5 Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers (2019) – 100% Driver Friendly

Driver in cabin of big modern truckThe U.S. today has around 3.5 million professional truck drivers. Most of these spend 12-14 hours covering the distances.

Just like us, they too need some peace of mind. They can listen to music, hear the news or talk to their family.

But isn’t it unsafe to use your phone while driving?

Yes, it surely is. But we have a way out.

By wearing the best bluetooth headset for truckers can use their phone without even touching the phone.

They can comfortably talk to their loved ones or listen to their favorite audiobook because these are only things which help them in their solitary journey.

In many interviews conducted among the truck drivers, they have confessed that the work nature is exhaustive and you are always alone.

If they will not have a source of entertainment or news forecast, how can they keep their mood lifted up?

Most importantly, they need to be constantly updated about the weather or road-related news.

Vigilant drivers have been able to remain safe during many natural calamities owing to these news feeds.

Having to wear the best trucker headset will allow drivers to have all these comforts without having to keep separate gadgets like radio or iPod.

5 of the Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers (January 2019 Update)



Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with...
Mpow® PRO Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Mpow® PRO Wireless Bluetooth Headset is equipped with noise-cancellation technology and light ear-muff design for comfort. It also allows up to two devices at a time with a 30-feet range.

BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset
VXi BlueParrott B450-XT

The VXi BlueParrott B450-XT is a wireless Bluetooth v4.0 headset with noise-cancellation technology that blocks out 96% of ambient noise. It features enhanced ear cushions, and its battery is said to last for 24 hours, making it ideal for users who usually go on long travels.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset - Retail Packaging -...
JABRA Motion Bluetooth

The JABRA Motion Bluetooth headset allows you to link all your gadgets with its multiple-phone connectivity. It has a unique design, and it can auto-adjust volume and answers calls automatically.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset -...
Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset is an ear-hook type with P2i water-resistant technology. It features smart sensor and voice-activated technology with a triple-mic that enhances and catches your voice

Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-01) Advanced NC...
Plantronics Voyager-5200-UC

The Plantronics Voyager-5200-UC is a Bluetooth headset that features four adaptive microphones and WindSmart Technology that lessens background noise. It has smart sensors and voice command ready. Its IPX4 nano-coating protects it from moisture.

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7 Tips for Choosing a Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

a video on the best bluetooth headset for truckers

Before we reveal the top 5 hand-picked of the best Bluetooth headset for truckers, let us guide you through the essential features that we have looked for.

Just like the Westone UM Pro 10 vs. Shure SE215 comparison as this also a choice for a trucker’s headphones.

1. Audio quality with noise cancellation:

While driving, the road can be full of honks. The constant sound of moving wheels can make hearing difficult or just wear headphones for hearing aids that might help you listen better from the surroundings up to 30 meters.

You cannot talk or hear anything unless your noises are muted. At this point, a headset with noise canceling feature and good quality comes in the scene. It allows you to clearly hear voices without being affected by outer pandemonium.

2. Mic Quality Of The Best Trucker Headset:

Just as important is the quality of voice to the driver, the same is to the person on the other side of the phone. He/she should be able to hear from a person over 18-26 wheels clearly. If the noises accompany with the trucker’s voice, the person on another side will not be able to catch a word. So, the mic should be able to clearly transmit the speaker’s words with clarity.

3. Comfort:

Since truckers will be wearing the headsets for long hours, they need to be comfortable with ears. Always choose comfortable and best Bluetooth headset for truckers. They provide better noise isolation, strong bass response and have enough space to allow heat to escape. Thus, your ears don’t get heated when worn over a long time. You will also be able to get some outer noise. So you will not be completely oblivious to your road partners. However, this noise should in no way interfere with the audio.

Also, they should be stable enough over the head to not fall down on bumpy roads.

4. Battery life:

Since most of the drivers love to wear their top-rated bluetooth for truckers on the road, a headset should have a great battery life. Many times they might not get a charging point, so they should be able to

Worker hands on steering wheel

run for long on a single charge.

