Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Review – True Wireless Earbuds With Pure Freedom

Introducing Anker Soundcore Liberty Air!

Like all aspects of technology around us, the way we listen to music also changes. For example, the current standard for a music lover on the go is to use typical earphones. Of course, this didn’t stop Anker from creating a pair of wireless earbuds for your audible pleasure. We’re proud to present Soundcore Liberty Air!

Also known as Anker Liberty Air, or just Liberty Air, this product has proven itself useful in many important ways. “But what makes Anker Liberty Air stand out?” we hear you asking. Stick around and find out.

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Is Soundcore Liberty Air Reliable

Soundcore is a subsidiary company of Anker Innovations. The company first dealt with chargers and similar technology, and it slowly made its way to the top of the tech “food chain.” Hundreds of satisfied customers had universal praise for the audio equipment that Soundcore provided, making their products top-sellers at online retail websites such as Amazon.

As audio tech junkies ourselves, we, of course, knew of Soundcore before, and have had positive experiences with it. That’s why we can say, with some certainty, that Soundcore makes more than decent products. They don’t always perform better than their competition (more on that later), but they are hardly far from the top either.


Why Choose Soundcore Liberty Air, Though?

Normally, we wouldn’t tell you to go for a major brand, as even Apple or Microsoft have their own “stinkers.” But in terms of high-quality earbuds, Soundcore Liberty Air is tough to beat. We will, of course, get into more detail in the paragraphs to follow, but you won’t regret giving Soundcore Liberty Air a try. And these are the reasons you might want to check these earbuds out:

  • They are durable
  • The sound quality is exceptional
  • They’re wireless and have decent Bluetooth connectivity
  • Decent remote functionality
  • They’re waterproof
  • Their design is rather elegant
  • Battery life exceeds all expectations, and
  • They come with a microphone option

Let’s address these points, one by one, and based on our experience, you can decide whether or not you’d want to own a pair of Liberty Air.

Soundcore Liberty Air Reviews

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In terms of durability, these earbuds are above average. Naturally, they aren’t too sturdy, as they are made of regular plastic. The charging case, on the other hand, is matte black and very durable. One simple look at it lets you know when and how long it charges the earbuds. You can see this via the three LED lights on the front.

The Liberty Air earbuds have protection from sweat and moisture. We found this to be useful when we tested them during rainy weather, and then later at the gym. These earphones might not resist a strong thwack of a hammer, but they’ll handle bodily and atmospheric fluids well.

Sound Quality

This is the biggest selling point of this product, and we’re not even exaggerating. Some customers found flaws with the design (which you will read about later in this review), but barely anyone had major complaints when it came to sound reproduction.

Unlike most regular earphones out there, the Soundcore Liberty Air gave us an even run when it came to bass levels. Nothing too exaggerated, but also no noise to cancel the bass out. This surprised us because lots of other Bluetooth earphones out there suffer when it comes to this issue. And considering that Liberty Air costs roughly half of what other wireless earbuds do, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to picking the right pair.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Another, somewhat surprising benefit of the Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds is how well they connect. For example, all we have to do is turn them on, and they automatically connect to our Bluetooth device of choice. We used a tablet computer, but it can work just as well with smartphones. We didn’t even need to mess with the Bluetooth settings to have them running.

Soundcore Wireless EarbudsHowever, the kicker is that these earbuds don’t just switch ON easily and automatically. They also switch OFF like that too. The very moment we put them in the charging base, the connection ends and the music on the device stops. That’s a nifty little detail that gives Liberty Air some edge!

Remote Functionality

Now, this particular area is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the good and the bad. For example, the earbuds have touchscreen controls. In other words, you can switch music tracks or answer (or ignore) phone calls without actually taking the phone out of your pocket.

The controls are easy to learn. If you tap the right earbud twice, you can either play or pause your music or answer (and end) a phone call. Taping the left earbud gives you your voice assistant. Holding the right or the left earbud for two seconds after touching will shift the audio track (next and previous, respectively). In addition, holding the right one for two seconds will cancel the upcoming phone call.

The reason these options are a mixed bag is that of the ability to switch between devices. Oh, we could switch between a pad and a phone, but it took some time. And if it takes some time, it’s not particularly user-friendly.

