8 of the Best Bang and Olufsen (B&O) Headphones & Earbuds of 2019

Bang and Olufsen are synonymous with efficiency and sophistication. B&O, as all the music enthusiasts fondly call it, is on everyone’s Wishlist. Nothing can beat the fineness of design and sound.

There is a whole lot of population that considers it as an epitome of technical fineness.  And rightly so!

Whenever the details of any headphone are sought, we get all the technical details. Mentioning the audio-engineers’ names are simply out of the question, but B&O knows that it is because of its designers that the company has been successful in making a mark.

The headphones designer’s name is always mentioned in the technical details. This is totally out of the league and shows the level of dedication towards creating world-class designer headphones.

Let us try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about B&O.

Question and Answer

The Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going in For a Bang and Olufsen Headphone

  1. What is it about B&O PLAY or bang and Olufsen?Ans. Founded in 1925 by duo Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, B&O is an iconic audio-device manufacturing company that has bravely dealt with the negativity of WWII. But with its fighter’s spirit, it remained on top of the game. This prestigious Danish company has carved a reputed niche for itself in manufacturing audio devices with fine music quality.
  2. What does the B & O stand for? Ans. B&O is named after its founding duo; Peter a Bang and Svend Olufsen. While Bang looked after the technological aspects of the aspects, Olufsen dealt with the business strategies.
  3. Why Choose B&O play headphones? Ans. If you are one of those who is technology frenzy and wants to try the best headphones, B&O is your cup of tea. You cannot call yourself a headphone fan if you have never tried it. So, to experience the best quality sound quality and to witness an innovative headphone brand, you should choose B&O Play headphones.
  4. Why is B&O a historically innovative company? Ans. There are very few companies which were established as a result of someone’s passion for technology. Initially, B&O was associated with radio transmitters. Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started producing radios from their family home’s attic in 1925. They went on to create the first radio which did not need to be connected to the battery for operation. This laid the foundation for further innovations in audio devices and has continued till now.
  5. What is so special about the B&O Design? Ans.  B&O does not call itself a “technology firm”. It loves being referred to as the technical aesthetics company. B&O does not let the technological limitations come in the way of creating a unique yet comfortable design. No one has ever complained that a particular design from B&O is inefficient because of that particular architecture. In fact, users have always complimented that they hadn’t used an audio device which looks so good on them! Usually, the headphone manufacturers concentrate only on the technology but not how that device will look at the owner’s head. An aesthetic appeal has always featured alongside the technology in case of B&O, something that makes its design mention-worth.

Here, we have created two lists; for best B&O headphones and best B&O earbuds/earphones. Let us first go through the list of best B&O headphones and see what makes them so special.

Best B&O Headphones You Can Buy Today:

B&O is a brand that has come to be known for its fine detailing, aesthetic appeal, and quality. Usually, the general perception is that a robust headphone looks very unappealing. That is somewhat true. The so-called durable headphones have wide headbands with over-sized ear-puffs.

They simply kill the sophistication to add durability. However, this is not the case with B&O. It is the only company that pays attention to the fact that in this fashion-conscious world; a headphone shouldn’t play the spoilsport.

B&O has designers that work on the designing of headphones together with the audio-engineers. The results are simply amazing. You get the fineness of craftsmanship over engineer’s vision.

4 of the Best B&O Headphones this 2019

We have Listed the best of 4 headphones from BEOPlay that we believe it caters both quality and performance of a headphones


Pros & cons:

People usually associate a designer product with lowered durability and more attention to looks.

But B&O surely stands on an altogether different stage. It proves that design, quality, and durability can go hand in hand. Let us have a look over this product’s pros and cons:


  • Good Bluetooth range and specifications
  • Good battery life
  • Dedicated Beoplay app
  • Good noise cancellation
  • In-built device controls
  • Lightweight, just as you need

  • Users have reported poor audio quality for calls
  • Less customer-friendly with non-collapsible design
  • The plastic material on offer is cringe-worthy


1. BEOPLAY H4 (Best B&O Headphones)

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones - Black
  • Premium wireless, over-ear headphones with Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Designed with clean lines, minimalist expression and a focus on the pure essentials
  • Up to 19 hours of battery life with Bluetooth
  • High quality headphones made with leather, aluminum and steel.Sensitivity:91 dB/mW @ 1kHz
  • In the box: Beoplay H4 headphones, audio cable, USB cable, Quick Start guide

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B&O has always managed to pull off some breath-taking designs for its headphones. Beoplay H4 is definitely one of them. The model has a matt finish and uses genuine materials for added comfort. The way wire from the headband that enters the ear-plug does look great.

