover, this particular TaoTronics model affords quite an impressive audio quality with its CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology.

It has the ability to repel any noise in the background, making way for a clearer sound and audio. It even features an antenna made of ceramic to increase its signal strength.

It’s not just portable because of its wireless design. The TaoTronic wireless earbud is also extremely convenient in terms of size and weight which is only about half an ounce.

But, even though it’s a little small, it is equipped with a battery that can last for at least 5 hours when used continuously after an hour of charging.

  • Top-rated and highly popular especially for active people. Its design is made specifically to fit the ears of those who are doing intense workouts.
  • Has an advanced and latest noise cancelling technology
  • A unique antenna made from ceramic for crisp and strong audio quality whether calling or listening to music.
  • The minimalistic and extremely lightweight design makes it easier to carry around with you wherever you go.
  • Has built-in magnets inside each earpiece to simplify travel and make the entire design more durable.

  • Small in design which means it doesn’t have a large battery life compared to earphones with larger build.
  • The 5-hour battery life might not be enough especially for people who are on the go and for those who need to use the earbuds throughout the day.

The 5 hours of battery life might not be long enough but the TaoTronic wireless earbuds are ideal for those who value compact design and convenience rather than battery life. 

Here are some of the options for best earbuds with a microphone in the market for 2020.

2. Vava Moov 28 Bluetooth Earbuds

Bluetooth Headphones, VAVA MOOV 28 Wireless Headphones...
  • Ergonomically Angled Eartip Design: Inclined silicone eartips reach deeper into the ear for a snug fit that...
  • Stellar Battery Life: The large-capacity battery streams music for up to 9 hours after only 2 hours of...
  • IPX6 Splashproof Build: Internal nano coating keeps the headphones fully functional even when breaking a sweat...
  • CD-Like Audio Quality with aptX: Advanced audio codec produces richer, fuller sound while providing the...
  • Aluminum Design with Built-In Magnets: Durable, premium build withstands wear and tear and the user’s...

Last update on 2020-07-03 at 05:55 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Bluetooth headphones have become the rage these days. They are more convenient and they don’t have those wires that mess up on your bag.

The Vava Moov 28 Bluetooth earbuds don’t exactly stand out when it comes to the design. But, that is not exactly a disadvantage.

Not one part of the Vava Moov 28 is designed to call attention or stand out. At the bottom part of the right earbud, you can find the playback controls as well as the battery.

It has three different controls, the next button, back, and the multifunction button which serves as the power, play, and pause button.

Charging the Vava Moov 28 Bluetooth earbuds only takes about 2 hours using a micro USB port. Part of the design of this Bluetooth earbud is the magnet pieces on each earbud which can connect the two together when you are not using it.

This feature also makes it convenient to leave the accessory on your neck during a workout.

Included in the Vava Moov 28 box are several silicone tips in various sizes. It also has some additional fins that will help you find the perfect tips that are ideal for your ears.

There is also a clip inside the box, something you can use to attach the cord of the earbuds on your shirt. Lastly, the box contains a short cable for charging and a carrying bag.

Sound quality is the main concern when it comes to earphones. But, the Vava Moov 28 is among those who are on top when it comes to providing excellent sound.

It can also last for about 8 hours of continuous use according to the Vava Moov website.

Compared to other Bluetooth earbuds, the Vava Moov 28 is one of the best qualities for your money.

It has a solid and sturdy construction with more than decent sound quality. The battery is also better than most you can find in the market.

  • Excellent value for money
  • It is simple and minimalistic in design but the build is top-notch making it sturdy and strong for everyday use.
  • It can provide more than decent sound quality, more than what you can say on its price range.
  • It can last for about 8 hours which is a little longer battery life than most Bluetooth earbuds.

  • Some might find it insufficient in terms of battery life especially for those looking for earbuds that can be used all throughout the day.

3. Bluephonic Mini True Wireless Earbuds

No products found.

There are a lot of benefits in using Bluetooth and wireless earbuds. They are convenient and efficient especially if you choose the right one for you.

If you want to get away from the subpar quality of most low-cost headsets, the Bluephonic mini true wireless earbuds eliminate that wire tangle problem you have.

Moreover, the sound quality of this wireless earbuds will improve your experience. It has an impressive noise-cancelling technology which is significantly important for a pair of earbuds. It allows you to tune out and tune in with nothing but the highest class sound caliber.

The Bluephonic mini true wireless earbud is full of innovation. It’s not all about sound quality either. Aside from its innovation in designing the earbuds, it has also stepped up with the new vigor pouch. It is a covered storage case which conceals the magnetic charging station.