Waterproof Exterior

As we’ve stated earlier, the Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds have proven themselves waterproof in moist weather. They also worked well against sweat. Of course, we would advise against sinking them in a bowl of water, as they aren’t “invincible.” But it’s good to know that the earbuds will work even while you’re running ten miles around the park.

Design and Appearance

Like other customers, we saw how similar these earbuds look to Apple’s AirPods. But that’s of little consequence. What’s striking is how elegant they look, even with some of their evident flaws.

The Liberty Air earbuds come in either all-black or all-white coating. The same goes for their charging bases, obviously. However, the black version has the Soundcore logo plastered all over it. This can make them appear a bit lame, especially if you wanted a plain one.

Soundcore Touch ControlsIn addition, all-black buds tend to keep your fingerprints on them. If you don’t mind that, you’ll have no problem with them. But if you prefer not to have your earbuds look like a police report paper, you might want to pick the white variant.


Battery Life

Next, to the sound quality, the Liberty Air’s battery durability received the highest praise from the customers. Of course, we tested our own pair for at least a week and a half.

Every time, they would endure over 4.5 hours before needing a recharge! That’s spectacular, to say the least. Even lots of smartphones on the market today can’t handle this runtime after a full charge.

The downside to this is that, if you take your charger with you to charge them, you’ll need a micro-USB cable. Naturally, you get one in the box itself, but we’d rather the charging base didn’t need one.

Microphone Quality

The sound you hear with Liberty Air is not the only awesome thing about these earbuds. There’s also the way you produce sound. Each of the earbuds has an inbuilt microphone. Considering the way these earbuds were made, your caller will only hear your voice, without any outside noise seeping in.

So many reviews out there (including this one) claim that the microphone worked perfectly well, with no interruptions. Not to mention that all calls are in stereo. You will hear the person on the other end as clearly as if you were in the room with them.

Last update on 2021-03-25 at 20:09 / Affiliate links / Ratings / Reviews / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Summing up the Benefits Buying Anker Soundcore Liberty Air

And there you have it. With so many wireless earbuds out there, it’s astounding that Anker would make a pair that ranks so well with the users. Durable batteries will allow you to go for any short walk, or even a run and not worry about “losing” the music. In addition, the sweat dripping from your tired brow won’t damage them.

And then there’s the look. When both the buds and the charger look THAT sleek, you know you’re getting quality, but also functionality. For example, the charger isn’t rounded just because it looks neat. It also fits perfectly in your pocket without harming you while you walk.

But it’s the sound that stands out the most. After all, what are earphones if they can’t play your music properly? With these simple earbuds, you’ll manage to cancel most of the outside noise, as if you were wearing a gamer’s headset instead. And you won’t worry about calls either. Just enjoy the clean sound and the constant, stable connection.

Easy Functions of Soundcore

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Potential Flaws of Soundcore Liberty Air

We’ve already mentioned a few of these. Namely, the design of these earbuds allows for your fingerprint marks to show, which can look nasty. On top of that, there’s the massive Soundcore logo taking up most of the “body” of a single earbud.

But there are more issues. The plastic used to make the exterior of the earbuds feels cheap like they were a dollar-store knock-off of proper earphones.

Then there’s the connectivity. While testing, we found that the buds don’t work independently. In fact, a few of the left buds died shortly after use. Of course, we’re not the only customers who had this problem, as the official website lists possible solutions to it in their FAQ section.

One other major flaw is the fact that you don’t have volume control on them. If Anker wanted to make a pair of earbuds that work completely separately from the phone, they should’ve added this option. This way, we have to pull out our phone every time we want to decrease the volume.


Final Verdict — Good, but Can Be Better

After extensive testing, we can safely say that Soundcore Liberty Air (or Anker Liberty Air) works like a charm. Sure, it might have some flaws here and there, but it more than makes up for it with performance. A durable battery, clear sound, remote options, and wireless connection — that’s Soundcore Liberty Air in a nutshell.

In the end, there are other wireless earbuds out there on the market. However, in terms of decent functions and a low price, not many of them outrank Soundcore Liberty Air.


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