There are no sharp edges. Designed by the celebrated Danish design engineer, Jakob Wagner, it boasts of all modern technological advancements with a touch of sophistication.

Let us have a detailed look at this headphone:


Bluetooth 4.2: B&O’s Beoplay H4 offers the comfort of Bluetooth. Users can enjoy its comfort without the hassles of wire. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 which is an update of Bluetooth core specifications.

It is safer and offers more privacy. It is 250% faster than Bluetooth 4.1 and has ten times more capacity. With these features, using Bluetooth on B&O headset is a safe option. It pays enough attention to your right to privacy.

People have often expressed concerns over the hacking of Bluetooth devices by criminals. With Bluetooth 4.2 though, this is not the case. Users have reported of smooth functioning with fine sound quality.

The range of Bluetooth is 10 meters. This means a user can leave the phone or laptop on the table and with headsets on; can listen to is playlist even while moving in their cabin. This is definitely an added comfort feature. Also, it frees the users from the burden of carrying their device with them.

The audio is sent to the wireless headphones via AAC(Advanced Audio Coding) codec. This is by far, the most efficient way of signal transmission for wireless devices. All the above mentioned three features ensure that the Bluetooth of this model is quite efficient and meets the expectations of the customers.

The best feature, so far reported by the users, is that its Bluetooth remembers the last eight connected Bluetooth devices. This is very convenient if you wish to look for all the possible connections for security reasons. Also, it automatically connects to one of the available devices that it remembers.

Loudspeaker and microphone:

The electro-dynamic driver of 10mm diameter. These do not require much power to reach high volumes. As we know, B&O first experimented with radio batteries to make them more portable.

So, using electro-dynamic driver makes sense. Also, their fine engineering works ensure that these do not face the non-linear distortions. As a result, the sound generated is crystal clear with the right pitch.

The microphone is an omnidirectional mono-electret type which means, these come with following features:

  • Low gain feedback ratio
  • Slow feedback build up
  • No proximity effect
  • Low sensitivity to wind, handling, and pop-noises
  • Low distortion
  • Smooth and even off-axis coloration
  • Good near-field channel separation
  • In-built device controls and cord: The headphone comes with an inbuilt device control buttons. There are 3 buttons on the right ear-cup, each for Bluetooth pairing, managing the playlist and making/ending calls.

The headphone comes with a 1.2m audio cord and 3.5mm audio jack. USB cable of 0.25m makes charging easy and adaptable. Otherwise, a dedicated charging cable sometimes makes charging the device difficult if it stops working or you forget to bring.

Comfort features:
  • Good battery features: Rechargeable Li-ion battery of 600mAh provides the backup time of 19 hours that is impressive. It gets charged in just 2.5 hours.
  • Beoplay app: A dedicated app makes it easier to handle when on the go. You don’t need to take out your audio-device every time you wish to make some change to your playlist.
  • Materials used: Lambskin leather, aluminium, steel and braided textile cord add durability and another level of aesthetic look. The color selection is very good. It offers a posh look to the product.
The final verdict:

A product that makes a mark for itself only by its futuristic design is sure to cast a spell on its user-base. The audio is fine-tuned, and there are no distortions at any frequency. Bluetooth 4.2 adds to the security factor.

Also, the dedicated app makes it more acceptable to the younger generation. However, if it would have been collapsible, it would have been more convenient to carry. Altogether, it a good value for money.


Pros & cons:

Every electronic product boasts of some over-the-top features while lacks some. Let’s have a look over both the aspects of this product:

  • Long battery life
  • Good user-friendly app
  • Excellent noise-cancellation
  • Proximity sensor and transparency modes for added security and durability
  • In-built device controls for easier controls

  • Very expensive
  • Users have complained of inefficient customer care services
  • Users are so-far unimpressed by the transparency modes



B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i Wireless Bluetooth...
  • NEVER MISS A BEAT: H8i wireless headphones have a built-in proximity sensor that automatically stops playback...
  • Frequency response - 20 - 22,000 Hz
  • Compatible devices: Compatible with devices of Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2
  • Included components: Beoplay H8i headphones; Audio cable with 3.5 mm jack (1.25 m); USB-C charging cable (1.2...

