8 Facts on Choosing the Right Earbuds for Laying in Bed

Feb 15, 2020

Choosing the right earbuds to use when sleeping is important to make sure there’s good sleep and comfort when waking up in the morning.

For me, having a great sleep is vital for both physical and mental health. And for people who are having trouble getting that deep sleep every night, there are certain quirks that can help.

Assistance when sleeping is excellent, whenever necessary, to have that time for our body to relax after a long day completely. One of the best ways to help with sleeping includes audio distraction.

It can be listening to music, ASMR videos, white noise in the background, a hypnosis soundtrack, binaural beats, and other guided meditations.

With these, the best earbuds for laying in bed come handy, and in the case of falling asleep while listening to the preferred audio file, the earbuds should be as comfortable as possible.

Here are some facts when choosing the best earbuds for laying in bed and falling asleep. These are factors to consider when buying the right earbuds.

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1. Both Passive and Active Noise Canceling Are Perfect for Quiet Sleeping

Woman relaxing and listening to musicNoise canceling earbuds are perfect for blocking or muffling out the sound from the environment. It can be a great option to use when sleeping if there is too much noise outside.

Noise canceling earbuds come in either passive or active noise canceling technology.

Passive noise canceling technology in earbuds physically blocks sound from the environment from entering the ear.  It primarily relies on its physical design and the materials used to block outside noises.

Putting fingers in the ear whenever it becomes too noisy is like how passive noise canceling earbuds work. Wearing earplugs to block snoring or the engine noise when you are in an airplane also works the same thing.

Active noise canceling technology, on the other hand, doesn’t rely on how the earbuds are physically engineered and built. Instead, it uses a certain technology in the form of electronic signals to block noise.

Mainly, it uses the built-in microphone of the earbuds to filter out noise by mirroring the noise around before the sound waves are delivered to the earbuds, and this process causes the noise to be reduced.

While they work differently, both active and passive noise canceling technology can block and muffle outside noise perfectly well. They are great for sleeping in noisy environments.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are the Most Comfortable to Sleep In

Woman enjoying music in bedWhen using earbuds while sleeping in bed, there is always a high possibility of turning around and changing sleeping positions throughout the night.

Using wired earbuds can be a little bit uncomfortable since it can tangle around a lot. Sleeping with wired earbuds can also be quite unsafe especially when always turning around while sleeping.

The wires can strangle you at night. Also, this may affect the condition of your earbuds.

For the best earbuds for laying in bed, a wireless Bluetooth option would be much more comfortable to use. Avoid the tangles and wires around the bed with this one. But for this wireless earbud option, the thing to consider is the battery life.

Since the purpose of a pair of earbuds is to listen to music to help with sleeping, it must last until you’ve actually fallen asleep and not before that.

At least 12 hours of battery life would be good to make sure that it only needs to be charged every few days.

3. Comfort and Sound Quality Matter When You Are Going to Lay in Bed

The young girl in bed listening to music headphonesNoise is heightened at night when trying to sleep. Any muffle and hissing sound in a pair of earbuds will be a distraction to the music you are trying to listen to, to help with sleeping.

As such, it is important to consider the sound quality of the best headphones for laying in bed.

Sound quality considerations include how clear and crisp the audio is and how well it can cancel the outside noise.

But more than sound quality, earbuds for sleeping should also be extremely comfortable. No one wants to wake up after sleeping with stiff ears because of using an inappropriate pair of earbuds.

The level of comfort the earbuds can give also determines how long it can be used.

Since this kind of earbuds will be used while sleeping, it’s safe to think that it has to be comfortable in the ears even after 7 to 8 hours of straight use.

Along with comfort, it should also be snug without cases of falling off while sleeping or trying to sleep. It shouldn’t cause any friction in the ears or any sweating even after extended usage period.

4. Side Sleepers Can Still Wear Earbuds While Laying in Bed

Sleep ergonomics is another important factor when choosing earbuds for laying in bed. Everyone has a unique position, and the best earbuds should accommodate whatever position it is, staying as comfortable as ever.

People who sleep on either side can still wear earbuds, but choosing one can be a little tricky. Sleeping on the side tends to squeeze the earbuds into the ear at the side where the person is sleeping, and it can be uncomfortable after some time. In this case, the earbuds also tend to heat up and sometimes causing a red ear after waking up.

But, there are options for comfortable earbuds even for side sleepers. It has to be really comfortable and well-padded for maximum comfort.

5. Kids Can Use Earbuds in Bed

There are kids who also appreciate the soothing sound to help them fall asleep. Some are also light sleepers, and some audio distraction can help in getting better sleep. Using a quality pair of earbuds will be able to help greatly in this case, giving them a better chance of dozing off.

Kids using earbuds when sleeping is perfectly safe. The main concern will be supervising the audio volume as well as the sleeping position to keep them as comfortable as possible when sleeping. Especially with the audio volume, it should be monitored well to avoid any case of deaf ears when waking up.

With the hazard of choking and strangling in the cables of the earbuds when letting a child use it while sleeping, there is always the option of using wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

Exhausted children with digital devices sleeping in car during trip

6. There Are Benefits of Using Earbuds for Sleeping

When buying earbuds to be used in aid for sleeping, it is important that the benefits are laid out right. It will help choose the right pair based on the purpose of buying the earbuds.

Using earbuds when sleeping helps block the annoying sound from the environment. Sleep won’t come fast enough if there are a lot of cars running around outside the home or if a neighbor is having a loud party in the house next to yours. A snoring partner can also disrupt a good night sleep. In these cases, having an earbud can help create your own space where sleeping can be as peaceful and quiet as possible.

These earbuds can also help people who want to catch a nap in a noisy environment like during a flight or long traffic in public transportation.

Using earbuds is also especially useful to people with tinnitus who often need to listen to music to have a better sleep. They have a condition where they constantly hear a buzzing or a ringing sound within their body and not from the environment. It also intensifies in a quiet space. Listening to music while laying in bed will be great to tune out that buzzing and breaking the monotony of silence in a room to give them better sleep.

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7. There Are Also Risks in Using Earbuds While Sleeping

Like any device, choosing earbuds for laying in bed has its drawbacks and risks, and it is necessary to put it in the open to make sure you are making the right choice.

Using earbuds when sleeping means that there are music and sound in your ears for several hours, directly and continuously. Doing this every night can cause hearing loss. Turning the audio volume too high and listening to it for long periods of time can also cause hearing damage. It is important to know the recommended decibel that is safe for the ears. It is also important to consider the length of time of using the earbuds while sleeping.

There is also a risk of earwax buildup and bacteria infection or irritation in the ears after long periods of using earbuds while sleeping. The best advice would be to limit the use of earbuds considering the problems that may come with it.

Man sleeping on table with laptop at home office

8. You Don’t Have to Pay the Most Expensive Option for Quality

There are a lot of earbuds in the market right now that would be perfect for use in laying in bed all night. It comes in various designs, colors, and built with some added features.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. The facts listed above can serve as parameters when choosing the best pair of earbuds. It must be comfortable to use for a considerable length of time without causing red ears, has the perfect noise-canceling technology, and great sound quality.

Simply put, the key to finding and choosing the right earbuds to be used when we are sleeping is finding the best there is that is within our budget.



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