5. Durability:

The best Bluetooth headset for truck drivers should be durable enough to last long. Truckers should always find a durable model because they will be using it for long without any service centers nearby.

6. Long Bluetooth range:

Not always drivers can keep their phone with them. They may leave their phone on the seat and walk down to check their truck’s rear tires. A Bluetooth device should have a wide range to cover these movements.

7. Guarantee/warranty and customer care:

Most of us have the comfort of visiting or calling customer care each time some issue arises. It might be possible that when their headset breaks down, they are driving 1000 miles away from the nearest technical help. So, the being the headsets for truckers choice for truck drivers that needed to have a long guarantee/warranty period with robust customer care services.

Using a phone while driving is prohibited. It is considered a danger to the person who is driving as well as people who are along with him/her.

However, due to busy life people are using phones while driving which will cause accidents.

The phone will distract the person who is driving, and it will become challenging to hold the vehicle with one hand this is the primary cause of accidents.

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10 Reasons Why You Will Need to Choose The Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers

Happy Driver holding wheel

We can avoid some issues with the help of Bluetooth which helps us in secure communication while driving. Read the complete article to know the benefits of using Bluetooth while driving.

1. Safety

Using Bluetooth is safer than using a phone as it will reduce the amount of risk involved in using a phone while driving. It will ensure that the eyes will not move from roads. Using Bluetooth while driving helps in increasing safety measures.

Using Bluetooth will help in the safety of both the person who is driving along with the people who are with him or her.

Unlike wired headphones that could get tangled and you have to be always mindful of, you so what you want with a Bluetooth headphone and have nothing to worry about.

2. Time-saving

People are becoming more busy day by day. Even a minute is essential for people who are busy. Bluetooth while driving helps the busy people for multitasking. Talking while driving by using Bluetooth will truck cockpitensure that the person need not wait aside and talk and then continue the travel. It will save much time, and people need not worry about carrying the phone.

3. Clear audio

One of the best benefit of using Bluetooth while driving is we can be able to listen to the voice on the call. Usually, people face the problem of inability to listen to the voice of another person, but Bluetooth will help in getting the audio clarity. This will reduce the efforts to listen keenly. Clear audio will make the call more comfortable, and we can even make official calls.

4. Emergency

Sometimes it is essential that we should hold the call for longer than usual mainly in emergencies. We can be on the call for the more extended time without any effort. To find the directions when someone is telling you the route on call, and we can reach the destination without wasting time. This will ensure that the connectivity is not lost and very useful while driving.

5. Attention towards driving

Using Bluetooth while driving will help us to bring all the attention towards driving. This is one need not divert from driving and attend a call. This will make the smooth flow of both driving and talk. As we need not see the phone and attend this will not take even a second to attend the phone while driving. In a phone, we should at least pick the phone which is impossible without using one hand which will distract the person who is driving.

6. Easy to connect

Compared to other electronic gadgets connecting to Bluetooth is very easy. It will take minimum steps. It consumes less time than usual. Connecting the call is also very easy through Bluetooth. Just a button press will avail you to take calls. This is not a terrible job to do while driving. So using Bluetooth while driving is beneficial to the people who often drive.

truck driving at night7. Hands-free Are Important for a Trucker’s Headset

By using Bluetooth while driving our both hands will be free which indeed ensure that we drive safely. For example, if we need to attend a call while driving with a regular phone, the individual need to take the phone from the pocket and press the answer button. Later the phone should be pressed to the ear by using hand by ear which is not at all safe and also engaging one hand most of the time. Driving with one hand may result in losing the balance of the vehicle so that Bluetooth will make both the hands free.

You can talk to your fellow riders anytime you want and coordinate better, no matter where you are going. It is simple, fun and exciting!