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With each consecutive model, B&O has only added feathers to its designer technological innovations. BOE PLAY H8i is the next product in this list. Let us have a look at its features.

Wireless headphone:

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, this headphone promises a safer yet faster mode of wireless transmission. Users have reported uninterrupted music signals when using the headphone.

AAC codec ensures that users don’t experience the interruptions with any physical obstruction in the way of phone and headphone. This issue has been most commonly reported with many headphone brands. B&O customers don’t face this.

Active noise cancellation:

The real tone and feeling of musical notes cannot be grasped in a noisy surrounding. However, most of us use our headphones only when we are in the commute.

To solve this issue, you get the active noise cancelling headphones. these use mechanical and electrical circuits to cancel out the unwanted ambient noise so that concentrating n the musical notes becomes easier.

Transparency mode:

There are times when we need to hear the ambient sound. Like, we are crossing a crowded area. If we don’t hear the outer noise, we may not be able to hear the truck’s horns. This is actually dangerous.

To do away with this dangerous situation, B&O has equipped this headset with transparency mode which is easily controlled with the Beoplay app. You get three levels of transparency mode which you can easily select according to your needs.

Proximity sensors:

Since these headphones work on battery, some battery-saving technology needs to be included. The proximity sensor is one of them. It automatically switches off the headphone as soon as it is taken off from the ears. This increases the battery life and also the durability of the device.

In-built device controls:

There are 3 inbuilt device controls on the right ear-puff. Each button is dedicated to Bluetooth pairing, track changes and phone calls respectively. This eliminates the need for taking out the phone in midst of a journey. Any call can be comfortably answered just by pressing the button on the ear-puff.

Good battery life:

A rechargeable 1110mAh battery with over 45 hours of play-time is a milestone. One can comfortably use the headphone without even charging once during the overnight journey. The headphone’s battery gets fully charged in just 3.5 hours.

Beoplay app:

A dedicated app for this level of the product is actually necessary. From controlling basic functions like the volume of the track to managing audio-transparency, this app actually shows the designer’s long-vision.

The final verdict

With this model, B&O has tried to add some enhanced security features. The transparency modes and proximity sensors need special mention.

The battery life is exceptional. It promises uninterrupted music for long. However, users seem to carry an altogether different impression.

The transparency mode is inefficient, and the design is also very cheap. The company needs to upgrade the new technical additions and use better materials for the ear-puffs. Altogether, a good effort!


Pros & cons:

Even though B&O is the market leader in designer and posh headsets but it also needs to improve on some fronts. Let us find out the pros and cons of this device:


  • Advanced active noise cancelation
  • Good Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dedicated app and features
  • Good sound quality especially bass levels

  • Unsatisfactory battery life
  • Uncomfortable ear-buds
  • Very expensive



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear...
  • EASY LISTENING: Adjust the volume, change tracks and take calls with on-device touch controls. Enjoy added...
  • Frequency response - 20-20,000Hz and Impedance - 16 Ohms
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity: 770 mAh

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You cannot expect any technological repetitions in B&O headphones. with each successive models, they work the on the advancement of the previously included features and add newer and more relevant features.

As a matter of fact, noise cancelling headphones were originally meant for communicating in the cockpits. But who knew that there will be the same level of traffic noise some day.

So, it is always important to understand the current scenario and needs when manufacturing headphones. B&O has been consistently proving its efficiency in this regards. Let us have a look over the third product in this specially prepared list of best B&O headphones.

Advanced noise cancellation:

In a time when traffic noise reaches up to 120 dB, owning an advanced active noise cancelling headphone is almost a necessity. It is very frustrating to hear the noise the of the crowd and fellow passengers’ murmurs after a hectic day. All you need is some peace.

With its advanced active noise cancellation, this headphone gives a total peace of mind. It can be very helpful if you are trying to catch a nap while your stop is still far.

Transparency mode:

It is advisable to take off your headphone at high traffic zones to avoid collisions. However, it is very cumbersome to first take off the headphone and then wear it again. To handle this, Boeplay H9i has transparency mode. One can select the complete transparency level to hear the ambient noise clearly.

