10 Benefits of Wearing a 7.1 Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

As a gamer, finding the best 7.1 gaming headset for Xbox 360 is a must. I have to communicate with the other players well. I need to talk to my allies about the strategies or taunt my opponents back.

To communicate, I need a headset with good sound quality so I can hear them accurately.

So far, the 7.1 gaming headset that I have been using never failed me because of the following reasons.

Let's Start

1. It Is a Better Option Than the 7.1 Sound System Speaker

game addicted with xboxOf course, you can set up your own theater system at home and connect the 7.1 sound system speakers with your Xbox. However, you know that you are the only one that can appreciate the experience.

Aside from the hefty price that you have to pay for setting this sound system up, you will wake your neighbors and disturb the peace of other people.

Choosing the 7.1 gaming headset can provide you with almost the same experience for a cheaper price.

2. It Is a Surround Sound Headset

Stereo headphones are your ordinary headphones. You can buy it at any store you like. It is something that you can buy if your goal is just to hear what is going on in your computer. It is the best and cheap option for you if the sound quality is the least of your concern.

It is true that high-end stereo headphones nowadays are advanced which can offer a wider range of frequencies. However, their capabilities are not enough.

We are gamers. We want to hear the tiniest details that are going on in the game. We need to hear our allies and our opponents. We want to make the best of our game.

Therefore, we need something that does not only have two driver units. Stereo headsets have limited capacities. We need something that has a better sound performance like the surround sound headset.

If you have been to a movie theater, you know how awesome the sound there is like. The sound system in a movie theater is an example of surround sound. The surround sound will give you an advantage over the other players because you will be able to hear the other players more clearly especially if you are in a game that makes use of a map.

There are two types of surround sound headphones. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You only must choose which of them works best for you.

The surround sound is either true or virtual. The true surround sound headphone follows the principle behind the 7.1 sound speakers. It also has several speakers in the cup of each headphone.

The only downsides of the true surround sound headphone are its price and build up. The manufacturers have to trim the cost to make it available to as many gamers as possible.

The virtual surround sound mimics the effect of the 7.1 surround sound. Unlike the true, it only has two speakers that are capable of translating the normal stereo sound into a surround sound through its external or internal mix-amps or pre-amps.

The downside of the virtual surround sound is that the sound that it produces is less accurate than the true surround sound headset.

3. The 7.1 Is the Most Complex Among the Sound Configurations

Trade fair visitors playing the game dragonball fighter z at GamescomThe primary reason why we want the best 7.1 gaming headset for Xbox 360 is that we want to enhance our spatial awareness. We want to hear even the tiniest detail in our game. I am going to tell you why I think the 7.1 headset is the better option among many other types.  

Let us start with the 1.0, which is obviously not the best option for gamers. From the number itself, it is an indication that it produces a mono sound that only has one speaker.  

The 2.0 is what the stereo configuration uses because it has two speakers. Probably, it can give a player some spatial awareness, but still not enough to hear some other sound effects.

The 2.1 is almost the same as the 2.0. However, it has something extra called the subwoofer. The subwoofer is there to enable it to produce sounds of low frequency; thus, one can hear the bass from it. However, just hearing the low-frequency sounds is still not enough to listen to the complex sounds of the Xbox game.  

The 5.1 audio provides a better option. In fact, it is the first type that has a surround configuration. The reason why it is 5.1 is because it has a subwoofer and five speakers. That is why it can provide a better acoustic among those that were mentioned above.

The 7.1 provides the best experience. They say that 5.1 and the 7.1 are good for gaming, but as for me, I prefer the most complex one, which is the 7.1 . It is because it provides the sound experience that is totally immersive because of the subwoofer and the seven speakers. It is like a 5.1 speaker with extra benefits.

4. It Is Durable

I think it still depends on the manufacturer and the type of headset you buy. For me, the virtual 7.1 surround gaming headset is more durable than the true one. It is because some of the manufacturers of the true surround gaming headset have to make their products commercially available for the gamers, so they have to cut some expenses on the materials.

However, compared to ordinary headsets, gaming headsets are more durable. Their design enables them to withstand the long hours of playing games every day.  

To give you an idea what a durable construction is, a headset that is made from solid aluminum is the most ideal. The ear cups are made from leather.

A trade fair visitor is playing the project cars 2 game

5. It is Lightweight

Even though the headset is made from leather and metal and some of its type consist of several speakers, most of them are still lightweight. It helps in reducing neck pain because of the long hours of gaming.

6. It Has Adjustable Controls

Compared to the normal headset, the 7.1 gaming headset provides more controls. Most of them have programmable keys that you can use to change or activate the settings of the voice chat which is handy while playing with your friends. Some have a dongle that controls the backlit volume which is useful when you are in a dark place inside a game.

The control capabilities are different among the brands and models of the 7.1 gaming headset. You just have to find the one that you think will be more useful to you.

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7. Ergonomic Design

Gaming headsets are special because of its design. Of course, it should survive the long hours the gamer plays the game. Therefore, you will find that most of them have huge ear cups with soft foam leather padding.

The band on the head is also wrapped with leather to prevent the metal part from pressing the skull.

8. You Can Go Wired or Wireless

You can find wired or wireless 7.1 gaming headset on the market. Some of these products can offer both features, so you can go wired or wireless depending on your mood or the intensity Players with headset and a Xboxof your game.

The only drawback for a wireless gaming headset is that you have to charge it from time to time.

9. It Comes With a Microphone

The microphone lets you connect to your allies or even to your opponents during the game, which is why it is an important feature. However, not all microphones from all the gaming headsets are of high-quality. Some of them can pick the ambient sound, making your voice sounds less clear.

Therefore, if you are still in the process of buying a new headset, I suggest that you should buy the one with a microphone that has good noise isolation technology. It should capture the sound that has a frequency ranging from 50 H to 18,000 Hz.

10. It Has a Noise Cancellation Technology

The noise cancellation technology ensures that only you can hear the sound of your game. You are sure that nobody will poke a finger on you to tell you to lower your volume down. Because of this feature, you can enjoy your gaming experience even more. You will feel more immersed in the game.


Knowing these benefits, you now realize that the 7.1 gaming headset is different among the other types of headset. You know that its design fits the needs of the gamer. It has an ergonomic design that lets the gamer feel comfortable while playing the game.

You have an option to choose if you prefer wired or wireless. You have the maximum control over your headphone because of the adjustable control features.

The microphone is also an important feature because it lets you communicate with the other players. On the other hand, you just have to choose the headset with a microphone that has a noise cancellation feature too.

Moreover, the sound quality of the 7.1 headsets is the primary benefit that you can enjoy this kind of headphone. It gives you an edge over the other players because it lets you hear accurate sounds.

Now that you know the benefits of this type of headset, you are now ready to find the best 7.1 gaming headset for Xbox 360 that will fit your gaming needs.



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