8. Reduces accidents

Many studies say that talking while driving is a primary cause of accidents. This will not only injure the one who is speaking, but the people along with them and the other people on the road who are not at all involved in all these will sometimes be injured. So we cannot say that Bluetooth will avoid accidents, but eventually, it will reduce the number of accidents that happen while using Bluetooth while driving.

9. Long distance traveling

Using Bluetooth while driving will be beneficial to people who need to travel longer distances. This will make the journey smoother and more comfortable. Bluetooth will keep us connected with people without making many efforts. Distance will be covered smoothly without any problem of attending the calls. So Bluetooth is preferred if there is long distance traveling.

10. Less battery consumption

Compared to talking in phone Bluetooth will consume less battery power. So it is cost effective even. We can talk longer than usual by using Bluetooth.

No need to worry about the power consumption and to charge the battery as Bluetooth will consume a minimum amount of power. Some of these headphones like the best open back headphones can last for a day or more efficiently, so you do not even have to worry about charging them often making them suitable for the long bike rides.

Why are you looking forward to buying one of these? Is it for the convenience or because you just love music? Let us know in the comments below.

truck on a highway

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The Top 5 of the Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers – Complete Product Reviews


Here, we have compiled a list of Bluetooth headsets which we feel, are most suitable for the truckers. We have solely selected the

Bluetooth models as:

  • They are free from the wire-hassles
  • They are less clumsy
  • No fear of getting wires tangled in gears or clutches
  • Independence to leave the phone in the truck while truckers take a short walk

Here are the five models; we feel are best suited for the truckers:

1. Mpow® PRO Wireless Bluetooth Headset (The Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers)

Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with...


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • 4X noise cancellation technology
  • Wide range

  • Not suitable for playing music
  • No apps or voice control

There are many drivers who simply need a bluetooth headset for communication. A popular choice would be buying the best trucker bluetooth headset in which they can freely communicate with their clients, ask them about directions or update them about his position. Also, it allows them to effectively communicate with their family. MPOW Pro Headset is an old school headset solely for talking. Although it is not fit for listening music, its audio is pretty awesome.

  • Microphone noise cancellation with 4X effect
  • Skin friendly ear cushions
  • Lightweight
  • Allows to connect two Bluetooth devices at one time
  • 12 hours standby time
  • 200 hours charging time
  • 30 feet handsfree range

1. Since this device is specially designed for talking purposes, special attention has been paid to the noise cancellation. It works four times and eliminates the surrounding sound quality. This allows the person on the other side to get a clear voice.

2. We all know that the truckers are in the habit of wearing headsets for long times. In such a case, the cushions need to be comfortable as well as skin friendly. The trucker should not have any skin allergies about the sub-standard cushions. However, proper attention has been paid to this aspect. The cushions are light as well as of quality material.

3. They usually drive non-stop for hours. They may not always be in a position to charge their headset. So a great battery life is very important. This product a battery life of 12 hours which is pretty good.

4. There are instances when they need to update a garage about the condition of their truck tires. If the Bluetooth does not offer a wide range, it is of no use to them. But this device offers a range of 30 feet which is at par with the other products.

The final verdict:  There are some headsets on the market which give incredible quality as well as doubles up as a music system. The needs of truckers have seen a shift towards a smart device. This headset loses its field here.

However, if someone needs the best trucker bluetooth headset just for calling purposes, it is a good option.

2. VXi BlueParrott B450-XT (The Best Trucker Headset)

BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

  • Very long battery life
  • Wide range
  • HD voice
  • Incredible noise cancellation
  • Comfortable ear plugs
  • Can connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at once
  • Safety certifications from various organizations

  • Leather ear pieces can give sore ears
  • Occasional freezing
  • Looks more like headphones

For people always on the go, like the lorry drivers, the best trucker bluetooth headset has become an indispensable part of their lives. It is the device that connects them to the world. Since they are always travelling, it is also their only companion. So, when we talk about best bluetooth headset for truckers, B450-XT is bound to make it to the list. With it’s over the top features and some technological innovations.