At the top of it, this is app-managed. It means one can easily manage the transparency levels just by few touches on the app screen.

Proximity sensors:

These headphones are battery-powered. As soon as you wear the headphone, it begins to use up the power. However, it is imperative to wisely use the battery for longer life and longer music experience.

To cope with the situation when batteries lose power even when not in use, the proximity sensor is included. These ensure that when the user takes off the headphone, it automatically shuts off. When worn again, it automatically switches on also. Isn’t this really power-efficient!

Bluetooth 4.2:

Bluetooth-enabled headphones free users from the wire-messes. You don’t have to carry a long cord with you everywhere just because you like music. Also, it gives more mobility.

With a wired headphone, your one hand remains busy. You cannot carry your groceries in your both hands. But with a Bluetooth-enabled headset, you are free to do as many activities you wish. You can carry your grocery, roller skate and even practice your couple dance!

Long battery life:

Its 770 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery gives enough time for a good musical experience. With battery back-up of approximately 18 hours, this can make your over-night journey pleasurable. It needs 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

In-built device controls:

As this headset is Bluetooth compatible, additional features for mobility are important. 3 inbuilt buttons on the headset allow users to connect Bluetooth devices, change the playlist and even answer or end the call.

A good number of accessories included:

It is always important that a headset is accompanied by the necessary accessories. BOE PLAY H9i come with charger USB cable, flight adapter, carrying case and also a quick guide.

Beoplay app:

Various features of this headset are app-controlled. Beoplay app ensures the efficiency of the headset by allowing users to control the features without even touching the phone or headset.

The final verdict:

B&O lags behind in some fronts when it comes to BOEPLAY H9i. the battery life is a big turn-off. However, the audio quality is indisputable. The bass, treble and notes are all clear and without any distortions.

The 40mm driver is very efficient in delivering this level of sound. But it is undoubtedly very expensive.


Pros & cons:

No electrical product can ever be 100% accurate and absolutely perfect. The same goes with this model also. Let us see its pros and cons.



  • Very affordable price
  • Light-weight
  • 2-ears warranty period
  • Excellent bass

  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wires can be messy to carry around
  • Users have reported unsatisfactory treble


4. BEOPLAY Form 2i

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Form 2i On-Ear Headphone...
  • Ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphones with impressive stereo Sound
  • The longest living headphones on the market
  • Iconic, retro-chic design - part of the permanent collection at moma
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, and comfortable
  • Inline remote and microphone

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Beoplay form 2i is the wired model from B&O. even though it lacks the charm of Bluetooth models; it is not at all inefficient. It is still very comfortable and fulfils the needs of an audiophile. Let us have a look over its features.

Inline remote and microphone:

The microphone and remote are strategically placed just below the cheek. It gives out clear sound to the person on the other side. The in-built remote allows users to end or start a call and change the tracks from the playlist.

High-quality Sound:

Being a premier B&O model, the sound quality of Beoplay Form 2i is simply mind-blowing. The bass is impressive and strikes all the notes correctly. The highs don’t over-power the notes as in the case of many high bass headphones. However, the treble is not so impressive. But it is not very bad either.

Semi-open design:

the ear-foams are not over-sized to give the semi-open design. This allows users to hear the ambient noise also. For listening sharply, ear-foams need to be carefully placed. One of the positive aspects of this design is that it allows wearing specs without any difficulty.


Weighing only 90g, this feels like a feather on your head. Heavier headphones tend to make the head and ears sweaty. But with ultra-light foams and light-weighted body, this is a very user-friendly model.

2-year warranty:

Any product gains its fan base by its customer service. A warranty period of 2 years ensures that users can get the product exchanged if they face any problem during this two-year span.

The final verdict:

Beoplay Form 2i is actually an old model, but its quality has led it to become one of the best B&O headphones. At such an affordable price, it offers good features. The sound quality is excellent and confirms to the audio quality level set by B&O. This one is definitely a good value for money.

4 of the Best B&O Earbuds and Earphones this 2019

Earbuds fit like cotton balls into our ears. But the feeling that it gives after receiving audio signals define the product. Earbuds are excellent for passive noise cancellation. So, ambient noise rarely causes interference.

Most of the time, people think that earbuds need not have any design. But then there is B&O which ensures that even the earbuds have their own aesthetic appeal. The users should feel over-whelmed while using the product.

