Review: Audeze’s Lcd-3 Headphones

Audeze’s Lcd-3 Headphones – An Detailed Overview

Audeze’s LCD-3 headphones are simply the very best that the market can afford for now. Audeze is literally taking the game to the next level where no other player has dared venture. Even though the Audeze’s LCD-3 will set you back a cool $1,945, you will love each and every calculated beat that comes from these carefully crafted headphones.

Audeze LCD3
Audeze LCD3
$1,945.00 & FREE Shipping
Out of the box


The world’s best vibrant headphones which exude a complete lack of response peaks in the upper critical midrange happen to be the Audeze LCD-3. These all American made headphones come in an indestructible waterproof sailing safari casing which will easily withstand all manner of shocks. You have the option of having a wooden case instead of the waterproof one. Moreover, the Zebrano wood which makes the outer parts of the cups distinguishes the headphones exuberantly.

Features and the design of the headphones

As they say, a good thing however expensive is simply invaluable. Audeze knows that quality of a good thing lingers far longer than the memory of the price tag.

The earpads of these headphones are sloped to acoustically deliver the perfect amount of sturdiness. You can opt to have your headphones come with leather free super suede or the premium lambskin covers.

The Audeze’s LCD-3 headphones have sophisticatedly designed ear-cup exteriors. They come with huge ear-pads which allow great comfort to the ears and the head. Moreover, the burgundy leather encompassing the ear-pads makes the headphones exude class.

Each of the ear pieces of the headphones comes with a port where the standard jack pin can fit. The cables that enter the ports are heavily protected and they are extremely long (8 feet). The ports are set at an angle that is easy for you to connect. The manufacturer includes in the package two female 4 pin mini XLRs.

The manufacturer has included Neodymium magnets which have a self-closing design. The manufacturer guarantees that the magnet construction is acoustically transparent. And as for the diaphragm, it has a 2.5mm excursion and is 6.17 square inches.

The headphones have an impedance of 45Ω. The recommended amplifier for the headphones is one of between 1-4 watts for 45Ω. As for power handling, they can comfortably take 15 watts for 200 mS which then translates to 15W into 45Ω which is 26V. This will allow the headphones to pump out 130dB SPL.


Audeze LCD3
Audeze LCD3
$1,945.00 & FREE Shipping
Comfort and practicability

These headphones are quite heavy (543g without the cord) and this makes them some music instrument which carry the name headphones. The ear-cups are lined with metallic layers which make them ever more durable.

The manufacturer has backed the Audeze LCD-3 with a 1 year warranty for the pads and the wooden parts. The transducer, cables and the headbands are backed for three years.

The judicious way which Audeze LCD-3 sits on the head justifies their weight. As for the speakers, your friends around the room will listen to your headphones with some clarity when you crank up the volume. In fact, when you set the headphones on your desk, they can serve as small external speakers.

audeze-lcd-3-overallThe swivels of the headphones only move so much. This makes it hard for them to tangle. As for listening with only one cup or sharing the headphones, there is not much to achieve that way, at least comfortably. Despite all this, they are ideal for in-house use.

The performance of the headphones


The one thing that Audeze concentrated on when designing these headphones is the quality of music that the listener will enjoy. When worn, you will hear every stroke of the guitar’s string, bow and sigh that the singer lets out. These headphones are that good.

These low-impedance dynamic headphones stand out as far as sound output goes because it recognizes the different amplifiers of the devices your plug them to. It readjusts its sound output to give you top quality sound no matter the volume with any device you can think of. However, this makes it more ideal to play at louder volumes rather than lower ones.

The clarity of the headphones catches each and every granular detail whether deep or high of the music that you are listening to. It is indeed, the right sonic device to transport you across spaces and places in a euphoric manner.


  • An authoritative sturdy presentation
  • Extra fine rhythmic ability
  • Adorable ergonomic design
  • Exceptional detail resolution and balance
  • Impressive sound refinement


  • Heavy and quite bulky
  • They require an amplifier to perform at their optimal
  • You need a high quality music source
  • Pricey

Audeze LCD3
Audeze LCD3
$1,945.00 & FREE Shipping
Bottom Line

The obvious perfect frequency of the headphones makes them ideal for any quality music enthusiast. They present you with a cool balance of a song that you will never find in any other set of headphones. In spite of the high price, you will definitely fall in love with its ergonomic elegant design.

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