  • Advanced noise-cancelling microphone
  • Audio Control
  • HD voice
  • Long range class 1 Bluetooth
  • A2DP support
  • NFC enabled
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • 24 hours talk time
  • One-year warranty
  • Agency approvals from CE, FCC, IC, WEEE

Advanced noise-cancelling microphone: An efficient headphone’s most important aspect is its noise-cancelling features. This is all the more important when we are talking about the drivers. They travel in a range of terrains with a variety of sounds around them.

Just the sound of the truck engine is deafening enough to hamper a good conversation.Blue Parrott comes with a high-quality microphone. The ambient noise is canceled up to 96%! Users have reported of them asked about in office even when they are on their giant wheels covering long distances.

  • Audio control: This feature is now present in almost every headset and is actually very useful. Drivers don’t need even to touch their phones for making calls.
  • HD voice: This headset offers HD quality voice that gives an incredible hearing experience.
  • A2DP support: A2DP stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This is used to emphasize that the high-quality stereo sound quality can be streamed from one device to the other using Bluetooth.
  • NFC enabled: Drivers can easily connect their two NFC enabled devices. This headset actually acts like a smart device. Once, it is gets connected, it takes over the role of mobile phones.

Comfort: The comfort aspects of headsets are very important. Scientists have repeatedly been warning about the ill effects of sub-standard headsets on ears. A good research and engineering skills have been applied in making this headset. Let us have a look at the comfort features:

  • The users have the independence to choose their ear cushions. It comes with leather padded as well as foam cushions. Both are very comfortable on the ear and do not cause any kind of discomfort.
  • While most headsets are boasting about 7 hours of talk time, this model comes with a whopping 24 hours of talk time! This is just the best battery headsets could ever have. Drivers can use this continuously as much they want without fearing about the battery.
  • With class 1 Bluetooth, the range of this headset reaches up to 300 feet from the paired device! So, practically, drivers can leave their phone in their truck and go to the motels without fearing about the missed calls.

The final verdict:  It is very tough to find the right balance between safety and comfort in headsets. This model definitely takes the lead. With extra durable battery life and wide range, it simply steals the spotlight. 

3. JABRA Motion Bluetooth

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset - Retail Packaging -...

  • Robust design
  • 7 hours battery life
  • Flip boom mic makes it very comfortable

  • Heavy; there are lots of lighter models in the market
  • Lack of portable charger
  • Expensive

Truckers have a tough life and the one thing that they are surely looking for in their headphones is sturdiness.

We don’t want drivers to have incompetent headsets that break in the slightest of push or fall.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset is a robust yet advanced option for truckers. Good attention has been paid to it being a complete entertainment solution.  So, let us have a sneak peek at the best trucker bluetooth headset’s specifications.

  • Motion sensor intelligence
  • Flip boom microphone doubling up as power switch
  • Multi-sized ear gels
  • Advanced noise cancellation

  1. Motion sensor intelligence: This is by far the best aspect of Jabra Motion Bluetooth. The headset goes into power nap mode when lying idle. As soon as the user lifts it up, it gets switched on. One can answer the call just by picking it up.
  2. Flip boom microphone: Flip boom microphone adds a touch of quirkiness to the model. The microphone secures tightly around the ear and extends down to the cheek. This adds to the extra comfort and improved voice quality to the person on the other side.
  3. Multi-sized ear gels: The product comes with 3 additional ear gels. You can wear them according to your comfort, and according to the surroundings, you are working. This aspect is actually very helpful for the drivers. They can utilize the ear gels according to the terrain they will be driving.
  4. Advanced noise cancellation: Each Jabra motion headset comes with dual mic noise blackout system. One microphone solely captures the speaker’s voice while the other captures the surrounding noise. Using digital signal processors, you can subtract the surrounding noise and if you want a surround sound headphones you just have to understand that it is not that safe compared to a noise cancelling headphones. Only the voice of the speaker is transmitted. This allows the person on the other side to hear a crystal clear voice irrespective of the terrain in which the speaking driver is driving. This allows a good conversation. Who knows the value of a clear conversation other than the drivers who are mostly away from their loved ones?


