Beatsx Vs Airpods: Apple’s Wireless Headphones Compared

Beatsx Vs Airpods: Apple’s Wireless Headphones Compared

People who love listening to music, at the gym, on the way to work or even to zone out any other commotion would know the importance of headphones. Having tangled headphones is a music lovers worst nightmare.

And so the call of the day was to have wireless headphones that make listening to music easier than before.

If you’ve got yourself the latest iPhone, you would initially be a little surprised to find no separate jack for headphones as compared to the other iPhones. This is since Apple is taking wireless music to the next level. While you try to figure out the various features of your new iPhone, you also have another job at hand. That is choosing between Apple’s wireless headphone options, BeatsX and AirPods. While you can use both of them like any other headphones for music, talking etc. You can choose the one you like best

Let us consider each one of them.





airpod 2017An iconic creation from Apple, these wireless headphones appear just like your conventional ones. The only difference being there are no wires attached.

Design: The size of AirPods is like regular headphones, which means they are quite small. And since each piece is separate, chances of misplacing or losing them are high. And since Apple charges you a bomb for each ear piece you might want to keep it closer to your heart. They are available in a small case, which also needs to be kept carefully lest one would end up losing this too.

Fit: These ear pieces fit snugly into your ears and don’t fall off. They are soft and comfortable to use.

Availability: AirPods are a little tough to find. They have been released into the market since quite some time and so already known and have become popular.

Price: The cost of AirPods is slightly on the higher side priced at about $ 160.

Pairing: The AirPods have Apple’s trademark feature the W1 chip, and so it makes connecting it to the nearest iOS a breeze. All you have to do is open the case of your AirPods and get it close to your iPhone. Your iPhone will immediately recognize the AirPods and ask if you wish to pair them.

Charging: AirPods use the lightning to charge, so you need not invest in a separate charger for it. It takes about 5 hours to charge and will last up to 24 hours worth of music.

Sound Quality: Being an Apple product there is no doubt that the sound quality of this one is clear and loud.

Let us now check the other contender, the BeatsX.




beatsx 2017Design: These are also wireless headphones but the ear pieces are attached to each other with a tangle free rubber cord. This cord rests behind your neck while the ear pieces sit comfortably in your ears. Also, the ear buds are magnetic so they stick to each other.

Fit: The BeatsX comes with a variety of earbud options; you can choose the ones you are most comfortable with.

Availability: The BeatsX are still newer in the market and yet to carve a niche for themselves and so are more easily available. What’s more, they are also available in various color options as well.  

Price: Costing around $150, these are slightly cheaper as compared to AirPods

Pairing: The BeatsX also contain the Apple signature W1 chip, and so detecting any iOS is easy. All you have to do is hold the power button for a bit and it will immediately recognize the BeatsX headphones.

Charging: This one also can be charged with the lightning cord. One of its coolest features is that it barely takes about 5 minutes of charge and gives you music up to almost 2 hours. This is amazing for people who make end moment plans.

Sound Quality: BeatsX has an amazing sound quality and since the ear buds fit tightly into the years, it tends to reduce background sounds to a great extent.


Conclusion: Each of the headphones are unique in their own league. And it is completely an individual decision which one to choose. If you are a little careless with your things, you might want to think twice about the AirPods. Though both the headphones are not noise cancellation ones, the BeatsX7 tends to minimize surrounding sounds to a great extent.



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