When it comes to wireless earbuds, the problem is often the battery life. Some only last for a couple of hours and that is not ideal for those who are always on the go.

But, that is not a problem when it comes to the Bluephonic mini true wireless earbud. It is among the most powerful wireless device you can find which can last for about 12 hours of continuous use.

Aside from these leisurely features, the Bluephonic mini true wireless earbuds packaging box contains a 420-mAh power pouch, two ear hook caps, two detachable ear hooks, three pairs of bowl-shaped ear tips, here pairs of bullet shaped ear tips, and a micro USB cable for charging.

  • Crafted with V4.1 Bluetooth chips to provide ultimate compatibility to any gadgets that are Bluetooth-ready, both Android and Apple devices. Whether you are using your smartphone, iPad tablet, computer, or even the television, this earbud system can offer total compatibility.
  • Supports long-distance connections which span about 32 feet distance
  • Easy, portable, and convenient. It only weighs around 18 oz, making it easier to access and bring whenever and wherever you are.
  • Durable and comfortable earbuds for any kind of physical activity.
  • With an available volume control.
  • Noise-cancelling design makes the earbuds efficient. It can help minimize the distraction from noise in the background.
  • Ideal for people who are always working out or in heavy training with it’s sweatproof and waterproof design with IPX4 ranking.
  • Easy to use. Bluephonic mini true wireless earbuds have a simple and effortless operation touch manage.
  • Features a convenient and efficient charging power pouch which is designed to hold three full prices.
  • Can last for about 4 hours of music playback with speak time
  • Can last for a total of 12 hours of purely listening to music
  • Siri supported
  • Features customizable healthy, allowing you a level of personalized consolation

  • Because of its features and specifications, the Bluetooth mini true wireless headphones are not ideal for those on a budget.
  • The built quality of the earbuds is not the best in the market.
  • The sound can often be a little too loud for some users.
  • There is a battery alert that might often be useful but other users find it rather annoying.

4. SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Sport Wireless Earbuds

SoundPEATS SP-Spark-All Bluetooth Headphones, Sports...
  • [IPX7 Sweatproof headphones]: SoundPEATS spark Bluetooth headphones comes with IPX7 truly water resistant,...
  • [Stereo sound & strong bass]: built-in microphone for spark earbuds, Bluetooth 4.1 crs technology enables...
  • [Enhanced comfort&secure fit]: with ergonomic special design and silicone ear hooks, SoundPEATS Bluetooth...
  • [8 hours playing time]: improved Lithium polymer battery allows seamless enjoyment of music for up to 8 hours...
  • [Why choose SoundPEATS spark]: SoundPEATS has insist on producing high quality and superior sound Bluetooth...

Last update on 2020-07-03 at 05:55 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

When it comes to earbuds in the market, This has been one of the biggest players in the market for quite a long time now.

Their Wireless Earbuds, in particular, are specifically crafted to be comfortable, secure, and entirely wireless to avoid any issues. The best things about this wireless earbud are its technical specifications, packed with several of the newest advancement in technology when it comes to wireless audio.

With the Wireless Earbuds, you no longer have to worry about the tangle of cords and wires. What you will get is nothing short of top sound quality with its impressive sound levels.

It is all because of its APTX sound that is advanced in its kind, allowing it to provide top-notch acoustic quality sound along with a fantastic amount of bass to enjoy whatever kind of music you want to listen to.

The rich and crisp sound you can get from the Wireless Earbuds is surprisingly excellent for a wireless device.

Every wireless or Bluetooth earbud will need a battery and these Bluetooth Headphones use an integrated lithium polymer battery that can give you around 4 to 5 hours of battery life for listening to music and talking. Charging is also made easier with the USB cable included in the package which can last about 1 to 2 hours to achieve a full charge.

When it comes to earbuds with microphone, the SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headphones Sport Wireless Earbuds would be an excellent choice. It has a small mic built in the earbud for a perfectly hands-free calling.

It allows every user to keep your mobile device secured on your pocket or inside your bag even when you are calling with its wireless connection to your device.

The range is another important factor to any wireless or Bluetooth device. While everything has limitations, the Earbud is sufficient enough. It has a total of 30 feet working range even with an obstructed view.

The Earbud is even excellent for people who are into sports or extreme workouts. It is because this earbud is entirely water resistant.

It can repel sweat or any moisture naturally which is extremely helpful when you are working out. It is an excellent accessory that you can use on your daily fitness.

Whether you are into music and entertainment or doing sports and regular workout, the Wireless Earbuds is an excellent choice. Inside the package, you will get a variety of accessories.