Drivers drive non-stop for 12-14 hours mostly solitary. A good headset with an updated playlist or an interesting audiobook is what they need to cover this distance. Most of the time, they will be listening to it for long hours at a stretch. In such a scenario, the comfort features offered by a headset are equally important. Let us have a brief outlook of the Jabra Motion’s comfort features:

Firm grasp over the ear: These drivers drive through a variety of terrains, even on the bumpy roads. If the headsets don’t cling to the firmly but comfortably at the same time, it is of no use to the drivers. This is not the case with Jabra Motion.

The headset covers the whole ear, and the mic reaches the lower cheek. Also, the body of the headset firmly clings to the ear without being too tight.

This ensures that the headset does not get dislodged even while jumping from the truck.

Nfc for tap-connection: Jabra motion is NFC enabled which allows the drivers to connect it with their smart device just with a tap.

This saves them the efforts of connecting both devices through many channels. They need to simply tap their headset on their headset, and it gets connected.


Audio control: If someone calls the driver, it is very dangerous for him to pick up the phone and then answer it. Also, using cell phones while driving is not recommended. The problem with trucks is that they cannot be pulled over just on some road-side. So what do the drivers do?

They get this headset which allows audio control. When someone calls, it will inform the driver through its pre-feed voice messages. The driver only needs to say receive or ignore. A complete hands-free device best suited for drivers on the long haul.

We know that with technological advancements every day, even a new device is bound to get short on some features. However, R&D team of each company tries to put in some unique features to the model that allows it to stand out. It depends completely on customers to point out the pros and cons of a particular device.


The final verdict: There are very few of the best trucker bluetooth headset that pay attention to the robustness of the product. It allows the gadget to last long.

A truck driver always looks for durability of the product. Additionally, the comfort features are also fine. However, the price is an issue. Many may not like the heavy design especially since sleeker models are widely available in the market. However, the users are all praise for this product. Definitely one of the top-rated bluetooth headset for truckers.

4. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset -...


With numerous headsets in the market, a healthy competition is bound to happen. A headset might be mind-blowing in one aspect but may lag behind in another. But what matters most is the overall performance. So, let us have a look over both the pros and cons of Legend.


Highly advanced audio saturation technique: This headset comes with a range of features just to elevate the audio. The wind cancelling features, digital signal processors, and 20-band equalizers are just a few to name. Proper attention has been paid to every aspect. Even the smallest of the issues have been addressed so that the audio does not suffer. In this aspect, the product is unbeatable.


Good technological support: Truck drivers might not always be able to come to service centres for getting their device updated. Updatable firmware and dedicated apps make their functioning smooth as butter – an example of needs meeting technology.

Truck drivers will definitely find it useful that they can easily monitor the battery level of their headset just by using the app. Also, its high adaptability viz, getting connected to both iOS and Android makes it useful for users of both niches.

Find MyHeadset is the revolutionary feature which allows users to track down their headset in case they lose it.


Great comfort features: Wearing headset for a long time in the same ear is a bit tiring, especially, when that is the only mode of entertainment available to you. Headsets have constantly been under flak for supporting ear on only one side.

But, this aspect has been successfully addressed in this model. Just by rotating the earplug, the headset can be worn over either left or right. This creates a good comfort for the users.

Good warranty: The 1-year limited warranty is a good feature.



  • Not so advanced android app: Since Android has a very large user base, its app is somewhat not so advanced when compared to the iOS app. This could be a big turn-off for the android users.
  • Battery life: Most brands offer 7 hours of battery life. This is not actually enough for the drivers.
  • Expensive: Being highly expensive, it will definitely burn a hole in the pocket. may not always afford it.

Truckers have a tough life and the one thing that they are surely looking for in their headphones is sturdiness.

We don’t want drivers to have incompetent headsets that break in the slightest of push or fall.

