Review: Audeze LCD-4 Headphones

Audeze LCD-4 Headphones Review – What Makes Them Stand Out?

If you are searching for some gorgeous headphones, then you are in luck because Audeze LCD-4 headphones are simply the best. Audeze, an all American upcoming company has introduced the latest of its high-end LCD headphones and they are simply what music lovers would call transformative. These headphones are quite similar to the LCD-3 only that the wood used here is well toned and of higher quality.

$3,995.00 & FREE Shipping
What is in the box?

Audeze LCD-4

The headband is made of carbon-fiber. It is made all the more sophisticated by the clever combination of wood and the very finely polished metal used on the earcups. Of course the leather makes the whole Audeze headphones exquisite.

From the bottom of each earcup, you will find a 4-pin mini XLR socket protruding diagonally. You will connect the supplied cable which measures 8 feet cable. The manufacturer has also included a 1/4” Neutrik plug.

The casing of the Audeze LCD-4 is phenomenon. They are sturdy and they will literally withstand any type of calamity. If there is one thing to enjoy with this casing, it is the style and the sophistication it helps crown the headphones with.

What are the features that make these headphones stand out?

The Audeze LCD-4 headphones have an open circumaural style which helps at enhancing their performance. The transducer is planar magnetic and measures 106mm wide. The headphones have really taken music experience to another level with the ultra wide double Fluxor magnetic arrays.

The large nano grade diaphragms used in these headphones are extremely thin. With a thickness of just ½ microns, each and every beat and slam of your favorite song gets to be delivered in an exemplifying way. The diaphragms are reinforced with an aluminum coating hence making them stronger and long lasting. This is a definite improvement over the earlier version of the diaphragms which were not very effective in delivery.

The maximum power that the headphones can handle is 15W and the maximum sound pressure is 130dB at 15W. At its most efficient level, these headphones will comfortably deliver 97dB/ mW and at the same time have an impedance of 200 Ohms. As for the optimal power requirement, between 1 and 4W will do.


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$3,995.00 & FREE Shipping
Comfort and practicability

You obviously need good headphones that deliver quality sound while at the same time emphasizing on all aspects of the music; be it the bass, treble or the combination of everything. The Audeze LCD-4 headphones come with a stock cable which is extremely good especially when it comes to the delivery of bass.

Once you wear the headphones, you will enjoy the real stage tonality of the music. The effectiveness of the Audeze LCD-4 headphones is such that you will feel the breeze of the air from the trumpet, the very impact of the transients and every pluck of the guitars’ strings.

The weight of these headphones is 700g which by all standards is heavy. However, the manufacturer has cleverly designed the headband to distribute the weight over the head.

The incredibleness of these headphones will finally be delivered when you listen to a well-choreographed choir concert. While it is easy to separate each and every voice, you will also love the thrill of flowing teleporting to the very theater the concert is. The voices are not only holographic but clearly natural. Indeed, you will love every other song you listen to using these headphones especially when you set the volume at midrange.

Audeze LCD-4 HeadphoneThe Audeze LCD-4 come with large head cups which are well covered with high-quality leather. The comfort of these headphones is made certain by the carbon fiber suspensions which are hinged to a strong headband covered with leather. This greatly enhances comfort and practicability.

The performance of the Audeze LCD-4

It would be unfair to just lump all the good sound qualities of the Audeze LCD-4 headphones together. You need to know that the bass of this sound equipment is comparable to none other. The detail to the texture of the bass slams is smooth and in an extraordinary way exhilarating.

The treble of the Audeze LCD-4 is not as good as the emphasis given to the bass or the midrange sound. The midrange of these headphones somewhat compensates for what the treble fails to explicitly deliver; sensuality.


  • Ergonomically gorgeous
  • Exceptional sonic texture
  • Engrossing deep, fine soundstage


  • The metal grilles pick up fingerprints way too easily
  • Very heavy (700g)
  • Extremely expensive at $3,995

$3,995.00 & FREE Shipping
Bottom Line

The sound that the Audeze LCD-4 gives is ‘scary real’ and this is why you need to buy them. They deliver exceptional sound depth, detail, and control that will make you love your music all the more.

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