Brand: AKG Acoustics

AKG: Geared More toward the Professionals

akgAKG, an Austrian company, is one of popular manufacturers of wireless audio systems, microphones, headphones, and related accessories. Although it caters to the needs of the consumer market, it is admired for it excellence in the professional world of audio.

Whether you simply need the best sound while listening to music or are a professional DJ, AKG has the headphones reflecting the right style for both the tasks. Currently, the technicians in recording studios, radio companies, and television agencies rely on AKG for the best sound quality.

The exceptional workmanship has resulted in high quality, zero-loss transmission, and reproduction of signals of high resolution from any digital media source. The concept behind this is studio realism, meaning the audience should hear the sound just as the artist.

A Historic Overview

AKG originally stood for Akustische und Kino-GeräteGesellschaftm.b.H, meaning Acoustic and Cinema Equipment. Established in Vienna, the company was launched in 1947 by an engineer named Ernst Pless and a physicist named Dr Rudolf Gorike.


In the beginning, it aimed to offer technological devices for cinemas such movie projectors and speakers. However, the company expanded slowly and started promoting door entrance intercoms and accessories for headsets and cushion speakers.

The first mic from AKG, which was released in few months from its launch in 1947, was widely used in jazz clubs, theatres, and channels. In 1949, the first pair of headphones came up.

The onset of the fifties saw a cutting-edge trend with new microphones such as condenser mic, remote-controlled multi-pattern capacitor mic, and a mic with cardioid features earning an international fame for voice transmissions.

In 1959, the brand came up with the world’s initial open-back and supra-aural headphone. In the early seventies, it introduced its first set of integrated open headphones. Many more innovations then came up, such as the first two-way headphones and the true vocal microphone collection.

By the end of this decade, AKG entered into contracts with many renowned artists such as Falco, Frank Sinatra, and Roger. The decade of eighties made AKG public, as it expanded enormously via acquisitions, which continued until the nineties.

During the nineties, AKG became the first brand to allow its products for use in outer space. This happened via the Audimir space project. After this milestone, AKG introduced a new generation of headphones and ergonomically shaped microphones.

In 2014, it targeted the aviation industry by introducing its aviation headset. In this year as well as in 2015, it won some prestigious awards for its headphones.

Headphones from AKG


AKG is looked upon as a synonym of good sound and finest high quality. Considering this, the brand is popular for its quality headphones and technologically advanced microphones.

The artists, stars of shows, documenting companies, channels of radio and TV, and opera houses all over the globe depend on AKG products. When it comes to headphones, the brand offers the following main types:

  • Professional headphones (closed-back, studio, and in-ear/over-the-ear)
  • Professional headsets (dynamic mic) for recording, conferencing, assistive listening, and communicating in noisy surroundings
  • DJ headphones
  • Aviation headphones
  • Headphone amps for up to medium studio applications

Customer-approved Reasons to Choose AKG

  • Innovation
  • Versatility in function
  • Celebrity attraction

AKG is perhaps the first choice of the professionals in the audio world. The credit goes to technological innovation that it makes from time to time!



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