Jabra Motion Bluetooth Mono Headset is a robust yet advanced option for truck drivers. Good attention has been paid to it being a complete entertainment solution.  So, let us have a sneak peek at this headset’s specifications.

  • Motion sensor intelligence
  • Flip boom microphone doubling up as power switch
  • Multi-sized ear gels
  • Advanced noise cancellation

14 of the US states have banned the use of hand-held cell phones while driving. While this is definitely good for the safety of people, it is not so practical for the drivers. They spend most of their time driving. And they can’t park their truck on a road-side to receive calls. Bluetooth headsets come to their rescue at this point.

Plantronics is an established name in the headset market.


Features to Look Out For

Noise cancellation: When on the go, what they most need is the clarity of voice on their phones. In their background, there remains a whole bunch of vehicles, sound of their own truck engine and of course, the wind. Without a proper wind cancelling mechanism, talking over the phone can be really cumbersome.

Plantronics has kept this in mind while making the model. The headsets come with digital signal processors, adaptive 20-band equalizer, acoustic echo cancellation and sidetone detection. Let us explain each of these:

Digital signal processors: These catch up the digitized real-world signals like voices, wind sounds, temperature or pressure and then manipulate them into another form of signal.

They are programmed to perform mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, before processing the signals.

So, what does this do in headsets? It catches all the voices surrounding the speaker. Then, eliminates all the undesirable ones.

Only the sound of the speaker gets converted into signals. Thus, the voice of the speaker transmits without any influence from the outer noises. Isn’t this just incredible!

Adaptive 20-band equalizer: They will be listening to music in loud backgrounds. The effect that the noise exerts on headset listening is called masking effect. This adaptive 20-band equalizer estimates the level of sound in ear canals while taking into account the headsets. This masks the background chaos by increasing the volume of music.

Acoustic echo cancellation: These are methods used in telecommunications to remove any echo present and also preventing their occurrence. It recognizes the originally transmitted signal when it re-appears. It then subtracts it. This feature works in sync with the digital signal processors.

Sidetone detection: When holding the steering wheels, truckers can’t always check if their microphone is receiving their sound or not. Sidetone detecting feature comes to their rescue here. This feature ensures them that:

  • The call has been established with the intended person
  • Their voice is loud enough
  • Their microphone is picking up their words
  • Their voice can open microphone gating system


Wind canceling: This headset has an electronic filter on its mic. Since the wind has greater force than the speaker’s voice; wind’s energy gets dissipated due to the wire mesh. Stainless steel windscreens add robustness to this mechanism. They ensure that the windscreen doesn’t itself flap or create any sound when encountered with wind while on the road.

Smart sensor technology & multipoint technology: This is the biggest advantage of This Legend. Once you wear the headset, it manages your mobile phones. You can pick up a call, make a call or even message just by orally giving the instruction. You just have to say “receive” when the automated headset voice tells you that person X is calling you. And the multipoint technology allows you to connect two phones at a time to your headset. So, you can manage calls from both the phones without even touching either one of them. Isn’t this just wow!

Bluetooth v3.0: Drivers least want to get themselves tangled in the wired headphones. Just imagine their difficulty when they would constantly need to keep an eye on the wired headphones lest they may get wound up with the accelerator!


A Bluetooth enabled headset ensures that they work completely in ease without worrying about the wires. Also, they constantly need to get down and check their truck. It would be really unfair if they would need to carry their mobile with them each time. A Bluetooth headset would give them the luxury to listen to music or continue talking even when away from the phone.

And at the top of it, Plantronics has given this headset, the most advanced of the Bluetooth profiles. It comes with advanced audio distribution profile, audio/video remote control profile, wideband handsfree profile 1.6 and headset profile 1.2.


These specifications only make the Bluetooth transmission strong and of good quality.



Water- resistant: While on road, you never know what kind of weather you may face. Drivers always drive with their windows down. Now, if it begins to rain and gets into their headset, it will simply ruin the device. Not if they are water resistant.