When sophistication meets with the invention, B&O comes into play.

Here, we have compiled a list of best B&O earbuds/earphones. Let us see what each model has to offer.


Pros & cons:

Every product comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let us see what this product has in its store.


  • Light-weight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Good selection of silicon ear-tips
  • Dedicated Beoplay app
  • Transparency modes

  • Inbuilt device control is not user-friendly
  • Battery life is pretty short
  • micro USB charging cord makes it a little difficult to charge if one forgets to bring it.


1. BEOPLAY E8 (Best B&O Earbuds)

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Premium Truly Wireless Bluetooth...
  • Truly wireless: the wireless in-ear design delivers hassle-free listening with no strings attached
  • Intuitive touch interface: the easy touch controls let you take calls, switch tracks, or activate voice...
  • High quality streaming: sound is transmitted between the earbuds via a magnetic field for zero dropouts
  • Charging case: genuine leather case to travel stylishly. 4 hours of playtime, and 2 additional 4-hour-charges...
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

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If you wish to have an inconspicuous earbud that fits perfectly inside your ear without causing discomfort, Beoplay E8 should be your call. Without wasting words, let us see what features are offered by it.

Intuitive touch interface with microphone:

Intuitive touch interface allows users to control various functions just by tapping on the ear-piece. This eliminates the need to take out the phone every time you need some track to fast forward. However, there is a pattern in which the ear-piece should be tapped which is as follows:

  1. Play/pause- click once on right earbud
  2. Next track-click twice on right earbud
  3. Now, track-click twice on left earbud
  4. Decrease volume-touch and hold left earbud
  5. Increase volume-touch and hold right earbud
  6. Activate/de-activate transparency mode- click left earbud once
  7. Voice activation-touch right earbud thrice
  8. Answer incoming call-touch left or right earbud once
  9. Reject call-hold left or right earbud for 5 seconds
  10. End call-tap either left or right earbud twice

However, this whole pattern of taps is very cumbersome and will need good time and practice to memorize. This feature is definitely not user-friendly.

High-quality audio:

Digital signal processor allows tuning with perfect equalization and gain. The notes are clear and are not muffled. The bass is excellent when paired with a good ear-tip.

Transparency mode:

Transparency mode can be controlled by the app and allows users to listen to the ambient sound when desired.

  1. Lightweight: Both ear-buds measure 6g and 7g each. This does not feel like a weight inside the ear.
  2. Accompanying accessories: The product is accompanied by a set of assorted silicone ear-tips. These provide comfort inside the ear as well enhance the sound quality.
  3. Long battery life: A battery life of 4 hours is fine regarding ear-buds.
The final verdict:

Being a premier B&O product, Beoplay E8 comes with its iconic sound quality and exquisitely designed body. The technical specifications are at par with its headphone models. However, the battery is weak and understandably so.

But, B&O needs to find ways to have stronger battery life. Also, the touch interface is very tricky. Otherwise, this is a good product. Will be much better with few modifications pointed out earlier.


Pros & cons:

Every product is bound to undergo scrutiny. Let us see if this product’s pros outnumber the cons.

  • Balanced mids and highs
  • A dedicated app for iOS
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2
  • Lightweight
  • Beoplay app

  • Users have reported issues with iOS connectivity
  • Very short battery life
  • An absence of ear-clips to firmly attach to the ears
  • Very expensive



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Black...
  • Immersive wireless sound for life on the move
  • Adaptive sound profile via the Beoplay App
  • Designed to be out and about (splash and dust resistant)
  • Comfortable on the long commute (and the short ones)

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It is very tricky to have a sharp audio quality in earbuds. With Beoplay H5, the makers have reached a new level of technical artistry. They have tried to incorporate all the missing features in this model. Let us have a look at the features:

  1.  Wireless earbuds: Both the ear-buds are attached by a cable and they run along the back of the head. Both of them receive Bluetooth signals. This cable ensures that they don’t fall off while running or commuting. The connecting cable is light-weighted.
  2.  Electro-dynamic loudspeaker: Electro-dynamic drivers are light and are excellent at the sound quality. The electro-dynamic loudspeaker gives the clarity and sharpness to the audio files without causing distortions.
  3. Omnidirectional microphone: This means that the microphone can pick up signals from a wide range. So, basically, a user does not need to hold the mic close to his/her mouth. Even if it dangles near the ear, it will efficiently pick-up the voice and deliver clearly to the person on the other side. However, it is little problematic when you are talking on the phone while sitting with a group of people. Since this microphone picks up voices equally from all sides; it is prone to get feedbacks in groups. The person on the other end will get combined voices of the whole group.
  4. Bluetooth 4.2: This is the latest version of Bluetooth. It offers a more secure and faster connection. Users have so far only praised the strength of the audio signals transmitted through it. Otherwise, there are continuous complaints of interrupted Bluetooth connections in the presence of any physical barrier.
  5. Optimized remote for iOS: The remote has various features like creating a personalized setting using an onscreen equalizer. However, its absence from the Android platform will limit many customers.

Comfort features:

  • Dual batteries with extended backup time: Both the ear-buds carry batteries of 50mAh each. Altogether, they give the battery back-up of 5 hours. But takes 2 hours to get fully charged. The battery can be a big turn-off for many users. It will not last even for the whole office hours. Also, the charging time is very long.
  • Ear-tips with sweat guard: When earbuds are used for listening to music, it leads to sweating. To prevent this, B&O has included ear-tips with sweat guards. The ear-tips ensure that the ear-buds perfectly fit inside the ear.

The efficiency of the earbuds depends directly on the noise isolation provided by the ear-tips. Silicon ear-tips are excellent noise isolating material and give an unbeatable hearing experience. However, the innovative part is that these ear-tips are accompanied by sweat guards.

While listening to music, ears often get heated up and sweat. Regular sweating can lodge pathogens which can cause infections. Also, sweating will cause the ear-buds to fall off. To prevent this untoward incident, the ear-tips are provided with sweat guards. As long as you wear the ear-tips, there will be no sweating. This adds a healthy factor as well as durability to the product.

The final verdict:  

B&O’s BEOPLAY H5 is not an attractive model. Its battery backup is pathetic. It does not even last for the whole office hours. Moreover, it charges with a magnetic dock and not with the normal USB. This makes it’s charging a little messy. Moreover, it is utterly expensive. Definitely not a value for money. B&O has many better models.


Pros & cons:

Every product has got its share of pros and cons. Nothing in this world is perfect. Let us see both aspects of these earbuds.


  • Lightweight
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Good battery life
  • Incredible sound output

  • ANC device is little bulky and ruins the look
  • Mid-bass leakages are very evident



Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E4 Advanced Active Noise Cancelling...
  • ADVANCED ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION brings serenity to your busy world. The advanced hybrid ANC in these...
  • No Bluetooth. Frequency response - 20-16,000 Hz. Impedance - 16 Ohms

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B&O earbuds have become synonymous with aesthetically designed earbuds. And rightly so. B&O pays enough attention to the design and comfort features. Users have always been impressed with the unique blend of design and technology in B&O earbuds.

Beoplay E4 has got amazing sound quality with over the top comfort features. Made up of durable stainless steel, the earbuds come with a matt finish; this gives it a rich look.

Something that is well known about B&O. You feel very comfortable with carrying it around. There are many products on the market that do have good features but don’t invest much in the design.

Now, the thing is, no one wants to look like carrying a cheap earbud. What is the use of high-end technologies if it can’t convince the users to carry the earbuds care freely around!

B&O simply deletes this complexity for users. The look of Beoplay E4 is very authentic and polished. The best part of these is their light weight. Despite being made up of the stainless steel, they do not add up any weight to the ears.

  • Active noise cancellation: Beoplay E4 comes with active noise cancellation technology. This means that these earbuds carry a miniature microphone which is specifically meant for picking up the ambient noise like traffic chaos or peoples’ conversation. After that, the electronic circuitry creates a sound wave exactly like the ambient noise but in opposite direction, that is, 180 degrees out of phase. Both the opposite sound waves cancel out each other. This allows the user to listen to the audio from the phone or iPod without any distortions or mixing with the outer noise. Since it uses active noise cancellation, Beoplay’s battery requirements are higher owing to the use of the electronic circuitry.
  • Transparency mode: With such a precise noise cancellation, it is very practical for the users to lose track of the outer world. This is not very healthy. We repeatedly come across news of people meeting accidents just because they did not pay enough attention while crossing the road or being ignorant of their surroundings. One should always be attentive to the environment. But what makes people skip this important part? The mess associated with putting down the earbud and then again wearing it. To subtract this, B&O has added transparency modes to its ear-buds. You can select from the three levels of transparency to suit your needs. Complete transparency will allow you to clearly hear your surrounding noise without even taking off the ear-buds. Now, that is comfortable design!
  • High-quality sound: The sound quality does not lack any element. You can detect that it is little leaned towards the bass. Mids and high offer a rich soundscape and allows you to clearly detect notes.