There is a zippered hard case that will make the device secure and safe as well as another storage bag with mesh drawstring for the same purpose. Moreover, the package includes a micro USB charging cable and the instruction booklet.

  • Built with utmost quality to last for a long time.
  • Superb sound quality with all the latest innovations and technology.
  • With sound cancelling ability
  • Excellent for working out and sports because of its sweat and water resistant property.
  • With microphone to allow complete hands-free experience

  • The four to five hours battery might not be sufficient enough to last a whole day especially for people who are always outside and on the go.
  • Might come a little expensive than most earbuds in the market

5. 1MORE Bluetooth Sport in Ear Headphones

1MORE iBFree In-Ear Earphones Wireless Headphones with...
  • High-definition dynamic driver replicates stereo sound to fuel your workout; creative "aerospace metal + PET"...
  • Brilliant wireless sound thanks to Bluetooth V4.2 combining AAC with 250% faster data connectivity; easy...
  • 8 hours of music play/talk time to be your everyday earphones, plus 90 days of standby time when power off.
  • Rugged sweat-proof and IPX6-rated resistance to rain and sweat for in-or-out workouts.
  • Ergonomic 45° oblique angled design bends around ears comfortably and snugly when moving; 4 extra ear tips...

Last update on 2020-07-03 at 05:55 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The excellent thing about Bluetooth devices is they are extremely convenient. You don’t even have to worry about the compatibility of the headphone jack to the device you are going to use at the moment.

As long as you are using a Bluetooth-enabled device, you’re good to go.

The 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones give you that convenience whenever and wherever you are. It features the Bluetooth 4.1 which makes it compatible to your smartphone, tablet, iPad, or even your computer.

The headphones also come with the aptX codec to provide every user with a near CD-quality of streaming.

The overall build of the headphones is even excellent and with high-quality. It has a sturdy barrel housing that is made from anodized aluminum.

This feature doesn’t only give the earbuds a strong look but also a beautiful texture. It’s also rather stylish with the CNC-carved and disk-like pattern at the end of the barrel which moves every time light hits it.

When it comes to the driver, the 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones pack a dual layer driver that is made from both PET and titanium.

The diaphragm that is made from PET is the reason why the 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones can afford an excellent natural bass. The titanium driver, on the other hand, helps enhance the mids, highs, and the response time.

The cable of the earbuds is made of rubber which makes it a little supply. You can find the inline remote at the right side of the earbud and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

It is also equipped with a MEMS microphone that can significantly eliminate background static and cross-talk.

Another feature of the 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones that makes it special compared to other earphones is its water resistance with IPX4.

It means that this particular earbud is rated when it comes to resisting water splashes, rain drizzles, and most especially, sweat.

It is why the 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones are ideal for those who are into sports or extreme workouts.

However, this water resistance doesn’t mean that it is safe for the device to be submerged in water.

One more selling point of the 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones that 1More never cease to point is that the earphones have been tuned by Luca Bignardi, a sound engineer with Grammy Awards under his belt.

  • It is simply superb when it comes to sound quality
  • Features a sturdy barrel case and excellent build quality
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Contains dual layer titanium driver

  • The included earbud tips in 1More Bluetooth sport in-ear headphones are made with silicone that aren’t perfectly comfortable
  • The silicone tips are also too slick and often comes off the ears
  • Can come a little expensive

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These days, more and more people are starting to understand the benefits of using wireless and Bluetooth headphones and earphones. Compared to typical headsets, they are more convenient and portable.

When you use the wireless ones, you won’t have to worry about the tangled mess of cords and wires every time you get them out of your pocket or bag.

With the popularity of Bluetooth headphones, a lot of choices have also come out in the market. This is the reason why it is often tough to pick the right pair of earbuds that is precisely fit your needs. It comes in various designs, colors, and look. Moreover, there are technical specifications that a lot of people don’t understand.

However, this earbud buying guide lists all technical specs you have to look for when choosing a pair of headsets and the reasons why you have to consider it before buying one.

One of the most essential features of a pair of earbuds is the driver, and that should be prioritized. It determines the overall quality of your earbuds. Other specifications you have to consider include the frequency, sensitivity, impedance, and earbud tips.

You might also want to find the battery life of an earbud especially if you plan to use it for long hours each day.

Also, comfortability should be a factor of consideration when choosing earbuds especially if you are planning to use it for long periods of time.

No one wants to enjoy music while your head and ears are throbbing because the earbuds are too tight on your ear canal. No one also wants their earpiece coming off their ears from time to time.

With these factors and considerations, you can now choose the best earbuds with the microphone that would perfectly fit you and your needs.

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