Plantronics has paid proper attention to each and every aspect of the headset. Seems like they spent too much time compiling the real-life hardships of truckers.

The headset comes with P2i nano coating. This P2i coating is an elaborate process. Let us give you a brief description of  it:

  • Headsets are held at low pressure and a radio frequency activates its surface. This creates free-radical sites.
  • The monomers are introduced and made to bond to the free-radical sites by polymerization using a pulsed radio-frequency.
  • Low pressure ensures that this process occurs uniformly on the outside as well as inside of the device.
  • This results in an ultra-thin polymer coating all over the headset.
  • Since this coating is hydrophobic, it simply repels any water on the surface, thus rendering it water-proof.


Updateable firmware: We have already talked that the drivers are constantly on the road. They don’t always have time and money to buy updated headsets. An updateable firmware ensures that the headset does not become obsolete.

It can be updated to the latest features offered by the parent company. Very much like mobile phones. One can solve many issues just by the firmware updates.

This comes with an updateable firmware. Drivers can easily personalize key settings or get their best bluetooth headset for truck drivers updated online by using the unique Plantronics MyHeadset Updater tool. The tool can be found at this link:

An easily available updater means that the drivers can resolve their issues when they take a break without waiting to go to the service center This saves them lots of time and money too.


Charge connector: We have already discussed the menace that wires are to the drivers. If we don’t want to get them tangled in wires, we need to get rid of the charging cable as well!

Actually, we have. This comes with Proprietary snap-fit magnetic connection. Magnetic connections are durable and dependable. You don’t need to worry about them getting snapped. They connect firmly and pretty efficiently.


Battery: The battery lasts for 7 hours/11 days. However, the battery readiness is up to 5 months which is pretty impressive.


Headset battery meter: Knowing battery level of the headset can be really tricky. People often run out of it just because they are unable to monitor the battery used. But not with this headset.

It comes with a personalized app for both iPhones and Android. The app is on-screen in iPhones and is enabled by Find MyHeadset app.  This app is of special mention as one can locate their headset through it.

Haven’t we all faced the situation where our tiny headset got lost in the sheets or between the piles of assignment papers? The same can happen with the drivers too.

This app allows sending a tone to the headset. The headset beeps, and there you go! Also, you can track down its use through BackTrack feature. You will get all the positions where you last used the device along with time. Just search around the last place. You are bound to find it.

This feature can also double up as a security feature. If you can track down the usage of their headset, you can report its loss and retrieve it using the app.

For Android phones, the app is battery meter.

The app for iOS is better equipped than the android one.


The final verdict: When we talk about the best bluetooth headsets, their comfort, safety, and entertainment quotient are most important. Keeping a lonely person entertained is a big job which we feel; this headset is quite capable of. Drivers can use it to talk to their family whenever they wish. Headsets are not banned on the road. This gives an extra security point.

Also, the various features, especially regarding the audio and the app, are simply over the top. Drivers will definitely find it useful even in the long run. We highly recommend this product.

 5. Plantronics Voyager-5200-UC

Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-01) Advanced NC...

Every gadget has its share of pros and cons. The same is true for this headset too. Let us have a look at these aspects.


Highly advanced audio saturation technique: This headset comes with a range of features just to elevate the audio quality. The wind cancelling features, digital signal processors, and 20-band equalizers are just a few to name. Proper attention has been paid to every aspect. Even the smallest of the issues have been addressed so that the audio quality does not suffer. In this aspect, the product is unbeatable.