Comfort features:

  • Long battery life: This model offers a 350mAh Li-Ion battery of up to 20 hours back up. It gets charged in just a little under 2.5 hours.
  • Assorted accessories: These earbuds are accompanied by assorted accessories comprising of silicon ear tips, flight adaptor, carrying pouch, USB to micro USB for charging and a user manual.
  • Remote: B&O has included a dedicated remote optimized for iOs. But, Android users will definitely not like being left out of the league.
The final verdict:

B&O is the name well regarded for blending comfort with technology. This headphone has got incredible sound quality at such a price. Some sound issues are present, but they can be compromised with other associated features. Also, it is unfair to expect high-end features in the mid-price range. Definitely worth a mention of best B&O earbuds.


Pros & cons:

Even though this is an old model of B&O, yet it offers incredible features. And these have led it to feature on the list of best B&O earbuds.

However, it is not as perfect as you would want it to be. An honest review ultimately helps the company to upgrade the product. And, we get more comfortable and accurate products. Let us go through the pros and cons of this product.


  • Ergonomically designed with stable fit
  • Adjustable ear-sets
  • Attractive look
  • Above average sound

  • Audio cable looks cheap and not robust
  • Audio quality not at par with other B&O products
  • No Bluetooth
  • Enough sound leakages reported by users


4. BeoPLAY Earset 3i

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones, Black...
  • Ultra-light and adjustable headphone designed for people on the move
  • Tuned by Bang & Olufsen's acoustics department with a high signal-to-noise ratio that delivers your music...
  • Made from brushed aluminum and a special soft-touch rubber coating
  • Adjustable and ergonomic, Earset 3i can be adjusted to fit the contours and curves of the individual ear
  • Inline remote and microphone

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If you are looking for a comfortable and stable fit with a cool design, Beoplay earset 3i should be your catch.

Not a high-end model from B&O but it is actually is feature-packed to impress you. So, if you are low and budget and wish to experience the comfort of B&O, this is the perfect model. Let us have a detailed outlook on the product.


  • Cool design: In the times of wireless earbuds, wired earbuds are difficult to look cool. But with a sleek and futuristic design, Beoplay earset 3i does not disappoint us. The ear-hooks are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly over the ears. Being light-weight, they do not add unwanted weight over the ears making you feel comfortable no matter how long you wear them. Adjustable ear-hooks make them stable. The ear-buds are made up of quality material.It offers comfort and freedom from any kind of skin reactions. Many users have previously reported of ear reddening by using cheap quality of ear hooks. Users have not faced such issues with Beoplay earset 3i.
  • Sound quality: The sound standard of earbuds is the most important factor. After all, their primary role is sound dissipation. In Beoplay earset 3i, the sound quality is above average. It gives standard treble. Bass is not up to mark. This is something not expected from B&O. Mids are also good. The lower mid value is 5.68 dB. This is actually very impressive. These simply minuses the muddy voices. The total harmonic distortions sit at an average level. So, the sound received is without clutters and clearly delivered.
  • In line microphone with remote: Since it is a wired earbud model, it comes with an in-line microphone and a remote. This can be used for managing playlists and calls while on the go.

Comfort features:

  • Lightweight: At just 8 grams, it is extremely light-weighted and allows users to comfortably carry it all day round.
  • Adjustable earset: Most of the earbuds comes in a universal shape and size. But everyone does not have the same ear shape and size. This leads to inefficient audio delivery. But Beoplay earset 3i comes with an adjustable earset which can be adjusted by dragging the bracket, angle, and height to suit a person’s ear structure.
The final verdict:

B&O’s Beoplay earset 3i is an old wired model. The sound quality is not satisfactory, especially when cheaper products are offering excellent sound output in the market. Even though this model makes its way into the top B&O earbuds, it seriously needs to be upgraded in sound quality and comfort features.



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