  • Lightweight: Weighing just 0.64 ounces, it allows truckers to carry them without adding up to their luggage.
  • Sweat resistant: Being on the road for long means sweating profusely. Its sweat resistance allows lorry drivers to use the headset without worrying about it getting damaged. It comes with the IPX4 rating.
  • Good audio quality and four microphones: This allows the drivers to talk even on the road with windows down.
  • WindSmart technology: While talking, you don’t have to worry about the wind noise.
  • Wide range: A Bluetooth range of 30 meters allows users to use headset even after keeping mobile phones at a distance.
  • Headset case with charging facility: Headsets can be easily charged in their accompanying case. No need to carry a separate wire. This is particularly useful for truckers who are not always in a position to find charging socket.
  • Smart sensors for managing calls: Managing calls is super easy. You only need to say it. Rest, it manages it. Lorry drivers can utilize this for answering their calls while driving without even touching the phone.



  • Average battery life: 7 hours of battery life as well, just above normal.
  • Expensive compared to its competitors.
  • Only sound mode is mono which makes listening to music a bit flat

When selecting the perfect Bluetooth headsets for drivers, comfort, durability, and quality are a top priority. 5200-UC has already been able to carve a niche for itself. Have you ever thought of calling your headset smart?

If not, do call this one. It is equipped with all the features that will solve the practical problems faced by all drivers.

  • Adaptive microphones
  • Smart sensors
  • Dynamic mute alert
  • Sweat-proof nanocoating
  • Windsmart
  • Great adaptability
  • 7 hrs. talk time

5200-UC comes with all the advanced features that would make a trucker’s life smooth.

4 adaptive microphones and wind smart technology:  A large number of adaptive microphones eliminates all sorts of background noises. Two microphones are placed nearer to the speaker. Two other are placed away from him/her. A diaphragm separates them, offering a clearer speaker voice.

As a result, the outer noise gets muted. This makes the speaker’s words clear. Also, while driving, wind creates equal disruption. To cope with this, 5200-UC comes with windsmart technology. Using this, you detect the wind direction easily.


Command control: With just one touch, this Bluetooth headset gets connected to your smartphone. After that, it is just its extension. If you are getting any call, you will be informed by its automated voice information system.

You have just to say receive or ignore. Since your contacts can also be managed through it, you can even make a call, organize meetings, send messages etc. It easily connects with Siri and Cortana which allows getting directions easily. This feature is particularly helpful to the drivers as they will not get lost on long hauls.


Sweat-proof nano-coating: When it comes to the bluetooth headsets for truckers they are worn over a long time, sweating is bound to happen. We have heard of numerous cases where they get damaged due to sweat seeping into the device. To counteract this, This 5200-UC comes with sweat-proof nano-coating.  Nano-coating is the process which makes a device hydrophobic.

This headset comes with IPX4 rating. IPX ratings are given according to the water-resistant capacity of an electronic device. The IPX4 rating means that the device is sweat-proof. Thus, truckers can wear them as long as they wish without fearing of them getting damaged.


Comfort: For long-distance truckers, comfort features of headsets are also important. Proper attention has been given to this aspect. Some of the notable comfort features are:


Rotating ear tip: The headset comes with boom arm and rotating ear tip which makes it super easy to use from either side.

Battery life: The battery has a standby time of 7 hours. After that, the headset can be charged in the accompanying case. This case has its own battery which can hold charge lasting about 14 hours. So, if the best trucker headset lost its battery, they can utilize the case battery for another 14 hours.


The final verdict: When it comes to comfort features, 5200-UC is way ahead of its contemporaries. Its smart sensors just make it an accessory to the phone/laptop, thus increasing its use manifold.

Its noise-canceling microphones are tailor-made for the drivers. Different experiments have proved that it successfully diminishes the background noise and allows transmission of a clear voice.

The battery standby time is not up-to-mark. Drivers are usually on the go for more than 12 hours. In such a condition, the battery life of just 7 hours is not enough. However, the additional feature of charging capable headset box compensates for this drawback.

I hope you found the best bluetooth headset for truckers that works for your needs! If not here is our last recommendation for you that will surely satisfy you!
5 Best Bluetooth Headset For Truckers (2019) - 100% Driver Friendly


Are you looking for a good headset for your better driving experience? Heres a List of the best bluetooth headset for truckers this 2018!

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